Solstice Knight

Remember the Dreams

"And now we get to the downside of vacations" Leon grumbled as the ramp to their ship closed behind him.

"And what would that be?" Ahsoka asked him.

"The part where we have to go back to work" he sighed, "It was only one day…That's not a proper vacation".

"Maybe that's because it wasn't a vacation" Ahsoka suggested.

Leon yawned, "If only it were".

"You look tired" Padme noticed, "Did you not sleep well?"

Leon shook his head, "Not really. I actually sleep very little and it's a very rare occurrence that I get a full night's sleep".

"Try to get some more rest" Padme told him, "It'll be a while before we return to Coruscant so you might as well".

Leon yawned again, "That sounds like a good idea actually".

Leon shambled over to the couch of the ship and fell into it closing his eyes immediately falling asleep. While he slept he could hear yelling, voices calling for help and others screaming in terror.

A silver flash of light swept down cutting through some kind of staff. When the staff was cut in half the warrior wielding it stepped back he was clad in gold and black armor. The silver glowing weapon flashed around in a circle before cutting down the man in golden armor.

"Is this all you can send against me?" the man wielding the silver weapon yelled, "Come out and face me Dark Lord" he commanded in a mocking voice.

A mechanical breathing answered him, "You have grown strong indeed, but you are far too weak to face me".

A tall figure completely covered in black armor with a long cape approached him. Whoever this person was he was breathing through some kind of respirator at least six feet tall this new enemy towered over the man with the silver weapon.

"I'll never forgive you for what you did" the silver weapon hummed as it moved through the air only to be blocked by a similar red weapon.

The black armored warrior taunted him, "Fight all you want. You will die by my hand just as the rest of the Jedi have".

The man wielding the silver weapon glared at him forcing his body weight into his forward stance overpowering his opponent. As his enemy was forced down to a knee the man wielding the silver lightsaber felt something close around his throat keeping him from breathing. The man pushed his enemy away from him and fell to his knees struggling to breathe against whatever was happening to him. He began coughing violently and within a few seconds began coughing up blood. The dark armored enemy walked back to him as he continued coughing up large amounts of blood.

"You fought valiantly, but now you must die".

The enemy raised his red weapon above his head and as he brought it down someone called out a familiar name…Leon.

"Will you wake up already" Ahsoka said lightly kicking him in the shoulder.

Leon shot up into a sitting position breathing heavily.

"Here" Ahsoka said handing him a cup of water, "You were thrashing around" she told him as he took the cup, "Were you having a dream?"

Leon took a large sip of the water, "I don't know" he panted, "Dreams don't feel like that…was it a vision?" he whispered to himself.

"You can think about it latter we're back" she told him.

"Yay" Leon groaned, "Home again".

Stepping off the private ship Leon took in a deep breath, "Well what now?" he asked Ahsoka, "Escort the senator back to her office then head to the temple?"

"That won't be necessary" Padme told him as she stepped off the ship, "I'll be fine I have my guards with me".

Leon walked over to another personal speeder, "Well back home or shall we go have some fun somewhere?"

The Togruta padawan looked at the Jedi Temple in the distance, "We really should head back to the temple".

"As you command milady" Leon replied as she climbed into the speeder.

The speeder's engines roared to life and the vehicle hovered into the air before flying forward. The traffic of the Coruscant lanes was crowded as always other vehicles flashing by. Slowly the Jedi Temple in the distance became larger as the speeder drew closer and closer to its destination.

"That's weird" Leon muttered.

"What is?" Ahsoka asked him.

Leon moved the gear shift of the speeder, "We should be going faster than we are".

He was right every other vehicle around them was going much faster than they were. Leon continued to move the gear shift back and forth even the thrust lever didn't seem to do anything.

"It's probably just a loose cable or something" Leon said before the right engine exploded sending a cloud of dense smoke into the air as the speeder spiraled downward.

"What did you do this time?" Ahsoka yelled at him.

"I didn't do anything" Leon yelled back his hands flying across the controls of the speeder trying to regain control of it.

"Why is it every time I let you fly something goes wrong?" Ahsoka yelled at him.

