Solstice Knight

Visions and Vows

"Back home!" Leon cheered throwing his arms into the air as their transport landed in the Jedi Temple's hangar.

"Will you please calm down?" Ahsoka pleaded with him as they stepped off the transport and made their way to the elevators with Anakin and Obi-Wan.

The elevator doors closed behind them taking them down to the main levels so they could give their report to the Council. After the elevator began its descent Leon moved closer to Ahsoka and closed his eyes his arms were shaking slightly.

"What are you doing?" she asked him.

Anakin and Obi-Wan turned to look at the young padawan as he answered, "I may or may not have a problem being in enclosed spaces".

"You're claustrophobic?" Obi-Wan asked him to which Leon nodded.

"It's something I'm trying to overcome, but its rooted pretty deeply I'm afraid".

"It's nothing to be ashamed of Leon" Obi-Wan told him, "We all have our personal fears just be sure to be mindful of them and never allow them to control or influence you".

Leon slowly nodded as the elevator doors opened and he quickly pushed his way passed them finally getting out of the elevator. Bending over he placed his hands against his knees and closed his eyes again.

"I'll be fine just give me a few seconds" he said after Ahsoka placed her hand on his shoulder to check if he was ok. Standing back up he took a deep breath and nodded, "Alright I'm back".

Taking another breath Leon assured them he was fine and they continued to the Council chambers to report the success of their mission. Inside the room Masters Yoda, Windu, Plo Koon and Unduli who had finally returned from a long mission in the mid rim.

"Koh-toh-yah Master Plo" Ahsoka said to the Kel Dor Jedi Master.

Master Plo returned the greeting, "Koh-toh-yah Ahsoka I am glad to see you have returned safely from your mission".

Leon gave Master Unduli a soft smile and bowed his head, "Master Luminara I'm happy to see you again".

Master Unduli bowed to him and expressed her joy in seeing her former padawan again before Master Windu asked for the report on their mission.

Obi-Wan gave most of the report starting from when they landed up to when they met Thalia and then their attack on the Separatist base. Anakin picked up from there giving the report on his infiltration along with Ahsoka and Leon including their battle with Ventress. Anakin took a quick look at Leon as he mentioned the young padawan's surprising hand to hand skills when he fought Ventress head on. As Anakin mentioned how impressed he was at his skills, Leon looked away from the rest of the council and to the doors of the chamber a strong urge to leave the room rushed through his mind.

"Leon is something wrong?" Master Unduli asked seeing the way Leon kept looking at the doors.

Leon quickly faced forward, "No Master I um…Just a bit tired is all I'm afraid I'm not feeling well".

"You seem troubled young one" Master Plo noted sensing the distress in Leon's mind.

Leon lowered his head slightly, "In all honesty Masters I'm not comfortable hearing about my own exploits".

"That is nothing to be ashamed or embarrassed of" Master Unduli said to him, "I have fought Count Dooku's assassin myself before I am impressed that you managed to fight her off through hand to hand techniques at such a young age. It seems you are gifted when it comes to combat".

"Indeed it does" Master Windu concurred, "Just remember that Jedi do not seek conflict or battle we are keepers of the peace before we are warriors".

Leon nodded to his master, "I will Master Windu may I be excused now? As I said I am not feeling well and would like to rest…I'm afraid my first mission has taken a lot out of me".

The Jedi Masters knew that they didn't need Leon to remain for the mission debrief and agreed to his request to be excused from the council chambers. Slowly bowing to the masters before him Leon turned and slowly left waiting for the chamber doors to close behind him before breaking into a light sprint down the hall and to the balconies.

"Dammit" he growled to himself, "That was too close, I have to do better than that".

"What do you mean?" Ahsoka's voice asked from behind him. Surprised Leon turned around to see his friend standing behind him with a concerned expression.

Leon tried to hide his previous statement behind a joke and scoffed at Ahsoka, "So you're following me now huh? Admit it you are into me".

Ahsoka let out an annoyed sigh as she joined Leon at the railing of the balcony, "What is it?" she asked him.

