Solstice Knight

After Dark

"It's your move" both Padme and Ahsoka said at the same time.

Ahsoka and Leon had been given permission to take a short leave of absence from the temple to relax and reflect on their mission to Dantooine where both of them were almost killed at the hands of the Separatist's dangerous new Spectre droid.

Hearing about that Senator Amidala was going to be returning to her home world Naboo for a annual festival Leon asked the Senator if he may join her she agreed and Ahsoka who is still worried about the visions of a bomb in Senator Amidala's office and Leon's fate questionable, travels with them to keep them both safe.

While waiting for their ship to come out of hyperspace Padme challenged Leon to a match of her favorite game Dejarik. In the midst of their game Leon decided to challenge himself by challenging Ahsoka to a game of Pazaak while he was still playing Dejarik against the senator.

Leon stared at the Dejarik board slowly running his hand across his chin and up the sides oh his jaw line before a smile stretched across his face, "I win!" he declared.

Moving one of his pieces Leon secured his victory over Padme while moving his hand over the Pazaak deck and flipping over a card before playing a card from his hand, "20, I win" he said without taking his eyes off the Dejarik board.

"You didn't even look at the cards" Ahsoka told him.

"What's your point?" Leon asked her as Padme admitted defeat.

Jumping to his feet Leon pointed at both of them, "Two victories, two different games, same time!" he pointed his thumbs at his chest, "I am still awesome".

Senator Amidala chuckled at his antics, "I thought Jedi were supposed to be humble?"

"Where's the fun in that?" he asked her before starting his own little parade around the room celebrating his dual victory.

Hearing the loud hum of the nearby hyper drive engine the ship dropped from hyperspace and the pilot called back to them, "We've arrived Senator and we'll be landing shortly".

Leon sat back down and clasped his hand together, "Well this is an amazing start to a vacation. What's next?"

Padme explained to the two Jedi that they would first be landing in the palace hangar and from there they will make their way to her room where she can change before heading to her office so she can go over a few last minute legislations.

"I was under the impression you were here for a big party" Leon muttered, "Sounds more like work".

Padme smiled at him, "I will be attending the festival to, but as a Senator I must attend my duties first only then will there be time for fun".

Leon sighed, "Am I the only person in the galaxy who knows how to mix business and pleasure?"

"What's that supposed to mean?" Ahsoka asked him.

Leon gave her the treacherous smile seen on many smugglers and crooked merchants, "Oh you know".

The Togruta padawan groaned and rolled her eyes, "We haven't even landed yet and you're already annoying me".

"Yeah, but that's why you love me" Leon snickered.

Padme laughed again, "You two sound like Anakin and Master Kenobi".

Leo turned to her "Speaking of which I heard you and Master Skywalker have known each other for a long time. Master Kenobi told me he was still a padawan at the time, but you were with him and his master when they took Anakin as a child on Tatooine".

Thousands of memories flashed through her mind in mere seconds, when she first met Anakin he seemed like such an innocent child now he was a Jedi tasked with defending the galaxy and the Republic in a war where no one can remember who's right and who's wrong.

"Anakin and I have known each other for a long time yes. I consider him and Master Kenobi good friends".

Ahsoka agreed, "They're both very reliable, they've helped me many times when I needed it most. Of course one would think they're like brothers with as much as they bicker with each other".

"Maybe that's just their relationship" Leon suggested, "Sometimes friends act like that I happen to find it amusing to a great degree".

"Like how you annoy me all the time" Ahsoka noted.

Leon nodded with a large smile, "Exactly its one of my favorite past times".

The ship landed and the three of them stood up following the pilot off the ship, a group of royal guards waiting for them outside. The captain of the guard welcomed Padme back and began leading them to her office. When they arrived Ahsoka stopped them from opening the door and asked to search her office first. The guardsmen seemed perplexed by her request as if she was questioning their ability to keep the Senator's office safe. Padme however remembered the vision Ahsoka had several weeks ago about a bomb hidden in her office and even though she felt she would be safe in her own home she allowed Ahsoka to search the office at the very least to make her feel better.

Ahsoka went in and walked around opening her senses to everything around her feeling who has been in the office and why. She could feel a pair of guards were here earlier with someone else, a maid perhaps someone who was cleaning. Sensing nothing that could cause harm she looked back to Padme and nodded.

Padme entered the room followed by Leon and the guard captain who had a message for her, "Senator we've received a message from Senator Organa stating that he has finished his diplomatic mission to the mid-rim and will be arriving alongside Jedi Master Unduli to attend the festival".

