Solstice Knight

To Hold or Not

"It was nice meeting you" Leon said shaking Liliana's hand in the temple hangar.

Liliana nodded, "Same here. Take care of Ahsoka for me".

Leon nodded back to her, "Easier said than done, but I'll do it. Safe travels Liliana and thank you for everything you've done".

Leon stepped back as Liliana climbed into her speeder. They were lucky to have her as an ally on Ruusan and if it wasn't for her information on the goliath they faced they never would have stood a chance. He was grateful for her help and the information she provided, but they still lost Ruusan and in the process he lost Coins. Always being lighthearted and joking around that was how he coped with things how he kept himself cheerful during the chaotic times the galaxy was facing and it wasn't until he lost his friend and an entire planet that the true reality dawned on him.

Leon awoke early that morning after a restless night deciding to take a walk around the temple to try and clear his mind he found Liliana in the temple courtyard staring out over Coruscant.

"You must have really earned the Council's trust to be allowed to walk around freely" he said approaching her.

Liliana kept her eyes glued on the massive city as she answered, "You could say that. I actually kind of like it here in this temple of yours. It's quiet and for some reason I feel a sense of inner peace" she smirked, "Its annoying really".

"How so?" Leon asked leaning against the railing.

"With everything that happens out there beyond this temple all it takes is a few seconds inside those walls to feel better. Honestly I'm beginning to think you Jedi are brainwashed sometimes".

Leon chuckled, "I wouldn't be surprised. Did you sleep well?"

Liliana was allowed to rest at the temple that night by the Council. They had given her permission to rest in the civilian quarters where the maintenance workers stay. It was curious to Leon that the Council would allow someone who wasn't a Jedi to roam freely throughout most of the temple even the civilians contracted to help maintain the temple were only allowed in certain areas she must have really gained their favor in the past.

"I slept ok" she answered, "About as well as I always do…How are you holding up?"

"Good enough for now" Leon said turning around and leaning his back and elbows against the rail, "I'm still pissed about what happened to Coins, but until I see that thing again there's nothing I can do about it".

"I thought Jedi weren't allowed to get angry" Liliana said looking at him, "Doesn't that lead to the horrifying dark side or something?"

Leon smirked, "Well that's what they keep telling me" he shook his head, "I'm not really bothered by it".

Liliana smiled a bit and turned her gaze back out to the city, "I think Ahsoka likes you".

Leon's face turned a light red and he looked at the floor, "Well I like her to I'm just not sure how to go about that. At first I just did some playful flirting to tease her a bit, but now…I think I really like her".

"Yet you Jedi aren't supposed to fall in love" Liliana told him.

Leon nodded, "That's what they tell us, but I don't understand it to be honest. In the few times I was in a desperate situation I was able to pull through because of how much I care for those who were in danger. The teachings tell us attachment is a bad thing, but I see it as a strength at least for me. It drives me to keep fighting for someone no matter how bad it gets".

Liliana chuckled, "You're definitely not like the other Jedi I've met. So how do you feel about Ahsoka? Would you say you love her?"

"That's a hard one" Leon sighed, "I really like her I know I have strong feelings for her, but even after all the time I've known her I still don't know just how strong those feelings are…and then there's Thalia. I care about her to".

Liliana nodded, "Thalia she definitely likes you. She doesn't even try to hide how she feels about you at least not from what I've noticed".

Leon sighed again, "Thalia doesn't belong here. She's too good of a person to have the burden of a Jedi's life on her shoulders".

"What do you mean?"

"She's like me she cares about everyone, but she isn't a fighter. She's not a warrior like I am. I'm not saying she wouldn't make a great Jedi because she would it's just for her to become a great Jedi she would have to change the things that make her who she is. This isn't a life for her".

"Have you told her this?"

Leon shook his head, "Not yet and it bothers me when I think about it. Mostly because I feel like I'm the reason she's here in the first place".

"So who do you like more?" she asked him after a short silence.

