Solstice Knight

Another You

Leon sat at the edge of a bed his arms crossed over his chest with several wires taped to his arms and chest monitoring his vitals. Behind him Doctor Rhia Teysa held a stethoscope to his back. Recently returning from Kamino where his mysterious illness struck him again this time nearly killing him forcing him to seek medical attention on the matter. Doctor Teysa was the one who looked after him during the time he was in the hospital and witnessed a few of these strange spells he keeps having making her the logical choice to try and figure out what was happening to him. The Twi'lek doctor remained quiet during most of her examination only speaking when Leon did although most of the conversation on the part of the young Jedi was him flirting.

Removing her stethoscope from Leon's back Teysa stood up and walked around to her clipboard, "Well your pulse is fine. Breathing is normal and your vitals are fine. You said when this thing starts to hit you the first thing that happens is it's hard for you to breathe right?"

Leon nodded, "Yeah from what Luminara told me whatever this virus is it attacks the macrophages in my body, but only the respiratory system. Once it kills them it imitates them and attacks the others. So from what I've been able to understand while they are all killing each other part of my immune system goes to hell and I suddenly become very vulnerable to the bacteria in the air".

The Twi'lek doctor wrapped her hand around her chin, "That does sound odd. You also said you feel like your throat closes up?"

Leon nodded, "Just before I go into the coughing fits my throat feels like it closes up and then when I do start coughing it becomes so rough that it scratches and tears at the inside of my throat I think that's what causes me to start coughing up blood".

"While you were here the other Jedi…Kenobi I think his name was he said you were in a healing trance. That you were using the Force to heal your injuries".

Leon shrugged, "They told me the same thing, but I don't know how to do that. I've been learning bit by bit since this started happening to me, but with the war and the missions I keep getting sent on I don't have the time to do it".

"War or not you should learn to take care of yourself first" Teysa told him.

"I actually don't have a choice in that matter" Leon said stretching his arms back, "That's why I'm hoping you can think of something because at best all I can do is just barely suppress whatever is happening to me, but if I enter combat I can't focus on that and then it hits me again".

"To my knowledge there isn't any medicine that can do anything about something like this. This virus or whatever it is only attacks the macrophages what's strange is once it consumes them and imitates them it will attack other virus cells as well as other macrophages. I don't know of any other organism that acts like that then again I'm not a virologist".

"So if you had to guess a treatment just off the top of your head what would it be?"

Teysa turned around and slowly sank into a chair behind her, "First thought I would say put all of your time into learning that Force power. I don't like it, but I can't think of any other treatment right now. I'll keep trying and pass my findings on to other more qualified practitioners, but until then there's nothing else I can think of".

Leon fell back cupping his hands behind his head as he lay on the bed, "Well this sucks".

Teysa apologized, "Sorry I wish there was something more I could do, but until I study this more I won't know anything".

"No that's alright" Leon sighed, "You're being honest that's good enough for me" he quickly sat up, "But if you really want to do something to help me you could let me make you dinner. It would take my mind off it".

Teysa stifled a laugh and shook her head, "You really don't give up do you?"

"Hell no" Leon chuckled, "Mostly because I refuse to believe you're as old as you say you are".

"Maybe in a different life little boy".

"Little boy" Leon repeated, "I feel like I should be offended by that".

"Compared to me yes you are a little boy".

Leon quickly jumped to his feet, "First off we're the same height. Secondly I'm willing to bet I'm as much or more of a man than every guy you know".

Teysa stood up as well, "That actually proves my point that you're too young for me. Besides Ahsoka seems to like you so I don't know why you're bothering to hit on me".

Leon had a bold smirk, "It's what I do. I'm a ladies man".

Teysa scoffed playfully, "If you say so. Anyway our time is done for now just remember what I told you and try to take it easy for a while".

Teysa reached out her hand to shake Leon's, but the young Jedi instead grabbed the side of her hand and gently kissed it, "All flirting aside, thank you Rhia".

The Twi'lek doctor blushed faintly as she pulled her hand free from Leon, "You never give up. In another life maybe, but in this one our relationship will remain as it is".