Padme's face seemed to light up at the news, "So Bail can make it after all that's great".

"Good for you maybe" Leon said as the guard captain excused himself, "If Master Unduli is with him then that means my plan to mingle with the beautiful ladies at the festival is ruined".

Ahsoka froze when he said that. She was relatively used to him saying things like that when it was just the two of them, but for him to say something like that around others was bad and to add to her concern Padme turned to Leon.

"I thought Jedi weren't allowed to do such things?"

Leon held his arms out, "Actually Jedi aren't allowed to form attachments there is no rule that says we're not allowed to flirt and or mingle with someone of the opposite sex. As long as we don't go into to actual" a mischievous grin flashed across his face, "Romance then we're not breaking any rules".

Looking over to Ahsoka his smile appeared almost sinister, "Loopholes are a wonderful thing" he said looking back to Padme.

Ahsoka stepped forward, "Don't mind Leon, Senator. His sense of humor can be a bit much from time to time".

Padme turned around and sat at her desk, "I don't mind at all actually. I don't claim to understand the teachings of the Jedi, but I do admit I sometimes wonder about them. A life where you're not aloud to love someone…it sounds pretty lonely to me".

"Good thing I have you" Leon whispered to Ahsoka only to have her jam her elbow into his gut.

Leon grunted when she hit him wrapping his arms around his stomach and hunching over, "Oh god it's like an orange harpoon".

Sitting at her desk Padme began going over the small stack of bills in front of her, "This won't take long, but if you two want to take a tour of the palace feel free. The festival won't start until sunset so you've got a few hours".

"Works for me" Leon practically cheered swiftly running out of the office.

Ahsoka sighed, "I should go with him he tends to get into trouble if he's not supervised".

Padme giggled, "I remember Master Kenobi saying that about Anakin once. Go ahead I'll be fine here".

Ahsoka nodded to her before walking out of the office, Leon was no where to be seen. She turned to the two guards standing outside the office door and asked them which way Leon went thanking them as they pointed to the right corridor. Following the hall Ahsoka checked every room she passed and asking each guard she found if they had seen Leon following their directions eventually leading her to the cafeteria for the palace guards.

"Oh course" she muttered to herself.

Entering the cafeteria Ahsoka looked around not seeing Leon anywhere asking the guards at the nearest table if they had seen him they apologized claiming that they hadn't seen anyone matching Leon's description. Ahsoka asked them if it would be ok if she checked their kitchen area the guards nodded and watched as the Togruta vanished behind the doors for a few seconds before coming back. As she passed by them on her way out she thanked them for their help and returned to the hall.

"Where could he have gone?" she asked herself, "There are only a few places he would go so if he's not in the cafeteria or its kitchen then the archives…A library".

A single guard left the cafeteria and Ahsoka asked him if there was a library or something like one in the palace. The guard nodded and led her down the hall to the palace library telling her they had quite a collection of books from across the galaxy. Opening the doors for Ahsoka the guard showed her inside the library a very large two story room with massive bookshelves lining the walls. Seeing the countless books lining the walls Ahsoka let a silent, surprised gasp slip from her lips the room alone was almost the size of the Jedi Archives.

"The Naboo Royal Palace Library" the guard said, "The largest library in the mid rim".

"This place is gigantic" Ahsoka muttered, "He could be anywhere in here".

"I'm right behind you actually" Leon's voice said.

Ahsoka and the guard turned around to see Leon standing behind them with a lethargic look on his face.

"Where have you been?" she asked him.

"I don't know" he told her, "But it was dark and wet" he sounded like he was about to start crying, "And…And I…And I think I heard chains rattling".

"There's nothing like that around here" the guard told him.

Leon gave him an awkward smile, "I was joking big guy its what I do".

"As long as you didn't cause any trouble" Ahsoka sighed.

Leon shook his head, "No I found something much more fun to do".

Ahsoka rolled her eyes, "I'm going to regret this, but what?"

Leon's smile turned guilty, "Following you".


Leon nodded, "Yeah I've been following you since you left the Senator's office. Surprised you didn't notice".

Ahsoka raised her hand and covered her face shaking her head, "You are so annoying".

The guard figuring he wasn't needed anymore excused himself so he may return for the shift change. When the guard left Leon smiled at his fellow padawan, "Sorry I get bored easily and need to find some way to entertain myself".

"Just stay where I can see you" Ahsoka told him.