"What is what?" Leon asked pretending to not know.

Ahsoka quickly gave him a soft glare, "Something is bothering you I can tell. On the way here you were completely fine and when we landed you were even happy to be back and you expect me to believe that you feel sick all of a sudden?"

Ahsoka didn't wait for his response, "Leon something is bothering you if I can sense it that means they could to what is it?"

"I already told you" he said turning his gaze back to the city around the temple, "I'm thinking of my choice to return instead of staying on Hoth".

Ahsoka withdrew a step thinking of what to say, "Does it really bother you that much?"

Leon hung his head and closed his eyes, "I don't know" he answered, "I…I think I actually liked her and when she told me how afraid she was of leading her people…" Leon's words trailed as he looked up at the sky, "She asked me to stay" he said taking Ahsoka by surprise.

Leon looked back to her and gave her a sad smile, "She was afraid she wasn't strong enough to lead them so she asked me to stay with her to help her lead them".

Ahsoka turned and leaned against the rail looking out at the city just as Leon did, "So why didn't you?" she asked, "I saw the way you fought against Ventress no one can deny that you could handle yourself in a fight, but if its bothering you that much then why didn't you stay?"

Leon shook his head again, "Because I…I felt that I would be betraying the Jedi if I did. It was a Jedi that saved my life it was Jedi that made me what I am now and it was the Jedi that gave me a life outside of what I had before".

Leon could feel himself becoming frustrated and took a moment to calm down, "Even with that aside I wouldn't be able to live with myself if I turned away from this war".

"What do you mean?" Ahsoka asked looking back to him.

"This may sound a bit arrogant, but…" Leon looked at her as well, "I truly believe that I can bring an end to this war and if I can do that then if I can bring peace to the rest of the galaxy then…if I can do that then I wouldn't mind feeling like this".

Ahsoka wasn't sure if she was hearing him right, he was willing to give up a potential chance of being happy to bring peace to the rest of the galaxy. Ahsoka lived for the Jedi order not really having anything else in her life other than her friendship with a few of the Jedi Masters on the council so she couldn't possibly know what Leon was struggling with.

"Did you really like her that much?" she asked him, "Enough to walk away from the Order?"

Leon shook his head again, "I was tempted even now I'm ready to take a ship and go back" he stopped talking and sighed, "It doesn't matter I've made my choice I have to live with it and the regret it brings".

Leon moved to leave, but Ahsoka stopped him. Gently grabbing hold of his arm as he tried to leave Ahsoka stepped in front of him, "Leon even though I've only known you for a couple of days I consider you a friend and I want you to be happy, but if you left…" Ahsoka immediately stopped and shook her head, "Sorry saying any more wouldn't help you feel any better" she said sadly as she stepped aside.

Walking past her Leon reentered the temple before stopping and calling back to her, "Ahsoka, thank you for your concern I…I also consider you a friend" Leon returned inside leaving Ahsoka alone on the balcony.

Ahsoka turned back around to face the city feeling a conflict within her own mind as she thought of what she was trying to say to Leon before he left, "Why do I feel like this?"

"Feel like what Snips?" Anakin's voice asked from behind her.

Ahsoka turned to see her master standing behind her giving her a curious look as he walked over to her, "Hey Master, what are you doing here?"

"I was just passing by when I saw you talking to Leon and well…I happened to sense that something was bothering you".

Ahsoka looked back out to the city, "I'm worried about him" she admitted, "He seemed to be fine earlier and now he sounds like he's about to be sick".

"I'm sure he's fine" Anakin said to her, "It's probably the rush from the mission wearing off. Everyone handles their first mission differently".

Ahsoka turned her eyes away as her master joined her at the railing, "Its just…The way he was talking it just doesn't sound like him what if he's really getting sick I…I feel like I have to help him".

"Its ok Ahsoka" her master said, "You see a friend ailing and you want to help I understand just be mindful of that. He just needs some rest is all once he does that I'm sure he'll feel better".

