Solstice Knight

Crying Soul

"Ok hold up" Leon said pointing at Ahsoka who was walking next to him, "I've been out for how long?"

"Four months" Ahsoka told him.

Stepping onto a lift Leon moved his eyes over her body noticing her new outfit. She now wore a dark red body suit that fit tightly against her skin and left the center above her chest exposed very different from the two piece attire she used to wear.

Leon's eyes focused on her chest a few times, "Well that explains your…sudden growth".

Ahsoka growled to herself, "It seems you haven't changed at all".

Leon laughed, "Never. So…what all happened in my absence?"

Following Ahsoka out of the hospital he was amazed that in four months so much had happened. She told him about Senator Amidala's friend Mina Bonteri who was a Separatist and her son Lux who reminded her of Leon only a little smoother in his flirting.

"Smooth is smooth baby" Leon joked.

Ahsoka jabbed him in the stomach with her elbow causing him to hunch over as she continued telling him about what had happened. She told him she managed to stop a bounty hunter named Aurra Sing from assassinating Senator Amidala and even traveled to Mandalore to teach a class of cadets at a leadership academy.

Leon laughed, "Well you've been busy huh?"

Ahsoka stopped near a taxi speeder and turned to him, "Leon…I'm sorry".

Leon ran his hand over the spot where she jabbed him, "It didn't hurt that much I'll be fine".

"I don't mean that" she said to him, "The bomb…I couldn't help you I'm sorry".

He stepped closer to her and grabbed her shoulders, "Ahsoka I told you I would be fine. I also told you that no matter what the cost I was going to protect you and the senator".

Ahsoka looked away from him, "I was beginning to think you weren't going to wake up".

Leon's hands retreated from her shoulders, "Yeah about that actually. Its just now really hitting me that's I've been gone for four months. Why was I out so long? I don't see any injuries on me at all".

Ahsoka remembered what Master Windu said in the Council Chambers when Obi-Wan reported that Leon was in a healing trance. Leon had never received any training in the techniques of healing through the Force, so how was he able to do it?

Ahsoka turned back to the taxi waiting for them, "That's something the Council should tell you".

Leon sighed, "Between you and me Ahsoka…I really don't like talking to the Council. They have to judge everything they can't ever just say good work or do better next time they always have to go into this long winded critique about your performance".

Ahsoka opened the taxi door and asked the droid driver to take them to the Jedi Temple. Leon asked Ahsoka why they were taking a taxi and not flying themselves. Ahsoka immediately reminded him of the last couple of times he flew and the trouble he caused. Leon reminded her that the last time wasn't his fault it was the gizka that became his pet being sure to tell her that the fact he managed to get them to the Temple that day should vouch for his real piloting skills. Just as the taxi was about to take off someone yelled over to them to wait up. Telling the driver to wait Ahsoka and Leon watched a female Twi'lek with green skin pigmentation run over to the taxi and climb in thanking them for waiting for her.

"Thanks for waiting up" she said, "I would have grabbed a taxi earlier, but I had some last minute work to finish" she looked up to the droid driver and told it her destination.

"Doctor Teysa" Ahsoka gasped almost not recognizing her in a black suit with a dark red trim around her cuffs.

The Twi'lek doctor looked up and greeted Ahsoka with a smile before laying her eyes on Leon appearing surprised to see him.

"Hello" Leon hummed as the taxi took off. He held his hand out to shake hers, "Leon Solstice. Soon to be Jedi Master, self appointed ladies man and hopeless romantic" he kissed her hand, "Not necessarily in that order either".

Teysa chuckled as he kissed her hand, "I see what you mean when you said he wasn't subtle" she said looking to Ahsoka.

Leon looked over to Ahsoka, "So you've told her about me then?"

Ahsoka shook her head, "Only that you're extremely annoying. By the way try to restrain yourself that's the doctor that looked after you for the past four months".

"Really?" Leon hummed looking back to Teysa, "Then I should thank you properly. How about dinner? I'm a really good cook".

Teysa laughed again gently pulling her hand away from him, "I'll think about taking you up on that, but you might want to cool down a little. I'm pretty sure I'm a bit old for you".

"Nonsense" Leon said to her, "You're hardly out of you're twenties yet".