"I get the distinct impression that you're embarrassed by me".

"I wonder why" she said sarcastically.

"Oh someone's catty today".

Ahsoka rolled her eyes again walking past him and back into the halls. The two padawans returned to Padme's office hearing her scream as they approached her door. Ahsoka grabbed hold of her lightsaber, but Leon held up his hand to stop her from activating it.

"Its not party time yet" he said opening the door.

Inside the office Padme was hugging her friend the senator of Alderaan, Bail Organa.

"I'm so glad you could make it" she said.

Bail chuckled as they shared a hug, "Sorry to sneak up on you like that Padme, but I just couldn't help myself".

Bail turned around and held his hand out, "I'm not sure if the two of you have ever met, but this is Jedi Master Luminara Unduli".

Padme bowed to her, "Master Unduli it's a pleasure to meet you".

The Mirialan Jedi Master returned the bow, "It is my honor Senator. I have heard much of your accomplishments. During our trip here Senator Organa spoke highly of you".

"Master Unduli" Leon called as he entered the room with Ahsoka behind him, "So good to see you again, I've missed you".

"Leon, Ahsoka. What are the two of you doing here?"

"Vacation" Leon told her.

Ahsoka provided her a more clear explanation, "Master Skywalker felt it would be good for us to have some time off after what happened on Dantooine".

Leon pointed at her, "Right that. Long story short I heard about a festival and I said I'm in. Will you be attending with us Master?"

Master Unduli declined, "I'm afraid not I must return to Coruscant and give my report to the Council".

"Do you really have to leave right away?" Padme asked her, "The event will be held outside so there's more than enough room".

Again Luminara declined, "No it's not that I just don't have the time".

"Nonsense" Leon said, "You can make your report from here and then join us tonight".

Luminara once again shook her head, but Leon insisted, "Come on it'll be fun. What's one night? I'm sure even the Jedi Masters need an occasional day off".

The Jedi Master grinned, "Maybe for a little while, but I cannot stay for long".

"Still the man" Leon cheered quietly, "Not even a Jedi Master can resist my charms".

Ahsoka grabbed him by the arm, "Can I talk to you for a moment?" she pulled him to the side, "If you're excited for this festival fine, but watch what you say. Master Unduli can be polite, but she's very strict".

"Are you worried about me?" Leon asked her playfully.

"You know what?" Ahsoka sighed, "I'm done. You're on your own".

Watching Ahsoka walk away and out of the room Leon chuckled and moved his eyes to Padme, "So when does the party start?"

"Only an hour left" Padme told him, "I should get ready it is tradition for the queen to open the ceremony".

Leon hummed he was aware that Padme was the queen as well as the senator of Naboo, but for some reason he always saw her as the latter. He excused himself along with Senator Organa and Master Unduli to allow Padme time to change, the three left the hall rejoining Ahsoka.

"I should get ready as well" Senator Organa said, "I wasn't sure if I was going to be able to make it, but I brought some more appropriate clothes just in case".

Leon looked at his own clothes, "I don't suppose you have anything that would fit me. I'm afraid I don't have anything that would be…oh wait I just remembered I brought some with me".

Leon excused himself again returning to the ship he arrived on and opening a small suitcase he brought with him. Inside was a beautifully tailored black suit, the same suit he bought from a Twi'lek tailor on Coruscant. He had only worn the suit once during his first mission as a Jedi he was tasked to capture a dangerous crime lord in the Coruscant underworld. He stared at the ceiling of the ship and smiled, it was that mission that started his friendship with Ahsoka he laughed when he remembered the crime lord mistook Ahsoka for his girlfriend and the embarrassment it caused the young Togruta.

He silently changed into the suit, removing his sleeveless white jacket he slid his arms into the sleeves of the silver undershirt and buttoned it. He had forgotten how soft the shirt felt against his skin, standing up he changed out of his usual long black leather pants and into the black dress pants tucking his undershirt in before sliding the suit jacket on. He checked his appearance in the small mirror of the ship's restroom straightening his smooth black hair and winking at his own reflection he returned to the senator's office to wait for the others.

Rejoining Ahsoka, Master Unduli and Senator Organa outside the office Leon stood in front of them and held his hands out turning a bit in each direction, "How do I look? Good right?"

"Indeed you do" Senator Organa told him, "Of course there is no need for you to dress for the occasion. The only reason Padme and I are is because of our position".