Giving his padawan a quick pat on the back Anakin turned around and left leaving Ahsoka alone once again. Ahsoka quietly apologized to her master under her breath she hated lying to him, but if she had told him of Leon's feelings for Thalia then he would tell the Council and they would make him leave the Order and the temple. Everything was weighing too heavily on her mind for her to focus so she decided to rest as well in an attempt to ease her thoughts. Returning to her room in the dormitories of the temple Ahsoka quickly climbed into her bed and closed her eyes trying to fall asleep.

"Get out" Leon yelled.

Leon, Ahsoka, Master Unduli and Senator Amidala were in a large room that Ahsoka didn't recognize. Leon had yelled for all of them to leave the room pushing them out with the force and closing the door before a muffled explosion roared from inside the room.

"Leon" Ahsoka's voice echoed without an answer.

Ahsoka's eyes flew open a primal sense of fear running through her mind.

"Ahsoka?" Master Unduli's voice gently called to her.

Her eyes finally adjusting to her surroundings Ahsoka was completely unaware that she was standing on her feet with her lightsaber active in her hand and eve more surprised to see Luminara standing in front of her.

Switching her weapon off Ahsoka fell back and sat at the edge of her bed still breathing heavily as the images from her dream blurred and faded.

Sensing the trouble within the young padawan's mind Master Unduli approached her, "I heard you yelling and let myself in. Are you alright?"

Taking several deep breaths Ahsoka calmed herself as best she could, "I'm fine, but…I had some kind of dream or a vision".

"Just relax" Luminara told her, "Clear your mind and allow it to come to you do not force yourself to remember".

Ahsoka closed her eyes and stilled her breathing allowing the scenes from her dream to return more clear than before. "I can see Leon he's with both of us and Senator Amidala…he's…he's yelling for us to get out before he pushes us and closes the door then" Ahsoka opened her eyes, "An explosion a bomb I think".

"Can you tell where we are?" Luminara asked her.

Ahsoka shook her head, "I feel like I recognize it, but I can't tell the features of the room are blurry".

The Mirialan Jedi Master continued to speak in a wisdom filled tone, "Just take your time I sense no immediate danger".

Ahsoka cleared her mind again trying to clearly see where they are in her vision, "I can see chairs around a small table…a desk in the middle of the room and outside the windows I can see…Coruscant".

Her eyes shot open, "Its Senator Amidala's office that's where the bomb is".

"Are you sure?" Master Unduli asked her.

Ahsoka nodded, "I'm positive I've seen it plenty of times to recognize it the bomb is somewhere in her office".

Master Luminara stood up, "Very well then we should hurry".

The two Jedi left to find Leon only to discover he wasn't at the temple and hadn't been seen by anyone for several hours.

"Do you think he could already be with Senator Amidala?" Ahsoka asked becoming worried that they were losing time.

"It is possible regardless if you feel that there may be a plot against the Senator we must hurry to her side".

Arriving at the Executive building the two Jedi quickly made their way to Senator Amidala's office.

"Senator Amidala!" Ahsoka yelled rushing inside to see Padme, Leon and her master Anakin all sitting around a small table.

"Ahsoka is something wrong?" the Senator from Naboo asked as her young friend burst into the room.

"What are you doing here Snips?" Anakin asked before seeing Master Unduli behind her, "Master Luminara? Is something wrong?"

Luminara retained her calm demeanor as she spoke to them, "Ahsoka had a vision of a bomb and she believes it is here and is an attempt on the Senator's life".

"What?" Anakin growled jumping to his feet.

"Quiet" Leon yelled to them as he leaned over a table projecting a hologram of the popular game Dejarik.

Leon's eyes quickly moved over the game board several times before he smiled, "I win" he said moving a piece to attack the opposing side.

Senator Amidala looked at the game board and chuckled when she saw the move, "Well done I haven't lost in a long time".

"I'm a quick learner" Leon smiled as he turned to Ahsoka and Master Unduli, "Now what was that about a bomb?"

