Solstice Knight

A Cure

Revenge is an act of passion; vengeance of justice. Injuries are revenged; crimes are avenged - Samuel Johnson

"Where are they?" he screamed holding his enemy against the wall by his collar.

It was only a second, but the guard didn't answer, only a second and he was already tired of waiting.

He pulled his arm back and rammed his fist into his ribs snapping one out of place and then grabbed his throat pinning him to the wall again.

"Do you realize how many bones you have left for me to break? Talk or you'll never eat solid food again".

He groaned and coughed as he turned onto his side, a cold hard floor underneath him his eyes demanding to remain shut as if staying closed would block out the pain in his head. The pounding in his head quickly intensified as he awakened his hands flew up grabbing hold of his skull as it threatened to split open, his teeth clenched as he hissed from the pain rolling even further onto his side until he was curled up forehead against the stone floor. The floor was cold, hard, rough stone that scratched and grinded against his skin, but cold offering some minor relief and finally he opened his eyes daring to look up…he was in a cell.

A stone room with three walls and iron bars blocking his way into the hall that led to the tiny room he was occupying.

"Where the hell?" he muttered his memory in a fog, "Grievous" he recalled quietly, "I was fighting Grievous and…" he shook his head and inhaled the pounding headache making it hard for him to concentrate, "Grievous…Ahsoka!"

His eyes shot up and he jumped over to the bars of his cell and called out her name no answer, "Thalia?" he tried still not getting an answer he couldn't see out into the hall unable to see if there were any other cells unable to tell if he was alone in this place.

He sighed resting his forehead against the iron bars, the cold metal might as well have been ice with the relief it was giving him even though he was still panicking about his situation he would take a few seconds at least to enjoy the chill while he tried thinking of a way to get out. The first thought was to use the force to rip the bars apart, but such a noisy tactic would surely alert whatever guards would be nearby.

"These are pretty solid too" he thought, "They have to be buried pretty deep into the stone they won't budge even with my weight laid against them. It's hard to focus I probably won't be able to rip them out even with the Force".

Option two he began thinking as he turned and looked around the room he was in…nothing. Option three he could use his force tap to destroy the lock of the gate a much quieter solution, but his thoughts were barely holding together could he concentrate enough to pull off a technique that required that much precision.

He kneeled down and looked at the back of the lock tapping his finger against it, it was a solid iron like the bars that confined him, but there was an echo with each tap. It was hollow inside the lock a weak mechanism. He placed his finger against the center of the lock's back plating and inhaled deeply and slowly expelled it as he gathered his thoughts to focus. He tapped his finger against it again and heard a soft ping inside something came loose.

Trying the door he pulled it open with a sigh of relief and stepped out into the hall and surveyed his surroundings. He was unarmed of course, they had the decency to leave him with his clothes although they took anything he was carrying with him the hunting knife he wore on his waist even though he rarely used it. His comlink and other equipment were gone as well, but they left him with his necklace, the chip that broke off of the silver crystal he used in his lightsaber. He held the crystal fragment between his thumb and index finger slowly rolling it between them for a few seconds taking a few seconds to recall his life over the past eight years even since he left Dantooine with Luminara Unduli to become a Jedi.

He had spent so many years training to become a guardian of peace and a beacon of light to the galaxy. As he grew so did his motivations, he wanted to become the best at everything, the dreams of a still immature adolescent, but eventually he did begin improving. Once officially becoming a padawan and learning from the very woman who brought him to the Jedi Order he began showing vast improvement in short time, a quick study especially when it came to combat related trainings and a determined mind that continued to persist through trainings he didn't immediately get the hang of he had shown great promise to her almost immediately.

He had three masters in his life each teaching him to the best of their abilities, Luminara Unduli, Kit Fisto and Mace Windu each of them had different methods of instructing him through his time as a padawan and because of their training he was finally ready to embark on his first mission. A mission to capture a crime lord that was selling Republic Intelligence to the Separatists in exchange for money and power and it was during this mission that he partnered with the girl he would fall in love with.