Teysa continued to smile, "I'm afraid my twenties are far behind me, but your flattery is noted".

Leon's tone changed he was past normal flirting at this point he was all, but asking her out.

"Now Doctor lying is unbecoming of such a pretty lady" he placed his left hand against his temple and his right hand on top of hers, "Now hold still" he closed his eyes for a few seconds, "You're twenty-three" he said opening his eyes.

The Twi'lek doctor stifled a laugh, "You're short about ten years".

Leon shook his head, "Oh no my seventh sense does not lie".

"Seventh sense?" Teysa asked before Ahsoka groaned.

"Don't encourage him".

Leon ignored Ahsoka's complaint, "Oh yes my seventh sense can always predict a lady's age and you are twenty-three…no wait I'm afraid that was a future reading you're actually twenty-two".

Teysa was forcing herself to not start laughing at his attempts of flirting with her, "Ok yeah you're right. What's your sixth sense?"

Leon put on a fake proud expression, "My sixth sense alerts me to the presence of a lovely lady such as yourself. Of course being around Ahsoka its always going off".

Ahsoka blushed when he looked at her and quickly looked away making Teysa giggle, "You are charming I'll give you that, but you're far too young for me. If you were about ten years older then maybe, but until then you might want to slow down a little".

The taxi landed at a tall skyscraper, "Well this is where I get off" Teysa said thanking and paying the driver, "Good luck you two and Leon try to not get blown up again ok?"

"If it means seeing you again I'll have to set one off myself".

Teysa covered her mouth to muffle her laugh saying goodbye to them again before she closed the door and walked away.

"I like her" Leon smiled watching the Twi'lek doctor walk away.

"You're unbelievable" Ahsoka told him as the taxi took off again heading for the Jedi Temple.

"Stop talking!" Ahsoka barked.

She contacted her master back at the temple telling him she was on her way back with Leon in a taxi. After they landed Ahsoka paid the driver for its service before climbing out along with Leon leading him to the Council Chambers. Leon stopped at the doors making sure his clothes and hair were straight before presenting himself to the Council. Taking a breath he looked down at Ahsoka and nodded opening the doors and walking to the center of the chamber.

"Ah Leon good to see you're awake" Master Windu said to his padawan.

Masters Windu, Plo Koon, Fisto and Ki-Adi-Mundi were all off on missions and speaking through holograms. The only Council members currently present were Masters Yoda, Unduli, Fisto and Kenobi.

Leon bowed his head to them, "Glad to be back, I hope you all missed me".

"To a certain extent yes" Obi-Wan said looking over to Master Luminara.

Even though Leon was now Master Windu's padawan the Council knew he had a special respect for Luminara and decided to have her address what they were all thinking.

The Mirialan Jedi Master looked to her former padawan, "Leon has Ahsoka told you how long you've been asleep?"

Leon nodded, "Four months. Why?"

"Your injuries were very serious, a concussion, a skull fracture and a dislocated shoulder along with hundreds of minor cuts and scratches. Tell us how is it that there are no scars on your body?"

Leon shrugged his shoulders, "I'm just that awesome?"

Ahsoka choked back a laugh as Master Fisto spoke to him, "Leon Master Kenobi tells us that you were in a healing trance. You were never taught any of the healing techniques of the Force. How is it you were able to put yourself into this trance?"

"Ok hold on" Leon said, "First off what the hell is a healing trance?"

The Council exchanged looks before Master Yoda spoke to him, "Powerful technique of the Force. Reach with the Force one does. Not out, but within. Knit bone mend flesh it can".

"That sounds pretty awesome" Leon admitted, "But I don't know how I could have done that. I never learned it and I never studied anything like it. I mean I'm good. I'm real good, but I'm not that good".

Master Windu wrapped his hand around his chin, "It may be possible that you subconsciously performed this through instinct. Such a thing has happened before, but if that is the case then you have a much stronger connection to the Force than we previously thought".

"What?" Leon asked him, "Are you saying I can call upon the Force through sheer instinct? That sounds a little far-fetched don't you think? I mean most of my training has been on meditation and lightsaber combat and everything I've learned myself is mostly history. I find it hard to believe that I did this through instinct".