"Can you fault me for trying?" Leon asked as she escorted him from the room.

In the hospital lobby Leon turned to his doctor and thanked her one last time before leaving the hospital. Once outside he stretched his arms and closed his eyes as he looked up to the sun bathing in its warm rays. Master Kenobi said that Republic intelligence had intercepted a message of some kind of new weapon, but Leon's recent sick spell forced him to change his priorities upon landing now that his appointment with Rhia was finished he had to return to the temple.

Arriving at the temple Leon made his way to the Council Chambers even though they hadn't summoned him he figured they would before the day was over so best to get it out of the way now. Pushing the doors open he stepped into the large circular room and scanned his eyes over the few Jedi Masters present masters Yoda, Kenobi, Fisto, Unduli and Windu.

Setting his gaze back to Luminara the young padawan bowed to her, "It's good to see you again Master Luminara".

The Mirialan Jedi returned the gesture, "And you Leon. Master Fisto has told us of your success on Ryloth you continue to impress with your abilities in combat as well as tactical planning".

"I actually can't take full credit for that particular plan" Leon replied with a half smile, "It's actually a plan I came up with after watching a few of Anakin's antics I just added my own touch to it".

Obi-Wan turned to him, "So what did your doctor say?"

Leon looked to the side casting his eyes to the floor, "Unfortunately Rhia was unable to find or think of anything" he looked back to his fellow Jedi, "For the time being she suggested I focus on any kind of Force techniques that could suppress my illness until she's able to come up with something".

Master Yoda looked to him, "Padawan Solstice. Something on your mind there is?"

"Well I assume you've heard of my new lightsaber by now. I figured you would want to question me about it or something".

From the corner of his eye Leon could feel Master Windu's piercing gaze it was hard enough to gain his trust when he first became his padawan, but after what happened on Ord Mantell his master's judgement of him became a bit harsher.

"We have heard of your new lightsaber yes" Luminara began, "But Master Kenobi and Master Fisto have already explained to us your reasoning for having it. While we are concerned about it we have decided to trust in your decision".

Leon was surprised he was sure they would at the very least question him about it. Had he really gained the trust of the Council?

"Thank you" he said clumsily, "I appreciate the Council's trust in me. Any word about the new weapon the Separatists have?"

"We were just discussing that when you came in" Obi-Wan told him.

"Is it an exclusive discussion or am I allowed to stay?"

"Normally this would be a private matter between the Council, but all we have are a few distorted orbital images and a name".

Leon walked over to him, "Well what do we know then?"

Obi-Wan was holding a datapad that showed a blurry image of some kind of machine followed by a name "Goliath Project".

"Goliath Project?" Leon said curiously, "They're not winning any creativity contests anytime soon. Any idea what it is?"

"None I'm afraid it looks like a weapon, but we can't be entirely sure. Lately our Intel has been getting more and more inaccurate".

"This war needs to come to an end" Leon muttered, "For the good of everyone on both sides".

Master Fisto laughed as he patted Leon's shoulder, "You're more mature than your years would suggest my former padawan. I agree for the good of the galaxy this war must end, but I'm afraid as long as Count Dooku and General Grievous remain at large the war will continue".

Leon clenched his fist both Dooku and Grievous should be dead, but because of luck and luck alone they are still alive. He avoided talking about his exploits on Ord Mantell as much as possible the reason he gave was he wasn't comfortable hearing about his own exploits, but the real reason he hated to talk about it was because he failed to kill either of them. The two most dangerous enemies to the Jedi and the Republic he was able to defeat both of them, but they escaped the war would have ended that day if he killed them.

Looking back to the datapad in Obi-Wan's hand Leon asked, "Where was this image taken?"

"Onderon" Obi-Wan told him, "In the Japrael system".

"Knowing the Separatists" Leon began, "I think it's safe to assume that it's a weapon. We should focus what we can on trying to learn more about it. That way if we ever end up facing whatever it is we'll at the very least know what it can do".

"That's what we're discussing" Master Windu told him, "We're trying to decide on how to approach this. If it is a weapon then it's too dangerous to confront until we know more about it".