Leon gritted his teeth, "Come on you son of a…"

The engines popped again as Leon yanked back on the controls forcing the speeder out of its nosedive. Leon yelled for Ahsoka to hold on as he piloted the speeder on its side barely avoiding other vehicles as he turned by them. Leon hoped that the other pilots were paying attention his piloting skills weren't that great so it was up to the others around him to avoid any mid air collisions. Ahsoka yelled for Leon to turn to the right as a tanker's horn screamed at them. Leon threw the controls to the side sending their speeder into a large roll to the side avoiding the tanker.

Leon looked at Ahsoka from the corner of his eye and chuckled, "You may want to contact the temple and tell them we'll be coming in a bit…hard".

The speeder spiraled toward the Jedi Temple a tail of thick smoke following behind it as it screamed through the air. The two young Jedi closed their eyes bracing themselves as they approached the temple hangar. The speeder roared past the safety gates before abruptly slowing down. Feeling the vehicle slide against the floor of the hangar the two padawans opened their eyes the speeder had stopped just a few yards from Masters Luminara, Kenobi and Skywalker.

Realizing that they were safe Leon rose from the pilot's seat and stumbled over the side of the speeder falling to the ground and giving a relieved sigh.

He sat on his knees, "Oh sweet, solid ground" he kissed the floor, "I've missed you".

Ahsoka sighed as well as she climbed out, "Next time I'm flying" she demanded as she walked over to the trio of Jedi Masters and apologized for the trouble.

"There's no need to apologize Ahsoka" Master Kenobi told her, "No damage was caused and you're both safe. That's all that matters".

"Well things just don't go boom for no reason" Leon said jumping back to his feet.

"Leon is correct" Luminara, "Something must have caused it".

Leon began moving the damaged panels around the vehicle's engine hearing the cackle of the power cables inside.

"I think I figured out what happened" he called to them, "The wires are exposed and loose".

Moving another panel he heard something inside the engine something that wasn't wiring or machinery. It sounding like an animal, leaning closer to the engine he listened carefully. After a minute of silence he moved another panel finding several loose wires with pieces of their insulation missing.

"What could have caused that?" Ahsoka asked surprising him.

Looking over his shoulder Leon dropped his head to the side, "Not really sure. The wires…they look like something was trying to eat them".

Eaten? Ahsoka wondered, "What could or want to eat power cables?"

Leon set his hand around his chin thinking of every creature he could think of. It couldn't be a mynock they can't survive in the planet's atmosphere, but what else could it be? Something inside the destroyed engine clattered catching their attention as the three Jedi Masters walked over to them. Behind the clattering pieces of engine they could hear the same noise Leon did before it sounded like a mix between a quack and a coo. Using the Force Leon moved the smaller pieces of the engine out of the way and something plopped out onto the floor.

The little green spotted creature hopped around on two three-toed legs and had a short tail and little horn like nubs protruding from its head. It had no arms and what seemed like eye sockets were hollow spaces in the side of its head with small curves in them.

"Well how do you like that" Obi-Wan said as the creature hopped around, "It's a gizka".

"What's a gizka?" Ahsoka asked him.

"A pest" Anakin told her, "They like to chew on power cables on ships and other things".

Obi-Wan added, "They also reproduce rather quickly leading many to consider them pests".

"Are they dangerous?" Ahsoka asked.

"No. Aside from eating power cables and causing crashes like yours they're actually quite harmless" Obi-Wan explained.

Leon crouched down and stepped over to the small creature and tried to pick it up. Wrapping his hand around the gizka's body he closed his fingers and lifted it off the ground, but the reptile squirmed and wriggled free landing back on the floor with a wet plop sound. The gizka turned around and looked up at Leon making its strange quacking or cooing sound obviously curious about him. Leon chuckled as he tried petting the small thing listening to it makes its unique sound as he scratched the back of its head.

"Ahsoka" he chuckled, "It's…it's…"

"It's what?" she asked him.

"It's so cute!" he almost yelled. Scooping the small reptilian creature into his hands he held it in front of his face as it continued to stare curiously at him.

"I'm keeping it" he said giggling like a child who had found a stray pet.

Ahsoka scoffed with a smile as she shook her head, "I don't even know why I'm surprised anymore".

"No way" Anakin said, "There's no way we're letting that thing stay here. It's a pest that'll eat every power coupling it finds".

Leon pet the gizka in his hand, "Well I'm keeping it anyway".