Leon's voice was calm and had a smoothness to it Ahsoka never heard him use, Nonsense. I prefer to look my best…well then again I always look this good suit or no suit".

Senator Organa chuckled, "I thought Jedi were supposed to be humble".

"They are Leon smirked, "It's just me that's not".

The door to Padme's office opened and senator stepped out wearing an elegant blue dress with purple trims.

"Well are we all ready?" she asked her voice carried a high enthusiasm she must have really been looking forward to this festival.

Leon slowly bowed to her, "Senator Amidala" he sounded like he was mesmerized, "You look beautiful".

Padme blushed at his words, "Thank you Leon. Shall we be on our way?"

Padme and Senator Organa led them through the palace halls and back to the hangar where they would board a small shuttle to take them into the streets where the festival was waiting for the senator and queen of Naboo to begin the opening ceremony. As their shuttle approached the main streets loud festive music began playing announcing the arrival of Naboo's queen and senator. The shuttle landed and Padme stepped off followed by her good friend from Alderaan. Leon followed stepping off the shuttle and holding his hand out for Ahsoka and then Master Unduli.

"Where is your padawan Master?" Leon asked her as she took his hand and stepped off the shuttle.

"Barriss is on a mission of her own for now" she told him, "Another reason I wish to return to Coruscant so I can know of her progress".

"Being your padawan I'm sure she's doing just fine".

Padme stood in front of a microphone as thousands of people began gathering in the streets.

"This festival has been held every year for almost a thousand years a festival that was established during the Time of Suffering. Our great city that we now live in has stood firm over the past millennium and has seen several conflicts each which claimed too many lives. This festival serves to help us forget about conflict to forget about the war that engulfs our galaxy today. Today is a day to celebrate and to be happy, but most importantly a day to unite not just as citizens of the Republic, but as citizens of Naboo people who will always stand together no matter how dark the days we face".

The people in the streets began cheering their collective voices caused a deafening roar that echoed for almost a mile. Padme returned to the private table where her guests were waiting.

"I'm starting to see why so many people speak so highly of her" Leon said to Senator Organa, "She speaks with such confidence in her voice, such passion".

The senator from Alderaan leaned toward him, "She is a very powerful speaker its no wonder why her people believe so strongly in her. The biggest part of being a senator is listening to the worries of your people and acting to ease their suffering to the best of your abilities".

Padme joined them and sat down sharing a casual conversation with Senator Organa as the festival began. Dozens of performers paraded through the streets dancing and playing music. Two performers in particular stood in the middle of their friends as they each took a large drink of Naboo's famous blossom wine before crouching down and inhaling a deep breath. The two performers held a small torch in front of their faces and exhaled into them, the alcohol in their breath causing the torches to flare and shoot outward.

Seeing an opportunity he could not pass on, Leon held out his hand and twirled his fingers around. Through the Force he willed the fire to begin spinning in a small vortex above the surprised performers. Everyone sitting at the table with Leon noticed what he was doing as he cupped his hands together causing the fire to mold into a small ball before exploding outward in the shape of a star. The two senators laughed as Leon continued to manipulate the fire and the performers recovered from their shock adding more fire to the act to keep it going. Leon closed his eyes intensifying his focus as the fire in his grasp grew larger; he commanded the flames to take the shape of a gizka. The Gizka began moving slowly hopping through the air leaving a trail of thin flames behind as it spelled out the word Theed before disappearing.

When the fire gizka vanished the massive sea of spectators cheered and the performers took a quick bow unaware of the special help their act received.

"That was amazing" Senator Organa said to Leon who almost collapsed in his own seat.

The young padawan panted his act leaving him a little tired, "I've always had a habit of playing with fire so I just couldn't help myself".

Leon looked to Ahsoka on his right as the senator patted him on the shoulder, "So what do you think?"

Ahsoka tried to hide her smile, "Not bad".

"Not bad?" Leon chuckled, "That was the hottest performance I've ever seen it was literally on fire".

Ahsoka groaned and lightly slapped him with the back of her hand as the music changed becoming upbeat. As the rear of the parade passed by groups of people entered the center of the streets and began dancing to the new tune. Hearing the music Leon began slowly tapping his hand against the table his head nodding with the infectious beat.

Senator Organa got to his feet and held his hand out asking his friend to join him in a dance. Padme smiled and took his hand standing up and following him into the street.

Seeing the two senators dancing together Leon turned to Ahsoka, "Dance with me".

