Solstice Knight

Rise of Titan Squadron

"Edge do you have the target?" Leon asked into his comlink.

"Roger that sir" the clone lieutenant replied, "Its approaching fast you'd better get out of there".

"Where's the fun in that?" Leon asked him, "Boulder you in position with the rocket launcher?"

"Copy that sir" Boulder said, "Once you give me the signal I'm letting loose".

"Just make sure I'm out of the way before you fire it" Leon told him.

Boulder laughed, "I only promise to try sir my trigger finger tends to have a mind of its own".

Leon glared at his comlink, "I will come back and haunt you".

Boulder laughed again as Baron reported in, "Chip and me are in position sir all charges set and ready to go".

"How many did you set this time Chip?" Leon asked.

"All of 'em sir" the demolitions expert replied.

Leon chuckled, "Is it gonna be big?"

"Let me put it this way sir" Chip began, "When I push this button there will be no more anything".

Leon chuckled again, "I love you guys you're almost as insane as me. Coins what's your position?"

"I'm holding steady further down the ravine sir ready to insert the rest of the boys when you give the word".

"Alright then" Leon began, "Master Fisto how about you?"

"I'm ready as well" the Nautolan Jedi Master answered, "On your word my team will come in behind the enemy and we'll box them in".

"We're all in position then" Leon said, "Edge you've got the green light once I go in".

"Copy that sir" Edge replied checking the scope of his sniper rifle, "The enemy battalion is entering the ravine now".

"Then its time to turn this place into a scrapyard" Leon said pulling out his binoculars and scanning the south for the incoming enemy.

Ryloth, once again the Twi'lek home world was in danger. The separatist forces attempted to invade the devastated world a second time. Fortunately this time the Republic was able to get an emergency message out requesting aid and Leon along with Obi-Wan Kenobi, Anakin Skywalker, Ahsoka Tano and Kit Fisto were the closest allied forces able to answer the call. There were two separate enemy forces to deal with a ground force marching toward the Twi'lek capital and a massive air force complete with drop ships to land inside the city and capture it. The quickest way for the ground forces to reach the capital was to cross through a ravine and though it provided the enemy the quickest route toward their target it put them at a great tactical disadvantage.

The gorge was really narrow with just enough room for their tanks to drive through with two ranks of troops on either side. The walls of the ravine allowed Leon and his clones to hide upon its ledges and shadows while providing them ample cover from enemy fire. It was the perfect location for a battle such as this.

Master Kenobi was evacuating the capital while Anakin and Ahsoka engaged the enemy's air forces leaving Leon and Master Fisto to deal with the approaching ground forces. Leon's plan sounded a bit unorthodox, but once it was in place it started making sense.

Leon would wait on the ledges near the center of the ravine and wait for the enemy to pass under him once they did he would jumped down and engage them giving Edge the signal to use his sniper rifle and pick off the enemy's heavier troops from a safe distance. At the same time Leon would signal Boulder to use his rocket launcher to take out the enemy tanks and when the enemy would attempt to retreat Chip and Baron would detonate the charges they set along the walls of the ravine behind the enemy collapsing it blocking off the enemy's escape path. With the enemy's tanks and heavy troops destroyed and their escape route cut off Coins would bring in Master Fisto and the rest of the clones landing behind the enemy boxing them in and finishing them off.

Lowering his binoculars Leon sat down on the ledge and pulled a second comlink from a supply pouch on his belt. Activating it he waited until the other end answered the page.

"Leon?" Thalia's voice answered.

"Hey" Leon said, "What are you up to?"

"Nothing at the moment I just finished my meditation. Are you on your way back?"

"I'm afraid not" Leon told her, "I had to answer an emergency call on Ryloth" he chuckled, "In about thirty seconds there's going to be an entire battalion of droids passing under me and they are going to be in for a surprise".

Thalia giggled, "Just be careful".

"I'll think about it. Looks like its show time got to go".

Turning off his comlink Leon placed it back in his supply pouch and activated his lightsaber as the droid battalion passed under him. Jumping down he immediately cut down several droids before jumping over to the first tank and slicing off its turret.

"Look Jedi!" a battle droid said after Leon began cutting down its allies.

