Solstice Knight

Order 66

Hard times don't create heroes. It is during hard times when the hero within us is revealed - Bob Riley
He leveled the scope of his rifle onto his target's head and rested his finger on the trigger.

He couldn't believe it, maybe the other, but not him. He was no traitor he would never turn on the Republic, but the order was given.

"He's not a Jedi anymore" he thought as he stared through his scope at his friend's back.

"We have our orders" one of his brothers said, "Take him out".

Exhaling a slow breath he tightened his finger and pulled the trigger.

Mid Rim, Talcene Sector, Metalorn System.

A separatist manufacturing station was orbiting the industrial world Metalorn. Surrounding the station was the debris of the fleet guarding it and the two Republic star destroyers assaulting the base. Inside a male toydarian was flying as fast as his wings would let him down a corridor and to his own private hangar aboard the orbiting station.

He swore in his native tongue as he closed the bulkhead behind him, "I've wasted my life and my looks" he gasped as the massive doors closed cutting off his pursuers.

He turned to his private shuttle and flew over to it, "Lightsabers or not by the time the Jedi cut through that door I'll be long gone" he finally laughed.

He stopped in mid chuckle as the lights to the hangar started going out, row by row. He watched the ceiling as each row of lights switched off and he gulped as the darkness they left crept closer to him like a cold curtain of death.

He swore again in his native language as he boarded his ship and raised the ramp, "They can't scare me. Just a few more seconds and I'll be home free".

Dropping into the pilot's seat he powered up his private shuttle and laughed again, but the engine only sputtered before dying and once again his laughs were cut short.

"Come on you piece of junk" he demanded trying to activate the engines again only for them to sputter and die.

Then the lights in the shuttle's cabin went out followed a few seconds after by the shuttle's power.

"No" the toydarian said, "No, no, no this can't be happening. There's no way they could be doing this".

Forcing the shuttle's ramp back down he slipped out of the ship looked around in the darkness around him.

"Hmm, I could hide" he said, "They won't be able to find me if I hide in the rafters or maybe in one of the crates. They'll think I managed to slip past them and go to search the rest of the station".

He nodded to himself, "Yes and when they go to do that I will fix my ship and be gone".

Reaching for his belt he retrieved a pair of night vision goggles and placed the band around his head, but something grabbed him and pulled him back before slamming his back against the shuttle wall.

A silver light appeared against his neck illuminating his face and the face of the person who attacked him, another Jedi.

"What? How?" he gasped staring into the face of the Jedi who captured him.

"You really thought you were that smart didn't you?" the Jedi asked him before pressing his thumb against the toydarian's collar snapping a bone in his shoulder.

The toydarian gasped and screamed a little as he felt the bone snap so easily, it was only the Jedi's thumb, but he felt like he was hit by a sledgehammer.

"Let's see how smart you really are" the Jedi said, "Grievous, where is he?"

"I don't know" he gasped only for his words to be replaced by more screams as another bone, this time in his hand was snapped.

"Now let's try this again. Where is General Grievous?"

"I swear I don't know" he screamed again as another bone in his hand was snapped, "I swear he gasped, but no please wait! I don't know where he is, but I know where you can find someone who does".

"I really hope you're not trying to waste my time" the Jedi said moving his lightsaber closer to the toydarian's neck, "It's very valuable nowadays".

"They're names are Rak'to and Falem their both neimoidian they're on Alaris Prime in the Mytaranor sector, they report directly to Grievous and Nute Gunray".

The Jedi tilted his head and looked up at the ceiling pursing his lips a bit, "Hmm, I want to believe you because if you're telling the truth I end this that much quicker and can get home to Ahsoka, but if you're lying then I have to waste more time interrogating you and then killing you".

"I swear I'm telling the truth" the toydarian pleaded.

"Oh wait I've got it" the Jedi said happily, "I'm going to take you with me. I'll keep you in a nice cell that way when if it turns out you're lying I won't have to go far to kill you".

"I swear on the eyes of my children".

"Alright" the Jedi said backing away, "I believe you" he reached out his hand and handed him a part he took from his shuttle's engine, "You're species may be immune to mind tricks, but you're cowards".