Leon left the hangar cradling the gizka in his hands muttering something to it or himself as the hangar doors closed behind him. Ahsoka checked the damage to the speeder's engine again and asked her master how such a small creature could cause this kind of damage.

"Gizka are pretty low in intelligence, they try to eat power cables because they feel warm and only stopped when they get shocked. Of course they're so dumb they go right back to chewing on the next one they find until the same thing happens".

Obi-Wan hummed to himself, "They do eat other things as long as he keeps it contained somewhere I don't really see a problem with it".

"Are you serious?" Anakin asked him, "You know what those things can do. I say we get rid of it".

Master Luminara remained pretty quiet through the event. Ahsoka turned to her and asked her what she thought.

"I'm not sure" she said, "I feel that the Force is at work here, but why would it lead us to a gizka?"

The Force worked in mysterious ways every Jedi knew that, but she had a good point why a gizka of all things?

Ahsoka left the hangar deciding to check on Leon. Standing outside her friend's room she knocked on his door and stepped back as it opened. Leon was inside staring at a large glass tank with the gizka inside. Ahsoka sighed and rolled her eyes unsure as to why she let's herself be surprised by it. Leon turned the glass tank around and held it up to her when the gizka inside saw her it made its unique sound as if it was greeting her. Ahsoka smiled at the small creature as Leon set the tank on top of a book shelf at the foot of his bed. Leon sat back on his bed and waved Ahsoka over to him. Leon's room was decorated with several small shelves hanging from the walls each filled with star ship models and the book shelf where the gizka's tank rested was crammed full of various books.

Ahsoka stood in front of the bookshelf scanning over the titles of the books most of them were history books where a few were about cooking and music. While she stood in front of the bookshelf the gizka continued to watch her and make its unique sound begging for her attention.

"I think he likes you" Leon said.

Ahsoka looked up at the gizka and tapped her finger against the glass giving a small laugh as the reptile jumped back surprised by her finger.

"So you're really going to keep this thing?" she asked him.

Leon nodded, "Why not? It's adorable".

Ahsoka shook her head again, "I'm going to regret this, but does it have a name?"

"Still working on that part" he admitted falling back onto his bed, "I'm open to suggestions".

"How about you call it Leon Jr." Ahsoka suggested, "It's practically useless and not all that bright".

"That hurts" Leon said pretending to be offended, "On top of being untrue. Now if it was incredibly good looking, flirtatious and an expert dancer then maybe".

"Speaking of dancing" Ahsoka said turning to him, "About last night".

Leon cupped his hands behind his head. They were granted an entire week off to recover from their mission on Dantooine, but it had only been a day so far.

"What about it?" he asked.

Ahsoka thought back to when she and Leon danced at the festival on Naboo. She admitted that she enjoyed it, but what she didn't tell him was how much she enjoyed it. That later that night she had a dream of her kissing someone she couldn't see, but someone she knew and that dream turned into another a recurring vision of a bomb that leaves Leon's fate questionable.

"Leon do you remember that vision we both had about a bomb in Senator Amidala's office?"

Leon nodded, "Yeah…You've seen it more since then".

"How did you know?" she wasn't sure why she asked him that. If they shared the same vision once why wouldn't they share it a second time?

Leon shrugged his shoulders, "Maybe it's because the vision involves both of us. I would imagine it's not that uncommon".

"Why are you so calm about it?" she asked him, "We've seen the same thing so you know what happens to you".

Leon didn't answer her; he slowly sat up and looked at the floor.

"Does it not bother you that you might die?" she asked him, "Leon each time I see that vision I…" she stopped to take a breath and compose herself, "I don't want you to die. I'm worried about you".

Leon got up and walked over to her grabbing both of her shoulders. He looked into her eyes and a slight smile, "I'm thankful that you care about me Ahsoka. But I'll be fine I promise. Bomb or no bomb I will survive, but before I can do that we need to figure out when it's going to happen".

Ahsoka was trapped by the look in his eyes she could see that he was afraid and it echoed in his voice. She forced herself to look away sifting her gaze to her feet. His grip on her shoulders was tight, but not squeezing or constricting was he trying to reassure her or was he holding her like that because he was scared as well.

"Am I interrupting something?" Anakin's voice asked them from the open doorway.

