Solstice Knight

Epilogue: Last Man Standing

It's not whether you get knocked down, it's whether you get back up - Vince Lambordi

Her breathing slowed, becoming shorter and shallower with each breath. Her vision blurred, but she managed to pull his image into focus and smiled.

Despite the pain, despite her failure and they're betrayal, she was happy to see him one last time. She cared for him.

She saw his suffering, his shock and disbelief as he held her in his arms staring into her eyes he was afraid, but she could only smile at him because she knew he would survive.

He shook his head as his own breath became a lump in his throat keeping him from speaking as she took her final breaths.

"I'm so proud of what you've become" she managed to say with her final breath placing her hand against his arm.

With her final words her chest slowly rose and then fell never to rise again and just as slowly her eyes closed and her head turned to the side, toward his shoulder.

He shook her and gasped her name begging her to stay awake, pleading futilely that she would be fine, but she wouldn't respond.

He lifted her up and pressed her forehead to his own, he closed his eyes saying his farewell, and then he began to cry.

Leon took a final look at Grievous' body and couldn't help, but smile at his superiority over the cyborg. Their final battle ended with his victory and he had finally shown the former warlord that he was better than him there wasn't time to revel in his win. There was still a war to end. Turning to the wall of the valley he crouched down and focused the Force into his legs and jumped. The Force carried him a great distance, higher than he had ever jumped before his control over the Force had improved greatly over the past year and so had his combat skills and now he was going to use his new level of skill to put an end to this pointless war that consumed the galaxy.

Landing against the wall of the valley he looked up, he was halfway up in a single jump, planting his foot he leapt again before he fell and grabbed the edge of the cliff. When he climbed up he looked over to his team to see the four members of Onyx team lying on the ground scorch marks from blaster fire against their chests, their size indicated fatal point blank range shots. He saw Titan squad waiting for him, their heads tilted down only slightly and even with their helmets still on he could read their faces.

"I trust there's a reason you killed them" he said walking over to them.

"Order Sixty-Six was issued" Baron told him.

"And this somehow involves friendly fire?" Leon guessed.

"It's a contingency order" Baron continued as Boulder and Chip remained silent, "All clones are given a list of contingency orders that we must memorize…" Baron rarely hesitated and the fact that he did made Leon worry, "Order Sixty-Six labels the Jedi has traitors to the Republic and we are to kill them on sight".

Just like that everything stopped, everything had ceased to exist around him, Grievous' death no longer meant anything, their impending victory meant nothing, his past victories meant nothing.

The sound of a roaring engine overhead drew their attention a transport ship was coming to pick them up. Baron, Chip and Boulder looked back to Leon has he glared at the incoming transport they could see the wheels turning in his head.

"Who gave this order?" he asked them.

"The Supreme Chancellor" Boulder answered finally speaking.

Chip continued, "The order was likely issued to our forces everywhere".

Leon gave them a quick look from the corner of his eye, "I'm assuming this means you're on my side?"

Baron nodded, "You're no longer a Jedi Leon and even if you were you've always been more than just a friend to us you've been a brother. We'll follow you until the end, no matter what".

"That may not be far off" Leon said using the Force to send the bodies of Onyx team over the side of the cliff before the transport landed, "Let's hurry we need to get to Luminara and Yoda".

The clones on the transport hesitated when they watched Leon casually step onto the ship pretending to not be aware of what was happening.

"We've got a war to win gentlemen" he said, "Let's move out".

The transport took off and the sergeant of the clone squad switched to his internal comm and spoke to Baron, "Did you not get the order?"

"We did" Baron answered also speaking on the internal comms so anyone outside their helmets couldn't hear.

"Then why isn't he dead?"

"Because he's not a Jedi anymore, he walked away from them almost a year ago".

"Should we take that chance?" the clone asked, "We can't assume his loyalty to the Republic we should terminate him now".

The transport's doors were still open as they were flying and Leon waved his hand sending both the sergeant and the other two clones falling to their deaths leaving only himself and Titan and the oblivious pilot.

Leon didn't have to look at his friends, he could feel their pain well enough, they were struggling with what was going to happen. They believed in him without question, they had already killed four of their own to protect him and stood by while he killed three others. By choosing to side with him they would be turning against their own kind, their brothers they would be marked as traitors and if captured definitely executed. He couldn't make them do it.

"You three can still walk away" he said, "I won't make you turn against your own. I can handle this myself".

For a moment they were silent, even at a time like this he was putting them before himself, Jedi or not since the day they had met him Leon had shown them a level of loyalty and compassion and friendship that they only seen other clones. And out of all of them it was him the only one who wasn't a clone it was Leon that took it the hardest when Coins and Edge died. Loyalty didn't come any stronger than this, no way in hell were they going to turn on him after all they had been through.