"So I'm free to go?"

The Jedi nodded and pressed a switch on a remote he was carrying and the hangar lights came back on, "Yes you can go, but be quick and don't ever let me see you're face again".

The toydarian nodded and quickly placed the stolen part back in his shuttle before activating the engines and leaving just as the hangar doors opened and a squad of a dozen clones led by another two Jedi rushed in.

"We're letting him get away?" a clone in yellow painted armor asked.

"Why not I've got what we've come for" the Jedi told them.

"Our orders were to arrest him Leon" the female Jedi Padawan reminded him.

"You're orders" Leon retorted, "Remember Bene, I left the Order a long time ago".

"Yet you're still fighting with a Jedi's weapon" the other Jedi told him, "You left the Order a year ago and you're still carrying those around like you're one of us".

Leon looked down at the young padawan, "I don't see you or anyone else trying to stop me Whie".

Chip stepped forward, "I have to agree with them Leon, I don't think we should let the bug get away".

"Oh he's not getting away" Leon told his friend holding up the remote in his hand and pressing another switch.

The shuttle the toydarian escaped in exploded the fiery lights of the distant explosion catching the attention of them all save for the one who caused it.

"That's how you deal with war criminals" Leon said to the two Jedi Padawans, "Titan squad fall in, we're leaving".

"Good" Boulder said, "That means we can finally get something to eat".

"We could always raid the mess hall on the way out" Chip suggested.

"Do you have any idea what those toydarians eat?" Baron asked the two of them, "I'd rather starve than eat any of that".

"Can't taste as bad as Boulder looks" Chip laughed.

"We all look the same you idiot" Boulder retaliated while chuckling.

It had been almost a year since Leon left the Jedi Order, he chose to follow Ahsoka after she refused to return to the Order even after she was proven innocent of treason. Leon left with her for the same reason feeling personally betrayed by the Jedi Council, he had no reason to stay anymore not after what they did. No, his place was with Ahsoka wherever she decided to go he would follow, and he did.

After leaving the Order, Ahsoka returned to Shili hoping that time on her homeworld would allow her to piece together her future which proved to be more difficult than she had anticipated. It was her decision to leave the Jedi behind, but the Order had been her entire life and to walk away from it she was lost with no idea what to do. Her only comfort was that he had come with her.

She leaned against him as he put his arm around her. They were both sitting at the edge of a hill outside a village, both of them watching the sunset. The slight chill of the winter breeze made her tears sting her eyes and she shivered prompting Leon to hold her even closer.

"What are we going to do?" she asked him.

"I know a way to stay warm" he said with a taunting tone, "All we have to do is go back, get in bed and".

She jabbed her elbow into his side, "Not what I meant" she smiled.

She could never thank him enough for coming with her, though she was worried what they would do for their future, he was still able to make her smile and laugh. He put her worries at ease even after disappearing for a couple of months to continue fighting the war.

"Someone has to put an end to this thing" he said to her with a grin.

"Just be sure to come back" she told him.

"The whole galaxy and the Force itself couldn't keep me from you" he said taking her into his arms.

She returned his embrace, "What will we do when the war is over?"

"Stay here" he suggested, "Go back to Dantooine and take over the family farm. Or we could go somewhere else and I can open a restaurant you always said my cooking was that good".

She smiled up at him, "But you're only allowed to cook for me remember" she said teasingly.

He shrugged one shoulder, "Yeah, but that's only for private meals. This would be a job".

"You talk too much" she said moving her hands and grabbed his head pulling his lips to hers and kissed him, "Be safe".

He continued to lend aid to the Republic, fighting against the Separatists and now that he was unhindered by the rules of the Jedi he was able to effectively bring an end to many battles. He had captured multiple high value targets, completely destroyed three bases, liberated one system while capturing another and tracked down General Grievous and after a very short duel almost killed him. The cyborg general fled, but Leon was hot on his trail slowly picking apart his support and taking down his ranking lieutenants soon he would have the coward in his hands again and this time he would kill him.