Both padawans completely forgot that the door was left opened and Ahsoka's master was standing there watching them. Ahsoka gasped when she realized that Leon's hands were still on her shoulders and quickly backed away blushing brightly. Anakin had just arrived, but heard the last part of their conversation when Leon told Ahsoka that he was going to survive something.

Anakin asked Ahsoka to give him and Leon some time before stepping out of the doorway. Ahsoka remained silent as she left trying to hide her face from her master. When his padawan left Anakin stepped inside Leon's room and closed the door behind him.

"You've got quite a collection of stuff in here" he noticed moving his eyes from the models to the books.

Leon nodded his head to the side, "Yeah I have a few interests. History, music, I'm a really good cook".

Anakin nodded, "Yes from what Master Luminara told me you are. She was really impressed at your skill".

Leon chuckled, "Well when it comes to my cooking I do like to brag…a lot".

Anakin continued to stare at the books and the glass tank with the gizka, "She also told me you asked Ahsoka to dance with you last night".

"Is there anything wrong with two friends sharing a dance?" Leon asked him remembering that Anakin talked to him like this before he left for Naboo with Ahsoka.

"No there's not" Anakin admitted, "But I'm beginning to sense that your relationship with my padawan isn't what you told me it is".

"Let's pretend for a second that it's not" Leon began sitting at the edge of his bed, "What would you do about it?" he waited for Anakin to turn to him, "If I told you right now that I love her, what would you do about it?"

Anakin was rather surprised at how straightforward and aggressive Leon was being about the subject.

Leon continued, "You do recall we had this conversation already before Ahsoka and I left for Naboo. Has your answer changed since then?"

Anakin was silent for a few seconds as he thought of an answer, "No I don't suppose my answer has changed since then".

The gizka stared up at Anakin through its tank and made its strange sound as if it was talking to him.

Leon pointed at the small reptile, "You stay out of this".

"I still think we should get rid of that thing" Anakin muttered.

"Well too bad" Leon told him, "I like it".

Anakin took a breath returning to the reason he was there, "OK, time to come clean. How do you really feel about Ahsoka? Do you love her?"

Leon ran his tongue across his upper lip and sighed, "I don't know. I care about her a great deal and I can honestly say I would do anything for her, but I don't know if I love her or not".

Anakin sighed, "I suppose that's good enough".

"Why would it be an issue?" Leon asked him, "What is it about falling in love with someone that scares the Jedi?"

"Well I wouldn't say that the Jedi are afraid of it they just don't think we should pursue such feelings".

"Why not?" Leon asked him, "I don't even know if I love her or not, but what I do know is that I'm really happy just by spending time with her. How can it possibly be a bad thing to love someone else?"

Anakin fell silent he had asked himself that question more times than he cared to count. The Jedi code said that a Jedi should avoid all attachment especially love as attachment can lead to the dark side, but he had married Padme not long after the start of the Clone Wars and had never felt like he was falling to the dark side. In fact he felt happiest when he was with her just by being next to her he could forget everything that was happening in the galaxy.

Leon shook his head, "I refuse to just accept something like that. Until I get a definitive answer I will never accept that I'm just supposed to ignore that I feel happy around her or that I feel like I'm suffocating when I'm thinking about her when she's not there…"

Leon fell silent realizing too late what he had said. He fell back on his bed, "I'm tired Master Skywalker. If you don't mind I'd like to continue this another time".

Anakin knew how Leon felt he was the only one in the Order who could understand what he was going through. He wanted to tell him something anything to help him, but what could he say to him? He didn't want to risk telling him of his secret marriage to Padme, but he couldn't think of anything else.

Slowly he turned around and walked over to the door, "For what it's worth Leon" he said without looking back at him, "I do understand what you're going through. Next time…if you feel like talking about this again come to me. I'll do what I can to help you".

Anakin closed the door behind him and Leon held his hand out to the door flipping the switch to the lights. Rolling onto his side he closed his eyes saying goodnight to his new gizka and falling asleep.

Silver, red and purple flashed in a wide circle deflecting large volumes of blaster fire. The purple light flashed through the air and into the darkness around the other two the blaster fire ceasing everywhere it went. When the last bit of blaster fire stopped the three lights all vanished at once.

The darkness in the room fled as the lights came on and around the room were training droids with blaster rifles all of them cut in half. In the center of the room stood a young man dressed in a sleeveless white jacket and long dark pants. He was holding a lightsaber hilt in each of his hands and a third one floating next to his shoulder. Returning the three lightsabers to the inside pockets of his jacket he reached to his waist and grabbed a blaster pistol making a 180 turn and firing.