Leon took a few steps back and turned around, "Well as much as I would love to help I need to learn more about Force healing techniques thank you for your time Masters".

Leaving the Council Chambers Leon made his way to the temple archives to continue his research into the healing abilities of the Force. Master Nu aided him in finding several volumes that could help him ranging from deep meditations to direct healing through the Force, but as he quickly learned there was a difference between reading about a technique and actually learning it. Before his emergency call to assist in defending Ryloth Barriss Offee was teaching him to suppress his illness through the Force until a more permanent solution could be found. Unfortunately Barriss was also called away on a mission of her own leaving Leon to fend for himself now. Of course there are others who could teach him, but they were either off on missions or coordinating the war efforts and even though it may mean his life Leon refused to bother them unless necessary.

From what he studied so far using the Force to heal injuries wasn't an advanced technique, but one that did require great concentration. Anything from a shallow cut to a ruptured organ and fractured bones could be repaired the only injury this power couldn't heal were dismembered limbs. While the base form of the healing technique wasn't considered an advanced power it was going to be difficult to learn according to the archive in his hands a Jedi spent months learning how to place himself into the proper trance to heal his injuries, months Leon did not have.

"Great" he muttered to himself, "I can't bother with the basic training behind this I have to jump straight into the next form. Will the masters allow that though? My control over the Force isn't that good I'm more of a fighter than anything. Will they make an exception for me in this case? There's a good chance I'll die if they don't so they have to".

Closing the book in front of him Leon gathered them and returned them to their proper place in the archive before leaving to take a walk. Stepping outside into the temple courtyard he walked to the edge and cast his gaze out to the massive city around them. The courtyard was one of his favorite places at the temple, but he had to be in the right mood to enjoy it unfortunately this was not one of those times. Trying as much as he could he was unable to relax at the moment there was too much on his mind. Between the virus inside him trying to kill him, the way and now news of a Separatist weapon called the Goliath Project he found it difficult to truly focus on anything.

"Why can't anything ever be easy?" he sighed to himself.

"If something were too easy would it be worth it?" a soft voice asked from behind him.

Recognizing the voice Leon turned onto his side and leaned against the railing, "Hey Thalia" he smiled, "Sorry I didn't come see you when I landed I…I had something really important to take care of".

Thalia walked over to him and stood close enough for him to smell the fragrant scent coming from her long hair. Her hair was shining in the light of the setting sun seeing drips of water running down her neck and shoulders it was clear she had just finished practice and had taken a shower to clean up.

"Is something wrong?" she asked him.

"No nothing I just had some investigating to do" Leon told her, "We received word about a new weapon the Separatists are constructing so I went to Coruscant's underworld to look for information. I know a guy down there who hears things".

Thalia lowered her eyes and her smile vanished, "You're a bad liar you know that?"

Leon averted his eyes, "The virus I have hit me again while I was on Kamino it was pretty bad this time I was out for a few hours coughing blood the entire time. It almost killed me so I went to see Rhia at the hospital hoping she could figure out some way to help".

Thalia stepped closer to him and grabbed his arm, "Are you going to be alright?"

Leon nodded, "For now yeah I just need to learn more advanced forms of the Force's healing abilities while Rhia finds a way to cure what's happening to me".

"That's good I'm thankful she's helping you" Thalia said, "I just wish there was something I could do".

Leon turned to her, "You already are just by being next to me".

Thalia blushed and quickly lowered her head with a shy smile, "Well…you're welcome…glad I could help".

"How's your training coming?" Leon asked her.

"Good" Thalia answered still blushing, "Master Plo Koon is teaching me a lot".

"I've never really spoken with him before, but Ahsoka speaks very highly of him so I trust he's a good teacher to have".

Thalia agreed, "Yes he um…he said the same thing Dooku did that my connection with the Force is really strong stronger than most so right now he's teaching me how to wield it better. So far I haven't learned much in lightsaber combat, but Master Plo said I'm getting really good at Soresu".

