Solstice Knight

Legacy: The One That Defeated the World

Being deeply loved by someone gives you strength, while loving someone deeply gives you courage - Lao Tzu

"Master Tiin suffered a concussion".

"He's survived far worse".

"Master Plo Koon almost suffocated; the damage to his mask cannot be repaired".

"Thankfully he had others".

"Aayla Secura's arm is still paralyzed".

"But she'll survive".

"Master Windu's arm was dislocated and he's completely paralyzed from the neck down".

"But he'll live".

"How many more of your own are you going to let him attack?"

"He did only what we pushed him into doing".

"No one forced him into this he did it of his own accord".

"We failed to believe in Ahsoka and him. We have no one to blame, but ourselves. Perhaps we all have failed".

Whispers, voices at the edge of hearing, they were arguing. He could hear them, but what were they talking about?

"If we had given Ahsoka a chance to explain herself all of this could have been avoided".

Ahsoka. He remembered, she was with him, was she still with him now? Was she here or was she somewhere else? Did she escape or did they capture her? He needed to know he needed to find her, but he couldn't move he couldn't feel his body at all almost as if it no longer existed.

"He's waking up".

"No, keep him unconscious I don't want to take the chance of him going on another rampage".

"With respect Admiral that is not your decision to make".

"He assisted a fugitive murderer against Republic forces he is under my jurisdiction".

"You are in our temple. You have no jurisdiction here and his involvement in this matter is purely a Jedi conflict he is under our control".

"…So be it. Keep him and do whatever you want, but if he gets out of control again my men will have standing orders to take him down with extreme force".

The voices grew louder for a moment and then became whispers again and though he could not feel his body he felt heavier, slower and then he felt nothing at all hearing someone speak just before his consciousness faded.

"I believe in you Leon".

Something was beeping, a slow repetitive beep, and a familiar one. He opened his eyes slowly everything around him was silent except for whatever was beeping. White, he saw a bunch of white all around him all of it reflecting a bright light from above him causing him to close his eyes again to shield them. Raising his stone weighted arm he blocked the light from his eyes and opened them again and surveyed his surroundings.

An infirmary, a small one. The beeping he heard was a vital monitor to his left there were crimson stains on the sheets that covered him and his head felt like it would split open at any moment. He looked around noticing a pitcher of water on a small tray table next to him and reached for it. Downing the drink which was room temp he felt a pain in his throat like something had grinded against it from the inside and then he remembered everything.

"Ahsoka" she was accused of treason, of bombing the Jedi temple and killing several people.

He had gone after her to investigate, but also to protect her from the others. The Council…they turned their backs on her left her alone so they could protect their already frail image in the eyes of the Republic and the Senate. He had fought them, challenged them and defeated them, Saesee Tiin, Plo Koon, Kit Fisto, Aayla Secura and Mace Windu. He fought all of them and defeated them to protect Ahsoka because he knew what they refused to know, that she was innocent.

There was another that stood in his way, one he would have fought as well and with great regret defeated.

"Luminara" he muttered.

His first master, the woman who brought him to the Jedi Order almost ten years ago, she had appeared to block their escape. He didn't want to, he didn't want to fight her, but he would have and he would have defeated her just the same as the others as much as he cared for her as much as he loved her he wasn't going to let anyone take Ahsoka into custody. Then he collapsed his body so far beyond its limit that not even the power of the solari crystal could keep him going.

"Of course they took them" he sighed noticing his lightsabers weren't with him, "Glad to see they're not that stupid".

Standing up he ripped the half dozen patches on his chest and arm that monitored his vitals their adhesive pulling at his hair and skin leaving small irritated spots of red behind. His sleeveless jacket rested on the back of the only chair in the room, grabbing it he slid his arms in and rolled his shoulders back and punched his fist into his other hand. He was going to find Ahsoka again hopefully everything had been resolved while he was out, however long that was if not then the Force be merciful on whoever got in his way.

Pushing open the doors to the infirmary he was immediately stopped by two masked men in full body hooded robes.

"Temple guards" he noted to himself seeing the two men stand ready on either side of him as he stepped out.

"Halt" one of them had said holding a dual bladed lightsaber hilt in his hands just as his partner did, "You are not permitted to leave the infirmary. You must remain inside until Master Unduli speaks with you".

That made a lot of things clear almost immediately, Luminara brought him here and made sure he received medical attention. The voices he heard at the edge of consciousness one of them must have been her.

"We will inform her that you've awakened" the other guard said, "Until then you are to remain inside".

"Where's Ahsoka?" he asked them hoping to get as much information out of them as he could, he had no intention of staying here no matter the answer, "Is she ok? Was she captured?"

"We're not authorized to answer any questions" one told him.

"I'm worried about her" Leon said, "Just tell me if she's been taken in or not".

"Back inside" the one on his left said, "Now".

Leon glanced over his shoulder at the guard on his right and then glared to the one on his left, "No" he said almost growled.

They both activated their weapons; dual bladed lightsaber pikes a rare weapon, one he had used in training once just to see what it felt like. They were effective in the proper hands, but the size of their hilts made them difficult to master though he had no doubts these two knew how to use them.

"We are under orders to use force if necessary" the one on his right told him, "Last warning go back inside".

Leon struck first attacking the guard on his left surprising him, he grabbed his arm and yanked him forward grabbing the back of his skull and slamming his head against the wall. The guard behind him attacked, but Leon ducked down and spun on his heel aiming a kick at the guard's gut knocking him back. Turning forward again Leon struck the first guard in the side of his neck aimed at the vagus cranial nerve disorienting the guard making him stumble a couple of steps. Stretching the fingers of his other hand Leon stepped forward as the temple guard stumbled back and grabbed him by his neck weaving his leg behind the guard's and sweeping as he pushed forward, a lariat-legsweep combination takedown his mother taught him when he was young, one of his personal favorites moves he had ever learned.

The back of the guard's neck was slammed to the floor still disoriented from the nerve strike he was now out cold and most likely wouldn't come to for a good five minutes and Leon would be long gone by then.

Turning back to the other guard Leon waited for the temple guard to swing his lightsaber pike and then stepped to the side and then forward under and inside the attack. Hooking his arm around the guard's as his attack missed twisted his body to the side shifting his body weight he threw the guard over his shoulder landing him on his rear in front of Leon who still had his arm hooked around the guard's. The guard briefly stunned by the throw sat in front of Leon unaware that his arm was still restrained and then a sudden violent jerk backward and he felt his shoulder pop from its socket. The guard's pained screams were cut short by another nerve strike to the side of his neck and his limp body fell to the side as Leon released it.

