Solstice Knight

Promises and Wishes

Leon darted out from behind a line of supply crates and cut the heads off two unsuspecting battle droids before retreating behind the crates and using the force to drag the droids with him.

"Two down" he whispered to Anakin and Ahsoka who were waiting behind him.

"Not bad" Anakin said, "Let's hurry before more come along".

The three Jedi quietly moved down the halls of the base ducking in and out of cover as needed to avoid detection.

"Do we even know where they're holding Thalia's people?" Ahsoka asked.

"I can barely sense them" Leon told her, "We need to hurry".

Jumping out from the shadows again Leon cut down another droid while Anakin and Ahsoka used the force to pull another pair of droids to them before cutting them down while they were in the air. Leon stopped in the middle of the hall and closed his eyes in an attempt to sense the direction of Thalia's people, but there was too much noise from the nearby machinery for him to focus clearly.

Asking Anakin and Ahsoka to keep watch for him he sat down and crossed his legs. Closing his eyes he held his arms out and waved them in a half circle motion before allowing them to rest in his lap.

"Reach out with your mind" he silently muttered, "Past the walls that hinder my sight".

Leon inhaled a slow breath as the noise of the machines around him was slowly drowned out.

"Drown out the noise of machines and other distractions. Sense the vitals of life forms, their hearts, their lungs, their thoughts. Filter through not what you see or hear, but what you feel".

Leon allowed his mind to relax and reach out and a wondrous sensation rushed through him, he felt as if he was flying through the halls of the Separatist base flashing by enemy patrols that didn't notice him and rounding corners and in an instant he saw himself standing in front of a large prison cell with many people of varying tribal looking tattoos and snow white skin.

Throwing his eyes open Leon quickly jumped to his feet and looked back to his fellow Jedi, "I know where they are let's go".

The trio of Jedi rushed down the hall meeting several more droid patrols along the way each of them easily dealt with.

Sprinting down the open hall Leon ignited his lightsaber and jumped toward the pair of droids slicing through them before sliding into a spin on his heel and cutting a third in half.

After destroying the droids in front of them he looked back to Anakin and Ahsoka and told them to keep up before he continued down the hall. Anakin yelled at Leon to wait for them, but the young padawan ignored him determined to save the hostages he continued running through the halls and cutting down every droid he found along the way. Sliding to a stop he held his arm out and used the force to lift a battle droid off the ground and began slamming it against the walls of the corridor before pulling it toward him and cutting it down.

"What was that?" another droid said from around the corner.

"I don't know we should go check it out" a second droid said.

Hearing the pair of droids Leon quickly jumped up to the ceiling and planted his hands and feet against the steel rafters holding himself in place. The two droids entered the hall and saw the severed parts of the droids Leon cut down, "Hey what happened here?"

The second droid shook its head, "All they had to do was patrol the halls, is that really so hard…ah!"

The second droid scream as Leon dropped down and cut it down the middle before sliding up behind the first droid as it turned around.

"We better report this" the first droid said turning around to see the other droid in pieces at its feet, "That's not how you make a report FX-3778".

Leon stood up behind the droid and ignited his lightsaber, "I have a question for you droid".

"What is it?" the droid asked turning around only to be met by the tip of Leon's lightsaber in its face, "Ah a Jedi!"

Using his free hand Leon pulled the droid's blaster away from it and backed it into a corner, "Like I said I have a question for you".

"What is it?" the droid asked him holding its hands up.

"The prisoners where are they?"

The droid pointed down the hall it came from, "The detention block is just on the other side of that hall the remaining prisoners are in there".

"Good now if you answer the next two questions you can go free" Leon told it.

"Uh ok" the droid agreed.

"Is there any security I need to know about and if so how do I disable it?"

The droid backed away and tripped over its slain comrade before scrambling back to its feet, "There are automatic turrets set up with the base on alert they'll attack whatever comes through the door until the all clear is given".

"Good" Leon said, "Now next question and this one is important" he grinned and pointed his lightsaber closer to the droid's head, "Do you feel fear droid?"

"I don't know" the droid answered, "I'll have to check my programming".

"Here let me help" Leon said using the force to lift the droid off the ground.

"Ah no put me down" it screamed.

"All I needed to hear" Leon chuckled dropping the droid and then cutting its head off as Anakin and Ahsoka finally caught up to him, "What took you guys so long?" he asked them.

Anakin quickly caught his breath, "Look Leon I know you're worried about Thalia's people, but you need to wait for us running off on your own can be dangerous".