"That was the first form I learned" Leon said with a look of nostalgia, Master Fisto taught it to me along with Niman and Shii-Cho".

Thalia looked over her shoulder happy to see that they were the only ones in the courtyard. Stepping closer to him Thalia leaned her head against his shoulder and rested her arm on the railing. Leon placed his hand on top of hers and leaned his head against hers.

"I wish we could stay like this" Thalia said wistfully.

Leon wrapped his fingers around her hand, "I'd be ok with that".

Standing there in the light of the setting sun Leon felt different smiling at Thalia through the corner of his eyes he felt the world around them disappear leaving only the two of them there all alone. It was at moments like this would suddenly make Leon want to leave the Order. Standing next to Thalia sent a surge of mixed emotions and thoughts through him at this moment he wanted nothing more than to embrace her and confess how he felt about her, but it wasn't the first time he felt like this every time he was with Ahsoka the same urge overcame him. He could not ignore that he had strong feelings for both of them he loved them and would do anything for either of them, but he still didn't know just how far his feelings for them went. He recalled that Anakin had tried several times to confront him on his feelings for Ahsoka and each time Leon ultimately avoided the question only to ask himself does he love Ahsoka or Thalia.

Part of him hated the Jedi teachings the lie that love would leave someone to the dark side he could not believe something like that he was always happiest when he was with Ahsoka or Thalia and not once did he feel like he was falling to the dark side's corruption.

"Hey Thalia" Leon began raising his head from hers and looking down at her.

"Yes?" Thalia answered tilting her head up.

"Are you happy here at the temple? Are you happy being a Jedi?"

"What do you mean?"

Leon lowered his eyes, "Maybe it's just because I've been here so long, but sometimes I feel like I want to just leave all of this behind".

Thalia removed her head from his shoulder and turned to face him, "I'm happy right now. When you first showed me how to use the Force I was happy I thought I would finally become strong enough to lead my people. Even after Dooku found me and forced me to serve him I never gave up hope I knew you would come for me. I wanted to become a Jedi like you so I could become the leader my people need, but now that I'm here…I can't leave".

"No one can make you stay Thalia" Leon told her, "The Council cannot force you to remain with the Order especially if your people need you to lead them".

Thalia shook her head, "No I don't mean it like that. I can't leave…because of you" she looked up to him with frightened eyes, "Leon I…I want to stay with you".

Leon quickly returned his gaze to her did she really just say that.

"While you were gone I felt like a piece of me was missing and there was nothing, but pain in my heart. I…Leon I…"

"Leon, Thalia!" someone's voice called to them.

Leon swore in his mind before turning to see Master Fisto walking over to them "Is something wrong Master?"

"I'm afraid so" the Nautolan Jedi replied, "We've received word of a Separatist fleet amassing around Ruusan in the mid-rim".

"Let me guess" Leon sighed, "We're being deployed again".

Master Fisto nodded, "I understand you must still be tired from our previous mission and considering what happened to you on Kamino the Council decided it best to have you remain here Thalia will be going however".

"Why me?" Thalia asked in a shaky voice.

Master Fisto gave her his signature smile, "Master Plo Koon feels you are ready and will be accompanying you on this mission along with Master Luminara, Skywalker, his padawan and myself".

"Six Jedi?" Leon asked, "I understand the need to protect Ruusan, but why send six Jedi? Just how big of a fleet are we talking about?"

"There are enough ships to effectively split into three small fleets" Master Fisto told him, "They seem intent on capturing Ruusan we cannot allow that to happen".

"Then I'm going with you" Leon said, "I appreciate the Council's concern for my well being, but we can't not afford to hold back against a threat like this we have to strike with everything we can spare. Ruusan is too important to let the Separatists control it".

"Are you sure you're well enough my former padawan?"

Leon nodded, "As long as I don't overdo it I will be fine".

"I admire your determination Leon" Master Fisto smiled, "Very well you will come with us just remember to be cautious. If you feel as if you're about to have another fit I want you to rest until it passes".

"Understood Master" Leon replied before looking back to Thalia, "I'm going to get ready I'll see you in a bit".