Eight years, almost nine since he had joined the Jedi Order and yet the time he spent with Ahsoka seemed to be the only time that mattered.

Letting go of the crystal fragment he looked down the hall to another door and his eyes narrowed into a determined glare, "I'll find you both, just hold on".

He was in the next hall the door from his cell being unlocked making him cautious, but as he continued he saw no sign of any guards anywhere just where was he? No windows to look out of, but there were ceiling lights above him motion activated coming to life as he moved and turning off if he stopped for more than half a minute. Was it night time? Were all the guards sleeping? No, droids didn't sleep and even if they did what idiot wouldn't assign shifts to guarding a prisoner.

"Unless I'm the only person here and they left me to die".

Not a thought he wanted to entertain, but it was a possibility he couldn't ignore even if it seemed unlikely at the time. Stepping into the next hall he finally found something, a terminal of computers and two rows of beds one along each wall in a large room that almost resembled an emergency operation room.

"An abandoned hospital maybe?"

He walked over to one of the beds dried stains covering them and the sheets that had been there for so long the creases in them had hardened and locked in place.

"Whoever's in charge needs to fire their housekeeping staff" he said to himself mainly to remain focused, but wishing Ahsoka was next to him, she would probably give him a light punch in the arm for making a joke right now if she were with him.

He looked to the computers at the center of the room all switched off and very cold to the touch and covered in dust they hadn't been used in a while.

"A year at least judging from the condition of the rest of the room".

He checked the drawers of the desks and around the old cluttered tables any clue would do at this point, but all he found were a bunch of old papers and documents with words and discussions he didn't bother or care to understand. Medical documents or reports none of it mattered as far as he could see there was no address or mention of wherever he might be other than "Testing Facility C Sub-level 1".

A glance across the room to a sign above the doorway ahead of him confirmed he was in whatever Testing Facility C was and its 1st sub-level. He dropped the papers to the floor and made his way to the door hoping it would lead to some stairs or at least a map of wherever the hell he was. No stairs or map, but after following a very wide linear corridor he finally found something.

The next room was much larger and there were more beds around dozens of them and almost a third were occupied. A Rodian, a Twi'lek, an Ithorian, a Devaronian, three humans and a Wookiee all of them strapped to their beds, but only a few of them were moving. Cautiously and silently he stuck to the shadows and made his way around the catwalk above surveying the room and then the door opened and a group of five people came in.

White lab coats, doctors? No, not real doctors he didn't like the cold air that accompanied them as they moved into the rooms these were obviously bad people.

"It seems the Wookiee is finally dead" one of them said, the only Rodian of the group.

"Good" one of the four humans replied, "I was getting tired of that thing's howling".

"What of the other subjects?" the Rodian asked.

"Human subjects one through three are showing clear symptoms, but are holding in there the non-human subjects are affected much faster and suffer more intense attacks leading to more pain and quicker deaths".

The door opened again and a pair of Iridonians and another human entered the room, security by the looks of their equipment.

"What's the report?" the human guard asked, "The boss wants something good this time not just observation notes".

"How many times do I have to tell you people" the female doctor asked irritably, "You cannot rush this sort of thing. If the 'boss' has an issue with that he can come talk to me himself".

"I'll be sure to tell him you said that" the guard replied, "Start getting one of the beds ready our Jedi subject should be waking up soon".

"Jedi subject?"

Was he talking about him, or Ahsoka or Thalia?

"Thanks to that neurotoxin his thoughts should remain scrambled long enough for us to get him here. He won't be able to call upon his magic without being able to concentrate".

He, him…they were talking about him. A neurotoxin would explain his constant although lessening headache it must finally be wearing off. He narrowed his eyes at the three guards they were well armed blaster rifles and pistols, stun batons and energy cuffs they were properly armed, but were they trained well enough to deal with a Jedi, let alone him.

He felt a grin crept across his mind's lips as he saw the guards move toward the back of the room toward his cell a long ways back. It would take them a good five minutes minimum to get there and two to run back once they realized he was gone giving him plenty of time to do whatever until then, or…his eyes zeroed in one their weapons again, he could take them down now.