He wasted no time, grabbing both lightsaber pikes and leaving the unconscious guards Leon sprinted down the hall making his way to the temple's communication center. Inside the communication center he moved quickly he passed a few padawans and a group of younglings none of which seemed to be aware of what he had done since they did not give chase or seem alert anyone else to his presence, but he wasn't going to wait to find out. On the other side of the communication center he slid to a stop sensing that someone was inside, it would be wise to treat the situation as casually as possible while it was unlikely it was possible whoever was inside was unaware of his recent actions and that would save him a fight he didn't want or have time for.

He opened the door and the person he sensed turned to look at him, a human female with light skin short black hair with a braided bang on each side and blue eyes. She was wearing the less traditional Jedi robes the ones that fit tighter the robes ended just past her hips appearing as a skirt and under them were leather leggings that ran down to her knees before being concealed by knee high reddish brown boots. Her outfit was completed by a red vest that only covered her chest and shoulders definitely giving her a more unique and stand out appearance from other Jedi in the temple.

He had met her before, during his training her name was Serra Keto a Jedi Knight who was trained under Cin Drallig, Jedi Battlemaster and head of the Temple Security Force. Leon had sparred with her a few times during his training, she was older than he was though he wasn't sure by how much, but she couldn't have more than ten years on him.

"Leon?" she quietly gasped turning to him, "You're awake".

She knew he was in the infirmary and unconscious which also meant she probably knew why.

In any other situation he would have made a joke, "No I must still be dreaming if I'm seeing someone as pretty as you".

But this wasn't the time for jokes and she definitely knew of what he did, she was reaching for her lightsabers. He stood there as she grabbed her lightsabers she was a skilled Jar'Kai practitioner wielding two normal lightsabers instead of a shoto saber in her offhand he knew that much about her, but nothing else other than who trained her. He did want to fight her, he didn't want to fight anyone really, but if he had to then he would.

"Serra wait" he said sliding back a step and holding his hands up, "Just please tell me what happened to Ahsoka".

She was hesitant, he could see that whether she was hesitating to attack him or answer him he wasn't sure, maybe both, but he didn't have time to wait either.

"Serra please" he said pressing the matter, "Just tell me what happened to her you must know".

She noticed the lightsaber pikes he took from the temple guards, "What will you do?" she asked him.

"Depends on what you tell me" he answered, "I only want to prove she's innocent no matter how bad it looks".

"By attacking your fellow Jedi?"

He exhaled and nodded, "I did what I felt I had to at the time".

"What will you do if I tell you she's been captured?"

"I don't have time for this" he mind growled and threw out his hand grabbing her with the Force and pulling her toward him.

Focusing the Force into his hands he spun around getting behind her and struck her three times once at each of her kidneys and the third attack was a clap from both hands at both sides of her head against her ears stunning her. Serra dropped her lightsabers as the room around her began spinning and turning upside down, she moved to cover her ears as she fell to her knees before feeling something strike at her neck and all her pain vanished and everything went black.

Leon caught her as she fell into his arms and gently set her on the floor whispering an apology as he ran over to the security terminal and began accessing files. Thankfully Serra was still logged in he had no knowledge about slicing, he immediately found the report of his capture and detainment along with a record of Admiral Wilhuff Tarkin arguing with Luminara Unduli demanding that Leon be handed over to military custody.

"That's who I was hearing" he thought.

When he was out the voices he heard it was Luminara arguing with Tarkin about Leon's capture. He could barely remember what he heard them saying, but he had the feeling that to some extent Luminara still believed in him and that gave him a bit of hope and so did the next report. Ahsoka was still on the run, she fled after he passed out.

"Good" he breathed, "Just hang on Ahsoka, I'm coming for you".

Going through the report he looked for her last known location finding it near the slum district's tramway, that's where he'd begin. Turning back to Serra who was still out he reached down taking her comlink and switching it to the emergency frequency used by Titan squad.

"Titan squad sound off" he said.

"Leon?" they all said at once, "Are you ok? They said you were captured".

"I was" he told them, "I'm inside the temple, but I'll be taking my leave soon we need to find Ahsoka".

Turning off his comlink Leon took on of Serra's lightsabers, "I'll give this back later" and left sprinting full speed for what was left of the temple hangar.

He didn't make it far before someone appeared to block his escape, an aged human male with light skin and dark blonde hair. Dressed in red robes that announced his rank by presence alone and his stance proclaiming his confidence and wisdom and experience. Leon met the man's blue eyes and wanted to swear to himself.

"Master Cin Drallig".

"Leon" he said calmly not moving, "Where is Serra?" he asked eyeing his former padawan's lightsaber on his belt.

"She's going to have a really big headache when she wakes up" he told him, "But she'll be fine".

"I sense no deception in your words" Drallig said obviously sizing him up, "That's good, but I still must ask you to surrender. Master Unduli wants you detained to the infirmary until she can speak with you. Please come with me peacefully".

"I'm sorry Master Drallig, but I can't do that" Leon reached for the lightsaber he took from Serra, "I wish there was a way to do this without violence I really do, but I'm not going to abandon Ahsoka".

"You truly believe she's innocent don't you?"

Leon nodded, "I wouldn't have challenged the others if I didn't".

Master Drallig nodded, "I heard about your confrontations. I have to admit I'm very impressed by your skills in combat perhaps you could be the next battle master for the Order".

"Maybe" Leon admitted, "But I have no time to waste" he activated the lightsaber, "Now Master Drallig I must ask you to step aside or I will be forced to go through you".

Master Drallig reached for his own lightsaber and the green blade flared to life in his hand, "I've heard of your accomplishments Leon, I'll be honest with you after hearing them all I've been wanting to have a duel with you to see how good you really are. It's not what I was hoping for, but I'll be able to do that today".

"I'll give you a good show then" Leon said taking a step to the side circling the motionless Jedi Master.

Master Drallig wasn't just another Jedi Master he was the head of the Temple Security Force and the temple's Battlemaster. He would be as challenging an opponent as Master Windu was. Cin Drallig was an expert swordsman with nearly unparalleled skill in lightsaber combat during his time he had taught combat to thousands of students, Leon had only met him once in passing and had never seen him in action he had no idea what to expect from him, but he wasn't going to back down.

He circled Drallig who merely stood there even when Leon entered his blind spot and Leon stopped he was waiting he hadn't assumed any fighting stance he was just holding his lightsaber downward along his leg. Without taking a stance it was hard to tell what form he was planning on using or how he would attack.

"His feet" Leon said remembering the combat training he received from his parents.