"That's not a question I can answer" Leon told her.

"Why not?" she asked turning to him, "It's a pretty easy question".

"No its not" he said shaking his head, "I love both of them, but I can't choose one without hurting the other and I don't want to do that".

"Well you're going to have to eventually" she said rather coldly, "They both like you even if one of them won't admit it and trust me when I say this. It doesn't matter how strong a person is the heart is a fragile thing…I've had my share of that kind of pain".

"Do you have anyone special?" Leon asked her.

Liliana looked up to the sky, "There are a few people. Two of them I consider close friends and there's another on Corellia…someone I really like" a soft smile curved her lips, "I've never felt like this about anyone else I feel lightheaded and dizzy when I'm around her".

Leon zeroed in on her last word, "Her?"

Liliana nodded and gave him a questioning glare, "Yes her. You got a problem with that?"

Leon gave a sinister chuckle, "Not at all I happen to find that…never mind I probably shouldn't say".

Liliana scoffed, "Men are all alike. Thinking with what's between your legs instead of your brain".

"Hey I take exception to that" Leon grinned, "Now I admit the idea of two girls spending…quality time together is intriguing, but there are more pressing concerns that demand my attention".

"Name one" Liliana challenged him.

"Ending this war for one thing" Leon immediately answered.

Liliana shook her head, "Too easy. Name another".

"Making the galaxy a safer place" Leon said.

Again Liliana shook her head, "Same thing. Two strikes so far".

Leon felt like she was trying to back him into a corner. He searched his thoughts trying to find an answer she would find acceptable, but no matter what all of his thoughts kept going back to Ahsoka and Thalia.

"Ahsoka and Thalia" he said quietly.

Liliana groaned, "Now you're thinking about the two of them together. I rest my case".

"That's not it" Leon said, "They are my answer. The two of them are the most important parts of my life right now along with Luminara and my team of clones. Making sure they stay safe is everything to me I want to keep fighting so they don't have to. I will gladly take a fight so its one they won't have to".

Liliana looked away from him and smiled, "Now that's an answer I can believe".

The two of them talked for another couple of hours before Liliana decided it was time for her to leave. There was still a third goliath out there and she needed to acquire information about it.

Standing there Leon waved at her as her speeder hovered off the ground, "Let me know next time you're going to be in the area we can get Ahsoka and Thalia and I'll make us some lunch".

"I might take you up on that" Liliana told him, "Until then you keep protecting them alright?"

Leon nodded and watched as the speeder flew out of the hangar. He just met Liliana the previous day, but he could feel there was already a bond forming between them they shared several beliefs and traits. They were going to see each other again that he knew she said she didn't really care about the Republic or the war going on, but she had friends who had been caught in the conflict and he could tell she was going to fight to keep them safe just like he would. Smiling he turned around his eyes meeting Anakin's who just entered the hangar waving to him Leon walked over to greet him.

"You're up a bit early aren't you?" Anakin asked him.

Leon shrugged, "Considering how badly I slept I'm not surprised. What about you?"

"I slept alright" Anakin said, "I was on my way to…I was going to spend some time with Padme".

Anakin remembered his talk with Leon back on Kamino when he questioned him again on how he felt about Ahsoka leading Leon to figuring out his relationship with Padme. If it had been anyone else Anakin would have worried, but he felt like he could trust Leon to keep it a secret. The two of them were alike in more ways than they thought, both of them were more passionate than most Jedi and very defensive about people who were important to them as well as being rather aggressive in certain battle tactics.

"Well Liliana just left" Leon said, "She wanted to go find out more about the goliaths and try to uncover the third one".

Anakin's eyes lowered to the floor for a brief moment, "Hopefully either our military or her can find a way to effectively combat those things. I don't want to have a repeat of what happened on Ruusan".

"Nobody does" Leon agreed, "But until we learn more there's nothing else we can do" he clenched his fists, "And the next time we run into one of those monsters I'm going to turn it into slag".

