Solstice Knight


Ahsoka sat on a bench outside an operating room. She was sitting sideways leaning against the wall and hugging her knees against her chest a storm of guilt and fear running through her mind. Leon was in critical condition she had a vision of what would happen to him she had this vision three times and yet she still couldn't help him. They were in Senator Amidala's office along with the senator from Naboo and Jedi Master Luminara Unduli. The senator noticed a strange stone idol on her desk that she had not seen before, but when Leon picked it up a concealed bomb was set off. Hearing the beeping of the hidden explosive Leon turned around and pushed them out of the room before she could react.

After the bomb went off Ahsoka ran back into the room praying to the Force that Leon would be ok. He was buried under a pile of debris and badly injured with several cuts and hundreds of scratches covering his body, but that wasn't all his worst injuries included a fracture on the side of his skull a dislocated shoulder and a concussion. Leon faded in and out of consciousness as he was rushed to an operating room gasping for air and thrashing around forcing the medics to sedate him.

For three hours Ahsoka sat outside the operating room not hearing a single word on Leon's condition. Another half hour passed before someone finally came out and looked to her. Seeing the surgeon Ahsoka jumped off the bench and prayed that he was going to give her good news. The surgeon nodded telling her that Leon had been stabilized and his minor injuries treated and the shrapnel removed from his body, but his other injuries would require more treatment. Ahsoka asked him if they could place him in a bacta tank, but the doctor shook his head saying they already tried. Once they stabilized his condition they placed him in a bacta tank, but for some reason his vitals began flat lining forcing them to take him out.

At first they thought it was a malfunction with the vital monitor, but when they tried again the same thing happened with a different monitor. Unable to use a bacta tank they were forced to treat his injuries the old fashioned way. He told her they were going to move him to a private ward when the surgery was complete, but as of right now they could only guess at his chances.

Several hours later the surgery was finally over and Leon was moved to a private room in the hospital's ICU ward. Although he was still unconscious Ahsoka was allowed to visit him for a few minutes. Entering the private room the air smelled of a sterilizing chemical and the faint beeping of various monitors echoed against the walls. Walking over to the bed she stood next to her friend apologizing for not being able to protect him.

Leon's hand shot out and grabbed her arm, she gasped as he flew up into a sitting position breathing heavily. The device monitoring his heart rate began going crazy as he breathing became faster until he was no longer inhaling and began coughing instead. Placing her hand against his shoulder Ahsoka called his name as his coughing became worse. A doctor and two nurses rushed into the room as Leon's coughing continued to grow worse and more violent eventually coughing up blood before he began convulsing and blacked out with Ahsoka calling his name.

Three days later Ahsoka returned to the hospital along with her master Anakin Skywalker and his former master Obi-Wan Kenobi. According to the doctor in charge of Leon's care he was still unresponsive to any form of external stimuli, but he was alive and in stable condition.

Ahsoka asked about his injuries to which the doctor expressed a bit of confusion. Leon's major injuries were still there, but his minor injuries were healing. The various cuts along his body had become smaller and fading.

"Usually injuries like those only take a few days to a week to heal, but even then they leave a scar behind".

The doctor had a point, deep cuts like that take a while to heal, but some were already gone with no scars left behind.

Obi-Wan ran his hand over his beard, "You said he's been completely unresponsive correct?"

The doctor nodded, "Yes we've tried everything. His brain waves and vitals indicate he's sleeping, but we haven't been able to wake him".

"I see. Thank you doctor please contact the temple should anything change".

Obi-Wan led Anakin and Ahsoka out of the room and left the hospital. On the way out Anakin asked him if he knew what was going on with Leon his master nodded saying that he was in a healing trance. A powerful technique where a Force user goes into a comatose or trance like state and reaches inside his body with the Force to accelerate the body's natural healing process.

"So how long do you think he'll be like that?" Ahsoka asked him her voice echoing the deep worry in her mind.