"They could call for backup or one of the doctors could hit an alarm".

"So maybe I should follow the guards".

"Or surprise them when they come back".

The Rodian strapped to one of the beds began thrashing about coughing heavily and violently his body twisting and contorting as he struggled to breathe and the doctors all rushed to his side, but not to help, to observe. The poor Rodian's coughing quickly became worse and louder until he had coughed up blood and then he would only cough more unable to breathe until finally he suffocated and slowly stopped moving, his chest raising one last time in a final breath before falling to never more again.

"The Rodian finally bit it" one of the doctors said, "Pay up Tez" he held out his hand to the Rodian doctor who handed him what looked like money.

The guard sighed, "Great another body to drag to the incinerator".

"Not yet" the female doctor told him, "We do an autopsy and collect our data then you take him".

"Whatever" the guard growled, "Just be quick with it we're going after the Jedi".

"No need to waste your time" he thought holding his hand out finally feeling the Force within him again almost at full strength.

"Let's get this done with" one of the Iridonians said reflecting the thought Leon put into his mind.

"Right" the human guard nodded leading them to the door that would take them to where the Jedi used to be.

He waited counting to three minutes before following after them the wide corridor big enough to fit a small vehicle through they were at the other side going through the door and once they were he slipped in and sprinted after them. Into the smaller room, the smaller examination room he first entered and slid to a stop frozen for a second, the papers he dropped on the floor, he didn't pick them up.

"Someone's been through here" the human guard said, "None of these were here earlier".

"Do you think the Jedi escaped?" one of the Iridonians asked.

The human guard grabbed his stun baton in one hand and his pistol in the other, "Unlikely, but we're not going to take that chance. Set for stun if something moves, shoot it twice".

Above him! There were large rafters, the room was much larger than he thought, and the lights were very dim up there, perfect. He leapt using the Force to aid his jump and landed on one of the rafters and watched as the three guards split up to do a quick check of the room each of them going in different directions.

"What if it was one of the other Jedi?" one of them asked quietly his whisper carrying through the silent room.

"Those two are locked up on the other side of the complex even if they escaped there's no way they made it here without being seen".

One was passing under him now, "Yeah, but if they did can we really handle more than one, children or not the one we're keeping down here almost killed General Grievous by himself".

"Why do you think he's down here by himself?" the human guard asked, "They want him for the experiments to test their new virus against a Jedi".

He was directly under him now, he dropped down from the rafters the Force silencing his landing and he slammed the edge of his hand down against the back edge of the Iridonian's neck stunning him and then wrapping his arm around his throat from behind and tightly squeezing his free hand covering his mouth until he passed out. Slowly dropping the body he claimed the guard's pistol and leapt back into the rafters and waited.

"All clear over here" the other Iridonian said.

"Clear" the human said.

When the third didn't answer they both turned calling his name not getting an answer. The two of them split up and circled around the room weapons ready until they found their comrade sprawled out on the floor.

"What the hell?" the other Iridonian yelled jumping back a step, "How? When?"

"Looks like our Jedi got free after all" the human guard said scanning the room.

He aimed the pistol he took down at the Iridonian guard and fired twice making sure the target wouldn't get back up for a while. The second the shot came the human guard aimed up and fired his reflexes the result of years worth of experience and he dropped down from the rafters quickly pushing out with the Force to knock him back. The guard quickly returned to his feet and fired again, but through the Force his arm was pushed to the side his shot going wide as the Jedi charged him. The guard reared back and waited thrusting out with his stun baton when the Jedi was close enough, but his wrist was captured and twisted hard enough that his entire body was flung to the ground and he was disarmed of both weapons.

He grabbed the guard by his collar and lifted him up slamming him against the wall, "Where are they?" he yelled.

It was only a second, but the guard didn't answer, only a second and he was already tired of waiting.

He pulled his arm back and rammed his fist into his ribs snapping one out of place and then grabbed his throat pinning him to the wall again.