The blaster bolt hit something causing an arc of electricity to swarm out taking the shape of a humanoid. With the cloaking device destroyed the last droid was revealed and the young man delivered a second shot to the center of its head sending it to the floor.

"Impressive" a female voice said from across the room.

The young man looked over to see a young human woman walking over to him. She was just a bit shorter than him standing at 5'9 and her long black hair reached down to the small of her back. Her skin seemed to reflect the light shining healthily as a large portion of her lean figure was revealed. She was wearing an all black work out gear consisting of skin tight shorts weighted wrist and ankle bands and a sports bra. But the part the young man focused on the most was her eyes. Looking into her blue eyes he felt like he was looking into the infinite sky just floating in the air.

"Of course these are training droids so it's not their not that hard to defeat" she said.

The young man grunted smugly, "You can send any kind of droid you want at me I'll cut it down all the same. I've fought against countless droids there is no droid in this galaxy that can stand against me".

"You sound awfully confident about that".

The young man returned his blaster to its holster on his waist, "Care to test me yourself then?" he asked her.

The beautiful young woman smiled at him, "I thought you'd never ask".

Backing away from each other they activated their lightsabers. He was wielding a silver lightsaber in his right hand and a red short lightsaber in his left hand while she was wielding a single silver lightsaber.

The young man smirked as they began circling each other, "I can sense how strong you are in the Force, but do not forget that I have much more experience under my belt than you do".

The young woman smiled back at him, "I've already seen what you can do first hand, but do not underestimate me. I'd hate to kill you by accident".

The young man hummed dropping his stance for a moment, "I am too good looking to die". He turned back to her and flipped his red short saber around now holding it with the blade running along his arm, "Of course I do love sparring against someone so beautiful".

The young woman blushed and lowered her eyes just for a second giving her opponent the opening he wanted. He flashed over to her with amazing speed and swung his silver lightsaber from the side. The young woman just barely managed to block the attack bringing her own lightsaber to the side holding it at an angle.

"Rule one" the young man began as silver clashed against silver, "Never take your eyes off your opponent".

"Now on to rule two" the woman said angling her lightsaber down and forcing it into a half circle turn disarming her opponent, "Never assume you have the upper hand until you've won".

The young man smiled at her swinging his reversed red saber sliding it along the length of the defending silver blade before turning it around in his hand and bringing it back down. When the second strike was parried the young man quickly shifted the short lightsaber to his other hand and twisted his body back toward his opponent the two weapons meeting again.

"He has impressive swordsmanship" the young woman thought, "He holds his blade in a reverse stance and strikes with it. If his attack is countered or parried he flips it returning it to an upward position and shifts his momentum to strike again and if that attack is stopped he switches to his other hand to strike again".

Forcing her block upward she broke the lock and pushed her opponent away. The two stared each other down for a few seconds before charge at her again entering another saber lock. Loosening his grip on his lightsaber he allowed her to disarm him ducking down and turning as the blade was forced from his hand and summoning his silver lightsaber back to his hand. He turned in a full circle activating the weapon as it returned to his hand and sweeping at the young woman's feet.

Jumping over his sweeping weapon she brought her lightsaber down in an overhead swing only to have her attack blocked. His block was only at half strength thanks to the angle it was being held meaning she could easily over power it, but he would obviously be expecting this. She knew him long enough to know he always left himself open because he was thinking three moves ahead.

She was right while his block was being overpowered he held his hand out at her feet and used the Force to pull her feet out from under her causing her to fall backward. Standing over her he pointed his silver lightsaber at her throat staring right into her eyes before he deactivated his weapon and held his hand out to her.

She knew he was planning something, but she still cursed herself for not being prepared for any possible trick he would use against her. She took his hand and allowed him to pull her up.

She looked right into his eyes, "If you don't start taking this seriously I'm going to end up killing you by accident one of these days".

"Maybe" he said slowly raising his hand and resting it on the side of her face, "But until then" he ran his thumb over the line of her cheekbone, "This is more my speed".

She felt something flutter in her chest as they closed their eyes and leaned closer to each other. Although only for a short time when their both felt the world around them cease to exist leaving only them floating in a void where nothing else mattered.