"Don't be so sure my young padawan. The Force with as much as we know about it is still a mystery and holds untold amounts of power. It is possible that even without knowledge of the healing ways the Force allowed you to do this".

"And we're back on that topic" Leon whispered angrily to himself, "If you say so Master" he said aloud, "So what happens now?"

"You continue your training" Master Windu said as Master Luminara stood up and revealed Leon's lightsaber, "I'm away on a mission as you can see so until I return you must continue studying and meditating on what I have taught you".

Leon looked to Master Luminara and held his hand out summoning his lightsaber to him, "I'm back in the saddle" he declared activating his weapon and holding it close to his face in a fencing stance.

His meeting with the Council finished Leon left with Ahsoka behind him. Returning to the halls of the temple he stretched his arms. Although it had been four months to everyone else to him it felt like only a couple of hours since he was last here. Ahsoka told him that she had been taking care of his gizka Grun while he was in the hospital and helped the grateful Leon return the creature's tank to his room. Setting the tank on top of his bookshelf Leon turned to Ahsoka and thanked her for taking care of Grun while he was incapacitated.

"I'm kind of sad to see him go" she admitted, "I've gotten used to the little guy" the gizka made its strange quacking noise before it started playing with the ring in its tank.

"Well you're always welcome to come by and see him" Leon said, "Or you could always come to spend some time with me" he winked at her.

Ahsoka quickly turned around to hide her smile, "In your dreams".

Leon turned around and sat at the edge of his bed, "I don't know my dreams can get pretty…fun at times".

Ahsoka turned back to him, "Your concept of fun isn't the same as mine".

Leon rose to his feet and walked over to her taking her hand, "I'm sure we can find a middle ground for that. How about another dance?"

The color of her head tails became vivid feeling her face become hot she nervously looked at the open doorway hoping that no one would walk by and see them like that. Leon waved his free hand to the side using the Force to close the door and dim the lights in his room.

"Better?" he asked her his tone changing.

He was no longer trying to make a joke she had seen him like this only once before his voice changes when he's no longer messing around he sounds rather solemn and confident.

Leon raised her hand to his lips and kissed it asking her to dance again. When he kissed her hand she felt like someone had hit her chest, her heart stopped beating for a second and she could feel her face heating up. Her heart skipped a beat, but quickly began beating rapidly feeling like it was about to pop out of her chest if it went any faster as a swarm of thoughts began flooding through her mind. The way he was talking to her the look in his eyes the slight smile on his face they were all different from his usual expression. Panicking she pulled her hand away from him and ran out of his room. Leon tried to call after her, but she was already gone.

Ahsoka walked at a rushed pace until she reached the courtyard keeping her distance from everyone else. She sat on a bench and held her own hand slowly running her thumb over the spot where Leon kissed it.

Her heart and thoughts were still racing, "His voice, his eyes even his smile…The only other time I've seen him like that was on Naboo I don't like it. When he looks at me like that my heart starts racing. I can tell he's no longer trying to playing around or trying to lead me into a joke I feel as if he's really".

Her thoughts fell silent as the image of Leon's new change hovered in her mind. She rubbed her hand again finally realizing what it was that was bothering her, "He's really flirting with me. He's not just doing it for fun anymore, the look in his eyes the way his tone changes even his smile becomes softer…He's really flirting with me…We're both Jedi though we're forbidden to form attachment or fall in love he knows that, but he's still…What should I do?"

Ahsoka closed her eyes trying to center herself. In her mind she saw an image of Leon holding her hand as his other moved up and rested against her cheek before they kissed each other.

Her eyes flew open and she shook her head, "No we can't" she snapped, "I…I care for him, but I can't let something like that happen".

"I'm sorry Leon, but even if it's what you want it can't happen" she thought to herself as she stood up and returned to his room. She had to confront him on it flirting with her and other women as a joke or a way to mess around was one thing, but real flirting was something she couldn't allow. It was time she told him it all had to end for both of their sake he had to stop.

Arriving at his room she knocked on the door calling his name, but he didn't answer. Knocking on the door a second time she called his name again and waited still there was no response. She called Leon's name a third time and told him that she was going to let herself in and waited a few seconds before she opened the door to find that he wasn't in his room. Grun the gizka stared at her from its tank and made its strange sound at her; she apologized to the gizka and closed the door.