Obi-Wan shrugged unfortunately there was no way to tell the process was based on several variables from the user's connection to the Force to the severity of their injuries as obviously small things like cuts and bruises would be easier to mend than fractures and concussions.

Ahsoka lowered her head she still felt as if this was her fault she could have stopped him or even shielded him. She knew it was going to happen and in the end she still failed to prevent it and now one of her closest friends forced himself into a healing trance just to keep himself alive.

Anakin sensed Ahsoka's concern deciding to talk to her when they returned to the temple. Landing in the temple hangar he asked Ahsoka to take a walk with him leading her to the temple courtyard.

Leaning against the rail of the courtyard he looked out into the city, "I sense a great conflict in you Ahsoka".

Ahsoka didn't want to look at him, "It's my fault. I knew it was going to happen and I still couldn't save him".

Anakin understood how she felt it wasn't that long ago that he had visions of his mother suffering and even with those premonitions he still couldn't save her. He understood the pain, the fear, the guilt.

"He'll pull through" he told her.

"How can you be sure?"

"Because of you" he smiled, "I had a talk with him after you returned from Naboo, after he decided to keep that gizka as a pet. He really likes you".

Ahsoka felt her face heat up part of her knew Leon liked her and she felt there was a part of her that liked him, but the thought of it still concerned her as a Jedi they were supposed to avoid such things.

"You're worried about how you feel for him aren't you?" Anakin asked her.

Ahsoka jumped when he said that. In the mass confusion of her current emotions he had managed to pinpoint that above everything else.

She felt her chest grow tight as her lips parted, "I…I like him. I want to say he's my friend, but…I don't know anymore I feel" she turned away speaking as though she were ashamed, "I'm scared. I have this feeling in my chest if he dies…"

Anakin placed a hand on her shoulder, "He'll make it Snips I know he will".

Ahsoka's eye fell to the ground hoping, praying that her master was right.

A shuttle landed at the Jedi Temple, Anakin and Ahsoka stepping off once the ramp opened. Ahsoka returned to her room since Leon had been admitted to the local hospital she decided to take care of Grun the gizka Leon was keeping as a pet. Inside her room sitting on the floor at the foot of her bed was a large clear tank three feet in length, three feet high and another three feet wide giving the small reptile plenty of room to move around in. When she entered her room she turned the lights on and greeted the gizka as it turned around to see who was there. Crouching in front of the tank she reached inside and scratched the top of the reptile's head smiling softly as it playfully shook under her touch.

It had been four months since the bomb that injured Leon went off leaving him with three severe injuries. For four months he had been in a comatose like state subconsciously using the Force to heal his wounded body. When Master Kenobi first realized that Leon was in a healing trance he reported it to the Council only to discover that he had never been taught such a technique leading the Council to believe that he is doing unintentionally. If that was really the case that would mean Leon had a stronger connection to the Force than they previously thought. Before he was hospitalized Leon had shown an acceptable degree of control over the Force, but rarely actually used it preferring to rely on his own strength only calling upon the Force when he needed it. For someone like that to go into a healing trance without any prior knowledge or training on such a technique was unheard of in the history of the Jedi Order.

Ahsoka stopped scratching the gizka's head becoming lost in her thoughts until she felt the gizka prodding at her finger tip.

"Oh sorry" she said to it grabbing the medium sized bottle next to the tank, "Here you go Grun eat up". Opening the bottle she poured several small blue pellets into her hand and dropped them in the tank watching the gizka pick them into its mouth one after another.

"I kind of envy you right now" she said to the feeding gizka, "Such a simple life you have where you don't really have to worry about anything".

Hearing her voice the gizka looked up at her and croaked its unique sound before going back to the last few pellets in the sand. In reality Ahsoka had grown attached to the little creature feeling a unifying sense of peace just by watching it hop around its tank all day until it fell asleep.