Leon's eyes opened and he slowly sat up he ran his hand across his lips feeling like something had just touched them. He looked down to his shoulder feeling the impression of a hand resting on it and chuckled as he looked at the gizka in its tank.

"Talk about your realistic dreams eh?"

The gizka stared at him and opened its mouth making its strange quacking, cooing sound as Leon slid off his bed and stretched out his arms.

"Alright I'm going to do some research on you and find out what kind of things you eat" rolling his shoulder back he opened his bedroom door and left telling the gizka to sit tight and he'd be back in about half an hour.

Leon stood over the gizka's tank shaking the light brown contents of a bottle into the water. The gizka hopped through the water lowering its open mouth and taking a gulp of the water along with what Leon put in it.

"Its open Ahsoka" he said after someone knocked at his door.

The door opened and Ahsoka entered immediately laying her eyes on the gizka tank, "So that's what you've been up to".

Leon gave a smug grunt as he sat at the edge of his bed. The gizka was now in a larger tank fully decorated with a small pond and a pile of quality sand and a small rubber ring hanging from the side of the tank which the gizka kept poking at.

"What do you think?" Leon asked her.

"This is what you've been doing for the past three days?" she asked him.

Leon crossed his arms, "Not all I've been doing, but mostly. I did finally come up with a name for it".

Ahsoka raised an eyebrow, "Oh yeah? And what would that be?"

Leon looked back at the gizka, "Grun".

"Grun?" Ahsoka repeated.

Leon nodded, "Yep it means green".

"I see" Ahsoka said watching the gizka chew the ring on the side of its tank, "What is that?"

"That's a little something I had made. Since gizka love to chew on power cables I had a small ring made with just enough voltage to keep it happy, but not hurt it. It eats other things so when it actually gets hungry I'll just drop some of those in there" he pointed at the medium sized bottle next to the tank. "Change the water once a week and the sand once every month and that's all there is to it".

Ahsoka shook her head with a slight smile, "So what did you want to talk to me about?"

Leon ran into her earlier that morning and asked to speak with her in his room is she had time. Leon gently pulled on the cord attached to the ring in Grun's tank and chuckled as the gizka jumped back when the ring moved in front of it.

"Have you had any visions in the past three days?" he asked her.

Ahsoka hadn't received any visions since that night on Naboo, but seeing the look on his face she knew why he was asking.

Leon stood up and stared at her, "I've had three visions in the past few days" he told her, "The first one was on the way back from Naboo, I was fighting against someone covered in heavy black armor with some kind of cape" he shook his head, "I don't recognize who it is, but the vision ends right as he prepares to finish me off. The other vision was a few days ago, I took a nap after talking with Master Skywalker and the dream…the vision I had. I was sparring with some woman in a lightsaber duel. I can't remember much from that one, but after our duel was over I…" he stopped wondering to himself if he should tell her how his dream ended.

"What?" Ahsoka chuckled crossing her arms, "Did you start flirting with her like you do every other girl?"

Leon's eyebrows jumped as he tilted his head, "No I…I kissed her".

Ahsoka's arms slowly dropped, "Why are you telling me this?"

"Because of the vision I had last night" he said, "It involved you".

"Oh great you're dreaming about me now" she sighed.

A meek smile appeared on Leon's face, "Actually I've been dreaming about you since we met, but I'm afraid I'm being serious this time".

He paused to take a breath, "We're both standing on a desolate world surrounded by some kind of desert and large stone columns. We're both injured with a destroyed ship and a dead creature in front of us I start coughing up blood and collapse. You catch me and help me walk to shelter inside a nearby cave as a storm began forming over us. The sky began rumbling as the storm grew larger that's when…"

"What?" Ahsoka asked him as he fell silent.

Leon became silent replaying his dream in his head.

Their ship was struck by lightning and crashed neither of them were injured other than a few scratches and bruises, but once they left the ship they were attacked. Whatever that creature was it was dangerous while they were fighting it the creature turned around slamming its tail into Leon's leg almost breaking his knee in a single swing while it raised its clawed foot and swiped at Ahsoka shredding into her clothes and skin.

A large green reptilian creature, it was at least four meters in length including its tail which was covered by rows of jagged spike like scales. The claws on its feet were massive almost like precision daggers and its mouth was lines with dozens of large jagged teeth.