His voice was different. When Ahsoka turned and looked into his eyes she noticed that he was holding his hand out to her. He wasn't trying to lead up to a joke this time he was actually asking her to dance with him.

"Leon" she muttered quietly.

Leon's eyebrows jumped and a small smile flashed across his face, "There's nothing wrong with two friends sharing a dance is there?" he asked her.

Ahsoka was clearly hesitant and Master Unduli sitting next to her sensed her anxiety. Everyone in the streets looked like they were having fun. She looked down at Leon's hand calmly waiting for her to take it as if he knew she would. Slowly she raised her hand and placed it on Leon's allowing his hand to close around hers.

"Don't make me regret this" she said to him as they stood up.

Leon's smile actually seemed sincere to her this time, "Never" his voice flowed to her like a breeze.

Leading her into the street he turned to her, "Do you know how to dance?"

"A little" she answered.

"Alright we'll start slow just follow my lead".

Matching his movements to the pace of the music Leon showed her a few moves and nodded for her to repeat them. Showing her move after move he watched her mimic him before taking her hand again.

"Alright you're in rhythm now. All you have to do is just relax and let the music carry you from here".

Leading her through the first few steps Leon backed away making a swift spin before stepping back to her grabbing her hand again he raised it above her and she spun under his arm. Taking a step back Leon jumped and landed on one knee using it as a spring point to jump back to his feet. The music became fast paced with trumpets screaming into the air and drum beats echoing and Ahsoka finally felt the music flow through her and before she knew it she was dancing along side him.

Back at the senator's table Master Unduli watched the two padawans dance with each other. Both of them were having fun and smiling, but there was something suspicious. The way Leon looked at Ahsoka when took her hand to lead her through a series of steps the way his shoulders seemed to drop. The Mirialan Jedi Master slowly rose to her feet and left returning to the palace on her own as the festival continued in the streets.

The music slowed briefly and exploded into a roar one last time before falling silent. Everyone dancing in the streets had stopped bowing to their friends and family as they cleared the streets.

Leon was still holding Ahsoka's hand in mid step when the music stopped, "What a shame" he whispered. He gazed into her eyes, "I hope you enjoyed this as much as I did".

Ahsoka smiled nervously and looked at the ground, "I did".

"You see" Leon said, "Nothing to worry about".

The two padawans were interrupted by Padme and Senator Organa, "I'm glad you two decided to join in" Padme smiled.

Senator Organa was smiling as well, "I'm impressed Leon I didn't know a Jedi knew how to dance like that".

"It's nothing special" Leon told him, "Precision movements and good footwork are an important key to combat even when using a lightsaber. It's just like dancing really".

Padme yawned, "Oh my it's getting late".

Senator Organa suggested it was time for them to return to the palace for the evening after he called for private transportation for them he noticed Master Unduli was missing.

"Did she leave on her own?"

Leon sighed with a smile, "That sounds like something she would do. There's nothing to worry about if I know my old master she'll be back at the palace already".

"Old master?" Organa repeated.

Leon nodded, "Yes she was master when I first arrived at the Jedi Temple, however when the war started my training wasn't complete enough to send me into battle so I was assigned to Master Fisto, eventually the same thing happened so now I'm learning from Master Windu".

"Master Windu. He's a great man very honorable".

Leon agreed, "Yes he is, but enough about all that let's return to the palace I will make us a dinner fit for a queen" he turned to Padme, "Which is good considering we have such a lovely one with us".

Padme blushed, "Thank you, but that won't be necessary".

"It is entirely necessary" Leon told her, "I really enjoy cooking and would love a chance to show off my skill to not only a senator, but a queen as well".

Padme giggled, "Alright let's see what you can do".

Leon smiled back at her, "You will not regret it".

In the palace kitchen Leon told the two senators to wait at a table for him while he and Ahsoka went to prepare dinner for them.

"Why do you need me?" Ahsoka asked him when they left the senators.

"I don't really, but I like having someone to talk to when I work. And well we already know how much I enjoy your company".

Watching him move around the kitchen grabbing several ingredients Ahsoka remained silent as he began boiling water and chopping up vegetables and fruits.

"You don't have to stay quiet you know" Leon told her, "I did say I like having someone to talk to".

"Its not that" she said, "Leon when we were out there…the way you looked at me".

Leon turned to her, "What about it?"

Ahsoka shook her head, "I don't know it…the way you looked at me was just different from the usual look in your eyes. It was…it was just weird".

"Is that in a bad way?"

She shook her head again, "No just…a side of you I haven't seen".