The Separatist war effort had declined greatly over the past year even more so since Count Dooku was killed. Leon was both happy and angry when he learned of the Sith Lord's death, happy because it was Anakin who killed him, but angry because he wanted to be the one that finally did it. Of course Grievous was still out there and hat was the next best thing.

He found Grievous on Gervano in the Mid Rim, he was with Titan squad at the time though they were told reinforcements were on the way led by Ki-Adi-Mundi, but Leon wasn't going to wait. He chased Grievous into the base's hanger and engaged the general in what was supposed to be their final duel.

Silver met green and red met blue as their duel began, but Grievous remembered the times he faced Leon in the past and even through his warrior's pride and arrogance he was aware of Leon's skill and wanted nothing more than to get away from him. Fear was not something Grievous dealt well with, but it soon became apparent to him that just like the in the past he wasn't going to be able to defeat the Jedi boy in front of him and fled.

Back on the leading star destroyer Leon made his way to the bridge and spoke to the admiral telling him to set his course for Alaris Prime.

"By your orders General" the Admiral said, "What of the Padawans that were with you?"

"They'll be heading back to Coruscant once we're done here" Leon told him, "The toydarian said he didn't know where Grievous was, but he knows someone who does. We're going to have a little chat with them".

"Then we'd better not waste any time".

Though he wasn't a Jedi any longer Leon managed to convince Supreme Chancellor Palpatine to allow him to retain his rank claiming that he could accomplish what the Jedi could not since he no longer followed their rules and he delivered on that promise. His first mission ended in success he was tasked with defeating an enemy blockade around a key world. Leon along with Titan squad infiltrated the enemy flagship and after completely wiping out the entire crew they turned their own weapons against them. Missile strikes and turbo lasers they completely wiped out five separatist cruisers with a single attack.

Leon's methods proved to be useful leading to victory after victory with minimal to no casualties and there were some whispers that said he had single-handedly turned the tide of the war.

He returned to the cruiser's hangar where Padawans Whie and Bene were preparing to leave on a transport to another ship. The Starlight was heavily damaged and was going to return to Coruscant, with their mission over the two Padawans opted to return with it. Another cruiser, The Bastion would be meeting Leon's ship at Alaris Prime.

"Take care of yourselves" he told them.

"Didn't think you cared" Whie said slinging a bag over his shoulder.

"Hate me if you want Whie" Leon told him, "But there's only way to put an end to this war and I'm going to do it".

He stopped them just as they were climbing onto their transport, "There is one favor I would like to ask of you. Give my regards to Luminara and Ahsoka wants Anakin to know she's doing well and set on a new life".

"Where is she?" Bene asked him.

Leon shook his head, "She doesn't want him to know. She said he would come after her and try to convince her to go back. She just wants him to know she just wants him to know she's alright and she's happy, so far".

"What about you?" Bene asked him, "Anything specific you want me to tell Master Unduli?"

Again he shook his head, "No…just say hi for me…tell her I miss working with her I guess. Anyway have a safe trip the two of you will make good Jedi one day I'm sure of it".

"You would know" Bene said with a small smirk.

He shrugged at her, "Personally, I think there's a difference between being a good Jedi and blindly following the code, but that's just me".

"Sorry to interrupt General" the clone pilot said, "But we really should be going, The Starlight can't wait much longer".

Leon nodded to the pilot and then waved at Bene and Whie, "It was nice meeting the two of you".

Bene bowed to him and Whie gave a single, slow wave before they boarded their ship and left, soon after The Starlight jumped to hyperspace and was gone. Leon returned to his room to rest during their trip to Alaris Prime, his thoughts began drifting immediately as he lay on his bed and turned onto his side. Crossing his arms he slid one hand under his pillow and inhaled a deep breath and exhaled just as quickly, his thoughts turning away from the war for a moment and to his friends.

Titan squad, what would happen to them once the war was over? What would happen to all the remaining clones? Would they remain as the Republic's military force in case another war happened or would they be disposed of? They were made to be expendable soldiers, but they were still people.

They were his friends, Baron, Boulder and Chip what would happen to them when the war ended?