A super battle droid turned toward Leon and took aim at him, but Edge fired at it taking it down with a single shot. The clone lieutenant fired shot after shot from the sniper rifle taking down multiple super battle droids within seconds of each other while Leon utilized Soresu the third form of lightsaber combat to defend himself from the massive barrage of blaster fire. From his sniper nest Edge watched his Jedi commander take down droid after droid before jumping back and Force pushing the next line to the ground. After pushing the line of droids to the ground Leon kneeled down and leapt forward landing on top of the center tank.

"Boulder go" he yelled into the comlink on his wrist before cutting off the tank's turret and jumping back to his original position.

Boulder stood up from his position and took aim with hi rocket launcher, "Hope you clankers like fireworks".

The rocket raced toward the tank impacting the side of the armored vehicle blasting it off the ground and causing it to land on top of the droids next to it. Boulder cheered as the rocket sent the tank into the air. With the tank destroyed Leon lunged forward his lightsaber cutting through two droids in a single swing. The second the two droids fell Leon lunged forward again cutting down another pair of droids and repeating the same process. Jumping from droid to droid Leon became a blur to the clones watching him as his speed increased and his silver lightsaber flew through the air.

Tagging the next tank line with a flare Leon jumped away as Boulder took aim and fired a second rocket. Just like the first one the tank was tossed into the air and Leon summoned all his strength and used the Force to push the tank backwards causing it to bowl over the droids behind it crushing them. Only a few minutes into the battle and over half of the battalion had been wiped out. With half their battalion decimated in mere moments the droids received the command to retreat.

Seeing the droids turn tail Leon raised his comlink to his lips, "They're falling back. Chip, Baron do it. Coins bring in the cavalry".

"Boom shakalaka!" Chip's voice cheered from everyone's comlink as he stood up and detonated the charges along the ravine wall.

The charges went off sending a roaring echo throughout the ravine as the chunks of rocks collapsed cutting off the droid's escape route. With the enemy unable to retreat they turned back to Leon as a pair of drop ships flew overhead and several squads of clones began rappelling down to finish off the remaining enemy.

"How ya doing?" Leon asked Master Fisto as he jumped down from the drop ship.

"Well it looks like there aren't many droids left" the Nautolan Jedi said, "It seems your plan worked".

Leon smiled as Coins and the clones from the ledges came down to join them, "This is probably one of the funner missions I've had".

"Great plan sir" Edge said, "Should we head for the capital now?"

"Maybe" Leon replied, "I'm sure everything is fine over there".

"What are you doing over there Boulder?" Baron yelled seeing Boulder pacing around the first tank he shot.

Boulder called over to Leon, "Hey Commander I think the clankers in this tank are still are still in one piece".

"Well we can't have that" Leon muttered walking over to him, "Hey Chip you got a grenade on you?"

"I like where this is going" Chip snickered handing Leon a thermal detonator.

Taking the grenade Leon jumped on top of the tank and knocked on the hatch, "Knock knock" he yelled.

"Who's there" the droid inside answered.

Leon looked to the clones and quickly pressed his finger to his lips telling them to stay quiet, "The Jedi and clones have been defeated it's safe to come out".

"Wow really?" the droid inside the tank asked, "I thought we were going to be destroyed for sure. We're coming out now".

The droid opened the hatch and looked up at Leon, "Hey wait you're not a droid you're the Jedi!"

"Yes I am" Leon smiled, "Can you hold this for me?" he asked handing the grenade to the droid.

"Um ok what is it?" the droid asked as it took the grenade from him.

"A grenade" Leon told it.

"Oh alright…wait a grenade!?"

Leon Force pushed the droid back into the tank and kicked the hatch shut waiting for the grenade to blow up. Jumping off the tank Leon smiled at Master Fisto and the clones, "I love my job".

Master Fisto gave Leon his trademark grin, "I'm impressed. You've grown much since you were my padawan. I truly believe you are ready to become a Jedi Knight".

Leon leaned against the enemy tank, "I'm happy that you think so Master, but I still don't think its time for that yet".

Obi-Wan contacted them informing them that the capital was successfully defended with no civilian casualties and only a few clone deaths marking their mission as a success.

"What's that make now six in a row?" Leon asked.

"Actually its five sir" Edge told him.

"Oh" Leon hummed, "Well shall we head back to the ship? I'm hungry".

Edge took off his helmet and ran his hand over his smooth hair, "With respect sir you're always hungry".

"That's because I have to do all the work" the young Jedi quickly retorted.