Anakin stifled a laugh, "Well just be sure the Council doesn't hear you say Obi-Wan especially. I just know he'll somehow blame me for you talking like that".

Leon snickered, "What are you talking about I'm gonna tell him it was your idea".

Anakin chuckled and shook his head, "It's nice to know you have my back Leon thanks".

Leon laughed with him, "Oh no I have your back as long I'm just going to make fun of you while having your back. It's the same thing I do to everyone Ahsoka included".

"Speaking of Ahsoka" Anakin said taking a quick look around the hangar to make sure no one was listening to them, "Did you say anything to her yesterday?"

Memories of what happened between him and Ahsoka the previous night flashed through Leon's mind in an instant. While he was outside his quarters on the Resolute Leon was briefly stunned from his illness and Ahsoka helped him into his room, but Leon lost his balance inside falling onto his bed and tripping Ahsoka as he fell. He grabbed her arms as she fell on top of him holding her up and their eyes met locking on each other and in that moment everything froze for both of them.

Casting his eyes to the floor Leon answered Anakin with a silent nod.

Anakin crossed his arms, "I thought so. She was distracted when we returned yesterday the way the two of you acted in the Chancellor's office gave it away. So what did you say to her?"

Leon forced himself to look at Anakin, "I had another spell on my way to my room on the Resolute last night. Ahsoka found me and helped me into my room, but I got dizzy again. When I fell I tripped Ahsoka and she fell on top of me…" he sighed, "Why am I telling you this? Long story short I just said something without thinking and we both panicked a bit".

"What did you say to her?"

Leon shook his head, "I was looking right into her eyes and I…She looked so beautiful and I just…Dammit".

"You didn't kiss her did you?"

Leon shook his head again, "No…I think I felt the urge to, but…In that moment everything else stopped existing to me. My illness the goliaths even Coins dying everything just stopped and she was the only one who existed in that moment…I think I'm starting to realize exactly how I feel about her".

"And how do you feel about her?" Anakin asked him.

The world around Leon shattered like glass as Anakin's question flowed through his head. Every muscle in his body tensed and his mind became blank with only a single lit word hovering in a dark space.

"You don't have to tell me Leon" Anakin said just as Leon parted his lips, "I'm sure I know the answer" he gently slapped his shoulder, "Now how about we move on to a better topic you can come with me to the Senate Building to see Padme she said she had some good news and honestly we could both use some of that right now".

"What kind of good news?" Leon asked him, "Please tell me Dooku had a heart attack in his sleep and the war is close to being over".

Anakin half smirked, "We're not that lucky, but we can still hope".

Taking a speeder to the Senate Building Leon's mind drifted back to Ahsoka again this time Thalia was standing next to her and he could hear Liliana's voice in his head asking him again which one he cared for more. A question he was afraid of answering yet one he wanted to know the answer to. Conflicting thoughts tore his mind and heart apart these thoughts had taken hold of him before, but he always forced them away. Unfortunately this time it was much harder thanks to Liliana and Anakin both asking him how he felt it was all he could think about.

"I like both of them hell I love them, but can I be with either of them? Should I ask them how they feel about me? I know Thalia has feelings for me to and I really like her. Then there's Ahsoka I know at the very least she thinks of me as a friend, but thinking of that drives me crazy…"

"Why am I even thinking about this?" Leon sighed.

"Thinking about what?" Anakin asked him as they landed at the Senate Building.

Leon buried his face in his hands and ran them over his hair, "You and Liliana just had to bring it up. I can't stop thinking about them now".

"The reason I kept bringing up is because I want you to be sure of yourself" Anakin told him, "You're the only one who knows about Padme and me and between us Leon I'm never happier than when I am with her. Leon I hope you realize that even if you and Ahsoka ended up together there's little chance of keeping it hidden from the Council add to it Ahsoka considers the Order her entire life you'd be asking her to give that up".