"They could work with Ahsoka and me in my restaurant" he grinned at that thought, "Boulder and Chip could be bouncers and I could teach Baron how to cook…Ahsoka could be the waitress, but I'd rather not have to cut someone's hand off if they get touchy. Wonder what Edge would say if he were here".

He grinned as he heard his deceased friend's voice in his head, fake yelling at the other clones for their bad cooking or bouncer skills. Leon chuckled a little.

Then his thoughts went to Coins, the first of his friends that died and the fifth member of his team. Coins would be a bouncer to, maybe a waiter he was good at memorizing things he could take orders without writing them down and he was good at repair work. If any equipment broke he could fix it.

Then his thoughts drifted to Teysa, the Twi'lek doctor that had helped him so many times. His smile grew wider she was also immune to his charms which made for a fun game. He would always flirt with her when he went for a checkup and she would just brush it off. She was the one that tried to help him understand the virus he contracted and it almost cost her life. She was kidnapped and injected with the same virus which the Separatists were hoping to turn into a biological weapon. Leon managed to recover the cure, but there wasn't enough for him, Teysa and the other victims, in the end he gave it to them and chose to live with the virus until one day Teysa would be able to make one of her own.

He wouldn't admit it to her, but he had a few pretty vivid dreams about her, she was beautiful. Of course she was seventeen years older than him making her thirty-four, but that didn't stop him from trying.

His thoughts finally fell on Thalia. The girl he met on Hoth, the girl he saved and the one he almost gave up his life for. The only person he loved as much as Ahsoka, she was the one that made him question if the Jedi Code was right or not. He fell in love with her before he fell for Ahsoka, but in the end realized that while he loved Thalia, his feelings for her while affectionate and a little intimate, they were platonic.

He never figured out why his feelings for Ahsoka were stronger, not that it mattered anymore. He would always his love for Thalia along with his memory of her, but she was dead, just like Coins and Edge.

He felt tears stinging against his closed eyelids and he opened them and blinked them away, he loved them all. He would give almost anything to have them back, just one more night with the whole team, one more sniper training session with Edge, one more midnight talk with Thalia…memories of a life that seemed so long ago.

It had barely been two years since it all started, since he first met Ahsoka and Anakin in the Jedi Temple. His first mission, then his first battle in the war…Everything seemed so long ago.

He opened his eyes and yawned a little, someone was knocking at his door, they had arrived at Alaris Prime and it was time to continue their mission.

Stretching and rolling his shoulders Leon headed to the bridge and informed the Admiral of his plan before he set out with Titan squadron. Leon and his team would infiltrate the enemy facility on the moon while the rest of their forces engaged the enemy. According to what Intel they had the two neimoidians were the leaders of the Separatist forces in this sector and eliminating them would go a great way to securing Republic victory here, of course that was just a bonus toward Leon's real objective.

Titan squad followed Leon inside the warehouse from the roof at the back of facility. They could hear the escalating sounds of battle around them as they snuck in to find their targets.

They found the main office on the top floor of the facility, no guards, they must have sent every droid they had to repel the Republic forces.

"How do we want to handle this Leon?" Baron asked him.

"They're probably the only ones standing between us and Grievous" Chip said, "Doubt they'll talk easily".

Boulder readied his rotary cannon, "Oh they'll talk".

"Just watch the door once we're in" Leon told them using the Force to open the door.

They filed in immediately closing the door behind them and the two neimoidians Rak'to and Falem turned to face blasters in hand, but they never had a chance to fire. Leon raised his hand using the Force to yank the weapons from their grasp and waited for Baron and Chip to restrain them.

"You might as well kill us now Jedi" one of them said, "We won't tell you anything and we won't be taken alive".

"Well you're half right" Leon said sliding two chairs across the room and placing them in front of the window.

Using his lightsaber Leon slashed at the large window and then used the Force to shatter it sending the shards of glass flying away and the howling wind and sounds of battle roared inside. Leon motioned to the two chairs and Baron and Chip forced the neimoidians to sit down and then tied them to the chairs.

"What are you doing?" the other asked.

"We're going to play a game" Leon told him as he placed blindfolds over both of their eyes and tightly bound them, "Who Talks First".