"Hold on" Boulder said pointing at him, "Who took out those tanks?"

Chip lightly slapped Boulder's shoulder, "I don't want to hear it. Baron and me had to scale those walls and plant all those charges".

Leon held his hand up counting his fingers as he spoke, "And I came up with the plan, jumped into the middle of the droid forces, took out the most enemies and performed probably the greatest clanker kill since the war began. So in a nutshell I did almost all the work so yes Edge I'm hungry".

"Well there's one part of the plan you didn't account for sir" Edge told him, "We all have to walk out of the ravine it's too narrow for the transports to land in".

"Correction" Leon said pointing at him, "You have to walk out of the ravine".

Kneeling down Leon put his strength into his legs and with the Force as his aide jumped back onto the high ledges of the ravine until he was at the top. Waving down to them he activated his comlink telling them he'd see them on the ship. Edge, Master Fisto and the rest of the clones watched the transport land at the top of the ridge to pick up Leon before flying to the end of the ravine to wait for them.

"Sometimes I wonder about him" Baron said, "Even for a Jedi he's crazy" he looked at Master Fisto, "No offense General".

"None taken" the Nautolan chuckled, "Don't worry I will walk with you. I need the exercise since Leon decided to take on the enemy without me".

With Ryloth safe again the Jedi and their clones returned to the ship to return to Coruscant. It had been three months since the battle on Ord Mantell and Leon has been sent on almost twenty missions the last five alongside Edge and his team. Leon had worked with Edge and his team several times before, but after these last few missions he considered them irreplaceable friends and was more than happy to fight alongside them. Edge and his men felt the same way Leon was one of the group to them even for a Jedi he was different. Almost every Jedi they met had always said clone or not they value the lives of their soldiers as much as they do anyone else's, but Leon was different. Not only did Leon value their lives he insisted on fighting alongside them specifically, he had bonded with this single team of clones and preferred to be with them in battle.

In the ship's mess hall Leon was sitting at a table along with Edge and his men sharing jokes with them as they ate.

"Alright here's one" Coins said, "What's the difference between Chip and Boulder?"

"What?" Leon asked him as Boulder and Chip gave their brother a fake glare.

Coins shrugged, "The difference is the methods they used to escape from the asylum they were in".

Leon began laughing as Boulder and Chip lightly punched their brother in the shoulder, "They are pretty crazy".

"Hey Commander how's that girl of yours doing?" Boulder asked Leon.

Leon looked at him, "Which one there's three?"

"And who might those three be?" a voice said from behind him.

With a wide grin Leon looked over his shoulder to see Ahsoka standing behind him with her arms crossed and a suspicious look on her face.

"Well let's see" Leon said holding up his hand and starting with his thumb, "There's Doctor Teysa, there's Thalia and then there's you".

Boulder snickered again, "You're pretty bold on that one Commander".

"Why deny what's true?" Leon asked before Ahsoka lightly slapped the back of his head.

"Since when am I your girl?" she asked him.

Leon grinned at her, "Since the Force first brought us together".

"I thought Jedi weren't allowed to love" Chip said as Ahsoka sat next to Leon.

"That hasn't stopped me yet" Leon grinned wrapping his arm around Ahsoka's shoulder only to have her jab him with her elbow.

"Hands off" she told him.

Boulder began laughing again, "That's young love for you".

"It's not like that" Ahsoka quickly defended while Leon laughed under his breath.

As the evening passed by Edge and his men returned to their quarters to rest leaving Leon alone with Ahsoka.

"You were right" Leon said shuffling his Pazaak deck and sliding a side deck to Ahsoka, "Ryloth is an interesting world. Shame we couldn't stay longer".

"At least the people are safe now" Ahsoka said, drawing her hand.

"The Separatists seem to be getting desperate lately. They're trying to recapture worlds with smaller forces".

Ahsoka looked up to him, "Do you think they're running low on troops?"

"Maybe" Leon replied, "If they are then maybe this war is close to being over…If we had captured Grievous and Count Dooku on Ord Mantell it would be over now".

It had been three months, but the memory of Ord Mantell was still fresh in both of their minds. Ahsoka never said it, but she admired Leon's courage and skill in battle she had faced Grievous multiple times knowing from experience how strong of an opponent he was. For Leon to face off against him and Dooku alone…she still found it hard to comprehend even though she witnessed it herself. The part that amazed her the most was Leon never talked about it. Leon was definitely an eccentric person always bragging about how awesome he was and constantly making jokes about everything, but not once has he said anything about his battle against the Sith Lord and the cyborg general.