"Do you realize how many bones you have left for me to break? Talk or you'll never eat solid food again".

Again only a second of not answering and another rib was cracked even through his armored vest his ribs were cracking from the blows and his eyes finally showed fear.

"The next one drives into your lung now tell me where they are" he demanded rearing his fist back again.

"Alright" the guard coughed immediately, "I'll talk, I'll talk just don't hurt me".

He squeezed his throat tighter, "I'll know if you're lying".

"I won't" the guard panicked, "Just go straight from here, past the hall and through the observation room the doctors there have alarm triggers on them so don't be seen. There's a turbo lift in the hall right after that take it to the surface and then go across the yard to complex B it's the largest one you can't miss it. The other two Jedi are there first floor at the very back".

He squeezed even tighter threatening to crush his windpipe, "You're holding something back".

"There are guards everywhere twenty-one in total including us groups of three we patrol on a schedule so in about ten minutes they're going to know something is wrong when we don't show up and the entire place goes on alert".

"Good, now last question" he finally released a bit of his grip on his throat, "What was this virus you were talking about?"

"I don't know what they call it" he coughed, "All I know is it affects the victim's respiratory system it attacks some cells in their lungs and makes it hard for them to breath then they begin coughing up blood and they either die or pass out from it".

He squeezed again, "That's all I know I swear" the guard struggled, "I think they're trying to weaponize it the one in charge of it he's in complex B doing blood tests on the other two Jedi that's all I know".

"Thank you" he said before letting go of the guard and slamming his fist into the side of his throat knocking him out.

He returned to the large room where he found that all, but one of the doctors remained he was hovering over the bed of the Twi'lek patient who seemed to be sleeping. Slowly he crept over to him and stood behind him placing the pistol's barrel against his back.

"Hands where I can see them, now" he demanded his tone telling the so called doctor that he wouldn't hesitate to shoot him in the back.

Slowly the doctor raised his hands and turned his head, "You're that Jedi. How did you? Where are the guards?"

"Dead" he lied, but succeeding in placing fear in the doctor's mind.

"You're lying" he gasped, "Jedi don't kill people".

He leaned in closer and began whispering, "No, but unfortunately for you I'm one you managed to piss off. Now tell me about this virus now".

"Leon?" the Twi'lek strapped to the bed asked.


He was distracted and the doctor took his chance to turn around and grab the pistol in his hands pushing it away as he stabbed a scalpel knife into his sternum and twisted it before jumping back to activate the alarm.

Pulling the knife from his gut he lunged forward grabbing the doctor as he turned around and plunged the blade into the side of his throat the muscles in his hand trembling as he held it there waiting for the doctor's final breath to expire before dropping him to the side.

He dropped the body and looked back to the female Twi'lek strapped to the bed, "What the hell are you doing here?"

Rhia Teysa, the doctor who had looked after him after a bomb had hospitalized him and the one who had tried helping him figure out a way to combat the virus within him.

"Someone grabbed me when I got home one night I woke up here" she told him as he freed her, "I don't know how, but I think they found out I was looking into your virus. From what I've seen since I've been here it's the same symptoms and fits you suffer from".

"How long have you been here?"

She shrugged, "I don't know a few days at the least" she looked at the floor, "They injected me with it as well. Everyone here has it".

They both looked around the room the Devaronian and one of the humans had died while he was following the guards leaving only Rhia and the other two humans left.

"Alright" he said, "You stay here and look after them do whatever you can for them I'm going to find Ahsoka and Thalia and try to find a cure or something".

"Ahsoka and Thalia? They're here to?"

He nodded, "I interrogated one of the guards they're in another building not too far from here as well as the lead researcher on this virus hopefully he has a cure or something to at least slow it down long enough to get us out of here. If I find it I'll bring it back to you as fast as I…"

She shook her head cutting him off, "No, Leon listen you're still young and you've had this thing far longer than anyone else here if you find a cure you need to use it first before you bring it to me".

"Who said I wasn't going to use it?" he asked her, "I get first dibs when I find it then you get some".