Leon scoffed as he kicked the remains of a droid, "Yeah because these things really put up a fight. Come on let's go I'm getting hungry".

Following after Leon as he ran down the next hall Ahsoka looked over to her master, "You know he reminds me a lot of you".

"I'm not sure if I should be offended by that or not" Anakin quickly retorted as they stopped at a large door that Leon was slashing at with his lightsaber.

The silver blade flashed from side to side as the young Jedi tried cutting his way through.

"That's not how you cut through a door" Anakin told him.

"I'm not trying to cut through it" Leon said stopping to catch his breath, "There are turrets on the other side I'm slashing at it to make it weaker that way when I blow it open it'll turn to large fragments to cover us when we run in".

"And how are you going to blow it open?" Anakin asked him, "We need to save the explosives we have to bring this place down".

Leon made a few more swings at the door before stepping back, "Like this" he grunted rearing back and throwing his hands out toward the door summoning all of his strength into a single force push.

The cuts he made in the door did their job as the door was forced open it shattered into several large fragments that scattered in multiple directions. The three Jedi ignited their lightsabers ready to defend against the turrets, but as the smoke settled they realized the turrets had already been deactivated.

"You see" Leon said deactivating his weapon, "Even simple turrets fear my skills".

"Don't make me laugh" a voice said from the back of the large room.

Activating his weapon again Leon spun around as the person who spoke revealed herself. A tall grey skinned woman with a shaven head and pale blue eyes.

"Ventress" Anakin growled upon seeing her.

"Skywalker" the assassin sneered, "And you've brought your little pet" she said looking over to Ahsoka before moving her eyes to Leon, "And I see we have a new face".

"Hello" Leon hummed before twirling his lightsaber in his hand, "Usually this is the part where I introduce myself and tell you about myself, but I'm in a hurry so if you could kindly step aside I'd appreciate it".

Ventress laughed at him, "That's a first most Jedi ask me to surrender or beg for their life".

"I don't believe in surrender" Leon told her, "I actually prefer to knock my targets out and drag them back".

Ventress laughed again, "Interesting well let's just see you try it".

With that Ventress ignited her dual lightsabers and lunged at the three of them from across the room immediately clashing blades with Leon and Anakin.

"Whoa now" Leon yelled after blocking the attack, "While your enthusiasm is much admired like I said I'm in a hurry so I can't play with you right now".

Ventress glared at him as Ahsoka tried to attack her, but Ventress quickly kicked her away before ducking down and jumping back. Leon charged forward and swung at Ventress who immediately blocked his strike and attempted to counter with her other saber, but Leon quickly spun his body in a half circle stopping on his knee and jumping away.

Once Leon was clear Anakin attacked Ventress forcing her away as he called for the two padawans to free the hostages.

"Oh right them" Leon said snapping his head to the side and running over to the console to free Thalia's people, "Ahsoka cover me" he said as he tried hacking into the terminal console to open the cells.

Spotting Leon at the console Ventress parried a strike by Anakin and force pushed him away before jumping toward Leon only to be intercepted by Ahsoka.

Locking her saber against Ventress' Ahsoka pointed her weapon downward and twirled it to the side disarming Ventress of one of hers before force pushing her away and into a wall.

Ventress' back slammed into the wall and she fell to the ground, the assassin remained on her hands and knees while Anakin and Ahsoka closed in on her trying to cut off her escape.

"Leon hurry" Anakin called keeping his eyes on Ventress.

Leon turned to Anakin, "Why do I have to do everything?"

"Just do it" Anakin yelled looking over his shoulder giving Ventress the opening she needed.

The assassin activated her lightsaber and charged forward kicking Anakin in the chest and locking her blade with Ahsoka. Quickly deflecting Ahsoka's strike Ventress lifted her up with the force and flung her into Anakin knocking both of them down.

"Almost got it" Leon yelled unaware that Ventress had the upper hand in the fight.

Ventress jumped and held her lightsaber above her head ready to bring it down on the unsuspecting Leon, but it turned out to be a ploy as Leon quickly turned around and blocked her strike.

"You know if I didn't know any better I'd say you were trying to kill me" the padawan joked as silver and red met in a violent clash.

"Good guess" Ventress hissed sliding her saber to the side forcing Leon's arm with it breaking his guard.

Raising her saber again Ventress brought it down on top of Leon striking the final blow or so she thought.

As her arms came down, Leon grabbed her wrist and forced them to the side before chopping at Ventress' neck and grabbing the back of her head he brought his knee up to meet her stomach before force pushing her away.