Thalia nodded and watched Leon run off to prepare for the upcoming mission taking the joy she felt with him.

Master Fisto noticed her expression, "You seem troubled young one".

"I'm just…thinking about my people" she lied, "I'm supposed to be there leader, but instead I'm here".

Master Fisto smiled to reassure her, "You don't have to worry about them I can assure you they'll be fine here on Coruscant".

Thalia shook her head although she was lying about what was troubling her there was still truth in what she said about her people.

"It's not a matter of if they'll be safe or not Master Fisto" she told him, "My people can't be confined in a place like this. We need an open world like Hoth or Dantooine a world with open space whether it's a tundra or plains we can't be contained in a city like this…Its just not our way".

"I see" he motioned for her to follow him to the hanger, "You said you are supposed to be their leader now if you don't mind me asking how did you become their leader while you are so young?"

Thalia hung her head, "Because I can use the Force…Originally I was just a spirit dancer meaning I was one of few who could commune with the spirits of our ancestors and in rare cases the spirits of others. Leon realized it was because I was strong in the Force and showed me how to use it better".

"So you used your command of the Force to help you lead your people" Master Fisto concluded.

Thalia nodded, "I know he has a habit of going by his own rules, but I hope the Council can see that he's still a good person even if his methods sometimes seem a little extreme".

Master Fisto chuckled, "You have nothing to worry about young Thalia. Its true Leon's methods and behavior tend to be a bit radical at times, but most of the Council agrees that he is a noble person".

"What about you?" Thalia asked him, "He was once your padawan right. What do you think of him?"

"I must confess I'm quite proud of him. I still cannot understand why he refused the Council's decision to make him a Knight, but maybe it doesn't matter to him".

"Maybe titles don't matter to him" Thalia suggested, "He said he most likely wouldn't be able to defeat Dooku a second time, but even if that's true I'm amazed at how strong he is. Do you think it's because he trained under three masters?"

"No I don't think that's why" Master Fisto said as they entered the temple hangar, "Even though combat is not the Jedi way there were many Jedi in the past who accepted the ways of battle into their being. Jedi who focused on combat training more than others these Jedi were given the title of Guardians or Battlemasters and a few were even known as Weapon masters. Leon seems to be on the path of a Jedi Guardian".

"So how did he end up going through different teachers?" Thalia asked.

Master Fisto stopped in front of a transport ship, "Originally he was assigned to Master Luminara and was her padawan for several years, but when the Clone Wars broke out both Leon and his master agreed that he was not yet ready to see combat and needed more training so he was given to me. My time with him was short only being a few months, Master Luminara focused on helping him better learn to wield the Force so I helped him understand the basics of lightsaber combat, but again the war interfered with his training. I considered taking him with me on a mission, but he did not wish to go he made a convincing argument to the Council that he did not feel he was ready to go on a mission yet".

"And that's when his training was left to Master Windu?"

Master Fisto nodded, "He expressed his wish to return to training under his original master, but by that time Luminara had already taken on a new padawan in Barriss Offee that's when Master Windu offered to train him".

"Master Windu offered to train him?" Thalia asked in disbelief, "I was under the impression they didn't get along".

"What do you mean?"

Thalia quickly shook her head, "No let me rephrase that. I…I just get the feeling Master Windu…well…he just seems like he'd be a harsh instructor, someone who would push their student further than others".

Master Fisto grinned, "Master Windu may appear more extreme than others in our order, but he cares greatly for everyone here. I must admit I was surprised when he offered to train Leon, but I never asked him about it" the Nautolan Jedi Master laughed, "Maybe Leon is such a great warrior because of his training under Master Windu".

"A Jedi Guardian huh?" Thalia whispered to herself with a smile, "That sounds like him".

"Ah Thalia there you are" a strong voice called to them.

Hearing her name Thalia whipped around, "Master Plo I was wondering when you were going to join us".

The Kel Dor stopped in front of them and stood at ease resting his hands behind his back, "I had some final preparations to make before we departed. Thalia it is time to see if your training has paid off".