Leon stood in front of her and placed his hands on her shoulders, "There's a lot to me out there I was finally enjoying myself with someone I really care about".

Ahsoka tensed, but Leon moved his hand from her shoulder and cupped it against her cheek, "Ahsoka there's a lot of people I care about. Whether it's as a friend or something more it does not matter I love everyone who's important to me that includes you".

"There's that look again" Ahsoka thought to herself, "What is it about his eyes, when I see that look my chest becomes tight".

Leon let go of her and backed away, "Perhaps I should get back to cooking" he said, "Looking into your eyes like that make me…twitchy".

Bringing the finished meal out to the waiting senators Leon placed the dishes on the table and stepped back bowing before them, "Senators dinner is served".

"This is amazing" Padme gasped seeing the prepared meal in front of them.

Leon and Ahsoka took their seats at the table joining the senators in a quiet dinner sharing short tales about events from their politics or battles. While they continued eating and sharing tales with one another Master Luminara entered the room.

"So this is where you've all gone".

"Master Luminara" Leon said cheerily when he saw his former master, "Come join us there's plenty to go around".

"No thank you I'm quite alright".

Leon gave her a half smile, "Master I put a lot of effort into making this don't disappoint me".

Moving her eyes over the food on the table she looked back to Leon, "You made this?"

Leon nodded, "I'm a really good cook…did I never mention that?"

Master Luminara shook her head, "No you did not".

Leon waved her over, "Then come join us".

Reluctantly she joined them sitting down as they continued their conversation. As the hours ticked by Padme yawned again and decided it was time for her to turn in for the night. Padme and Senator Organa left to return to their respective rooms for the night leaving the three Jedi behind.

"I must admit I am impressed at your cooking skills Leon" Master Luminara said, "I would have never expected you to have such a talent".

Leon shrugged, "It's just something I enjoy doing".

Ahsoka stood up, "Thank you for dinner, but I'm going to turn in as well".

Saying good night to her Leon watched Ahsoka leave unaware that Luminara saw the way he was looking at her.

"Leon I would like to have a word with you" she said after Ahsoka left.

"Yes Master?"

"Your relationship with Ahsoka" she began, but Leon cut her off.

"We're just friends Master. I can see how it would look to you, but we're just friends".

"That is not what I sense within your thoughts" she told him, "There is doubt, conflict".

Leon looked away from her, "I love her" he said looking back to the Jedi Master, "But as a friend. I care about everyone you, Master Windu, Master Fisto the Jedi are my family now and I love all of you".

Master Luminara could sense that he wasn't telling her the full truth, "Just remember to be mindful of your emotions and of the teachings".

In Padme's office, Ahsoka was lying on the curved couch in the center of the room. Padme offered her to stay in the office instead of one of the handmaiden rooms. Ahsoka stared at the dark ceiling while Padme slept in the next room; waiting for her eyes to become heavy she continued to think about the new side of Leon she saw earlier that night.

"What is it about him? When I see that look my chest becomes tight and I can feel my heart beating faster. Just thinking about it makes me feel like I can't breathe…why? I can't…We're Jedi we can't…then why do I feel like this? Do I really?

Her eyes fell shut and she turned onto her side.

"We can't" she heard her own voice say.

She couldn't see who she was talking to, but she felt a hand rest on the side of her face. Placing her own hand over the one on her face she closed her eyes and nestled against it, "I can't ignore how I feel about you, but we just can't".

Her voice feel silent as whoever was standing in front of her covered her mouth and even though she could not see who she knew what was happening. When she felt their lips meet she tried to retreat, but something stopped her it wasn't him or something behind her it was herself. Part of her mind was yelling at her to pull away that this was wrong, but the other part was telling her to stay that it's ok to go through with this.

His hand was still resting against her face and her hand was still over his. Slowly she let go of his hand and moved her arm behind his neck wrapping around it and holding him close to her.

A bright light blinded the image of her and the shrouded figure replacing it with a familiar voice yelling for her to get out. After the voice yelled at her she felt a violent force throw her backwards before a muffled rumbled from the spot where she was just standing.

The bright light faded and she saw a closed door in front of her, instinctively she jumped up and opened the door seeing a destroyed room inside and a body trapped under a pile of debris. Running over to him she cleared the debris and lifted him into her arms shaking him.

"Wake up" she cried as small amounts of blood ran from the many cuts and scrapes along his arms and face, "Leon!" she yelled shaking him again as everything around her went dark.

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