His feet would give away his initial plan, from the way he was standing and the direction his feet were pointing. He was going to parry his first attack and then he would most likely try to disarm him in a single move. He might counter attack or he might just back off and play defense the whole time, stalling until reinforcements arrived and Leon was too outnumbered to fight back, but regardless his first move would be to parry Leon's strike.

Leon stepped forward and used the Force to throw one of the chairs at Master Drallig moving in right behind it to slash at him, but the Jedi Battlemaster merely stood there catching the chair with the Force and dropping it before parrying Leon's attack. Just as he thought he parried his first strike thankfully he didn't counter attack, but again he had fallen still with no stance to give away his style or form.

"Djem So?" Leon thought eyeing the man in front of him, "No that involves pressing the offense, Ataru? No otherwise he'd be attacking me nonstop…Makashi then, he's waiting for me to attack and he's just going to parry. If he used Djem So he could strike back and gain a decisive edge, but he's using Makashi just to defend…he's stalling for time".

"Trying to analyze my stance?" Drallig asked him, "Many have tried over the years, very few have ever succeeded".

"Makashi" Leon told him, "You're staying defensive and you're going to just parry everything I throw at you, you're stalling until others can get here. You don't want to fight as much as I do".

He grinned at Leon, "Very perceptive. How did you deduce my methods?"

Leon shook his head, "I'm a warrior Master Drallig it may not be the Jedi way, but I've been trained in the ways of combat since I was five. I probably know a few things about fighting that you don't".

"That's quite a claim" he smiled.

Leon nodded and set himself in the stance of Ataru, "I apologize Master Drallig, you really seem like a good man, but I can't afford to waste anymore time here. I'm leaving".

"I'm afraid I cannot allow that".

"You won't be able to stop me".

Leon ran forward, his only hope of defeating an opponent like this who knew every technique there was to know, was to fight like someone he had never faced thankfully no one fought like Leon did.

They locked sabers and again Master Drallig tried to parry the strike, but Leon pulled his strike waiting for the twist that would redirect the force of his attack before he landed his strike. The pulled strike forced Master Drallig to block unable to start the momentum build to parry again and now he was vulnerable.

It would only take a fraction of a second for a trained warrior like Drallig to counter attack or break the lock between them; a fraction of a second and they would be back to square one where Drallig had the advantage. A fraction of a second, Leon needed to be faster than that.

The moment the lightsabers locked against each other Leon slipped his hand off the hilt of Serra's lightsaber and struck at his opponent's neck. Force Tap he used it on Drallig's throat and stunned him, but only for a moment he needed to capitalize on it now. Stepping forward Leon switched off his lightsaber and jabbed the Jedi Battlemaster in the gut with his right hand then landing a left hook against the side of his neck followed by an uppercut each hit followed by a Force Tap.

Master Drallig stumbled back completely dazed by the sudden attack, but his years of experience kept him on his feet and his instincts kicked in and finally he attacked Leon finally aware of what kind of threat the young knight posed if he stayed on the defensive.

Leon waited for the Jedi Battlemaster to come at him again and then he struck taking the dazed Jedi by surprise. An attack that appeared to be coming from above, but instead came from the side at a downward angle then an upward slash that turned into a downward slash at last second followed immediately by a side slash that somehow managed to break through his guard and strike him from above at the same time. Drallig defended on years worth of reflex alone as he faced these sudden attacks he had never seen.

These were the techniques of Tulak Hord, or at least a few of them enough to take Drallig by surprise and keep him off balance long enough for Leon to find an opening. Techniques from a true lightsaber master from a time where many true masters existed, the techniques he discovered after crash landing on Korriban, he used these attacks to defeat Master Windu and now he would incorporate them into his own style of fighting and use them to defeat the Jedi Order's famed Battlemaster.

Drallig was forced to push him away breaking off Leon's onslaught and giving him some room to breathe and come up with a strategy for defeating him, but his opponent would not give him that chance.

Again Leon stepped in and instead of a push used the Force to slap the Jedi Master's head smacking him in the eyes with a telekinetic attack briefly blinding him before grabbing his leg and pulling it to the side disrupting his stance. Drallig's stance was broken and Leon rushed forward his lightsaber raised for an overhead swing and as Drallig moved to block Leon switched his lightsaber off in mid swing passing right by the Jedi Master's block and then hitting him in the shoulder with a Force Tap causing the joint to go numb. The Jedi Master's arm became useless after a second Force Tap hit the same shoulder from behind, Leon had jabbed him in the shoulder then used the Force turn him around and strike him again.

Master Drallig unable to control his hand anymore dropped his lightsaber and tried to reclaim it with his other hand only to watch it be thrown across the room as Leon pushed it away with the Force.

This was his only chance to end this, he had wasted too much time already. Leon apologized to the Jedi Master and with a final Force Tap struck him in the back of the neck at the base of the spine paralyzing him long enough for Leon to make a break for it.

There were guards in the hanger considering their stance upon seeing him everyone was alerted to his escape. Reaching for the lightsaber he took from Serra he activated it and charged forward. Green met yellow as the two guards attacked him at once their blades crossing each other as they clashed against his and he was pushed to a knee. Narrowing his eyes and gritting his teeth he pushed with the Force just before he was overpowered throwing both of them back before lifting them up and slamming them into each other knocking them out and dropping them to the floor.

"Cease hostilities at once" someone yelled from behind him.

More temple guards were running toward him their weapons ignited, but he was already inside a shuttle turning its engines on and flying out of the hangar. It wouldn't take long for anyone who didn't know of his awakening and escape to hear about it now, he had to disappear and find Ahsoka quickly.

Landing his shuttles in the slums he tossed the keys to the first person he saw and ran off into the shadows it didn't take long for him to find a group of clones looking around for Ahsoka and probably him by now.

They hadn't spotted him yet so for now he would just stick to the shadows and follow them maybe he would hear something that would give him a clue to Ahsoka's location. Following them from a block of run down apartments and past a bar that smelled like a dead rancor the clones finally stopped in the middle of the road meeting with another group of clones being led by another clone with dark red markings all over his armor.

"Report" the red marked clone said.

"No sign of her Commander" the led trooper of the first group answered, "We asked a few civilians if they had seen anyone suspicious lately, but they weren't much help".

"Very well" the commander replied, "Move on to the next sector then another squad will be here soon to search this sector again just in case she somehow gets around us".

The clone saluted, "Roger Commander" he turned to the clones behind them and nodded for them to follow vanishing down the street.