Master Luminara looked to Leon, "Ahsoka had a vision of a bomb in the Senator's office".

"I think our last mission has you a bit on edge Snips" Anakin said to his padawan, "There's no way someone could plant a bomb in here".

"And how is that?" Leon asked him, "As I recall a bounty hunter managed to take several members of the senate hostage as well as capture you, the same bounty hunter that managed to sneak into the Jedi Archives and steal a holocron".

"Security has been increased since then" Senator Amidala told him.

"Even if it has are you willing to take that chance?" Leon asked as he looked to Ahsoka, "So where exactly in the room is it?"

Ahsoka shook her head, "I don't know".

"Alright then" Leon said bracing himself against the back of the couch he was sitting on before rolling over it and landing on his feet, "Give me details then, when the bomb went off did it reach past the room or did it remain contained inside? How loud was it, was there any visible damage or something that may have seemed out of place?"

Ahsoka shook her head again answering frantically, "I don't know".

Leon shifted his eyes from Ahsoka to Luminara and then to the Senator next to him, "It would be best to have the room thoroughly searched just to be safe you do have a lot of enemies Senator".

Padme agreed to his suggestion and left her office after calling for a bomb squad to search her office. While they waited a safe distance from the office Leon gently grabbed Ahsoka's arm and asked to speak to her privately before he pulled her to the side. Seeing the questioning look in his eyes she asked him why he pulled her away from the others.

Once they were clear from the other Leon leaned in close to Ahsoka and looked directly into her eyes, "Ahsoka tell me exactly what you saw in your vision".

Ahsoka took a step back surprised by Leon's sudden change in tone of course she knew he was really random at times, but this time was different he actually sounded concerned about what was going on. Telling him as much as she could remember about her vision Ahsoka watched Leon's body language as she explained what she could to him reaching a conclusion when she finished.

"You…had the same vision didn't you?" she asked.

Leon was quiet for a few seconds before nodding, "Yes I was asleep for a few hours before the vision caused me to awaken. I remember seeing the Senator in the vision so I came here under the same suspicion you did, but I've been with her for almost four hours now if there was a bomb in her office it would have gone off by now".

"What makes you so sure?" Ahsoka asked him.

"She's been in her office almost all day if there was a bomb it had plenty of time to go off".

"All clear" the clone trooper called from the Senator's office after their search was finished, "We couldn't find a trace of any kind of explosive".

"I see" Padme muttered before thanking the bomb squad commander for his help and returning to her office.

As the Senator returned to her office Anakin looked over to Ahsoka, ""Nice going Snips".

Ahsoka lowered her head embarrassed by her mistake, "Sorry Master I was".

Anakin stopped her, "There's no need to apologize, you thought the Senator's life was in danger and you did something about it. I would have done the same thing in your position…well I would have made sure I was right about it first".

Ahsoka had a slight smile on her face from her master's words as Master Luminara walked over to her, "Skywalker is right Ahsoka there is nothing to worry about, perhaps your vision was of a future threat not an immediate one".

Luminara looked back to Anakin, "To be safe I suggest we post a guard at the Senator's office for a while".

"Alright then" Leon said, "Now that that's settled I'd say its dinner time, who's hungry?"

The four Jedi returned to the temple and went their separate ways except Leon and Luminara. Before the Mirialan Jedi Master walked away Leon asked to speak to her alone. Sensing that something was weighing on the padawan's mind Luminara agreed and began walking with him outside in the temple courtyards.

"So what is it that bothers you padawan?" Luminara asked him.

"Well first I would like to request that you call me by name I really don't feel comfortable being referred to by a title it just bothers me".

Luminara agreed to his request, "Very well, is there something I can help you with Leon?"

Leon nodded as they walked past one of the courtyard's many fountains, "I believe Ahsoka's vision is true there will be a bomb in the senator's office".

"What makes you so sure?" she asked him.

Leon admitted that he had the same vision, "Because I had the same vision that's why I was there. When I left the council chambers earlier today I went to get some rest and I had a vision. Exactly the same way Ahsoka described hers so I went to find Senator Amidala to protect her I did not tell her the reason for my visit however".