Both padawans tried to push it away with the Force, but it just stood there and leaned over as if it was hit by a breeze rather than a telekinetic attack. Leon tried again to push the creature, but the same thing happened somehow it was resistant to Force attacks. The creature turned again surprisingly quick for its large size and swung its tail at Leon. The young padawan ducked under the tail, but the creature turned around and slammed its head against his knocking him to the ground. Everything in his field of vision blurred into a bright flash as he fell to the ground he heard Ahsoka call his name as the creature stood over him with its jaws hanging open before it roared as Ahsoka jumped on top of it and stabbed her lightsaber into its head.

Leon slowly crawled back to his feet panting as he rested his hand against his bleeding temple. He turned to Ahsoka to thank her, but his panting turned to coughing and shortly after it became worse turning heavy and violent as he coughed up small amounts of blood. He collapsed, but Ahsoka managed to catch him helping him walk to the shelter of a nearby cave. It was pretty small enough room for them and probably another person, but that was good that way nothing could sneak up on them.

Once they were safely inside the cave Ahsoka became dizzy and fell to her knees tightly wrapping her arm around her side. Leon fought through his pain and kneeled next to her seeing a large patch of blood soaking her clothes. Removing his supply pack he grabbed what medical supplies they had and began treating her injury. He was becoming dizzy as well the fatigue finally reaching him. When he finished wrapping the bandage around Ahsoka's abdomen he tried to stand up, but fell.

Ahsoka caught him as he fell forward and wrapped her hands around his head against her chest seeming to not care. In any other case or time Leon would make a joke about this and Ahsoka would probably slap or yell at him again, but neither of them had the strength. When his dizzy spell past Leon pulled away from her and looked outside as the thunder rumbled again his head was still pounding from the pain.

Ahsoka forced a weak smile trying to tell him they would be fine her eyes fighting to stay open. Leon grabbed her hand feeling her fingers wrap around it as her eyes finally began closing. Leon's other hand shot up and rested on the side of her face as he told her to stay away. Her eyes slowly opened, but began fading again she was exhausted and gravely injured every fiber of her being screaming for rest.

Leon's hand was shaking against the side of her face as he leaned closer and whispered something to her before he kissed her. Through her half open eyes Ahsoka noticed the tears slowly streaming from Leon's eyes as he kissed her. Allowing her eyes to finally close she manage to raise her arm and wrapped it around his neck holding him as close to her as she could.

"Leon!" Ahsoka snapped her fingers, "Stop spacing out on me" she told him, "What happened after that?"

Leon lowered his eyes; "I don't remember" he lied. He knew he could tell her about fighting that creature and the injuries they both sustained from it, but he could not tell her the rest not yet anyway.

"Well I'm sure it will come back to you" she said, "I'm heading to the Senate building to watch Senator Amidala try to pass a bill. Feel like joining me? It'll get you out of this room for a while".

Leon nodded and got up saying goodbye to his gizka Grun as they left the room with the gizka calling at them before going back to playing with its ring.

Arriving at the Senate building they left to meet up with Padme and Senator Organa outside Padme's office, "Senator Amidala" Ahsoka waved as they walked over to them.

"Ahsoka" Padme smiled when she saw them, "And Leon how are you?"

The two padawans bowed their heads to them, "We're doing alright" Ahsoka told her.

Leon gave her a small smile, "Ahsoka told me that you're trying to pass a bill today and I've never seen how the senate decides on something so I came to watch".

Padme's smile vanished, "Some members of the senate are trying to push to escalate the war to buy more clones and more aggressive battle tactics. I'm trying to find a better solution".

Leon hummed, "You know I remember reading once, a wise man once said an eye for an eye makes the whole world blind. Escalating the war will only lead to more people dying, lives being thrown away for no reason".

"Exactly" Senator Organa said, "Which is why we're trying to put an end to this. I want the Separatists stopped as much as the rest of the Republic, but this isn't the way to do it".

"Why can't both sides co-exist?" he asked them, "I mean of course first we would need to get rid of Count Dooku and General Grievous because they're the leaders, but why can't both sides exists and govern themselves?"

Padme shook her head, "I've asked myself that same question sometimes. The galaxy would be a lot better off if it ended up that way".

"You sound worried senator" Ahsoka noticed.