"No" she said again looking at the other patients, "They get it next".

"Don't give me that" he said, "You can't help anyone if you die from this thing. Besides I'll need you to figure out what you can about it while I'm off causing chaos and tearing this place apart. Once I find a control room I'll contact the Republic and they'll come get us".

"Sounds like you've already got this all figured out".

"Almost" he exhaled, "I still haven't decided if I'm going to kill who ever is responsible for all this yet, but that's my dilemma for now. Once I'm gone you need to barricade the room, both sides the guards I took down will be out for a good couple of hours, but I want to make sure you're safe here".

She nodded, "I'll handle things from here just be careful".

"I'll be fine" he said starting to walk to the door before turning around, "Once we're back on Coruscant you can make it up to me by letting me take you to dinner and no backing out this time I did just save your life".

"You did" she smiled lightly after he vanished through the doorway.

He went through the halls finding the lift that would take him to the surface recalling the guard's directions in his head. Once he was top side he sent the lift back down and destroyed the controls so it couldn't be called again it meant trapping Rhia down there, but it also meant no one else would be getting down there either. Complex B was his destination, sighted immediately and he made his way there he estimated he had about two minutes before the guards he incapacitated were missed and the alarm was sounded, he had to find Ahsoka and Thalia before then.

"Think we could get out of here?" Ahsoka asked.

"Maybe" Thalia answered, "When the guards come back I can try a mind trick on them and get them to bring us the keys".

"We need to find Leon and then find a way out of here".

"He's here" Thalia said closing her eyes for a moment, "He's alive, but I can't tell where he is".

"You still love him don't you?"

She didn't answer right away taking a few seconds to think back to their first meeting on Hoth, "I do".

"I'm sorry. I never meant to fall in love with him".

"Its ok" Thalia said, "I'd be lying if I said there wasn't a part of me that was jealous or even hated you a little, but you're still my friend and if the two of you are happy together then why would I want to change that".

Ahsoka fell silent that was exactly what she told Leon before he finally broke down and admitted she was the one he loved an admission that shook her more than she wanted to admit and now she loved him as well.

"He's different than he was when I left" Thalia said breaking the silence between them, "Something's changed in him something faint and dark".

Ahsoka looked away, "A lot has happened since you left. We found the second goliath and destroyed it, but then Leon and I somehow crash landed on Korriban and were stranded there for a few days. We went through a lot there it got to both of us and after we were rescued we found the first goliath again and Edge died destroying it. He's suffered through a lot since you left I've done all I can to try to make him feel better, but there's still a part of him that feels he's the reason everything happened".

"You look out for each other" she said with a sad smile, "Whatever is happening to him I fear it may get worse before it gets better since I can't be at his side will you promise me you will?"

"I will…now that I'm with him I…I don't want to be without him".

An alarm suddenly went off and the two of them looks up at the ceiling were a single flashing red light was casting its dark color around the hall and then a stampede of footsteps came their way. A group of five guards had stopped in front of their cell weapons armed and aimed at them ordering them to step away from the gates as they opened them then forcing them into energy cuff restraints.

"Get moving" one of them ordered pushing Thalia's shoulder.

"It's Leon" Ahsoka grinned after seeing the number of guards running around the complex as they were being escorted, "Not even Anakin can cause this much trouble".

Leon stood over a group of guards another three down leaving only twelve left out of the twenty-one of course there had to be other staff around somewhere or maybe even battle droids. Come to think of it he hadn't seen a single droid since he woke up this was obviously a Separatist facility wherever he was, but not seeing any droids struck him as odd. He shook his head dismissing the thought and moved on he was almost at the back of the complex Ahsoka and Thalia were they unless they were moved when the alarm was triggered even if they were it wouldn't take long to find them.

He found the opened cells two of them right next to each other they were moved he looked down the hall he came from the amount of noise he was making was sure to have attracted attention leading any intelligent person to escort his prisoners the other direction. Following the hall leading even further into the complex he found a stair case that led up the second floor was filled with labs beakers and test tubes and all sorts of colored chemicals with desks cluttered by research papers and observation notes then at the very end there were two doors and he saw them, Ahsoka and Thalia being led into the door on the right. He wanted to run after them, but he didn't want to risk the guards hurting them if he was detected he had to move slowly once they were out of sight.