"I know that" Leon breathed trying to contain his feelings, "Trust me I know that already I've thought of it before. I can't ask her to do something like that no matter how strongly I feel about her I can't ask her to give up the Order. I could do it without a problem as grateful as I am to the Jedi for giving me this life I could walk away without a second thought, but then again I wasn't raised in the Order like most were".

"What about Thalia?" Anakin asked him, "I've seen the way she looks at you I'm willing to bet she wouldn't object to running away with you".

Leon's eyebrows jumped as he nodded his head to the side, "I've thought about that to" he shook his head, "But I don't think I feel the same way about her that I do about Ahsoka".

"So you like Ahsoka more?" Anakin concluded.

Leon shook his head again and growled, "I don't know I think I do then I turn around and think of Thalia and I panic. I don't want to make that decision until I know exactly how I feel about both of them. What if I think I love Ahsoka and then a year later I realize that it's Thalia I truly love? What would I do then? I love both of them Anakin they both make me happy and I could see myself spending my life with either of them…But I'm not ready to make a choice like that".

Anakin cracked a smile and shook his head, "Leon can I give you some advice? Just don't think about it. First off you're too young to be thinking like that and secondly even if there are a few things in the teachings I don't agree with I still believe the Force guides us. In time it will help you understand your feelings and make your decision".

Leon sighed angrily, "That's another thing I don't like. I don't like the thought of the Force guiding my path in life. I decide how my life goes no one else especially some entity we can't understand or see".

"Whether you believe in the Force or not Leon in time the answer will come to you. Trust me on that".

Leon jumped out of the speeder, "Whatever you say top notch let's just keep going before I lose what little sanity I have left".

Following Anakin into the Senate Building the exhausted padawan rubbed his eyes and forehead try as he might he couldn't stop asking himself how he really felt about Ahsoka and Thalia. It wasn't long before he became irritated with the thought now he was just going in circles the longer he thought of it. Maybe Anakin was right and he should just let it go until the time was right, but how would one do that exactly? Thoughts such as these can't just be vanquished so easily they haunted him; his entire mind was engulfed by them and there was no end to them in sight.

Anakin gave him a light jab to snap him back to reality, "Pull it together Leon we're here".

"Right" Leon breathed as Anakin opened the door to Padme's office.

"Anakin" the Senator smiled seeing her husband.

"Sorry I'm late" he smiled back to her hugging her.

Seeing Leon behind him Padme broke the hug and backed away, "Oh Leon I didn't see you there. It's been a while how have you been?"

"All things considered things could be far worse than what they are".

Padme continued to smile as she looked back to Anakin, "Well I have great news. Lux Bonteri is ready to bring Onderon back to the Republic".

"That's great" Anakin smiled half heartedly, "Can he tell us anything about Dooku or the Separatists?"

"I'm not sure" Padme answered, "But he's coming here to Coruscant to officially announce it before the Senate. I have no doubt everyone will agree to welcome Onderon back into the Republic".

"Then we should celebrate" Leon muttered, "Once Onderon is reinstated as a system of the Republic I say we celebrate. I need something to get my mind off things and a party is a great way to do it".

Padme giggled, "Well I don't know about a party, but a celebration sounds good. Lux inherited his mother's sense of responsibility and he'll always be a good friend of mine. It'll be so good to see him again".

Leon slapped his hands together, "Then it's settled we shall hold a celebration for your friend and Onderon returning to the Republic. Now the only question is where and when".

"Well your mood sure changed quickly" Anakin chuckled mockingly.

"Anakin" Leon began in a blank tone, "I'm finally getting over our little talk…don't make me shoot you".

"What talk?" Padme asked.

"Not important" Leon answered, "I think it's more important that we focus on the where and when part".

"Well we could use my penthouse" Padme suggested, "We could have it there tonight".

Anakin sighed a laugh and shook his head, "I'm going to regret agreeing to this".

Leon nodded, "With me involved probably".