After disengaging from Ventress, Leon turned back to the console and yelled, "I can't defeat her and free the hostages at the same time so can you two stop playing around".

"Why not?" Anakin yelled back as he clashed with Ventress again, "You can certainly complain while doing both".

"Will you two just focus" Ahsoka yelled after a failed strike at Ventress.

As Leon continued to work on trying to open the prison cells a pair of battle droids entered the block, "Look Jedi!"

Jumping away from the console Leon activated his lightsaber just as the droids began shooting at him. Snapping his saber from one side to the next Leon deflected the droid's shots back at them taking them out only to have them replaced by two droidekas which rolled down the hall and unfolded into a standing position before being covered by a personal shield.

"Oh" Leon said in a hushed tone as the two droids were covered by their shields before firing at him.

Quickly deflecting their shots Leon retreated away from the two droids before ducking behind a corner forcing the two droidekas to follow him. The two droids deactivated their shields and rolled up to chase after the fleeing Jedi when they turned the corner Leon fled to they unfolded and raised their shields only to see that Leon had vanished. Leon dropped down behind the two droids and crept up to them, but before he got within range to attack them they turned around and spotted him.

"Well aren't you just clever" he yelled at the two droids as they began firing at him.

Forced onto the defensive once again Leon backed away from the droids deflecting their shots back at them, but their shields rendered the reflected shots harmless to them. Backing further and further away Leon made his way to the center of the prison block regrouping with Ahsoka and Anakin who were still fighting against Ventress.

"Hey fancy meeting you here" Leon joked as he backed into Ahsoka.

"This…isn't the time for jokes" Ahsoka said parrying a strike from Ventress before turning to help Leon defend against the two droids.

"Really?" Leon asked her in a fake sarcastic tone, "And I thought we were just here enjoying a lovely date".

"Leon!" Ahsoka yelled at him becoming annoyed at his constant jokes.

"Will you two stop messing around" Anakin yelled at both of them.

Leon sighed, "Everyone is so uptight" Leon deactivated his lightsaber and closed his eyes quickly mustering his strength to lift the two droids off the ground and fling them up slamming them into the ceiling of the prison block.

"BOOM!" he yelled as the two droids crashed back to the ground.

"Not bad" Ahsoka panted, "Two down one to go".

As Leon and Ahsoka turned around Ventress kicked Anakin's knee back causing him to fall as she force pushed him into both of the padawans knocking them over. With the three Jedi on the ground Ventress lifted Anakin and Ahsoka in a force choke before throwing them to the side and pointing her lightsaber at Leon who was on one knee.

"Time to die Jedi" the Sith assassin said to him almost seductively as he glared up at her.

Leon glared up at Ventress he was breathing heavily most of his stamina exhausted, "Well what are you waiting for an invitation?" he asked the assassin who answered with a triumphant smile as she pulled her lightsaber back ready to land the final blow.

"Leon!" a voice cried from the entrance of the prison block causing Ventress to halt her attack.

Both Leon and Ventress looked over to the entrance to see Thalia standing there with a terrified look on her face as Leon kneeled in front of Ventress.

"Ah so one of you escaped" Ventress said in an amused tone as she looked at Thalia.

Seeing his chance, Leon jumped up and grabbed Ventress' wrist pushing her weapon arm away as he spun in toward her and slammed his elbow against the side of her face before spinning back out. With his first strike successful Ventress was briefly stunned allowing Leon to follow up, spinning out from Ventress Leon pulled her arm toward him and quickly released it sliding his hand up and resting it against her chest as he lifted her up before blasting her with the force causing her to fly into the air.

As she fell Ventress willed the force and directed it at the ground allowing her to land without injury, "Impressive" she painfully taunted as she turned to face Leon.

Leon fell back to one knee slowly becoming too tired to stand he looked over to Ventress and gave her a mocking smile, "Yeah I'm just full of surprises".

Thalia called to Leon and ran over to him he yelled for her to stay back, but she didn't listen rushing to his side in an attempt to help him giving Ventress a perfect opportunity. Using the force Ventress pushed Leon back and pulled Thalia toward her, "Such endearing concern you have for him" she mocked as she lifted Thalia off the ground and slowly began choking her with the force.

"Thalia!" Leon cried as he tried to get up only to have Ventress force push him back down.

Thalia began gasping for air as she felt her throat being squeezed she looked at Leon praying that he would help her, but every time he got up Ventress forced him back down. Thalia could feel her consciousness fading as she instinctively clenched at her own neck trying in vain to pry away the intangible hand strangling her.