"Where could he have gone?" she wondered stepping away from his room. There were only three places she could think of, the archives, the cafeteria or the courtyard. Since she just returned from the courtyard she knew he wasn't there otherwise she would have passed him which only left the archives and the cafeteria, but which one should she check first?

She decided to check the archives since they were closer. On the way there her heart had slowed a bit, but was still pounding against her chest the image of her and Leon kissing each other still in her mind despite her attempts of dismissing it. Arriving at the archives she walked over to her friend Jocasta Nu and asked her if she had seen Leon recently.

"Oh yes he's here somewhere" the elder Jedi Master said turning toward the back of the archives, "I believe he's in the back browsing the history section again".

Ahsoka thanked her and walked by her to look for Leon, but stopped when a loud echo bounced through the usually silent archives. Ahsoka looked around the many shelves in front of them wondering where the sound came from until Leon walked out from behind one. Ahsoka called his name and walked over to him freezing in her tracks when he suddenly wrapped his hand around his mouth and fell to his knees coughing.

"Leon!" Ahsoka cried running over to him after he fell to his knees.

Hearing Ahsoka call his name Master Nu turned around and rushed to help when she saw Leon on his knees.

"What is it?" she asked Ahsoka.

"I don't know" Ahsoka panicked as Leon's cough quickly became worse and more rapid.

Ahsoka placed her hand against the center of his back as he lunged forward and coughed loudly, "Leon what's wrong?" she cried.

"Is he sick?" Master Nu wondered before the young padawan's cough became increasingly violent changing from a loud hack to wheezing when he tried to inhale between coughs.

Leon's body lunged forward each time he coughed almost ramming his head into Ahsoka's side. Within seconds his cough continued to become worse and worse and picked up in pace reaching the point to where he could no longer inhale between them.

"We have to do something" Ahsoka cried, still panicking.

Leon lunged forward again his cough changing into a loud hacking sound before he rose back up and pulled his hand away from his mouth. Ahsoka's eyes widened when she saw Leon's hand covered in blood.

"Leon" she muttered looking back to him as he panted heavily his hand and entire body began shaking as if he was afraid, "Leon its going to be ok" she said as he pants suddenly turned back into coughs.

When the coughing fit returned Leon covered his mouth with his bloody hand again before hunching over and landing on his arm. Curled into the floor he continued coughing unable to catch his breath as Ahsoka pleaded for Master Nu to get some help. Master Nu reached into the sleeve of her robe retrieving her comlink and calling for help as Leon coughed one last time before falling to the floor and rolling onto his back.

"Leon no" Ahsoka panicked, "Not again, not again" she grabbed his shoulder and shook him, "Leon wake up. Leon please".

Nothing, not even a twitch in his face or arm he was completely unconscious.

This was a familiar setting, Ahsoka setting next to a bed with Leon laying unconscious the only sound in the room being the monitors attached to him. Masters Luminara, Kenobi and Skywalker were present in the room along with Luminara's padawan Barriss Offee. Despite her young age Barriss was a skilled healer sitting next to Leon and held her hands over him trying to determine what ailed him in the archives. Barriss opened her eyes and lowered her hands with an intrigued look.

"What is it Barriss?" Luminara asked her.

"He's not sick or injured in any way" Barriss told her, "But I did sense something within him. I can't tell what it is, but it feels foreign to his body".

Anakin looked to Ahsoka, "Ahsoka didn't his doctor say something like happened before?"

Ahsoka's head flew up he was right. Doctor Teysa told her something like this happened to Leon a lot in the first few weeks of his admittance. Anakin suggested contacting the doctor that treated Leon hoping to gain insight on what caused this to happen to him, but unfortunately the Twi'lek doctor was busy and unable to take calls at the time. Barriss offered to try again to determine what had plagued him, holding hers hands over his body and closing her eyes.

"I can sense something in him its strange. It feels foreign, but appears to be normal".

"That doesn't make any sense" Anakin said, "Is it foreign or not?"

Obi-Wan scratched his beard, "Maybe we should try a blood test. Maybe there's something in his body pretending to be something that's supposed to be there".