Scratching the gizka's head one last time she stood up and left returning to the hospital. Arriving at the hospital she greeted the receptionist before taking the nearby lift to the patient rooms. When Leon was first admitted into the hospital he was taken to an emergency operating room and then moved to a private room in the ICU. Even though the young Jedi's condition was stable he would occasionally start convulsing in his comatose state coughing violently eventually coughing up blood. These sporadic occurrences slowly became worse and worse each time they happened forcing the doctors to place him under full time watch. Thankfully the coughing attacks stopped after a few weeks eventually allowing the doctors to move him to a regular patient's room where visitor hours were longer.

Stepping off the lift Ahsoka walked down the hall and entering Leon's room halfway down.

"Good afternoon Ahsoka" the Twi'lek doctor greeted when the young Togruta entered the room.

"Good afternoon Doctor Teysa" Ahsoka greeted.

The Twi'lek doctor had green skin and an amazing figure; she wore a long white lab coat over a close fitting grey body suit and sleek black heeled shoes. She kept one of her head tails wrapped around her neck with the other draped over her shoulder. During the past four months Ahsoka had gotten to know Leon's doctor and even came to respect her. According to the rest of the staff Doctor Teysa was an outstanding physician receiving multiple degrees and awards in the medical field and even served as a combat medic before the Clone Wars began saving many lives on several worlds.

Every time Ahsoka came to see Leon she was grateful for the expert attention the Twi'lek doctor gave him and admired her ability to handle so many patients at once. While Leon was still in the ICU Doctor Teysa had over a dozen patients and tirelessly moved between each of them proving her skill and dedication to her career. It was Doctor Teysa who saved Leon's life during one of his last coughing attacks. Leon's coughing continued until he was no longer able to inhale causing him to begin suffocating thankfully Doctor Teysa managed to stop the attack by giving him a heavy dose of sedatives and then performing regular CPR until the nursing staff could retrieve a machine that would help him breathe normally.

"How has he been?" Ahsoka asked.

Teysa gave her a smile, "He's been doing very well. No fits or attacks and his injuries as of yesterday are fully healed. I must say the Force that you Jedi use is truly amazing. The number of secrets it must hold, just the ability to accelerate the body's natural healing process alone is outstanding".

Ahsoka smiled back, "I'm still amazed out what a Jedi can do with the Force as our ally. The masters say there are an infinite number of ways to use the Force and that it is possible that all of its mysteries will never be revealed".

Doctor Teysa seemed envious, "I have to admit when I think about it I am jealous of the Jedi. To have such an ability, I can only imagine the number of ways I would be able to help my patients if I had such a power".

"Power" that word echoed in Ahsoka's mind. There was no denying that the Force was powerful, but its power was dangerous. Not long ago she was sent on a mission along with her master and Obi-Wan Kenobi to investigate a distress signal in a remote system. The strange thing was the distress signal they detected was outdated not being used in almost two thousand years, but when they arrived at the location of the signal they found a giant monolith like structure floating through the void of space.

Inside the massive monolith was an entire world called Mortis a unique place were a standard day to the outside galaxy was experienced within hours to those on Mortis, but that wasn't all the strange world held within. Mortis was the home of a family of powerful Force users called the Ones. These Force users were more powerful than the entirety of the Jedi Council able to touch the blade of a lightsaber and force it to deactivate without suffering any injury. There were only three of them only known by their position in their small family; there was the Father who ruled as the mediator between his children, the Daughter who was an embodiment of the Light side of the Force and there was the Son who represented the Dark side.

The family of three had drawn the three Jedi to them seeking the Chosen One…Anakin Skywalker. During their seemingly endless stay on Mortis they were faced with many hardships ranging from clear, intense visions and the corruption of Mortis as the Son's lust for power and dominance led to him slaying his father and sister.