Leon watched the red marked clone commander lead his group down another street, deciding to follow them instead Leon stuck to the shadows and stalked them through several streets and alleys. He was losing his patience ready to just run off and look for her himself that's when he heard the clone commander's comlink go off.

"Commander Fox" a voice yelled.

"Report trooper" the red marked clone demanded.

"We've spotted her; she's running toward sector eight past the night clubs".

"We're in sector eight" Commander Fox told him, "We'll head her off try to push her toward the west side its blocked off she'll have no chance of escape there".

The commander yelled for his troops to double time it and Leon followed them, Ahsoka was close and it wouldn't be that long now. He saw her, she had come running toward them and jumped over them unaware that they were herding her toward a dead end. They chased her and he followed waiting he didn't want to reveal himself yet it would distract the clones, but he didn't want to lose sight of her. He continued to follow them as they chased her through the streets and finally cornering her at the end of the block.

Two dozen clones surrounding her in a corner with blasters trained on her from every direction there was no way for her to escape without fighting, this was his chance.

Focusing the Force through his body he enhanced his speed and perception and charged forward striking the first clone from behind and throwing a second into his comrades knocking them over. The commotion caught everyone's attention, by the time they all turned around Leon had already incapacitated five of them and was making his way toward the sixth. The clones divided their attention just as Leon and Ahsoka both activated their lightsabers and the blaster fire began. Ahsoka with her back to the wall defended herself trying not to let her reflexes direct the shots back at them, but against this many it was difficult.

Then Leon appeared in front of her a green lightsaber in his hands and began fighting alongside her.

"Leon?" she gasped, "What are you, how, are you ok?"

"Still absolutely livid, but I'm fine" he replied flashing her a quick grin, "How are you?"

"You know" she said deflecting a few shots, "Surviving".

"Good, let's get out of here on three push and run".

Counting to three the two Jedi unleashed a strong push with the Force bowling over the clones around them and made a break for it. After a mile of running they slowed down and caught their breath. Leon didn't wait long before wrapping his arms around Ahsoka and pulling her toward him and he smiled as she leaned against him.

"I'm sorry" he said to her.

"You don't have to apologize to me" she told him, "Right now I'm just happy to know you're ok".

"Oh I'm fine" he panted, "What about you? You been ok since I left?"

"As well as can be expected" she said, "I had some help since you passed out".

"Baron and the others?" he guessed.

She shook his head, "Ventress" she answered a bit reluctantly.

"Ventress?" he repeated, "She's here?"

She nodded, "Yeah, she's a bounty hunter now apparently. She was going to turn me in for the reward, but I convinced her to help me…"

"I'm guessing something happened".

Again she nodded, "I managed to get a message to Barriss she's been trying to help me by investigating herself and she suggested we check out a warehouse at the edge of the slums. Ventress led me there and then we split up she said she wouldn't go any further than that, but then she came back and attacked me. I guess she had a change of heart".

"That sounds about right" Leon muttered.

"Freeze" someone yelled at them and Leon spun around lightsaber flaring to life in his hand as he put himself between Ahsoka and Commander Fox and a squad of clones all wearing the same red marked armor.

"People like you never learn" Fox said taking point in his squad, "No one escapes from Commander Fox".

Leon refused to waste his breath on words, instead he charged forward prompting a wave of blaster fire in his direction all of which was deflected and then with the Force enhancing his speed he destroyed their weapons before striking them down one at a time until only Fox was left.

"Not bad kid" Fox said tossing his destroyed rifle to the ground, "Though can't say I'm surprised, you Jedi spend your entire lives playing with lightsabers you'd never be able to take someone in a real fight".

Leon switched off his lightsaber and threw it to Ahsoka along with the lightsaber pikes he took from the temple guards.

"Want to try to prove me wrong?" Fox gloated as Leon cracked his knuckles and rolled his shoulders back, "Let's go".

Fox threw a punch and Leon blocked it pushing it away with his forearm before Fox ducked down and charged at his gut. Ramming his shoulder into Leon's stomach Fox tackled him to the ground and raised his fists and began punching at the downed Jedi who kept blocking each hit. Grabbing one of Fox's arms Leon pulled it across his chest and slammed his palm against the clone's elbow pushing it in a direction it wasn't meant to go before raising his arm to defend against another punch from the other hand.

Blocking the punch Leon wrapped his arm around the commander's and jammed his hand under the clone's helmet jabbing at his throat stunning him long enough to push Fox off of him. Back on his feet Leon spun around his leg aimed high and felt his heel connect with the clone's helmet just as he was getting up knocking Fox back to the ground. Immediately shaking the cobwebs from his head Fox charged forward again trying to tackle Leon who turned the second Fox reached him.

Wrapping his arm around Fox's neck Leon turned and jumped again using the clone's own rushing momentum to add weight as he fell back and slammed the front of the clone's helmet into the ground. The phase II armor absorbed a good bit of the impact with only a bit of jarring and the clone commander punched Leon in his side twice before forcing his way out of the Jedi's headlock and bringing his elbow down aimed at the Jedi's head.

Leon rolled out of the way and faked a step forward before jumping back and rocking his body weight as he landed to spring forward with even more force. In mid jump Leon raised his leg and kicked at the center of Fox's knee almost his entire body weight falling through his leg as he kicked him causing the clone's knee to roll to the side and snap.

His knee broken and his leg kicked out from under him Commander Fox fell forward and Leon stepped to the side grabbing the clone's arm with both hands one at each end of his elbow and pushed and pulled snapping the joint before he twisted his body and through the clone to the floor.

Standing over him Leon reached down to the clone's good leg and lifted it up and wrapped his arm around the clone's ankle before twisting and snapping his ankle as well.

Commander Fox clenched his teeth as he screamed against the pain and watched through barely open eyes as Leon stood over him just long enough for the defeated clone to look into his eyes before he turned away and fled with Ahsoka.

"Did you have to go that far?" Asoka asked him once they found somewhere safe, "I mean I know he wasn't going to give up chasing me, but…what you did to him".

"I'm sorry" he said sitting next to her on a stack of crates, "I admit I went too far with it, but…" he shook his head, "I don't know something in his tone made me angry like I had to teach him a lesson".

Ahsoka forced a smile, "Well you are half mandalorian, maybe that's your warrior pride or something".

Leon chuckled a little, "Maybe".

Ahsoka managed to laugh a little to, "Just be sure to keep it in check ok?"

Leon looked at the ground, "I really am sorry Ahsoka. If there was a way to get through this without fighting I would do it".