She didn't want to admit it, but she was a bit jealous of him. The Council had decided to promote him to the rank of Jedi Knight and he refused it. Just when she thought she had him figured out he surprised her again. Of course that wasn't all she didn't want to admit. Since the battle of Ord Mantell Leon had been spending a lot of time with Thalia which bothered her. She believed in the code of the Jedi it was what guided her entire life, but every time she saw Leon with Thalia she felt angry. She couldn't understand why at first, but then it hit her as odd and annoying as Leon was she enjoyed spending time with him she loved being around him he always made everything seem brighter, funner.

Setting her cards down she looked up to him, "Can I ask you something?"

"Maybe" Leon grinned, "Can I ask you something as well?"

Ahsoka chuckled a little and looked away from him for a second, "Alright what do you want to know?"

Leon shook his head, "Nothing I wanted to know if I could ask you something. That was my question".

Ahsoka covered her mouth as she began laughing, "You are so annoying".

Leon shrugged and set his cards down, "So what did you want to ask me?"

Ahsoka hesitated for a bit unsure of how to ask what was on her mind, "Just say it" she mentally yelled, "Just ask him its not that hard…why do I feel so nervous?"

She sighed and shook her head, "Never mind".

"Ahsoka you can ask me anything and I mean anything".

"I want to" she argued to herself, "I want to ask him, but I can't…why? I'm not afraid…am I?"

She shook her head again, "I'm sorry just forget I said anything".

Leon jumped to his feet as she tried to leave, "Ahsoka wait. Look if something is bothering you, you can tell me".

"It's not a problem you can help me with".

"That doesn't mean I can't try" he told her.

Ahsoka raised her voice, "Just forget it ok" there was a brief silence after she yelled at him. Slowly casting her eyes to the floor she apologized before leaving him alone.

Gathering his cards Leon wondered what was bothering Ahsoka. Whatever it was must have been bad for her to suddenly shout like that and what did she mean when she said it was a problem he couldn't help with? She's known him long enough that he would always drop what he's doing to help her or anyone for that matter so why would he not be able to?

Deciding to return to his quarters Leon turned to the side and fell into his bed. It had been a long trip first he was sent on a mission along with Master Fisto to the Belderone sector to investigate rumors that the Separatists were trying to rebuild the Citadel on Lola Sayu. The rumors turned out to be false, but there was a large band of pirates looting what was left of it when Leon and the clones landed near the destroyed prison the pirates attacked them. After defeating the pirates and leaving Lola Sayu they were sent to defend Ryloth against a second Separatist invasion. It had been almost a full week since he was on Coruscant and as much as he enjoyed getting into trouble with Edge and his team he was starting to miss the Jedi Temple and Thalia. Reaching for the supply pouch on the small table next to his bed he grabbed the second comlink that would connect him to Thalia and flipped it between his fingers.

"Should I call her?" he wondered, "She might be sleeping or in another meditation session…" Setting the comlink back on the small table he crossed his arms and turned fully onto his side before closing his eyes.

Opening his eyes he quickly and silently rose to a sitting position and stretched out his arms. Sliding out of the bed and to his feet he rolled his shoulders back a few times before leaving his room. Entering the star cruiser's bridge he noticed that they were hovering over a world that wasn't Coruscant.

"Where are we this time?" he asked walking over to Admiral Yularen.

"Good afternoon Commander" the admiral greeted, "We were told to stop by Kamino to pick up another battalion of clones and transport them to Coruscant".

"And they couldn't send another ship to do this because?"

Admiral Yularen stood at ease as he stared out to the watery world, "We were the closest ship to Kamino at the time and we have more than enough room to accommodate the extra troops".

"Fair enough" Leon sighed irritably, "So I'm guessing Masters Kenobi and Fisto are already down there?"

Admiral Yularen nodded, "Yes sir, General Skywalker and Commander Tano are also down there with them".

"I see…Admiral could you check to see if Lieutenant Edge and his team are still on board?"

"Of course sir".

After a few moments Yularen turned back to Leon, "Lieutenant Edge and his team are no longer on board sir. They must have gone down to the surface".