Baron managed to smile and chuckle under his helmet, "You say you can handle it" he began with a scoff, "But I get the feeling that if I take my eyes off you somehow you're going to get yourself shot so I'll just be ready with the bacta patches".

"We're not leaving" the clone medic and sniper continued as Leon glanced at them over his shoulder, "We've been through hell itself together on multiple occasions, this is just another day at the office for us".

He finally turned to them, "There's no going back after this one".

"We're well aware of that" Boulder said, Leon was just noticing that he didn't have his favorite rotary canon with him just a normal blaster rifle, "No matter how much this is going to hurt or haunt us we're with you".

"Remember what Edge used to say" Chip told him, "The strength of the pack is the wolf and the strength of the wolf is the pack".

"All in or none in" he heard his friend's voice in his mind, Edge would always say that if any of them had any doubts about their success chance. Even after Leon took over as their leader they would always meet before a critical mission and if any of them felt like their chances of success were too low they would back out as a team.

"We go in alive and we come out the same way" Edge's voice said.

Leon smirked and turned his back to them again, "Edge did always love his clichés" the transport began descending, "When we land we're going to move fast. I'm sure Yoda and Luminara can handle themselves" the transport landed "but we're…"

"Leon?" Boulder said as he trailed off.

Leon raised a hand to his temple, "What is it?" Chip asked.

He could feel them, the Jedi across the galaxy, he felt their brief pain before they died. Plo Koon, Aayla Secura, he could feel them dying, Ki-Adi-Mundi, Kit Fisto was on Coruscant and he could feel the echo of his death as well he could also sense Mace Windu's…

"Leon!" Baron yelled as Leon leapt from the transport right before it landed.

He was already moving, sprinting away with the Force enhancing his speed he felt the echo of their deaths from all over the galaxy from Coruscant to Felucia this couldn't be happening. Kit Fisto and Mace Windu he could feel their final moments they were in the midst of a battle against a powerful foe, but who?

He sprinted through the ranks of clone troopers some seemed surprised to see him and hesitated others open fired on him missing every shot as he ran by them and cut them down.

"Who gave the order?"

"The Supreme Chancellor"

The Supreme Chancellor! They were fighting Chancellor Palpatine. It all made sense now, he had always had a small sick feeling in his stomach whenever he met the Chancellor, but he always passed it off as fatigue from exhaustion or stress, the Chancellor issued this order, he killed Kit Fisto and Mace Windu, but how? No one his age could manage to kill two of the strongest Jedi in the galaxy…unless.

He ran down the hall that led to Luminara's command post two clones were outside blasters aimed at him as he sprinted toward them. Leon roared and sent a crushing Force push at them slamming the doors open as they crashed into them and skid across the floor in the command room.

Hearing the crash and the doors being forced open Luminara turned to see Leon running toward her and then all she felt was a burning punch in her abdomen before she fell back seeing the two clones that stood with her being lifted into the air before being thrown over the balcony.

Leon dropped to his knees sliding to a stop next to her, "No" he gasped seeing the dazed look in her eyes and her wound, "No, no no no no no not you" his words were frantic he was speaking so fast she could barely understand him.

"Look at me" he gasped placing his hand on her cheek, "You're going to be ok I'll have you patched up in a minute just hang on".

Her breathing slowed, becoming shorter and shallower with each breath. Her vision blurred, but she managed to pull his image into focus and smiled.

Despite the pain, despite her failure and they're betrayal, she was happy to see him one last time. She cared for him.

She saw his suffering, his shock and disbelief as he held her in his arms staring into her eyes he was afraid, but she could only smile at him because she knew he would survive.

He shook his head as his own breath became a lump in his throat keeping him from speaking as she took her final breaths.

"I'm so proud of what you've become" she managed to say with her final breath placing her hand against his arm.

He shook his head, "You're going to be fine you hear me" he said, but she only continued to smile at him, "Not you to" he gasped, "Not you please".

With her final words her chest slowly rose and then fell never to rise again and just as slowly her eyes closed and her head turned to the side, toward his shoulder.

He shook her and gasped her name begging her to stay awake, pleading futilely that she would be fine, but she wouldn't respond.

He lifted her up and pressed her forehead to his own, he closed his eyes saying his farewell, and then he began to cry.

His tears didn't last long, he felt the pain of more dying Jedi in the back of his mind and as he kneeled there holding Luminara's body his rage began building. Slowly he laid her down and took her lightsaber he didn't want to leave her here he wanted to give her a proper funeral, but that was time he didn't have.