"Leon" she gasped silently as her eyes began closing and her arms fell to her side.

"Let her go!" Leon roared summoning the force to his aid and throwing it right at Ventress.

Hearing Leon's words Thalia opened her eyes just in time to see Ventress thrown violently to the side even though she couldn't see what hit Ventress she felt the pressure of it as it threw her attacker away from her. Free from the assassin's grip Thalia fell to her knees and desperately gasped for air as Leon ran over to her.

"Thalia are you alright?" he asked her, "Say something".

Thalia was still gasping for air and couldn't answer him so she nodded and held her hand up signaling that she was alright for the moment.

Hearing Ventress yell Leon spun around and ignited his lightsaber blocking the assassin's surprise attack.

"I've about had it with you" he yelled forcing the locked sabers upward before he dropped his knee down onto Ventress' foot. Placing his hand against her knee Leon forcefully pushed it to the side causing the assassin to fall as the joint snapped leaving her completely open to a follow up attack.

After forcing her knee to the side Leon turned his body away and flung himself forward landing a violent open palm strike against Ventress' rib cage causing her to stumble back giving Leon another opening to continue his assault. Charging toward his opponent Leon slammed his open palm against her exposed shoulder then chaining the attack into another open palm strike at the stomach causing Ventress to hunch over from the hit.

Grabbing hold of Ventress arm Leon twisted it before swinging his body away from her and flinging her body over his shoulder slamming her to the ground. After Ventress was slammed on the ground Leon force pushed her away causing her to violently roll before she forced herself to stop.

Ventress slowly got up to one knee and looked at Leon in complete shock and she wasn't the only one. On the other side of the prison block both Anakin and Ahsoka witnessed how quickly Leon brought Ventress an extremely skilled and dangerous assassin to her knees.

Ventress didn't know what to think she couldn't believe that a mere Jedi padawan was able to so brutally defeat her and even though he was in as bad a condition as she was there was still Anakin and Ahsoka to deal with. Realizing her chances of victory were almost zero Ventress deactivated her lightsaber and jumped to a nearby ventilation shaft and retreated from the fight.

After Ventress fled Leon fell to his knees completely exhausted as Anakin and Ahsoka ran over to him, "Leon" Ahsoka called to him as his eyes closed and he fell back to be caught by Thalia.

"Hey" Leon smiled weakly when Thalia caught him, "Isn't this how you and I met?"

With that last joke Leon passed out the fatigue finally becoming too much for him.

Thalia told the two of them that she would watch over Leon while they freed her people before leaving to regroup with Obi-Wan outside the facility before destroying it once and for all. With the Separatist base destroyed the leader of Thalia's people stepped forward to thank them, he was an older man with pale eyes that showed many years worth of experience within them. He stood much taller than Master Kenobi did and had many old scars on his body from battles long past.

He thanked the three Jedi and insisted that they return to their village to join them in a celebration. Obi-Wan politely declined the offer stating that they needed to return to their ships to make a report of the success of their mission, but Anakin convinced him to accept the offer sending a group of troopers back to make the report instead.

Thalia's people the Licht as they called themselves led the Jedi back to their village hidden in the face of a mountain. Inside it was actually a large ship that became encased by years worth of ice and snow falling around it.

The leader of the Licht introduced himself as Tal Sin the High Shaman of the Licht.

"High Shaman?" Obi-Wan wondered after helping Thalia to set Leon down to rest.

Tal Sin nodded to him before explaining that the High Shaman was the title given to the leader of their people and that only one who could clearly communicate with the spirits and fight flawlessly in battle could be worthy of leading their people and that he had been the High Shaman for the past 60 years.

While Tal Sin continued to tell Obi-Wan and Anakin tales of his own history as well as that of his people Ahsoka went to check on Thalia who had not left Leon's side since he passed out back in the Separatist base.

"How is he?" she asked Thalia.

Thalia gently ran her hand over Leon's forehead as he slept, "He is recovering, but it will take time before he is back to full strength".

"That's good" Ahsoka said sitting next to Thalia and looking down at Leon. Seeing him lying there made her think of how drastically he changed when Thalia was in danger even while they were fighting Ventress he was still making jokes like always, but once Thalia was in danger he changed and became aggressive and brutal ready to risk his own life and body to protect her.

"Something is bothering you?" Thalia asked her.

Ahsoka looked to Thalia surprised, but the Spirit Dancer told her she could feel the many emotions and worries running through her mind. Ahsoka admitted that she was worried about Leon, but didn't mention he thoughts on him protecting Thalia.