"I know" she told him leaning against his shoulder, "I wish there was a way to do this without hurting anyone, but…" she shook her head against his shoulder, "How did this happen? Was I just in the wrong place at the wrong time or is someone out there after me?"

Leon wrapped his arm around her, "I won't let anything happen to you".

"I know you won't I just…" she closed her eyes and leaned closer against him, "I'm so tired I just want to rest for a few hours".

"How about over there" he said pointing at an abandoned apartment, "I'm sure there's somewhere we can hide in there and rest up a bit".

He led her inside finding a room on the second floor that was in decent condition and there were even a few blankets and a set of pillows in the closet of the bedroom. They weren't clean, but at this point anything would be good. Leon was still fatigued from his earlier fights now that all the excitement and adrenaline had past he realized just how sore he really way.

"How long has it been since I passed out?" he asked her as he folded the blankets a few times to make a padded spot on the floor.

"About eight hours I think" Ahsoka answered watching him.

Leon nodded to himself, that explained it he still wasn't recovered from his fight against Master Windu or Master Plo Koon and all the fighting and running he had done since waking up only added to it.

"Ok here we go" he said setting the two pillows at one side of the folded blankets, "Sleep well" he said giving her a half bow.

She forced another smile even now he was still trying to make jokes to ease the tension of what was easily the worst day of her life and probably his as well. He really loved her; she knew that of course, but for him to be able to show it in such a way even now under the circumstances.

"I promise not to do anything while you're resting" he told her, "Well I may snuggle up next to you" he shrugged.

She walked over to the makeshift bed and hugged her arms, "I might like that" she whispered turning to look at the dirty window.

Leon walked over to her; standing behind her he crossed his arms over her chest setting his chin against her shoulder.

"We'll get through this" he told her, "I know we will".

She leaned back on her heels into his embrace and closed her eyes. Even now she felt some form of warmth some form of happiness to have him with her. Someone on her side who believed so strongly in her.

"He believes in me" she thought to herself, "He hasn't looked at any evidence and he believes in me so much he's willing to fight the Order to prove my innocence…Anakin believes in me to, but he wanted me to turn myself in…maybe I should have then all of this could have been avoided. Instead I've dragged Leon into it and ruined his life as well".

"You didn't fall asleep on me did you?" he whispered to her bringing her out of her thoughts, "Not that I would mind".

She turned around in his arms and looked into his eyes, "I'm sorry Leon" she said to him, "This is all my fault I'm so sorry".

"How is any of this your fault?" he asked her, "I blame the Council not you, none of this is your fault".

She shook her head, "No you being involved is my fault. When I first started running, Anakin said he would help me that he believed in me and wanted me to just turn myself in and he would help me…but I ran. I trust him I really do, but I…if I had just surrendered to him you wouldn't be involved".

"Stop" he calmly told her moving a hand to her cheek, "I involved myself because I love you".

"I know that" she said, "And you'll keep fighting because of how you feel about me. I dragged you into this".

"I dragged myself into it" he told her, "Ahsoka listen to me, no matter how sure I am that you can handle yourself I will always want to be there for you because that's who I am. I'm willing to be that you could somehow get through this on your own because I know how good you are, but I want to be here helping you because I care about you".

"Even if it means risking treason or expulsion from the Order?"

He shrugged one shoulder, "Yeah, I don't want to say I've lost faith in the Jedi, but after doing this to you do you really think I would want to stay to begin with? Ahsoka my life is with you no matter what. I love you".

"It's as I feared then" a familiar voice said from the doorway.

Obi-Wan was standing there his wisdom filled eyes on both of them as Leon's arm was still wrapped around Ahsoka and his other hand caressing her cheek.

"Leon, Ahsoka" he began calmly regarding both of them with a sorrowful expression, "Its time we put an end to this wouldn't you both agree? There's been enough pain and suffering running is only going to make it worse".

Once again Leon stepped between Ahsoka and the ones hunting her, lightsaber already in hand.

"I couldn't agree with you more Master Kenobi" Leon said to him, "But there is no other way to prove that Ahsoka is innocent. I'm sorry, but neither of us will be surrendering until we find that proof".

"I have no wish to fight you Leon" the aged Jedi said.

Leon nodded his head to the side, "Good because I rather like you and would very much like to avoid this".

"And there's only one way to do that" Obi-Wan told him reaching for his lightsaber.

Leon nodded again, "For you to step aside or walk away either way as long as you leave us alone there will be no need for a fight".

"I'm afraid I can't do that".

"Then I'm afraid this fight in unavoidable" Leon looked around, "But first maybe we should take this outside".

"Why is that?"

"This building is very old" Leon said pointing out the cracked walls and damaged support beams, "If we fight in here there's a high chance it'll come crashing down on top of us. That and I don't know if there's anyone else here so I'd rather them not get caught up in it".

Obi-Wan nodded, "That's a valid concern I'm glad to see that you're still considering the consequences of your actions and concerned with the well being of innocents".

"Like Ahsoka" Leon pointed out.

Obi-Wan stared at him without harshness, "I've known Ahsoka for a long time I refuse to believe she could have done what she's accused of, but".

"Its best is she turns herself in" Leon said for him, "I am really getting tired of hearing that. You know this entire thing could have been avoided if the Council had decided to do some actual investigating into what happened instead of just letting the military lock Ahsoka in a cell".

Leon set himself in the stance of Djem So, "You've got no one to blame, but yourselves".

"Honestly" Obi-Wan said lowering his lightsaber, "I fear you may be right. Let's continue this outside I'd rather not risk the chance of causing this place to collapse".

"After you" Leon said to him.

"What you don't trust me?" he grinned.

"No I trust you Master Kenobi" Leon grinned back, "But if you go first and there happens to be someone waiting outside I can use you as a hostage or shield until we get away".

"Oh, well that's comforting I guess" he grinned again, "Glad to know I can be of so much use to you".

"No offense Master" Leon said following him out of the room, "I like to cover my bases as much as possible".

No one was outside as far as Leon could tell and he smiled at Obi-Wan as he stepped back from him and returned to the stance of Djem So.

"Last chance Master Kenobi, I'd really rather not do this".

"I take no pleasure or joy in it either" Obi-Wan said switching his lightsaber back on.

Leon dropped his smile, "Because I'm so fond of you Master Kenobi I'll warn you now I will exploit any opening or advantage I see in order to defeat you that includes breaking your arm if I must".

"Yes I heard about Commander Fox" Obi-Wan said, "I'm sure while it was incredibly painful for him you did it in a way so he wouldn't die from it".