Leon stepped back and stood in between the two chairs as Baron and Chip turned them to face the open window, "Now one of you is going to tell me where to find General Grievous, and the other is going for a ride out the window…So, who wants to share first?"

"No one?" Leon asked after a few seconds and then he began pacing behind them, "You sure?" he stopped behind Rak'to, "How bout you?" he nudged the chair with his foot and the neimoidian flinched and began whimpering.

"Really?" Leon asked, "Guess you're just not the talkative type" he stood behind Falem, "What about you?"

"Don't tell him anything Rak'to" Falem ordered.

Rak'to's whimpering turned to gasps and cries, "He's going to"

Falem silenced him, "Not a word!"

Leon grinned, Rak'to was clearly terrified and Falem was scared as well, but maybe not scared enough. Leon nudged his chair pushing it a few inches and Falem jumped and began struggling.

"Alright" Leon said still pacing behind them, "Guess we're going to play by luck".

"Eeny" he began standing behind Rak'to bumping his chair, "meeny" he continued bumping Falem's chair.

Both neimoidians were visibly shaking now Rak'to much more than Falem, but it seemed Leon's plan was working.

"Miny" Leon continued nudging Rak'to's chair again.

Leon stood behind Falem and placed his foot against the back of the chair, "Moe".

He shoved his foot forward pushing the chair and the neimoidian tied to it out the window, his terrified screams echoed over the sounds of battle below until they were far enough away to be drowned out, but his screams did the trick.

"He's on Kashyyyk" Rak'to screamed.

Leon kneeled next to the terrified neimoidian, "Are you sure?"

Rak'to was shaking as he tried nodding, "Yes, he's leading the droids there, but he'll be leaving soon".

"Where to?"

"Utapau" Rak'to told him, "He's going there to meet with the remaining leaders of the Confederacy. He's supposed to pick us up on his way there".

"Anything else?"

Rak'to's voice broke and he was fully crying now, "I…I think he's going to send us to Mustafar so we'll be safe. Ever since Count Dooku was killed we're losing morale, we're trying to reorganize our forces, I swear that's all I know".

Leon removed his blindfold and looked right into his eyes, "Are you sure that's all?"

Rak'to nodded and then looked to where Falem used to be, but Leon snapped his fingers drawing his attention back.

"Falem has left the building" Leon told him, "Now repeat everything you just told me".

Rak'to went over his confession again word for word Grievous was on the Wookiee homeworld and was going to leave soon to head for Utapau to meet with the remaining Separatist leaders and then most likely send them to Mustafar for sanctuary.

Leon smiled he was telling the truth.

"How do you know he's not lying?" Boulder asked.

"Because in his state he wouldn't be able to keep up with his lies" Leon told him before untying Rak'to and patting him on the shoulder, "You're free to go".

"Really?" Rak'to gasped as Leon and Titan squad started moving for the door, "You're not going to arrest me?"

Leon turned and grinned at him, "No point a spider is more of a threat than you".

"How do you know I want alert Grievous that you're coming?"

Leon turned his back to the neimoidian, "You're right" he raised his hand and with the Force lifted Rak'to off the floor, "Why take the chance".

With a flick of his hand he sent Rak'to flying out the window, his screams echoing as he fell the seven stories to the ground.

Recalling their forces and their mission complete Leon returned to the star destroyer he was commanding and entered the bridge.

"Set up communications with the Jedi Temple".

The admiral nodded, "Right away sir".

In a few seconds a hologram displaying Mace Windu and Kit Fisto appeared.

"Leon" Master Fisto smiled, "I'm glad to see you are still alive".

Leon nodded to him, "Alive and quite well so far".

"Is there a reason you're contacting us?" Windu asked him.

"You have no lines in this play" Leon immediately snapped at his former master and then turned his attention back to Master Fisto, "I know where Grievous is and what he's planning".

"That's the best news I've heard all day" Fisto said, "Where is he?"

"He's on Kashyyyk" Leon told him, "He's leading the droid army their, but he'll be leaving soon to make his way to Utapau to hold a council with the remaining Separatist leaders".

"Master Yoda and Master Luminara are currently fighting on Kashyyyk" Windu said.