Thalia thought for a second before nodding to him, "I'm ready Master I won't let you down".

"I have faith in you" Plo Koon said to her, "Just remember what I've taught you and you'll be fine".

Thalia bowed to her master and asked when the others would be joining them. The Kel Dor Jedi Master informed them that Anakin and Ahsoka were already on board the Resolute waiting for them and Master Luminara would be joining them shortly once her own preparations are made. Thalia's mind wandered back to Leon wondering what kind of preparations he was doing and how much longer until he joins them then she realized that this will be their first mission together. A combination of anticipation and anxious flowed through her mind as the time for departure drew closer.

Master Luminara soon arrived and greeted them with Thalia being the first to return her greeting. Thalia had come to respect and admire the Mirialan Jedi Master the day after they returned from Ord Mantell Luminara thanked her for helping her while she was injured as well as briefly assisting Leon during his duel against Count Dooku. To Thalia there was an aura to Luminara one that seemed to draw in serenity and repel conflict maybe it was because she always appeared so calm or maybe it was because of the way she spoke with such confidence. Regardless of the reason Thalia looked up to her and over her time there had come to greatly respect her more so than the rest of the Council.

"Shall we be off then?" Luminara asked her fellow Jedi.

"Not quite yet" Master Fisto told her, "It seems our former padawan has decided to join us".

Luminara briefly lowered her eyes, "I fear he may be pushing himself too far. I worry for his well-being".

Master Fisto once again smiled, "You concern is noted my friend, but I would not be too worried. If anything by now I think Leon has proven resourceful".

"Yes you are right" Luminara nodded, "I must confess I'm starting to grow rather fond of him. Even with the knowledge of his illness his personality hasn't changed".

"Maybe it because of you two" Thalia said, "He's talked about you and Master Fisto quite often. Honestly I'm starting to think he gets some of his traits from you. He's always smiling like you Master Fisto and like you Master Unduli he always seems to be calm in the face of any situation even if he acts a little crazy".

Thalia smirked and shrugged, "Maybe the two of you left an impression of yourselves on him".

"You're quite observant" Plo Koon noted to his padawan, "You would make a good teacher should you ever take on a padawan of your own".

Thalia blushed at her master's words, "That's a long time in the future Master Plo".

"What is?" a muffled voice asked from behind her.

Turning around Thalia saw Leon standing behind her with an apple in one hand and a small book in the other, "You took your time".

"Sorry I was hungry" Leon said closing the book and pointing at Luminara, "You know a thought occurs. I remember reading something once long time ago when I was still your padawan something about Ruusan. It was once a battle site where something really bad happened, but there's also some kind of temple or something out there right?"

The three masters glanced at each other, "If there is a temple out there we have no knowledge of it" Luminara told him.

Leon hummed to himself, "I guess it doesn't matter it was in a really old entry. Old as in before Master Yoda was born".

"That's pretty old" Thalia muttered remembering the grand master's age.

"Anyway" Leon continued taking another bite from the apple, "I was thinking if we have time after this battle maybe we should investigate. If there really is a temple out there that once belonged to the Jedi it's our duty to preserve the knowledge in it right?"

"Well said" Master Fisto agreed, "If we cannot spare the time to do so we can always send a Reconnaissance team to investigate".

"Then it's settled" Leon said stepping onto the transport ship, "The sooner we save Ruusan the sooner we can get to that".

"I see you're former padawan has your enthusiasm" Plo Koon said to Master Fisto.

The Nautolan smiled at him, "It appears that way let's just hope his enthusiasm doesn't mix with Skywalker's otherwise we'll have more to fear from them than the Separatists".

Plo Koon crossed his arms, "Agreed".

The transport ship took off and soon docked with the Resolute the five Jedi inside stepping off and quickly making their way to the bridge to join Anakin and Ahsoka.

"It's about time" Anakin smirked, "I was wondering if I should send out a search party for all of you".

Leon waved his hand dismissing Anakin's comment, "Yeah, yeah snarky retort blah, blah".

Hearing Leon's voice Ahsoka turned looked up from the holo report of the enemy fleet, "Why are you here?"