"Make sure to bring Ahsoka with you" Padme told Anakin, "Her and Lux are friends I'm sure she'd like to see him again".

"Now I remember" Leon almost yelled, "I was wondering why this guy's name sounded familiar. Lux Bonteri when you first mentioned it I felt like I heard it before. Ahsoka mentioned him to me before…yeah it was the day I woke up in the hospital. He's around my age isn't he?"

Padme nodded, "Yes he just turned 17 a few days ago he's very young, but he's earned the respect of his people".

"Huh" Leon hummed turning to face the office windows, "How well does he know Ahsoka?"

Anakin began grinning, "Leon you're not jealous are you?"

Leon scoffed and turned back to him, "Just look at me" he held out his arms and turned around a bit giving both of them a good look at his appearance, "How could someone with all of this be jealous of anything out there?"

Anakin forced back his laughter, "Yeah you're jealous".

"Am not" Leon immediately shot back.

Padme covered her mouth as she began laughing, "Why would you be jealous Leon?"

Leon suddenly fell silent as Padme's question repeated itself in his mind. He was driving himself up the wall trying to figure out his true feelings for Ahsoka and for some reason just by Lux's age being mentioned he felt jealous and didn't want him coming anywhere near Ahsoka. Despite his claim that he wasn't jealous he was, but it did give him an idea.

Slowly raising his hand he pointed at Padme without looking at her, "How close would you say Lux and Ahsoka are?"

"They're good friends?" Padme shrugged, "I don't really know how to answer that. They're just friends".

"Right" Leon nodded turning his eyes to Anakin, "I'm going to go ahead and return to the temple I'll see you later".

Returning to his room at the temple Leon stood over the fish tank in the corner. Grun, the gizka he found was still sleeping in the corner his legs curled under him as it's rested on his stomach. He felt a slight smile curve the corner of his mouth as he looked down at the resting reptile it must be nice to have such a simple life able to be happy with a nap and food. Sitting on his bed he heaved a drawn out sigh and fell onto his back Anakin's and Padme's words echoing in his mind…maybe he was jealous, but why should he be and just like that his thoughts from earlier returned to him in a flood.

"Why can't I stop thinking about this?" heasked himself, "Dammit why did this have to happen? I can't stop thinking about either of them now it was so much easier just messing around, but when I actually end up alone…with either of them I just…" he closed his eyes and exhaled a sigh of self-pity, "I love them…both of them".

It was true he really loved them the actual fact was he knew the entire time how he really felt about them he was just afraid to admit it. He loved Ahsoka, but was afraid to tell her for fear that her belief in the Jedi Code would possibly damage their relationship and he loved Thalia, but was afraid to tell her because.

A knock at his bedroom door pulled him from his thoughts, "Leon?"

"I'm not here" he called back.

"Are you busy?"

"Not yet" he said waving his hand making the door open.

Thalia stepped into the room and Leon sprang up from his bed to greet while he was always happy to see her he put on a fake smile and normally she would be smiling at him as well, but this time she wasn't.

"Is something wrong?" he asked her his curved lips switching direction.

Thalia's eyes slowly fell to the floor, "Tal Sin died last night".

Leon noticed a tear running down the side of her cheek as she looked to the floor. He remembered meeting Tal Sin on Hoth, but it was only for a few minutes. He was the leader of Thalia's people from what she had told him Tal Sin was unbelievably strong in both physical aspects and what their people called spiritual abilities, but he had grown old and needed to pass on the role of leader of his people to another someone who was strong both physically and spiritually and Leon already knew who he had selected. Thalia wasn't the physically strongest of her people, but her strength in the Force easily made up for it and the training she had received from the Jedi Order would obviously benefit her as a leader. That wasn't all he knew either he knew Thalia cared about him as much as she did about her people if not more a conflict in her heart that has haunted her before. The day he left Hoth, the day he first met her she had asked him to stay with her and help her lead her people and he declined, after becoming a Jedi she asked him to run away with her somewhere they could live together with no one else and he declined again and now she was going to ask him again.