"What did I say" Leon interrupted, "You are not allowed to speak to me not until you apologize to Ahsoka and me for what you did".

"I did" Windu said, but again Leon cut him off.

"No you didn't. You said that what happened was her trial by the Force. That is not an apology and until you make a real one you're not allowed to speak to me".

Leon turned his eyes back to Master Fisto, "I'm on my way to Kashyyyk now I'll aid Yoda and Luminara, but just in case I arrive too late send someone to Utapau to intercept Grievous and while you're at it send someone to Mustafar as well, from what I've learned Grievous plans on sending the remaining Separatist leaders there so they'll be safe. If we intercept all of them we can put an end to this war today".

Fisto nodded, "Master Kenobi is close enough to head to Utapau I will inform him. I will also let Masters Yoda and Unduli know that you are inbound to assist them and hopefully capture Grievous. We're stretched too thin to send anyone to Mustafar we'll have to hope something becomes available soon".

Leon nodded, "Alright I'll be sure to take care of everything myself…same as always".

Ending the communications there Leon returned to the hangar and met up with Titan squad to prepare for their next mission.

"So Grievous is on Kashyyyk" Boulder said polishing his favorite rotary cannon, "This is it huh? The final battle".

"Probably" Chip said, "Did you see that look in Leon's eyes? No way he's letting Grievous escape again".

"Grab your gear" Leon told them marching up to them, "Once we arrive we'll be going in hot".

"What the plan Leon?" Baron asked.

"Same as always" Leon told him stepping onto the gunship, "Go in, kill all the bad guys and be big goddamn heroes".

Boulder chuckled, "I like it".

"Onyx team will be joining us this time Leon" Chip said, "Lieutenant Club can't wait to see you in action".

"Lieutenant Club?" Leon repeated intrigued by the name, "Do I want to know?"

Chip laughed a little, "He earned his nickname back in training. Ran out of ammo and used his rifle to beat all the droids to death. Spent twelve minutes in the arena just swinging for the fences".

"Broke the rifle he was using" Boulder said, "Ever since then everyone just started calling him Club".

"Sounds like my kind of guy" Leon grinned as he spotted a squad of clones running toward them, they were all in the standard phase II armor, but with a black hand print on the side of their helmets and chest.

"General Solstice" the lead clone said saluting, "Lieutenant Club we've heard a lot of stories about you sir. Look forward to fighting alongside you".

"First off its Leon" he told them, "Never refer to me by rank. Secondly only half the stories you've heard are true" he grinned, "The trick is to figure out which half".

The lights in the hangar turned red and the battle alarm sounded and they all felt the star destroyer lurch as it dropped from hyperspace.

"This is it" Leon yelled and Onyx team jumped on board and the door to the gunship closed.

"What's the plan si…Leon?" Club asked him.

"My plans are pretty easy to remember Club" Leon began.

"Go in, kill all the bad guys" Chip continued.

Boulder finished, "And be big goddamn heroes".

Club nodded, "You're right that is pretty easy to remember".

"It'll be easier said than done though" Baron told Onyx team, "We're not going to assist everyone else. We're going directly after Grievous. Leon will engage him and we're all going to set up a perimeter so he can't escape".

"The head clanker" Club smiled under his helmet, "About time ever since General Skywalker killed Dooku I knew it would only be a matter of time before someone got Grievous".

Their gunship shook a few times as they flew over the battle, their comms littered with overlapping voices. When their ship landed the doors slid open and they jumped out bursting into runs the second their boots touched the ground.

They followed directions from every source they had available and within moments they found him. Just as Leon suspected Grievous would be leaving right as they showed up, he was heading for a transport ship. Leon pointed at the incoming transport and ordered his team to take it down, immediately Boulder and a member of Onyx team mounted a missile launcher on their shoulders and fired. Leon wished he could see the look on Grievous' face when his ship was shot down, but he would wait because now Grievous had no where to run.

Leon charged, lightsabers in hand charged in first cutting a straight line through the platoon of droids between him and Grievous leaving Titan and Onyx behind to take on what was left.