Obi-Wan took a sample of Leon's blood and left to check with a medical droid. Luminara asked Barriss to stay in the event Leon became sick again and left with Master Kenobi. Anakin remained behind with Barriss and Ahsoka knowing how much his padawan cared about Leon he wanted to be here to help support her. He smiled to himself Ahsoka had become better at shielding her emotions he could still sense her concern, but she had gotten better at hiding it. Barriss turned to Ahsoka and asked if she noticed Leon acting strange or out of character lately anything that might help her determine what happened to him.

Ahsoka remembered Leon's change in expression when he held her hand in his room, but there was nothing past that he was the same. The young Togruta shook her head apologizing that she couldn't help.

In the small hospital room of the temple Obi-Wan handed the medical droid the sample of Leon's blood and asked for it to be analyzed for any abnormalities. The droid examined the blood and reported its findings within minutes showing them a hologram projection of what was happening.

It pointed to a cell shown by the hologram, "These are called Macrophages. They are a form of white blood cell that eats foreign material in the human body" the droid pointed at a second cell, "This is an unidentified cell".

The second unknown cell moved closer to the macrophage and when the macrophage attacked it the unknown cell ate it instead taking it over and taking on its exact appearance.

"It changed" Luminara noted, "It attacked the other cell and changed into its shape".

The medical droid continued, "From I can ascertain the unknown cell waits for the macrophage to attack and then infects it. It weakens the macrophage and then consumes it taking on its exact appearance. Watch what happens now".

The masquerading cell drew closer to another macrophage and did nothing to it, it left it alone.

"I don't get it" Luminara said, "If it's a virus wouldn't it attack other cells?"

The droid continued showing the masquerading cell approaching another unidentified cell, "Here is where it gets interesting watch carefully".

The masquerading cell attacked the unknown cell which fought back and both of them ate each other disappearing entirely.

"They attacked each other" Obi-Wan muttered, "Curious".

"It appears to me that the unidentified cell consumes the macrophage, but continues to fulfill the same roll as the macrophage. Attacking and eating foreign material even if it's the same as itself. Its possible that the virus once turned into a false macrophage becomes confused when near another of its kind and attacks it causing them to kill each other".

Obi-Wan looked back to Luminara "Alright so we know there's some kind of virus in his blood, but the loss of a single cell is hardly enough to cause what happened to him".

"Actually" the droid said, "This is a single depiction" the droid pressed a button on the console causing the image to zoom out showing countless numbers of both cells all attacking each other, "A single drop of blood contains millions and millions of cells. It is possible from the way you described it that the infected individual suffered the illness because too many macrophages died at once".

It showed them another hologram simulating a human body as the unidentified virus infected millions of macrophages which were killed when they attacked the non-disguised cells. When the cells killed each other the simulation showed a red area growing around the lungs and other parts of the respiratory system and the human body fell over holding its hand over its mouth.

"Just like Ahsoka described it" Obi-Wan muttered.

"Well now we know what caused it" Luminara said calmly, "Now we have to figure out how to cure it. This illness caused him to faint if it were to happen to him in battle or on a mission it could cost him his life".

Obi-Wan agreed, "Yes it's very troubling. Go to the Council Chambers and call a meeting to decide how we should handle this. In the meantime I'll contact a few medical facilities and see if they know or have any clues as to what this mystery cell is".

Obi-Wan told the droid to record its findings about the cells and copy them to the medical records as he left along with Luminara.

Meanwhile in the nearby infirmary room Barriss was meditating to pass the time while Anakin continued to keep an eye on Ahsoka who hadn't said a word the entire time. She hid it well her face was like steel, but her thoughts were in a frenzy. Anakin asked Barriss to keep an eye on Leon and told Ahsoka to follow him leading her out into the empty hall.

"Can we please do this another time?" Ahsoka asked him already knowing why he wanted to talk to her.

Anakin kneeled in front of her, "Ahsoka listen" he began looking her in the eyes, "I know we've had this discussion before and I know you're not really in the mood for it, but I can sense that you're trying to hide your feelings. You're worried about him and I can understand that" Anakin stopped to think about what he was going to say, "When he was in the hospital you went to see him almost every day. You care about him a great deal you say he's your friend, but are you sure that's really how you feel about him?"