"Leon…you once said that sometimes you feel like you want to leave this place" she looked up to him frightened tears in her eyes, "Will you come with me?"

"Do you have to leave?" he asked her.

"Yes" she sniffled, "My people can't stay here and since I've been trained to use the Force I'm the only option to take over Tal Sin's role. It's not our way to be trapped in a place like Coruscant we're too old fashioned in our ways that's why we preferred worlds like Dantooine, Hoth, Naboo even Felucia was in our past. There aren't many of us left now Dooku had most of us killed when he came for me now without Tal Sin they won't survive without me".

"They can't adapt to the world here?"

Thalia shook her head, "It would take to long. We're hunters and shamans as a whole we could never fit into a society like Coruscant or Corellia there's too much noise and everything is too crowded together".

"Can't they elect someone else?" Leon asked her starting to become frantic, "Do they even need a leader can't they go on without one?"

"Its not our way" Thalia told him, "There must be a leader one strong enough to hold the burden of all and wise enough to listen to the world around him…and it can only be me".

A short anxiety filled the room. Leon continued to desperately run thoughts through his head trying to figure out a way for Thalia to lead her people and stay with him, but there didn't seem to be one. The only idea he could think of was to tell her to not go through with it to just abandon them and have them choose someone else, but he couldn't bring himself to say that. Regardless of how much he loved her he could never ask her to abandon her own people not even for him.

A soft chirruping croak broke the silence in the corner of the room Grun was staring at them through the wall of his tank his nubby ears flicking back as he regarded them with watery eyes.

"Hey Grun" Thalia sniffled putting on a smile as she walked over to the gizka and scratched the back of its head.

The gizka definitely seemed to enjoy the attention standing still as it turned its head allowing the tip of Thalia's finger to scratch it all over. Retreating her hand from the tank the gizka let out a disappointed croak before hopping to the corner of its tank where Leon set a low powered energy ring against the wall. Grun opened his mouth and bit the ring the energy inside sending a wave of warmth through his body without shocking the little reptile. Leon gazed at the gizka as it played with the ring biting the edge of it and flipping it up then jumping back as it smacked back against the wall then biting it again, right now he felt jealous of the gizka's simple life able to be entertained by something so trivial.

"I need to think about this" Leon said pulling his eyes away from the gizka and to the floor.

Thalia also dropped her gaze downward, "I understand. This isn't something you can do without thinking about".

She turned to leave, but Leon quickly stopped her. Grabbing hold of her arm he pulled her back to him and hugged her tightly.

"Don't go" he said quietly, "At least not yet" he closed his eyes and whispered, "Stay with me…just like this".

Thalia's chest went numb as his words entered her ears and within seconds her eyes burned as more tears began forming. Wrapping her arms around him she quietly cried into his shoulder.

"I don't want to go. Not without you".

Leon's arms tightened around her pulling her closer to him, "Just stay with me for now" his hand moved to the top of her head, but she pulled away from him.

The tears were still coming from her eyes as she stepped away from him, "Leon I want nothing more than to stay with you, but if I do I'm scared of what could happen".

"Scared of what?" he asked stepping toward her, "What is there to be scared of?"

Thalia stepped back again and looked to the floor visibly shaking and afraid, "I rely on you too much. I'm always coming to you with my problems because I don't feel like I can handle it myself. I'm always afraid of something, worried that I might make a bad decision. I can't be like that anymore".

She stepped back again backing into the door causing it to open, "Leon since the day I met you you've been all I can think about. I want to stay with you more than anything, but I know if I do I won't be able to hold back any longer…I love you" she paused after speaking those words her heart beating so fast she could no longer feel it.

"Thalia I…" he stepped toward her, but again she stepped back entering the hall behind her and closed her eyes, "Thalia you don't have to be afraid of anything".