"I did" Leon admitted, "Regardless of what I said in the Council Chambers I don't want to harm any of you more than I have to" he closed his eyes and took a breath, "But if I must kill you I will no matter how much I may regret it".

"Leon" Ahsoka muttered before he motioned for her to back away.

He gave her a reassuring smile silently promising that everything would be ok and then he leapt into battle engaging Obi-Wan Kenobi one of the most famous Jedi Masters the Order currently had.

Leon wasn't lying when he said he liked Obi-Wan and it was hard for Obi-Wan to not like him a little, Leon and Anakin were so much alike they might as well have been related. He could see so much of his former student in the young Jedi he was facing now and yet at the same time he saw a little of himself as Leon remained so calm and completely collected considering his current situation and then he saw a bit of his old master in the boy as well, the maverick style mindset that wasn't necessarily rebellious, but the type that offended conflicted with the Council's decisions.

A little of himself, Anakin and his old master Qui-Gon, Leon had so many qualities to him for one so young and so much talent some of which had yet to be realized it was difficult to face him.

Leon struck first and Obi-Wan defended with Niman the most balanced of all forms and waited until Leon stepped back before attacking. Leon had seen Obi-Wan in action enough times to know what forms he specialized in, he showed mastery of Ataru and Soresu preferring the latter over the former and he had also displayed expert proficiency in Niman and Shien.

Soresu would be easy to overcome being a purely defensive form not meant for one on one battles something Leon's unique style of combat would easily break through and Shien was meant for defense and retaliation against blasters and other ranged weapons leaving Obi-Wan's only real choices as Ataru and Niman. Of course there was always the Force, Leon had seen him use it many times and there was no denying his mastery over it something Leon did not have as long as he could somehow keep the fight confined to a physical battle he would win.

There were no weaknesses to Niman, but there were no strengths either it combined the basics of all forms into one allowing a very versatile usage. Leon would break through it though, his combat style would prove to be too much for even the defenses of Niman and the barrier of blades from the Soresu style would not protect against Leon's faster attacks leaving Obi-Wan with the form he disliked the most, Ataru. And now Leon's advantage was sealed, Ataru was pure offense possessing no defensive capabilities and Djem So, Leon's specialty was all about deflection and counter attacking combine that with his natural talent for combat and the lost techniques of Tulak Hord even the aggressive Ataru would be no match for him.

Obi-Wan tried to press his attack only to be countered and forced back two steps for each one he took forward. It quickly dawned on him that he wasn't going to win in a direct fight, Leon was a warrior someone who understood combat and in the few minutes since their duel had began he had already analyzed the Jedi Master's styles and countered them with unbelievable efficiency. He remembered all the times he saw Leon fight how he would just carve his way through a battle field and the time he stood alone against Count Dooku and General Grievous, despite his young age he was fearless when it came to protecting his friends and after hearing his confession of love for Ahsoka, the wise Jedi wondered if there was any way to stop him.

Leon broke through his weakened guard and planted a kick into his chest knocking him down forcing Obi-Wan to use the Force as his defense. Holding his hand up he pushed Leon away and jumped back to his feet before running in and with Force enhanced agility and speed started attacking again. Every attack was unsuccessful and the counter attacks came so quickly that even with the Force enhancing his speed and reaction time he was still barely able to avoid them. He had no choice, this wasn't a battle he could win if he held back in the slightest, he had to go all out.

"I'm sorry Leon" he said grabbing the young Jedi with the Force and throwing him against a wall before leaping over to him and attacking.

Leon raised the lightsaber he took from Serra Keto and blocked only to be pushed back into the ground before Obi-Wan's attack ever came and then he cut through the hilt to Serra's lightsaber destroying the weapon. Leon stepped back away from Obi-Wan as he discarded the halved lightsaber and reached for one of the two lightsaber pikes he took from the temple guards.

Obi-Wan recognized the weapons and wondered if Leon knew how to use them properly realizing almost immediately that it would not matter as Leon threw it at him and then threw the second one like a javelin aimed right at his chest. Blocking both sabers Obi-Wan stood ready as Leon rushed him unarmed and he tried to push the young Jedi back, but Leon had grabbed his legs with the Force and pulled at them making him falter. Another step closer and Leon used the Force again to call back one of the pikes and clashed blades with Obi-Wan again. Strike after strike was met in a stalemate, Leon was still unfamiliar with these double-bladed weapons and didn't want to risk harming himself or Obi-Wan if he could avoid it, if he could just get close enough to hit him it would be over.

Pushing Leon away again Obi-Wan slashed right as he pushed him cutting through the pike's shaft separating it into two. Leon looked down at the two pieces in his hands the lightsaber was still active at both ends they must have had a power crystal at each side. The blade was shorter than he preferred and the shafts were too long, but he took his chance and began cutting the hilts until they were a manageable size for him and he returned his eyes to his opponent and smirked.

Leon had trained himself in the art of Jar'Kai not learning from any master or any holocron, no he taught himself how to fight with dual weapons and he was good at it. Now that the pike had been cut in two Leon was able to comfortably attack without fear of unintended injury. Yellow and blue lights danced through the air as the two Jedi engaged each other Obi-Wan successfully using the Force to his advantage and keeping Leon at bay, but the young Jedi's attacked were getting more and more precise one almost destroying his lightsaber just as he had done earlier. Leon struck again and was pushed back then he attacked again and was pulled to the side and Obi-Wan side stepped him, Obi-Wan didn't want to hurt him just as much as Leon wanted to avoid injuring him, but there was no turning back in order to defeat him Obi-Wan knew he couldn't pull any punches.

He grabbed Leon with the Force again and slammed him shoulder first into the ground and attacked forcing Leon to defend from the side that just crashed into the ground. His shoulder caved immediately and Obi-Wan's attack broke through his guard and before he could react Obi-Wan grabbed him again and pushed him back before making a sweeping attack at his legs an attack intended as a distraction. Once Leon stepped back to avoid the sweeping lightsaber Obi-Wan pushed him into a wall and attacked his injured arm again this time his gripping his lightsaber with both hands adding more strength to his overhead swing.

Leon felt his shoulder cave again and he fell to one knee dropping the two weapons as he reached for his injured shoulder and massaged it, his opponent standing right in front of him.

"Let this end here" Obi-Wan told him, "Surrender please for Ahsoka's sake as well as yours".

Leon looked over to Ahsoka, she was still watching them her eyes full of concern for them both and he smiled at her.

"Its ok" he said to her, "It's over now".