A slash to the left and then the right and then the left again and a pivot and duck followed by a full spin and a force push to both sides and Leon had completely decimated the droid's around him cutting down dozens of them and causing a dozen more to bowl each other over and now he was standing face to face against Grievous once again. This was it; this is was it was all going to end.

There were no words from Grievous this time, he had learned his lesson though it took him long enough, h would not mock or underestimate Leon any longer, no this time he would fight the boy with his full strength and when he killed him he would finally prove that he was the greatest warrior in the galaxy.

Grievous separated his arms into his second pair and a lightsaber in each of his four hands and growled as he locked his eyes on his opponent waiting for him to draw his own lightsabers. But to his surprise Leon held out his arms and dropped his lightsabers to the ground.

Leon discarded his three lightsabers keeping his eyes on his enemy the whole time and then he rolled his shoulders back his sleeves white jacket sliding from his shoulders as he did so and then he tossed it to the side as well. Tilting his head to the side he cracked his neck and titled it to the other side to do the same and then he drew back his right hand balled into a tight fist until it was even with his shoulder, then he slid his left foot forward and extended his left arm.

Leon turned his hand gestured with his fingers several times taunting Grievous and the Kaleesh cyborg roared at the boy's arrogance and charged forward.

Leon took a single step forward and ducked as Grievous charged him evading the first lightsaber swing and launching his right fist forward scoring a direct hit against what would have been Grievous' stomach and with the force tap caused the cyborg general to stumble back and growl in pain.

After his strike sent Grievous back Leon leaned forward, still crouched and kicked his feet back to propel him forward catching Grievous by surprise and grabbing his neck. Summoning the Force to augment his physical strength Leon pushed forward slamming Grievous into the ground. The second Grievous was down Leon turned and grabbed his upper right arm by the wrist and placed his left hand against its elbow joint and with a quick inhale and battle cry he expelled the Force from his hands tearing the durasteel plating apart and ripping off the cyborg's arm.

Grievous roared in pain as Leon leapt back before he could swing at him. Tossing the severed arm behind him Leon held his hand out once again and taunted Grievous whose growls had become deeper and his eyes burned with a hellish hatred.

Grievous lunged forward again letting his anger get the better of him and swung his lightsaber down, but Leon stepped to the side and pivoted on his heel spinning to the right and hooking his arm under Grievous' and with the Force still enhancing his strength he flipped the general over his shoulder slamming him on his back again. Standing up Leon planted his foot against Grievous' remaining right arm and reached for his lower left arm grabbing hold of it and with a quick thrust from his open palm pushed the elbow joint back until it snapped rendering the arm useless.

Holding onto the limp arm Leon turned and pressed his foot against Grievous' body and pushed as he pulled against the arm quickly tearing it off and then rolling to the side to avoid Grievous' swing.

Down two arms Grievous stood up and roared at Leon who continued to taunt him, he would not let this boy best him, he would not be made a fool of, not again, never again.

Grievous roared and leaped at Leon, he swung with his left arm bringing it down, but missed as Leon jumped to the side. Grievous swung his right arm outward slashing at Leon's midsection, but missed again as he spun to the side and aimed a kick at the back of the general's knee causing him to fall. Grievous twisted his body as he fell turning a 180 to face Leon again and slashed with his lightsaber, but Leon leapt over him with the Force and landed behind him before ducking and rolling to the side to avoid the general's next attack.

Rolling to a stop on his knee and at Grievous' side Leon sprang up slammed his open palm against Grievous' side once again using his force tap ability to damage his armor plating. Grievous swung his arm back to counter Leon, but his arm was caught as Leon stepped forward avoiding the lightsaber and wrapping his arm around his. Restraining Grievous' arm Leon placed his free hand against Grievous' shoulder and pushed again using the force tap he weakened the shoulder joint until it ripped apart.

Another arm gone and Leon quickly ducked down to avoid another swing and Grievous kicked at him as he dodged knocking him back. Leon rolled as he hit the ground and jumped back to his feet in time to see Grievous jump from the ledge where they were fighting and into the valley below. Without hesitation Leon sprinted forward and followed after him.