"I see" Leon looked out at Kamino and an idea entered his mind, "Admiral I'll also be going down there".

"Very well sir".

Leaving the bridge and entering the hangar Leon took a single fighter to the cloning facility in Tipoca City. Landing on one of the platforms Leon was amazed at how high above the raging sea the city was. Walking to the edge of the landing platform made him dizzy as he looked down at the roaring waters, falling into that would probably be the end of him unless there was a way to get back up.

Entering the cloning facility he wondered around aimlessly until he found the mess hall which was filled with clones. Stopping a pair of clones as they were leaving he asked if they knew where his Jedi Masters might be. The clones suggested either the central command room or the observation room to the training arena. Thanking the clones Leon decided to try the observation room first if his fellow Jedi weren't there he would at least get to see how the clones trained. Finding his way to the training arena's observation room he opened the door finding Anakin along with Ahsoka, Captain Rex and Master Shaak Ti.

"So this is where you've been hiding" Leon said to them, "How's it feel to be back home Rex?"

"Pretty good sir" the clone captain replied, "Feels like years since I was last here".

Leon looked to Master Shaak Ti and bowed his head, "Master Shaak Ti, it's been a long time since we last met".

The Togruta Jedi Master returned the gesture, "Indeed. I have heard of some of your exploits I am impressed at your skills considering your age".

"I am pretty amazing" he chuckled looking out the window into the training arena, "So this is where our troops train huh?"

Master Shaak Ti explained to him the variety of training exercises the arena offered and the amount of difficulty each exercise before Anakin cut in.

"Actually you're buddy Edge wanted to take his team through the arena again. They're about to start once this run is finished".

"Really?" Leon muttered before a wide smile appeared on his face, "Master Shaak Ti what's the most difficult training exercise the arena has?"

Shaak Ti looked to the young padawan curious as to why he was asking, "Why do you ask?"

Leon's grin grew wider, "Because I would like to take a run at the training course with them, but it won't be any fun if it were easy. So I want the best this thing can throw at us".

"That doesn't sound like a bad idea" Anakin said, "I think it's important for us to build a relationship with our troops and establish a connection with them. That way we know we can trust each other in battle".

Leon nodded to the side, "Yeah there is that, but I just really want to mess with them".

"I wonder who that reminds me of" Rex said looking at Anakin who gave him a guilty smirk.

Master Shaak Ti saw this wisdom in Anakin's opinion. An important part of the training arena was to teach the clones the value of teamwork along with preparing them for battle and sending a Jedi to run the course with them with further that especially if it was exceptionally difficult. Giving Leon permission she told him to head down to the training arena to join Edge and his team while she programmed the exercise. Thanking her Leon quickly bolted from the observation room giving Ahsoka a quick wink before he left.

Entering the large sub-level room where the clones waited for a small lift to take them into the training arena Leon ran over to Edge and slapped him on the shoulder, "How you doing buddy?"

"Commander?" Edge muttered surprised to see Leon next to him, "Sir what are you doing here?" Seeing the way Leon was grinning the clone lieutenant sighed, "What did you do this time sir?"

"I'm running the course with you. There's a surprise waiting for us up there".

Edge sighed again, "With respect sir your…surprises tend to be…"

"Fun?" Leon suggested.

Edge shook his head, "I was going to say volatile".

Leon pretended to be confused for a second, "So fun?"

Boulder elbowed Edge, "Come on Lieutenant what could go wrong?"

Stepping onto the lift Leon let out a loud evil laugh as they ascended the cramped shaft to the arena floor.

"You know I don't like it when you do that sir" Edge said.

Leon laughed again, "Then you're really not going to like what's waiting for us up there".

Arriving at the arena floor Master Shaak Ti's voice echoed to them over the speakers, "Mission objective. Enter the enemy base at the far side and capture their general a high valued target that is heavily guarded".

The Jedi Master began counting down the seconds until the exercise started. As the Jedi Master counted down the clones readied their weapons and Leon tightly gripped his lightsaber hilt in his hand. When the countdown reached zero a loud buzzer echoed across the arena and a massive wave of reprogrammed battle droids entered from both sides of the arena and from the front immediately surrounding them.

"Take cover!" Edge yelled instinctively when the enemy showed up.

Sliding behind a low bearing wall Edge looked at Leon, "Somehow sir I'm not surprised you'd do something like this".