"I suspect he will awaken soon there is no need to worry" Thalia told her with a soft smile, "I envy you, you get to travel with someone so strong, kind and caring".

"I wouldn't go that far" Ahsoka joked, "But he does have his moments he's a really cool guy if you can get used to his annoying jokes".

That's when something occurred to Ahsoka, "Hey that High Shaman guy he speaks basic, but you couldn't until you did that thing to Leon".

Thalia nodded, "Yes some of the elders in our tribe are very fluent in your language. Tal Sin has been the leader of our people for a long time he is very wise and strong".

"If you don't mind me asking how old is he?"

Thalia closed her eyes and looked down, "He is 82 by your years I fear his time is approaching so we must be prepared to select our next leader".

Ahsoka could tell that Thalia despite her earlier words was worried about Leon as much as she was so she tried to continue the current conversation in an attempt to take both their minds off it.

"So any idea who the next leader would be?"

Thalia looked away from her, "There are several among are warriors, but the High Shaman must be someone who can battle as well as communicate with the spirits none of our warriors are able to do that".

"So there's no one to lead your people then?" Ahsoka asked to which Thalia shook her head.

"I will be the most likely choice even though I do not have much combat experience I can commune with the spirits better than any of the other Spirit Dancers".

"You don't sound very enthusiastic about it" Ahsoka noted from her tone.

Thalia shook her head, "I'm afraid I may lead my people down the wrong path. I am not worthy enough to lead them yet".

"I wouldn't worry about that if I were you" Ahsoka told her in an attempt to cheer her up, "I can tell you're a good person so I know you would do everything in your power to help your people no matter what".

Thalia smiled at her, "Thank you Ahsoka".

The hours passed by and eventually Leon awakened from his rest and by then it was time for them to leave to return home to Coruscant.

Obi-Wan contacted their transport ships to come pick them up and while they waited Thalia led Leon away from everyone else.

"Is something wrong?" Leon asked her.

Thalia didn't look at him instead she faced the entrance to her home gazing out into the howling blizzard, "Leon when you protected me from that witch you fought so ferociously to save me. The way you moved it was unlike anything I had ever seen you moved so seamlessly from one strike to the next".

Leon wasn't sure why Thalia was saying this, but he smiled and returned to his usual joking personality, "Well I wouldn't be much of a ladies man if I didn't come to the rescue of a beautiful woman in danger now would I?"

Thalia managed a weak smile as she finally turned to him, "You are strong Leon, probably stronger than Tal Sin stronger than all of our warriors. If you were to stay here you could help me lead my people".

Leon was surprised by what he just heard Thalia just asked him to stay on Hoth and help her lead her people. Before he could raise any concerns on the issue Thalia ran over to him and grasped his hand.

"Leon, I lack the combat experience needed to lead my people properly, but if you stay here with me you could help me lead them".

Leon was in a stunned silence for a few moments, but again before he could say anything Thalia backed away from him and turned to the side gazing at something. Slowly turning his head Leon's eyes widened as he saw what Thalia was staring at a ghostly blue figure that was smiling at them.

"Mother" Thalia muttered as the figure became clearer to them turning into a transparent blue ghost of a beautiful woman with long hair.

"That's your mother?" Leon asked surprising Thalia who whipped around to look at him.

"You can see her?" she asked to which Leon nodded, "But only Spirit Dancers can communicate with the spirits why can you see her?"

The spirit of Thalia's mother approached her with a loving smile before placing her hand on her daughter's shoulder and disappearing in a cloud of faint blue light.

"I don't believe it" Leon said taking a step back, "That wasn't a spirit. That was a force ghost".

Thalia turned to him unsure of what he meant, "What is a force ghost?"

Leon returned his eyes to Thalia, "Its the soul and essence of a Force-sensitive person who died, but instead of becoming one with the Force they somehow turned themselves into an entity that allows them to continue interacting with the physical world…I've never seen one first hand before".

"A Force-sensitive?" Thalia wondered before shaking her head, "No my mother was a Spirit Dancer like me".

Leon's expression had changed he was deep in thought for a few seconds before he looked at Thalia, "Thalia you're not someone who can communicate with the spirits your Force-sensitive".

"What?" Thalia gasped, "No I'm a Spirit Dancer I've always been I can't be Force-sensitive I don't know how to wield it".