Grievous stabbed his remaining lightsaber into the face of the cliff to slow his descent it was barely a twenty meter drop, but he was too damaged to risk it. Once close enough to the ground he kicked off the cliff face and landed turning to flee into the valley only to see Leon land in front of him cutting him off.

The moment Leon landed his arm shot forward and Grievous felt the Force slam into him throwing him against the cliff wall behind him the impact taking the air out of what was left of his lungs. As he slid from the rocky wall Leon charged forward his hand drawn back calling the Force to his hand once again, it was time to put an end to this.

Grievous looked up and rolled to the side at the last second as Leon's palm came flying at him and he both heard and felt the impact of the Force as it slammed into the side of the cliff with much more power behind it than Leon had been using so far.

In the back of his mind Grievous let out a sigh of relief that hit would have killed him, but now surely his opponent was left open.

He couldn't see Leon despite being right next to him, the explosion of force power kicked up a large cloud of dust and dirt that concealed Leon from view. Grievous swung with his lightsaber a few times hoping to catch the arrogant former Jedi, but quickly gave up and decided to run.

As he turned Grievous felt something grab his leg and immediately looked down to see Leon crouched and spinning, his hand firmly grasping the cyborg's lower leg.

Leon sprang upward as he turned pushing Grievous' leg up the Force adding to his strength and the momentum of his turn allowing him to pull the general's leg out from under him.

As Grievous fell back Leon turned around again and loomed over him his hand drawn back and his eyes full of hate Grievous tried to swing his remaining arm up to cut him down, but Leon's hand was faster.

As Grievous was still falling backwards Leon brought his hand down on top of Grievous' chest and with the force tap sent the cyborg crashing into the ground. Grievous coughed his raspy breathing had become weak, he felt a great pain in his chest a pain that crippled him, he could no longer move and it was becoming harder for him to breathe.

Leon was kneeling next to him his hand still flat against Grievous' chest as he stared into the eyes of the motionless cyborg as he coughed away his final breaths. Grabbing hold of the general's chest plate he ripped it off exposing the former Kaleesh warlord's internal organs, his heart and his lungs all of them ruptured and bleeding heavily.

"I want you to suffer" Leon said to him standing up. He raised his arm and called Grievous' lightsaber to his hand, "But I've wasted enough time on you".

And with a single swing it was over, Grievous' head rolled half a foot away from his body and Leon just stood there staring at it, he finally killed him.

Switching off the lightsaber he raised his comlink and looked to the sky, "This is Leon Solstice to all Republic forces, General Grievous is dead. I repeat Grievous is dead".

He could hear hundreds of clones cheering as they continued fighting, with the death of General Grievous the war was all, but over now they only had to finish the battle on the Wookiee homeworld.

"Felt his death I did" Master Yoda's voice said from Leon's comlink, "But a battle to fight, we still have".

"I'm on my way to support Luminara now" Leon told him, "Once I join with her we'll make our way to you Master Yoda".

The Jedi Grand Master groaned a little, "Understood. In the village square, see you both I will".

Above the valley Titan squad and Onyx team watched through binoculars as Leon finished off Grievous and when they heard him announce the general's death they began celebrating. Cheering and sharing high fives and one armed hugs as they raised their weapons in the air, but their celebrations stopped when Baron yelled for them to quiet down as he reached for his portable hologram projector.

Activating the device an image of a hooded figure appeared and looked up at him.

"The time as come Captain Baron" it said rough voice, "Execute Order Sixty-six".

The clones all became silent staring at the hologram and Baron's hand tightened around his sniper rifle as he looked down at Leon in the valley below.

He took in his friend's distant image and then looked back to the man in the hologram, "Understood my lord".

He leveled the scope of his rifle onto his target's head and rested his finger on the trigger.

He couldn't believe it, maybe the other, but not him. He was no traitor he would never turn on the Republic, but the order was given.

"He's not a Jedi anymore" he thought as he stared through his scope at his friend's back.

"We have our orders" one of his brothers said, "Take him out".

Exhaling a slow breath he tightened his finger then turned and pulled the trigger.

Strength does not come from winning. Your struggles develop your strengths. When you go through hardships and decide not to surrender, that is strength - Arnold Schwarzenegger

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