"Look at it this way Edge" Leon laughed, "Today we're going to prove we're the best there is. Even better than ARC troopers".

"Now I like the sound of that" Boulder yelled over the high volume of blaster fire.

Edge shook his head, but Leon knew he was smiling under his helmet, "Well there's no backing out now so let's send these things back to the scrap heap".

Leon gave him a quick, light punch in the arm, "Now that's what I'm talking about".

"So what's our plan?" Baron asked.

Leon looked past Baron to Chip, "Hey Chip you got any grenades on you?"

Chip reached around his waist, "I'm not even going to answer that this time" he said handing Leon a grenade.

Taking the grenade Leon smirked, "Alright here we go".

Jumping up he tossed the grenade to the right destroying a line of droids before summoning the Force to send a wide wave at the droids ahead of them knocking them down.

"Go" he yelled, "Target the left flank".

Igniting his lightsaber Leon jumped over the wall deflecting the shots from the right and center flanks while the clones behind him focused their fire on the droids to the left. Reaching the next line of barricades Leon slid into cover along with his clones, the left flank of droids were thinned out, but there were still more than enough to go around.

"How's that left side looking?" Leon asked them.

"We made a dent, but there are still a lot of them" Edge told him.

Leon shook his head, "This is going to take too long we need a new plan".

"It's too bad we can't take these barricades with us" Coins yelled, "If we could move with them providing cover for us we'd have a better chance".

"Coins you're a bloody genius" Leon yelled pointing his lightsaber at the base of the low lying walls and cutting them free from the ground, "Alright move with the barricades on my go".

Jumping to the adjacent line of barricades Leon crouched down and closed his eyes holding his hands out to the barricades he cut loose. Summoning the Force to extend his reach he lifted the two low walls off the ground providing hovering cover for his clones as they moved to his position to regroup.

"Great plan Coins" Edge praised as they rejoined Leon, "Alright we got extra cover what now?"

"We turn the walls into a weapon" Leon told him using the Force again to lift the barricades he cut loose and throw them and the center lines. The heavy projectiles flew through the air like giant discs smashing through the droid lines destroying a large portion of their center troops.

The clones began cheering after the droids in the center wave were demolished.

"Nice job sir" Edge yelled.

"We're not done yet" Leon panted, "There's still more than enough to go around".

"Catch your breath sir we'll hold them off for now" Edge told him.

Nodding Leon slouched down against the walls panting as the blaster fire screamed around him. Closing his eyes the young padawan centered himself amongst the chaos of the training arena shutting his senses to the sea of blaster fire around him. He could hear his own heart beating everything else around him was silent almost tranquil.

"There's too many" Baron yelled, "We have to fall back".

Opening his eyes Leon's sense of hearing returned to normal as he looked to his clones, "Edge I'm going in".

Edge protested, "Sir you can't be serious there's too many".

Activating his lightsaber Leon jumped over the wall landing in front of the droid forces immediately falling into the stance of Shien one of the two aspects of the fifth form of lightsaber combat. The Shien half of form five was similar to form three Soresu and was utilized to defend against a high volume of blaster fire, but unlike Soresu Shien was developed to allow more opportunities to counter attack. Shien was a style that not only deflected blaster bolts, but redirected them along a chosen vector to take out a Jedi's assailants and other targets of opportunity.

The droids were now focusing their attention on Leon instead of the clones behind him allowing Edge and his men to pick them off. Once their numbers were trimmed down Leon jumped into the middle of their ranks and began cutting down a multitude of targets. Clearing out a group of droids Leon jumped to the left flank using the Force to increase his speed he seemed to be flashing from one target to the next taking down dozens of droids in mere seconds.

"Look at him go" Chip muttered watching Leon decimate his way through the enemy lines.

Edge stood up and waved his arm forward, "Come on we get let him have all the fun let's move".

Edge jumped over the barricade firing at the distracted droids taking them down as his brothers followed suit. With Leon in the middle and the clones on the outside the droids were boxed in their attention divided allowing the clones and their Jedi Commander to take them down with ease. Edge and Baron focused on the left side while Coins and Chip covered the right flank allowing Boulder to mow down the enemy in front with his Z-6 rotary blaster cannon.

"Keep moving we can do this" Edge ordered as his team slowly advanced forward.