"No you don't" Leon agreed, "But maybe that's why those spirits have been coming to you. Think about it you said you can communicate with the spirits better than the others right? Maybe you keep seeing visions of them because they're coming to you trying to tell you that you have the power to wield the Force".

Thalia continued to protest the thought, "But my people cannot use the Force we do not have such a power".

"The Force exists in all things Thalia" Leon told her, "Just because you don't know how to wield it doesn't mean you can't" he walked over to her, "This is good Thalia if you learn how to use the Force you can use it to protect and lead your people".

"But how would I learn to use it?" she asked him.

Leon fell silent he was still a padawan and didn't know as much about the Force as the masters of the Jedi order and even if he did he wouldn't have time to teach her how to use it so the only people who could teach her would be the other members of the Jedi order, but they would never do it as she was too old to be selected for Jedi training.

"Wait" Leon said as an idea flared in his mind, "Thalia that spell you used on me to learn my language, could you use that to copy my knowledge of the Force?"

Thalia took a step back and looked away, she wasn't sure if it was possible it sounded like it could work, but she wasn't sure and regardless of if it would work or not it would leave Leon exhausted she couldn't let herself do that to him after all he had been through.

"No wait hold on" Leon said stepping to the side, "Can anyone else in your tribe do that? The spell you used on me?"

Thalia gasped and began thinking no one else she knew of could do that she was the only one who had used that spell everyone else either already knew the language or was being taught it.

"Don't you see" Leon told her, "That spell you used was the Force, you already used the Force and didn't even know it just imagine what you could do now that you're aware of it".

Thalia shook her head again, "I…I don't think I should".

Leon took her hand, "Thalia if you learn how to wield the Force as your ally you can become the leader your people would need" he slowly moved her hand up to his neck the same place she touched him when she learned his language, "I believe in you" he told her with a smile, "Do it".

Thalia was still hesitant, but she nodded and closed her eyes focusing her thoughts on his and within seconds felt his knowledge of the Force entering her mind. After she had finished learning what Leon knew Thalia panted as if she was running for a long time, "Incredible I…I feel…" she continued to pant trying to calm herself, "This…this sensation it's".

Leon chuckled at her loss of words before stumbling forward and falling into her arms; "We only have a few hours before I have to leave" he smiled at her, "We'd better get started before someone finds us".

Leon remained with Thalia until the transport ship arrived helping her to refine her control over the Force and teaching her the importance of avoiding temptation and to never use the Force in anger or hatred.

When the transport ship finally arrived Leon looked at Thalia and with a reluctant heart said his farewell before turning to leave.

As he walked away Thalia called out to him before rushing back to his side and throwing her arms around him, "I won't forget you Leon. I will always remember everything you've done for me".

Leon returned the embrace with a warm smile, "If I ever have the chance to I'll come back out here to see you and if you ever find yourself in the core worlds drop by the temple on Coruscant and pay me a visit".

Thalia smiled and nodded to him before letting go and watching him leave.

After they returned to the Republic cruiser orbiting the planet Ahsoka noticed that Leon was quiet the whole trip back he didn't make a single joke on the trip back to the ship and even after they landed in the hangar he just walked back to his quarters without a word.

Following after him she stopped him outside the doorway to his quarters, "Is something wrong?"

Leon nodded, "I feel as though part of me wants to stay with her".

Ahsoka quietly muttered his name, "Leon you can't, if you did stay I wouldn't…" Ahsoka quickly stopped herself and retraced her words, but Leon had already zeroed in on what she said.

"You wouldn't what?" he asked her with a faint smile, "You're not jealous are you Ahsoka?"

Ahsoka became flustered and began to panic, "No I just…What I meant to say is I wouldn't enjoy being at the temple as much because you wouldn't be there".

"So you enjoy spending time with me?" Leon asked her his tone becoming lighter and his expression returning to normal, "Sounds like you're found of me I wonder" he leaned closer to her, "Just how much do you like me?"

Ahsoka began to panic even more, "That's not what I meant I don't like you I just…No that's not what I meant either I do like you I just…Argh! Has anyone ever told you you're annoying".

"All the time" Leon smiled.

Leon laughed into his fist as Ahsoka walked away leaving him alone, part of him may have wanted to stay on Hoth with Thalia, but another part of him really liked being around Ahsoka and teasing her. While sad that he had to leave the ice world behind he was glad that he still had Ahsoka even though she didn't admit it she enjoyed spending time with him and he enjoyed spending time with her as well.

Retiring to his room Leon collapsed onto his bed and promptly fell asleep entering into a dream about him and the two girls he had formed such fast and deep friendships with.

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