Slowly getting back to his feet Leon gave Obi-Wan one last grin and apologized in advance. Ducking down Leon jumped forward and sprang up back to his feet immediately getting inside Obi-Wan's reach and past his lightsaber and then he delivered a hard jab right into the old Jedi's gut causing him to hunch over and leaving him open for a Force Tap to the side of his neck to finish him off.

Leon caught Obi-Wan as he fell and guided his limp body to the ground and walked over to Ahsoka, "Ready to move on?"

"Obi-Wan!" they heard Anakin's voice yell.

Anakin ran toward them seeing Obi-Wan unconscious on the ground and Anakin dropped to his knees next to him checking his former master's pulse, thankful to see he was still alive.

"He'll be fine" Leon told him, "Can't say the same for my shoulder…never knew an old man could hit so hard".

Anakin stood up and turned to them, "How much farther are you willing to take this Leon?" he asked him, "I know you want to help Ahsoka you want to protect her you…you love her right?"

"I do" he nodded without hesitation, "And I will only go as far as I'm forced to. I love her and I'll stop at nothing to prove she's innocent".

Anakin looked to Ahsoka, "Ahsoka you…you love him right?"

Ahsoka hesitated, concerned that her master knew, she had broken the code the teachings she had held so sacred.

She hesitated and finally nodded, "I do…I'm sorry".

Anakin shook his head, "You don't have to apologize for that Ahsoka. I've seen how happy the two of you are when you're together. That's why I can't blame Leon for doing this to protect you, but please for both of your sakes let this end here. Come with me and we can get through this together I promise you".

"I trust you Anakin" Leon told him, "It's the Council I no longer trust".

"What about Luminara?" Anakin asked him, "Do you trust her? Because she still trusts you. Even after everything you've done she refused Admiral Tarkin's order to hand you over to military custody and insisted that you be kept in the infirmary to receive treatment and she insisted that she be contacted when you awakened. She cares about you Leon and she trusts you…you should trust her as well".

"I do trust her" Leon admitted, "Luminara means a lot to me, but only trusting two when the rest is against us…its not a risk I want to take".

Ahsoka stepped over to him and placed her hand on his shoulder, "Leon" she began quietly, "That's enough…Let's put an end to this".

He heard it in her tone, she was ready to give up.

"Ahsoka you can't be serious" he said, "We can still do this we can…"

His words were cut short she wrapped her arms around him and kissed him. She was scared she knew without proof she was being framed her future was grim yet even knowing that what scared her more is how far he was going for her. She risked her own life to prove she was innocent and she knew he would do the same, but she couldn't let him, not anymore.

"Don't do this" he pleaded as she pulled away from him.

"I have to" she told him, "I'm happy to know you care this much about me, but we can't keep doing this. Anakin is right this has to end".

"Ahsoka they're not going to listen" he said his voice beginning to panic, "They're not going to give you a chance to explain yourself they're".

"I know" she cut him off, "But I can't keep watching you throw your future away for me".

"I'm not throwing it away" he said moving closer to her, "I want my entire future to be with you".

"I know" she said again, "Which is what makes this so hard for me…I love you".

She turned around and walked toward Anakin standing before him with her shoulders heavy and her eyes on the ground as she surrendered to him. Leon stood there watching, but not hearing as Anakin spoke to her, he couldn't let it end like this, no there had to be something he could still do anything.

"Ventress" he thought, she was with Ahsoka earlier and attacked her if he could find her maybe that would be a led to follow.

He walked over to Ahsoka and Anakin, "Ahsoka, I swear I'm going to get you out of this" he looked to Anakin, "You better take care of her".

He nodded, "I will".

"I'm going to look for Ventress" he told them, "Maybe she knows something".

Ahsoka agreed, "That would be a good start its all we've got anyway".

"I'll take Ahsoka back to the temple" Anakin said, "I'll call Padme she'll agree to represent Ahsoka in her trial. Hopefully we can find the real culprit before then".

"You'd better hope so" Leon told him, "Because if we don't not only will I hold you personally responsible, but I will go to that trial and free her by force and this time I will kill anyone who gets in my way".

He turned and started walking away, "Keep in contact Anakin I'll call you when I find Ventress".

It didn't take long for him to become frustrated and after hours of searching he was about to give up and charge into the temple or the senate court house to go after Ahsoka. He was running out of time he had to find her soon or it would be all over. Another hour and still nothing, even Titan squad was unable to locate her after fanning out to search with him. He had called in the only people he knew he could trust, though he told them if they found her to not engage her just to immediately contact him with the location and keep line of sight on her, but still no sign of her.

To make everything worse someone had tried to mug him, guess they figured he looked like an easy target covered in dirt and exhausted. A quick slash of his lightsaber and a demonstration of Force power shut that attempt down though and the work even wet himself before running off, at any other time Leon would have made sure the scum learned his lesson, but he didn't have the time to waste. Time passed and another hour was gone and he was done running around he looked at his comlink and prepared to call off the search it was time to do things the hard way.

"Leon I've found her" Anakin's voice yelled he sounded like he was out of breath.

"Where?" Leon asked impatiently and angrily.

"Forget about Ventress" Anakin told him, "She's not the one who attacked Ahsoka".

"What the hell are you talking about?"

"She was attacked right after she split up with Ahsoka whoever took her as he lightsabers".

"Ventress was our only chance" Leon growled punching the decayed brick wall next to him, "Unless you know who attacked her we're out of time".

"I think I have a good idea".

"You think or you know?" Leon yelled, "I'm done running around".

"Its Barriss" Anakin told him, "She's the one who told them to go to the warehouse, she's the only one who knew about it".

"Then we're going back to the temple" Leon said, "Titan squad did you copy all that?"

"We did" Baron answered, "We're regrouping now we'll see you back at the landing pad let's hurry and get this over with".

Leon caught up with Anakin and Titan squad at the landing pad where their shuttle was waiting, wasting no more time they piled in and took off for the temple. According to Anakin, Ahsoka's trial at the temple was just a formality so the Council could save face for the senate and they had decided to exile her from the Order.

"I'll kill them later" Leon growled as he recklessly flew the shuttle through the crowded air traffic, "Right now my focus is getting Barriss to confess…I thought she and Ahsoka were friends".

"So did I" Anakin admitted, "Her reasons don't matter right now, Ahsoka's real trial is going to start soon".

"So we still have a little time" Leon said landing the shuttle in the temple hangar and immediately jumping out.

"What's the plan Leon?" Baron asked.

"Find Barriss, if she's guilty get her to confess. If she's not I burn this entire place to the ground".

Anakin stepped in front of them, "The plan is I will go question Barriss alone, if she is guilty I will call you for backup meanwhile you need to stay out of trouble. Don't forget you're not exactly going to receive a warm welcome here after all you've done".