Ahsoka looked away from him, "Its not…I don't" she took a breath; "I think he's in love with me" a faint smile appeared on her face, "He has a habit of flirting with women a lot. He even flirted with me when we were alone. At first I just passed it off as an annoying joke, but now the way he talks to me the way he looks at me…I think he's actually in love with me and I don't know what to do".

She looked at the door leading to the infirmary, "We're Jedi we're not allowed to have such feelings, but when he acts like that he's actually…" she could feel her chest tighten again, "I'm scared Master I don't want him to die I don't know if I love him or not, but I really care about him" she looked away again and held her hand against her chest, "When I think about it my chest starts hurting and I feel like I can't breathe anymore".

Anakin knew how she felt when his mother was dying in his arms he felt the same way. A complete sense of helplessness and despair shrouded and when she did die he felt a rage that couldn't be described the primal need to kill everyone responsible for her death. Whether Ahsoka loved him or not if Leon died he feared she would never be able to recover from it.

"Master Skywalker" Barriss called from inside the infirmary.

Anakin and Ahsoka rushed back into the infirmary surprised to see Leon stirring in his sleep before rolling over and falling off the bed.

"Ow" he muttered sleepily.

Rolling back onto his shoulders he raised his legs and planted his hands behind his shoulders. Throwing his legs forward he kicked himself up and landed on his feet.

He grunted as he rolled his shoulders back, "Ok what the hell?" he asked looking over to Ahsoka, Anakin and Barriss, "Am I back in the hospital?"

Ahsoka walked over to him, "Are you alright?"

"I'm fine" he answered, "That was unpleasant hope it doesn't happen again".

"Pardon me" Barriss stepped closer to Leon, "I want to ask you if you remember anything specific about your pain? I'm afraid I wasn't able to determine what caused your illness".

"Barriss" Leon smiled turning to her and bowing, "We've never had the pleasure of being introduced".

Barriss returned the bow, "No we have not, but I know of you. My master has spoken of you when she trained me".

"I must admit I do feel a bit of jealousy" Leon told her, "Master Luminara was the one who saved me on Dantooine and brought me here. I wanted her to be my master, but it seems that you are destined to be her student not me".

Leon sat at the edge of the bed and closed his eyes, "Alright now let's see. I remember the inside of my throat began itching a little and then my lungs started burning. From there I began coughing and it felt like my like my throat was closing only opening for me to cough and closing immediately afterward preventing me from breathing. I was suffocating as my throat and lungs burned. My vision became blurry and I felt lightheaded. That's all everything after that is me struggling to star conscious".

Barriss thought of everything he said, "Nothing sounds out of the ordinary. A normal coughing fit".

Leon smiled at her, "Just minus the inability to breath and the coughing up blood right?"

Barriss gave a weak chuckle, "Right. Hopefully it won't happen again, but if it does I am more than happy to help". The Mirialan padawan bowed to them and excused herself leaving them.

Leon stretched his arms and yawned, "So either of you hungry?" he asked Ahsoka and Anakin.

Ahsoka was glad that he was alright, but the memory of what happened between them earlier was still fresh in her mind. He held her hand and looked into her eyes he asked her to dance with him again. The tone of his voice became smoother more confident when he asked her, but now his voice had returned to what it normally was. He spoke to them with his usual carefree tone, but his eyes were the same.

"How long have I been out?" Leon asked them.

"A few hours" Ahsoka told him.

"I need to feed Grun" Leon excused himself just as Barriss did leaving the infirmary.

"Ahsoka" Anakin said quietly after Leon left, "You can trust me. If you need to talk I'll listen".

Ahsoka kept her back to him, "I'm confused master. I don't know how I feel and that scares me".

"Then go find out" he told her with a half smile which surprised her.

"What?" she asked turning to him.

Anakin walked over to her, "Ahsoka do you trust me?"

"Oh course I do" she told him, "How could you ask me that?"

Anakin was fighting himself now he wanted to help his padawan, but the only way he could think of involved him revealing to her the secret he was keeping.

"Oh did he wake up?" Master Luminara asked returning to the infirmary.