Padme nodded, "I am. Some of my opponents on this have more influence than I do, but I will not give up".

"An admirable trait senator" Leon said, "I wish you the best of luck".

Padme thanked him before someone called her name from down the hall. Turning around she saw an older man in an elegant red robe walking over to her with escorted by a male Chagrian carrying a large staff and with them was Luminara Unduli.

"Chancellor Palpatine" Padme bowed her head to the old man, "Good afternoon".

"If only it were my dear" the old man sighed, "I am growing weary amongst the infighting between our own" he turned to the Jedi Master next to him, "Have you met Master Unduli?"

Padme nodded, "Yes Chancellor she briefly attended the festival on Naboo along with me and Bail".

Palpatine smiled, "I am glad that even in a time like this there are some who can find it in them to celebrate what good is left out there. I heard that Master Skywalker's padawan was there with you".

Padme realized that she was standing between him and Ahsoka and stepped to the side, "Yes she's right here actually her and Leon were just wishing me luck in the senate meeting".

Palpatine smiled at Ahsoka, "Ah padawan Tano it's good to see you again".

Ahsoka bowed to him, "You as well Chancellor".

Palpatine turned to Leon, "And who might you be my boy?"

Master Luminara introduced him as he bowed to the Chancellor, "Supreme Chancellor this is Leon Solstice padawan to Master Windu".

Palpatine's ears perked when he heard that, "So Master Windu has a padawan now" he turned to Leon, "I've heard many tales of his exploits you could not ask for a finer teacher I think".

Leon bowed to him again, "It's a pleasure Chancellor".

Palpatine returned the bow, "As much as I would like to continue this encounter I'm afraid the ever turmoil world of politics demands my attention. Hopefully we can speak again someday".

Leon bowed again as the Chancellor and his speaker left.

"He seemed nice" Leon said after they left.

Padme nodded, "Yes he is very wise and trustworthy. I consider him a friend I can confide in if I need to".

"We must get ready" Senator Organa said, "I will meet you outside the rotunda".

Padme nodded and the senator from Alderaan excused himself. Padme looked over to Master Luminara as she opened her office door, "Hello again Master Jedi".

Luminara bowed to her, "Senator. I want to thank you for inviting me to attend your world's festival. Though I could not stay long I did enjoy it".

Padme smiled at her, "I'm happy to hear that…I wish there were more time for things like that. This war has gone on for too long".

"I agree" Leon said looking over to Master Luminara, "If it wasn't for this war I would still be your padawan".

Luminara gave him a small smile before Padme walked over to her desk, "Huh that's odd".

"What is it?" Ahsoka asked her.

Padme was staring at some kind of stone idol on her desk, "This idol it wasn't here earlier and I don't recall placing an order for anything".

"Maybe you've got a secret admirer" Leon joked as he walked over and inspected the idol.

When Leon picked up the idol he heard a loud click and something started beeping from under the desk.

Dropping the idol the vision he shared with Ahsoka flashed through his mind, "Get out!" he yelled.

Ahsoka instantly realized what this was; her vision was finally coming true. Knowing what was going to happen next she tried to stop Leon, but wasn't fast enough as he turned around and pushed them all out of the office the door closing behind them as a muffled explosion roared inside the room sending a light tremor through the floor.

The senators and servants in the hall panicked when the bomb went off running over to Padme's side making sure she was alright while Ahsoka forced the door to the office open. The office looked like a small warzone with destroyed furniture scattered everywhere and the window that allowed Padme to look out at the city shattered. In the far corner was Leon lying under a pile of debris with a large number of scratches and deep cuts along his exposed torso and arms. Clearing away the debris Ahsoka lifted him into her arms as Padme yelled for someone to get help.

Leon's eyes were barely open as he grabbed Ahsoka's arm, "Ah…Ahso…Ahsoka" he panted.

"Leon hang on" Ahsoka whimpered, "You're going to be fine just hang on".

"Ahsoka" he gasped before his eyes rolled back and his hand slipped from her arm.

Feeling him go limp in her arms she tried shaking him as she called his name receiving no response from him. When the medics arrived and took him away Ahsoka stood to the side shaking she knew it was going to happen she saw it several times and she couldn't do anything to prevent it. Now she could only watch as the medics placed Leon on a stretcher and ran out of the room yelling at each other to hurry…she had failed to protect him.

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