"I'm going with you" he answered blankly, "Why else would I be here?"

"No I mean shouldn't you be resting you almost"

Leon cut her off, "Ahsoka I'm fine alright? Now let's head out I heard there's some walking trash cans that are getting pretty lonely out in the mid rim".

The ever fervent padawan stretched his arms back, "I'm going to take a nap wake me when we get there".

Saying goodnight to his comrades in an almost mocking manner Leon left the bridge and made his way to his usual room on the officer's deck. Entering his room he turned around and dropped onto his bed and turned onto his side nestling his head against his pillow, but just as he closed his eyes someone knocked at his door.

"I just laid down" he muttered to himself as he got up, "We can't be there already" he said opening the door.

Ahsoka stood there in front of him clearly angry at about something, but before he could say anything to her she pushed her way past him and closed the door locking herself in the room with him.

"Either I'm dreaming or you finally came around" Leon joked before Ahsoka yelled at him.

"Enough! Everything is a joke to you" she stood within arms reach of him as she hugged her arms and turned to the side, "You almost died on Kamino and now you're just rushing off into another mission".

"I'm taking care of it" Leon told her.

"No you're not" she snapped, "You should be resting not running off into another battle. You should be at the hospital getting checked out not here making jokes".

"Well I don't get paid to just stand around and look pretty" he joked before moving his eyes over her, "Now if that was a source of income for you…you'd probably be the richest person in the known galaxy".

Ahsoka blushed and turned away from him, "Stop it" she whispered, "Just stop it!" she yelled, "No more jokes no more of your fake play flirting. You need to take care of yourself".

Ahsoka stopped to compose herself, "On Kamino when I heard that you had passed out again…I was scared. Each time it happens to you it gets worse and worse…I don't want you to die".

"Ahsoka" Leon muttered as he stepped over to her and reached his hand to her shoulder only to have her back away.

"No" she jerked, "Don't touch me like that, don't use that voice anymore every time you do I feel…" she clenched her fist and looked him in the eyes, "Look me in the eyes right now and promise me you won't die. Promise me you'll be ok".

Once again Leon reached for her shoulder, "I'm not going to die" he told her as he grabbed her shoulder and looked into her eyes, "I'm going anywhere this virus or whatever it is can hit me as many times as it wants it will not beat me".

Ahsoka dropped her head breaking the eye contact between them, "That look again" she whispered, "There's something different about your eyes every time you look at me like that. Your voice changes and when you touch me…" she quickly backed away from him shrugging his hand off, "It's like you become a different person".

"Two sides to the same person" he said taking a step toward her, but she backed away again.

"Stop" she whimpered, "Don't alright just…"

Her heart was racing making her chest numb with multiple images flashing in her mind. Even though the lights were off Leon could see the stripes of her head tails changing color becoming more vivid.

"I'm afraid" he said breaking the silence between them, "I talked to Rhia about the disease and she's looking into it, but with every passing moment until then I'm afraid of what it could do to me…but I can't let others see me like that" he shook his head, "Maybe its arrogance maybe I'm a little conceited, but I can't let anyone see me in a position of weakness".

He gained a faint smile, "That's why I like being around you and Thalia so much. The two of you make me happy and I'm able to forget about it…I…I lo…"

"No" Ahsoka suddenly snapped with a timid look in her eyes, "Don't say it. We're both Jedi you can't say it. You know the code, the teachings".

Leon didn't say anything he merely gazed into her frightened eyes knowing why she seemed so afraid. She was beginning to question the teachings herself, the code she built her life around and he made her start questioning it.

"Its how I feel" he said to her.

Ahsoka slowly turned around and opened the door, "It can't happen…even if we both wanted it to".

Closing the door behind her Ahsoka left Leon alone in the dark room with the image of her standing there still in his mind. Walking back to his bed he laid down again and turned onto his side to face the wall and closed his eyes.

"You're both important to me Ahsoka. You and Thalia I love both of you, but…"

His thoughts drifted away as his consciousness faded and he fell asleep with the memory of his last words echoing into his mind.

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