Following them he counted to three in his head before turning the handle, locked.

"Dammit" he mind yelled then he heard laughter coming from the other door.

Trying the door on the right it opened and he stepped in immediately being met by a rifle stock slamming into his face knocking him down. Something cracked and a burning sensation of pain covered his face as he laid on the floor covering his nose now bleeding, a guard standing above him with his rifle trained on him.

"Come now there's no need for such hostility" a voice said at the side of the room, "We can come to an agreement I'm sure".

A light skinned human male in a white lab coat standing at a table filled with beakers of dark green liquid his shaved head gleaming a little from the faint light over head.

"After all" he chuckled, "We do have guests watching us so we shouldn't fight".

He pointed at a large window on the wall showing the other room on the opposite side and he saw Thalia and Ahsoka standing back to back tied around a pole in the middle of the room looking back at him.

"Now then" the doctor continued getting Leon's attention, "I'm sure you don't want anything to happen to your friends in there so I'm going to need you to behave because if you don't" he flashed a vial of the green liquid to him, "I'll release an airborne strain of this virus into that room and they will die rather quickly and very painfully".

Leon crawled back a bit and tried getting up the guard's weapon still trained on his head, but before he could say anything he felt his chest tighten and his throat close. He dropped to his knees coughing violently he was faintly aware of Ahsoka calling out to him from the adjacent room as blood poured from his mouth and his sense of balance was lost.

The doctor began laughing, "Its you" he exclaimed with an irritating sense of glee, "You're the Jedi that contracted my virus. My college Rhia was talking about a Jedi who had contracted my virus" he squealed a laugh, "Oh what joy to have you here. I am amazed you survived so long with it I can't wait to run some tests".

Leon looked up at him hate and rage filling his tear filled eyes as he struggled to breathe.

The doctor merely smiled down at him, "I have a cure you know" he said to him, "You can have some, but it will come at a price. I'll need a blood sample and you'll have to swear loyalty to the Separatists of course do those two simple things and you can have it".

The doctor squealed again and looked to the guard, "You can leave I will handle it from here".

The doctor grabbed a stun pistol of his own and aimed it at the floored Jedi, "Come on get up you and I are going to have a chat".

The guard reluctantly left them alone and the doctor escorted Leon over to his lab table where the vials of the virus sat in an obsessed arrangement.

"They are beautiful don't you think?" he asked him, "Like works of art. Tell me what would you do for the cure".

"I'd kill you with an honest to god smile on my face".

"Oh" the doctor hummed, "You'd best think twice about an act like that because" he reached into his pocket and revealed a case with two vials of light blue liquid inside them, "These are the only antidotes I have made so far".

The doctor's tone finally changed becoming threatening and commanding, "One wrong move and I'll destroy them both, now get on your knees and use these" he tossed him a pair of energy cuffs, "Restrain yourself now".

Leon stood there as the cuffs hit his chest and fell to the floor he just stood there glaring at the man in front of him the one responsible for the virus that plagued him for so long.

"I won't ask again" the doctor yelled holding the case like he was ready to smash it against the floor.

Finally Leon knelt down and grabbed the cuffs, "How much of that would it take to cure someone?"

"Only one vial" the doctor answered, "But if you don't listen there won't be any now no more questions cuff yourself now".

Leon held the cuffs against his wrist and then stopped glaring at the doctor one last time, "No".

He dropped the cuffs to the floor and stepped forward making the doctor panic, "Suit yourself" he said turning and throwing the case behind him toward the wall, but it stopped in mid air and just hovered there.

"Did you forget already?" Leon asked him, "What Jedi are capable of".

And you forgot what I told you" the doctor said, "If you do not cooperate your friends die".