Before that however the Son had abducted Ahsoka and corrupted her briefly turning her to the Dark side. While under the influence of the Son's corruption Ahsoka had attacked her master and Obi-Wan taking an ancient dagger from them that had the power to kill the Son. After she retrieved the dagger and presented it to her dark master he proclaimed her usefulness was over and released her from his control sending her into a near-death state. Thankfully Ahsoka was saved by the Daughter's final act before she died from the wound the Son inflicted on her.

Anakin also briefly fell to the dark side under the Son's influence, but was saved when the Father sacrificed himself taking the Son's immortality with him and greatly weakening his power allowing Anakin to kill him. An ordeal which deeply affected all of them as they left they watched the monolith containing Mortis vanish into the darkness of space hopefully to never be seen again.

The true dangers of the Force were shown on that mysterious world whether Light side or Dark side it didn't matter there was an equal danger on each side.

The memory of what happened on Mortis sent shivers through Ahsoka's entire body, but thankfully it was long behind her leaving only a nightmare that would fade with time.

"Well that's all for me" Doctor Teysa said setting down the datapad with Leon's medical and treatment data. She turned to Ahsoka, "Care to join me for lunch? I would love the company".

Ahsoka took a quick look at Leon for four months he had been in an unresponsive state, but she trusted Teysa and somewhere in her heart she knew he would be ok. Looking back at the Twi'lek doctor she accepted her offer and followed her to the hospital cafeteria.

"You know Leon's a really good cook" Ahsoka said as they sat at an empty table.

"Is he now?" Teysa asked her.

Ahsoka nodded with a nostalgic smile, "I made a joke once that I was going to make him my personal chef, but he took it seriously. He always offered to make something for us when we finished a mission".

Teysa smiled, "Maybe I should have him cook something to thank me for taking care of him".

Ahsoka chuckled, "He probably would. When it comes to his cooking he's rather boastful".

"I thought Jedi were supposed to be humble" Teysa said.

Ahsoka chuckled again and shook her head, "Not when it comes to Leon. He's not exactly what I would call humble or subtle".

"What do you mean?" Teysa asked her, but Ahsoka shook her head.

"Oh nothing he's just…let's just say he lacks tact when it comes to certain things".

"Like what?"

Ahsoka shook her head again, "I shouldn't say. When he wakes up you can ask him yourself".

Teysa gave a short laugh as they continued their meal returning to Leon's room when they finished. Standing outside of Leon's room Teysa said goodbye to Ahsoka as her shift ended. Bidding the doctor farewell Ahsoka entered the room and sat next to Leon greeting him. His consciousness sequestered from the world around him his body lying motionless in the bed.

"I know I've said this before, but I'm sorry" she knew he couldn't hear her, but she wanted to talk to him. She would never say it to him directly, but she missed him as annoying as he was he was fun to be around.

"Doctor Teysa told me you're wounds have finally healed. That's great" she cast her eyes downward. "You're fine now right? So why won't you wake up?"

The slow beeping of the pulse and vital monitors were the only sound in the room the only response she received.

"Please wake up" she quietly pleaded, "You've slept long enough…wake up!"

She stared at his quiet body a suffocating pain swelling inside her chest making her feel as if she was going to start falling apart. She leaned forward and grabbed his hand, "I need you to wake up" her whispering voice cried squeezing his hand.

She jumped when she squeezed his hand it felt like it was squeezing her back, but when she looked at him there was no change and the monitors showed no change either. Slowly she let go of his hand and stood up to leave.

"I'll come back tomorrow" she said, "I have another mission with Anakin so try to wake up before I come back alright?"

Ahsoka turned around and walked out of the room reaching for the switch to open the door she heard the monitors emit a quick high pitched squealing sound before falling silent. Turning around she watched Leon's body slowly rise into a sitting position before he turned around and slid out of the bed. He stretched his arms as his feet met the floor rolling his shoulders back.

"Leon" Ahsoka whispered.

Her friend looked over to her with a tired smile, "Morning, you want to get some breakfast? I'm starving".

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