"So long as everyone knows to stay out of my way" Leon told him, "Let's go".

They found Barriss in her room and as Anakin requested Leon and Titan squad waited outside as he went in to question her himself. Leon leaned against the wall to the right of the doorway while Baron stood to the left of the door and Boulder and Chip stood opposite them, normally clones or any military personnel wouldn't be seen within the temple mainly only civilian contractors or non-Jedi members of the security force, but normal situations were a thing of the past now. None of them spoke preferring to listen though it was hard to hear it wasn't until something was heard breaking inside, a vase, a mirror something glass like that the four of them straightened and waited.

The door opened and Barriss ran out two curved hilt lightsabers in her hands. She slid to a stop when she saw the three clones surrounding her, but before she could activate the weapons in her hands Leon grabbed her shoulder and spun her around to face him and struck her in the side of the head with a right hook. Grabbing her by the wrist he twisted and threw her to the floor before grabbing her collar and lifting her head up and drawing his fist back.

"Leon wait" Baron said grabbing his arm, "She can't confess if she's out cold or dead".

It was over and yet he didn't feel relieved at all, he was still absolutely livid that any of this had happened to begin with. It wasn't just because he loved her even if he didn't and they were just friends he would have done the same, he would have done the same for anyone he cared about. Even if it was someone he didn't know he would help them, probably not to same extent and definitely not through the same methods, but he would still help them just on principle it's who he was. Now he stood outside the Council Chambers as they stood before Ahsoka and Anakin hopefully realizing how stupid they had been for not believing in her.

He refused to go in with them, he didn't want to see or speak to the Council in fact he was ready to cut ties entirely, what they had done wasn't just a betrayal to Ahsoka it was a betrayal to him as well.

The doors opened and Ahsoka stepped out without a word and he followed her. For now he would remain silent as long as she did, giving them both time to fully collect their thoughts it wasn't until he followed her outside the temple gates and to the thousand stairs that he stopped and asked where she was going.

She turned to him with a sad smile and told him she was leaving.

"Leaving?" he muttered more surprised than he should have been.

"I can't stay" she said casting her eyes to the ground, "Only you and Anakin believed in me. I don't think I could ever trust the Council again".

"What happened in there?"

"With my name cleared and Barriss' confession they welcomed me back, but…I can't do it".

She was afraid once again, the Order had been her entire life all she had ever known and now she was walking away from it, leaving it behind after a betrayal she could not forgive. She was afraid because she didn't know what she would do or where she would go or if there was even a life for her to find outside the Order, she was lost without it and yet she was laving it behind.

"Then I'm going with you" Leon said knowing he wouldn't be able to change her mind nor would he want to.

She turned to him again as he walked over to her, "Ahsoka wherever you go that's where I want to be".

"Ahsoka" Anakin yelled running over to them, "Ahsoka you can't do this".

"I have to, how can I stay here when the Council didn't believe in me?

"What about me?" Anakin asked, "I believed in you I stood by you".

"I know you did Anakin and I'm grateful for that" she told him, "But this isn't about you. I can't stay here any longer…" she turned away from him, "Not now".

Anakin refused to accept that, "Ahsoka the Jedi Order is your life, you can't just throw it away and walk away from it".

"Why can't she?" Leon asked him, "Why shouldn't she? After everything the Council did to her, they should be out here right now on their hands and knees begging for her forgiveness every single one of them".

"This is a mistake" Anakin said, "Ahsoka you are making a mistake".

"Maybe" Ahsoka agreed, "But this is something I have to sort out on my own, without the Council and without you".

"I understand" Anakin said turning his back to both of them, "More than you know, I understand wanting to walk away from the Order".

"I know" Ahsoka told him casting her eyes to the ground as she began walking away.

Anakin watched her leave, Leon right behind her, he watched them both walk down the thousand stairs of the temple and vanishing within the orange glare of the setting sun. The Jedi Order had lost two true Jedi today and not to war or the dark side, no they were lost because the Order itself would not stand by them in their time of need.

Leon returned to the temple alone the next day, returning the lightsaber pikes he took from the guards and giving Serra Keto back her lightsaber before returning to his room to collect his belongings, but he reclaimed his lightsabers and would be taking them with him.

"I am a true Jedi" he had told the Council after claiming his three lightsabers, "Beyond what any of you could ever achieve I will continue fighting until this war ends, but I no longer answer to any of you or anyone else. From now on I fight by my own accord and I will see to it this war ends and if any of you have a problem with that you're welcome to try and stop me".

He left the temple, his three lightsabers clipped to his belt and a single large bag slung over his shoulder and a medium sized fish tank with his pet gizka Grun in it. This would be the last time he set foot in the Jedi Temple.

He stopped at his shuttle in the temple hangar when he saw her, Luminara Unduli, she was waiting for him. Despite everything that had happened she was the one part of his life at the temple he would miss, she was always there for him during his training as a Padawan and even after he became a knight she always provided council for him should he need it.

He placed his belongings in his shuttle and turned to her no smile this time just a sad expression.

"I'm going to miss you" he said.

"And I will miss you" she admitted bowing her head to him, "I wish there was a way I could convince you and Ahsoka to remain, but it is not my place".

Leon nodded once, "Stay safe Luminara, you're still important to me no matter what I may think of the rest of the Council".

"You as well Leon" she said managing a smile of her own, "I just wanted you to know that I am proud of you. Despite everything that has happened even when you nearly lost yourself you always came through stronger than before and more determined. You will always protect someone in need no matter the cost, you are the true embodiment of what the Jedi stand for. And I am so proud of you, you are the greatest student I have ever trained".

Leon stepped toward her and hugged her, his first master, his friend, "Thank you for everything Luminara".

Climbing into his shuttle he gave her one last wave before saying his farewell to her and leaving, perhaps he would see her again, somewhere in the galaxy on or off the battlefield until the war ended. He would miss her, the Jedi Master who brought him to the Order and reminded him so much of his mother, he would miss her, but it was time for him to leave and face the galaxy on his own.

He would continue to fight until the war was over, he would continue to battle alongside Titan squad the clones he had become so close to. He would continue because it was part of who he was and when the day finally comes that the Clone War comes to an end he would look forward to the future with the girl he had fallen in love with, the girl who's side he would always be at and never far from.

It takes great courage to look at one's self honestly, and forge one's own path. Alongside time exists fate, the bearer of cruelty. Only with strength can one endure suffering and torment. In the face of disaster lies the opportunity for renewal - Nyx Avatar.

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