Anakin looked back to her, "Yes he returned to his room to feed his pet. Were you and Obi-Wan able to find anything?"

Luminara nodded, "I have to admit it's interesting and disturbing". She told them what the medical droid explained to her and Obi-Wan.

"Is he going to be ok?" Ahsoka asked her.

Luminara shook her head explaining that she doesn't know. Obi-Wan was researching other known viruses that could cause similar symptoms hoping to find a cure or a name for the disease plaguing the young padawan.

Ahsoka lowered her eyes, "Should we tell Leon?"

Luminara closed her eyes to think, "It would be for the best. This disease could affect his training and possibly kill him if left unchecked. He should know about it".

"Then I'll tell him" Ahsoka said, "Let me be the one to tell him".

Luminara looked to Anakin while Leon was in the hospital Ahsoka had grown increasingly worried about him going to see him almost every day. Most of the Council were beginning to think that she may have developed an attachment to him asking Skywalker to speak to her and remind her of the teachings.

Anakin gave Luminara a short nod and looked to his padawan, "Go ahead Snips it will be best if he heard it from you".

Ahsoka thanked him and left heading for Leon's room leaving Master Luminara to talk to Anakin.

Once far enough away from the infirmary Ahsoka broke into a run through the temple halls arriving at Leon's room out of breath. She raised her hand to knock at his door, but stopped when she remembered being there earlier that afternoon. She lowered her hand running her fingers over the spot where he kissed it.

"Why am I hesitating? She mentally yelled, "What am I afraid of…I'm afraid. I'm worried about him, but I'm afraid of what happened when he…No get it together" she shook her head, "A Jedi is never afraid I have to tell him".

Raising her arm again the door slid open just as she began knocking hitting her knuckles against the air.

"Welcome back" Leon said to her from the edge of his bed. He had a small open book in his hand, but closed it and set it down when she entered. Ahsoka noticed the book's title and laughed in her head, it was a recipe book.

She looked to Leon shifting her focus to the reason she was here, but before she could tell him he surprised her.

"I'm sorry Ahsoka".

No way, did he really just say that out of the blue.

Ahsoka grabbed her hand, "I was nervous" she said knowing that he meant when they were in his room earlier, "I…I really like being around you. You have this energy to you that flows to others maybe it's just your outlook on everything, but when I'm around you I feel better like a bright light appeared above me a warm light".

Leon felt a slight smirk appear on his face he wanted to make a joke about that, but restrained himself.

"Leon" she stopped for a second to gather herself there was no going back once she asked what was on her lips and if the answer is what she fears it to be it could damage their friendship, "Leon how do you really feel about me?"

Leon slowly stood up and Ahsoka felt her body retreat an inch, but quickly relaxed when she saw him pick up the recipe book and place it back on the bookshelf.

He turned back to her and waved his hand to close his bedroom door he now stood there facing her, "I really like you Ahsoka. I don't know if its love, but what you said about being around me. That's exactly how I feel by being with you".

Again his voice had changed, but it wasn't the smooth tone he had before no this one was different it sounded sad and for some reason when his words reached her ears it felt like an echo traveling a great distance.

Leon sat down again, "I know we're both Jedi and such a thing isn't allowed, but I can't stand it. I can't stand the thought of it, I love the Order the Jedi are the reason I'm still alive today, but I don't see any logic in the code that says we can't form attachment. I'm happy just by being around you and this code that's thousands of years old is telling me I'm not allowed to be? I can't accept that".

"Leon I understand. There's a part of me that really likes you to and even though I really enjoy being around you the Order is my life. I can't throw it away for a single thing even you".

Leon nodded, "I know and I would never ask you to" he stood up again, but before he could say anything else to her someone yelled his name.

It didn't come from outside his room no it was much closer and clear. Ahsoka and Leon both looked around the room as the misty sounding voice called his name again.

A bright blue-white light appeared next to them taking the form of a young woman with long hair and a skin tight full body suit, "Leon" she called in a crying voice, "Leon help me".

Ahsoka stared at the ghostly figure, "Is that" she began.

"Thalia" Leon whispered.

The ghost was kneeling as if meditating or praying, but the sound of her voice was clear she was crying and in a lot of pain.

"Leon please…I need you. I can't do this alone…help me".

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