"I see" Luminara replied, "Well if both of you are so sure maybe you should do something about it. Volunteer to guard the Senator yourselves".

"I guess that could work" Leon said quietly as they continued through the courtyard.

"Is there something else on your mind?" Luminara asked him already knowing that he had other questions for her.

"Yes actually" Leon answered, "It occurs to me that I never thanked you for saving me that day".

Luminara immediately knew what day he was referring to the day she came to take him to the Jedi temple, the day she saved his life from a Kinrath nest.

"It's not just that though" Leon said stopping to gaze at one of the fountains, "I admit I feel a sense of jealousy for your current padawan Barriss. I know she is your padawan now, but I wanted you to be my teacher. You saved my life and I wanted to dedicate myself to you and your teachings".

"I am grateful that you think so highly of me Leon, but you must understand that a Master cannot be assigned to more than a single apprentice".

Leon nodded, "I am aware of that…I just wanted to get that off of my chest. I am grateful for what training I received from Master Fisto before Master Windu took over my training, but my feelings still remain what they are" he turned and kneeled before her, "I owe you my life Luminara Unduli. I may not be able to learn from you as your padawan, but I vow to become as great a Jedi as you are maybe then I can truly thank you for what you have done for me".

Luminara was grateful for his words, but dismissed them, "You honor me with those words Leon, but you need not to. It was the Force that guided me to you that day so it is what you should be honoring. If you want to thank me then you should finish your training and follow the will of the Force as it guides you".

Leon rose to his feet and looked away, "If you believe that to be best then that is what I shall do, but I still believe that it was you who saved me. The Force may have had a hand in it, but it was you who carried out its will. It is because of you that I am here today".

Leon bowed his head to her once again, "Thank you for your time Master, good night".

Luminara returned the bow as Leon walked away wishing him a good night's rest as well.

Returning to his room Leon found Ahsoka waiting for him outside, "You are stalking me aren't you?" he joked.

"This time yes" Ahsoka told him, "You said you had the same vision I did right?" Leon nodded, "Then you should know why I'm here" Ahsoka continued.

Leon nodded again, "I pushed the rest of you out of the room and kept the blast contained inside. You're worried that I might die in this vision right?"

Ahsoka nodded, "I want you to be careful".

"I will" he nodded, "But I want you to know that if this vision of ours does come to pass I will not hesitate to do what I must".

"But you might die" Ahsoka argued.

"Then so be it" Leon told her, "If I die saving the rest of you then I'm ok with that".

"How can you be?" Ahsoka asked him, "You're really willing to sacrifice your life just like that?"

"Aren't you?" Leon asked her, "If the roles were reversed wouldn't you do the same?" he moved closer and gently grabbed her hand, "I truly appreciate your concern for me Ahsoka, but I would rather it be me than anyone else especially you".

"Don't say that" she told him pulling her hand away, "When you say things like that…the way you say them".

"You're important to me Ahsoka" Leon told her, "You're my friend and I will do whatever I feel I must to keep you safe, but I promise you I won't go down that easy. Even if this vision turns into reality I swear I'm going to walk away from it alive".

He gave her his signature confidence filled smile, "You can't get rid of me that easily".

Ahsoka hid her own smile even in a situation like this he still managed to make jokes.

"Now don't worry too much about it" he told her as he stepped inside his room, "Get some rest I'll see you tomorrow".

Ahsoka slowly walked away as he bid her good night and returned to her own room; climbing into her bed just as she did a few hours ago she calmed her mind and closed her eyes reliving the same vision.

"Get out!" Leon yelled at them as he pushed them out of the room.

Ahsoka could hear herself calling out her friend's name after the bomb went off inside the office. Reentering the office she used the Force to make the smoke dissipate before seeing Leon sitting against the wall with a stream of blood running down his face and the corner of his mouth. His eyes were closed and he wasn't breathing. Ahsoka shook his shoulder frantically calling his name to no avail.

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