"I'm afraid because I love you" she cried, "I can't hold it in any longer Leon…I love you and I want nothing more than to be with you" she closed her eyes and took in a deep breath, "But I can't be that person who's always relying on someone. I want you to come with me because…I'm leaving no matter what. I can't stay any longer because my people need me and I've neglected that for too long now".

In the past moments like this had always frozen for Leon. The close moments he had with Ahsoka and the few he had with Thalia those moments always seemed to freeze time for him, but this time…this time everything seemed to be spiraling and he was barely able to keep up. Thalia just confessed her feelings to him along with her wish to stay with him and her intention of being the leader her people need her to be and despite what he had said to her all he could feel was fear and panic. He was just as afraid as she was he loved her and he knew the same as she did that if she stayed with him alone something would happen that would change everything. Even with those facts in mind the biggest fear Leon had was accepting her wish to leave with her because even though he had begun to develop feelings of disdain for the Jedi Order he still felt like he had a place there and wasn't ready to leave.

"I want to go with you" he said quietly just enough for her to hear him, "I really do, but I…I'm not sure if I can let myself leave, not yet".

"I understand" she closed her eyes and turned around, "I won't be leaving until tomorrow. I'll be speaking with the Council and Chancellor to secure transportation for us…I can only hope you'll come with us, but if you wish to stay I'll understand".

Leon stood frozen as Thalia left the urge to run after her screamed in his heart he really wanted to leave with her to be with her. His chest tightened as he stood there closing around the pain he was feeling an ache that was unbearable with no end. Closing his eyes and inhaling a deep breath he steeled his nerves and broke into a run following Thalia back to her room.

"Thalia" he called opening her door without pause.

Thalia gasped loudly as he barged into her room her arms quickly crossing over her naked torso covering herself, "Shut the door" she told him after a brief silence.

With a wave of his hand the door closed behind him and he stepped toward her as she continued covering herself, "Thalia listen I want to go with you I really do".

She turned sideways to face him still covering herself, "But you can't right?"

Leon nodded, "There's too much I can't walk away from. If I leave now millions of lives will be lost before this war ends and I can't let that happen I have to put an end to it".

Thalia's sad expression worsened as she looked to the floor, "Anyone else would believe you were crazy for thinking you could end the war yourself" she seemed like she was going to start crying again, "But I know you…you could do it I've seen how you fight when something you care about is on the line you become unstoppable. You have the power to bring an end to this war because I know you will do what is necessary where the rest of the Jedi won't…but the longer you fight the higher chance you'll…"

He stepped toward her again his hand reaching out to her cheek cradling against it smiling sadly as she looked up to him, "Just stay for one more day" he pleaded to her, "Give me one more day with you. I can't go with you, but I can make sure I keep these last moments with me until the day I see you again".

Thalia's arms moved exposing her breast before wrapping around Leon's neck and pulling him into as tight a hug she could manage, "I can do that" she cried in a whisper, "One last day…it will pass too quickly, but it will be the best time of my life as long as you stay with me".

Leon's hands glided across her bare skin moving from her shoulders to her back one stopping between her shoulders the other continuing down to the small of her back and coming to a stop. Returning the embrace he held her against him not wanting the moment to end. This was the last time he would have to spend with her until the war ended.

"Leon" Thalia whispered pulling her head back, "When it's all over what then?"

Leon leaned closer to her and smiled, "I don't know maybe this?"

Thalia's eyes softened as their lips met and the world around their perception of the world around them stopped in its tracks. A kiss that would forever capture their feelings for each other a final moment before she left. The thought of her leaving tore his heart apart, but he knew it was for the best her people needed her more than he did and hopefully she would be safer if they went somewhere where the war wouldn't reach them.

"I love you" she whispered one last time as their lips parted.

Those same words repeated in Leon's mind, but to his surprise he was unable to speak them. He loved her he knew he did so why was he unable to return those simple words to her. After feeling his heart tear itself apart and pleading with her to stay and a final kiss sealing how they felt for each other as he tried to say those words all he could think about was Ahsoka.

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