When the last droid fell the clones regrouped with Leon congratulating each other for their performance, but the exercise still wasn't over. At the base of the tower in front of them a pair of doors opened revealing a squad of droidekas.

"Rollers inbound" Baron yelled as the droids raced toward them in ball form.

Leon turned on his heels facing the quartet of droids, "Let's play ball boys" he yelled using the Force to lift two of the droids off the ground and smash them into each other as the other two unfolded into attack mode and began firing at them.

Taking cover with his clones Leon looked to them, "You know…I'm starting to think this was a bad idea".

"Why the sudden change of heart sir?" Edge asked him.

"No change of heart" Leon told him, "I just think I probably should have ate something before doing this…I'm getting really hungry".

Boulder yelled to him, "Well you're more than welcome to try and eat the clankers if you want".

The volume of laser fire increased as another squad of droids entered the arena.

"Great super battle droids inbound" Baron yelled taking a quick peek over the cover wall.

Leon scoffed, "I think its time we took off the kid gloves what about you guys?"

"Now you're talking" Chip yelled.

Leon smiled as he reached inside his sleeveless white jacket, "I'm going back in".

"When did you get a second lightsaber sir?" Edge asked him after Leon revealed another lightsaber from inside his jacket.

"I built it about a month ago" Leon told him, "You're probably not going to like the color of it though".

"Why do you say that?" Edge asked him before Leon stood up and jumped over the wall landing in the middle of the two droidekas.

Igniting both of his lightsabers in mid air Leon landed in between the two destroyer droids and swung his weapons outward cutting both of them in half as they turned to shoot him.

"Great" Edge sighed seeing the red glow of Leon's new lightsaber, "He's gone all dark side on us".

"Ah you're reading too much into it Lieutenant" Boulder yelled slapping Edge on the shoulder, "He's still the insane Jedi we know and love now come on there are clankers that need to be blasted".

Edge scoffed, "Yeah you're right let's move".

Jumping out from their cover the clones began firing at the droids again as Leon utilized a dual form of Shien to redirect the droids' fire back at them. Silver and red flashing around Leon in a blur of color as he spun his way around the enemy line deflecting their shots before cutting them down. It wasn't long afterward that the final droid fell leaving a clear path to the top of the tower and the droid general. Reaching the top Edge aimed his blaster rifle at the reprogrammed T-series Tactical Droid and demanded its surrender.

"You may have defeated my troops" the droid said, "But you haven't won yet" it continued turning around with its arm extended.

"It's got a grenade move!" Edge yelled.

Seeing the grenade in the droid's hand Leon jumped forward cutting the droid's entire arm off and using the Force to throw the severed limb to the floor of the arena before cutting off its second arm for good measure.

Pointing his red lightsaber at the droid's chest he gave the defeated tin can a taunting smirk, "Are you ready to surrender now?"

With the droid general captured a buzzer echoed across the arena signaling the end of the exercise.

"Now that's what I'm talking about" Chip cheered, "We can't be stopped we are the best there is".

Boulder wrapped his arm around Chip's shoulder, "Not even ARC Troopers can stand up to us".

Baron tried to calm his brothers down, "Don't get too ahead of yourselves now I'd hate for you guys to loose your footing and fall off".

Coins laughed in disbelief of their success, "I can't believe we actually pulled that off".

"Of course we did" Leon said turning to them and raising his deactivated lightsaber into the air, "We're the best there is at what we do. Here's to the best squad in the Grand Army".

The five clones raised their weapons at once to meet Leon's lightsaber hilt and began cheering over their victory.

"That's right no clanker can stop us" Boulder yelled.

"If we get knocked down we'll get right back up" Baron continued.

"We'll blow right past the rest of the GAR and prove we're the best" Chip cheered.

"The best there is" Coins yelled, "And the best there ever will be".

Edge took off his helmet and raised his weapon a second time, "For the Republic and for all of our brothers".

"We won't stop" Leon said lowering his arm, "No surrender, no giving in. We will continue to march forward until the war is won" he raised his arm again, and yelled, "We are Titan Squadron and we will not be defeated".

"Now that's a name I can get behind" Boulder cheered as they began descending from the tower.

As the clones climbed down from the tower Leon turned to look at the observation room on the opposite side of the arena. He couldn't see them, but he knew that his fellow Jedi were still watching slowly raising his right arm he placed his index and middle finger to his temple giving them a quick salute before following after his clones.

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