He turned to him firing a blind shot from his stun pistol catching Leon in the leg before turning to his desk and reaching for a switch that would fill the adjacent room with the virus that afflicted Leon. Growling through clenched teeth Leon lunged forward and tackled the doctor who dropped the case which cracked against the floor and the vials started leaking. Leon watched the light blue liquid flow onto the floor bits of shattered glass flowing with it as the doctor he had pinned to the ground laughed.

"You've doomed yourself you fool you should have listened to me" his words were cut off as Leon lifted him up and knocked him out he walked over to the antidote case and grabbed it.

One vial remained undamaged he could take it cure himself and never have to suffer from this again, but that would mean leaving Rhia to suffer in his place. His hand closed tightly around the case and anger once again filled him it wasn't even a tough decision for him, but to be so close only to turn it away infuriated him.

He turned to the window that looked into the room where Ahsoka and Thalia had been watching. He gathered the Force into his hand and shattered the window climbing over the shattered glass with a defeated expression ignoring the cuts along his arms and legs as he untied them and handed them the last vial.

"Leon you need to" Ahsoka began before he shook his head, "No. Rhia is here you need to get it to her now she's in the smaller building directly across from us the lift is disabled so you'll have to jump down she's in the sub-level barricaded in a large room. She has two others with her that are also infected they come before I do".

"Leon this could be you're only chance" Ahsoka told him.

Again he shook his head, "There has to be research notes around here somewhere something that explains how he made it I just have to find those and someone can recreate it, but for now someone else gets it".

He looked at Thalia, "I need the two of you to get down there and help her as best you can I'll do what I can from here and then catch up with you and we can think of a plan from there".

"You're lying" her voice said in his mind.

"I have to figure out where we are" he answered after a brief silence, "If I do it alone I can also keep the guards away from you and maybe even find where they're keeping our lightsabers. I'll rejoin you I promise it will just take a while".

"If you don't come back in one piece I won't forgive you" Thalia said to him.

"I'll be there" he told her turning back to Ahsoka, "I won't be long so go before the guards come back".

She silently nodded, wanting to protest the idea wanting him to come with them, but she couldn't if there was someone else who was infected with the same virus they needed help as well. She didn't like it she wanted to help him she wanted to make sure he was safe, but if it meant sacrificing another she couldn't do it.

"I'll be fine" he said to them as they slowly turned around and left the room leaving him alone with the one who created the virus.

"Smart" the doctor coughed as he got up, "Making them leave so they don't see what you do to me. I know that look in your eye you want to kill me don't you oh, but Jedi don't kill do they? No you want to you really want to you're burning to do it, but you won't".

The doctor stood up as Leon faced him, "I know where a lot of bodies are buried even should you arrest me I'll be out in a few days".

"You the know the funny part is" Leon began before walking over to him and grabbing his throat with the Force lifting him off the ground, "I believe you".

The doctor smirked as he was being choked, "You won't do it boy, you don't have it in you".

Grabbing one of the virus samples from the desk next to him Leon opened the lid and pulled the doctor toward him and then dropping him at his feet.

"This time" he began suddenly wrapping his hand around the doctor's throat and squeezing, "You're wrong".

He forced the doctor's mouth open and poured the liquid virus down his throat choking him as he tried to not swallow the virus, but every cough came with an inhale that carried the tainted liquid down his throat and into his body. The doctor's eyes went wide as the virus immediately began acting its process much faster when directly ingested in such a way and Leon watched as he suffered, struggling to breath as his chest tightened and throat began closing just as his own had done so many times. The doctor scratched and clawed at his own throat trying to breathe until he began coughing up blood and after a minute of suffering finally died at the feet of the one he thought was a Jedi.

"Dr. Keyes" a voice yelled from behind them as the doctor died at his feet.

Leon turned around just in time to see a pair of guards enter the room the muzzles of their weapons flashing as their triggers were pulled and he blacked out just after feeling his back crash to the floor.

Whoever fights monsters should see to it that in the process he does not become a monster. And if you gaze long enough into an abyss, the abyss will gaze back into you - Friedrich Nietzsche

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