Titan squad finally caught up to him as he began leaving the command room seeing Luminara's body lying on the floor told them all they needed to know, they arrived too late. They didn't need the Force to sense his feelings, anyone who knew Leon enough knew how much he cared for Luminara Unduli, she was like a second mother to him since he came to the Jedi Order. She had always helped him whenever he needed it, she taught him so much and was never anything short of a friend, whenever he spoke of her it was as if she was some kind of higher being the one Jedi he held in higher regard than any other and now, just like Coins, Edge and Thalia she was gone as well.

They followed him out of the command room and back to the shuttle, they had gunned down their brothers who had chased after Leon as well as the pilot of the shuttle leaving Boulder to pilot for them. Baron stopped when Leon stepped on the shuttle, he could feel his pain.

"Are you coming?" Chip asked him.

Baron looked up at Leon, "There's a Sentinel-class landing craft on the pad behind us Leon. Chip and I will load Luminara's body on board and meet up with you and Boulder later. Go get General Yoda we'll catch up".

Leon nodded, "Thank you Baron".

Chip hopped off the transport and looked back to Leon as the shuttle began to hover, "We'll take care of her Leon just make sure you're still alive when we see you".

Again Leon nodded as Boulder piloted the transport away flying him to Master Yoda's command post. The Grand Master of the Jedi Order was still alive, he could feel it.

"Master Unduli" Yoda groaned when Leon and Boulder caught up with him, "Sensed her death I did. And your pain as well" the aged Jedi looked up to him, "Meant much to you she did".

"Had I been faster she would be alive" Leon said, "I didn't make it in time".

"Died today many have. But gone they are not. Within the Force they will live on".

"I'd hate to interrupt General Yoda, but we really need to move" Boulder said, "It won't be long before they send more to check and see if you're dead as well".

Yoda looked up at Boulder, "Sense your loyalty to Leon I do. Willing to risk your life to help him you are".

"He's always done the same for us" Boulder said, "We need to move Baron and Chip are on their way with the shuttle we need to get you two somewhere safe".

"Rendezvous with Master Kenobi we must" Yoda said leading them down a path to a clear landing spot, "Return to the Jedi Temple we will. Find a way to warn others we must".

"That's not a good idea sir" Boulder said, "By the time we get back to Coruscant the entire temple will be overrun by soldiers even between the three of you do you really think you can fight your way inside?"

"Trust in the Force we will" Yoda told him, "Succeed we shall".

They reached the clearing and Boulder signaled for Baron and Chip to bring the shuttle in to pick them up. After boarding Leon walked over to Luminara's body that was laid on the bench against the shuttle wall and fell to his knees, he still couldn't believe she was dead this had to be a dream, a nightmare, this just couldn't be real.

"Sense your anger I do" Yoda had said to him, "Let it control you, you must not".

"Don't" Leon said looking down at him, "Do not tell me how to feel right now. I have a right to feel however I want I have a right to be as angry as I want. You have no idea how important she was to me".

Leon looked back at Luminara's motionless body and ran his hand over her forehead and over her cowl, "She reminded me so much of my mother. She was the one that brought me to the Order. She was always there for me".

"Failed her you did not" Yoda said, "Proud of you she was".

"Leon incoming transmission" Boulder said over the intercom, "You're going to want to hear this".

His hand resting on his deceased master's forehead balled into a fist as he clenched his eyes shut taking a moment to force his emotions into place before standing up and making his way into the cockpit.

"It's that smuggler girl" Chip said sliding out of the co-pilot seat so Leon could sit, "Liliana Ashford".

"Leon Solstice" Leon said answering the transmission.

"Leon" he heard the smuggler's voice through grinding static, "What's going on? I was assisting in an aerial battle on Cato Neimoidia and the clones shot down the Jedi leading the battle".

"Who was it?" Leon asked his voice dismal.

"Plo Koon I think" Liliana answered the static fading a bit, "What the hell is going on?"

Leon looked over his shoulder at Yoda, the aged Jedi Master had closed his eyes attempting to meditate on the situation even he had to be feeling something at a time like this.

"The Jedi Order has been betrayed" Leon told her, "The Chancellor ordered the entire Grand Army to turn against the Jedi, he's labeled them has traitors and they are to be executed on sight".

"What?" the smuggler's voice finally came through clearly, "Why?"

"I don't know" Leon answered, "But I'm heading back to Coruscant to find out. My team is still with me and I'm with Master Yoda. We can still sense Master Kenobi, he's alive and he should have found a way off Utapau by now, we're going to rendezvous with him and then we're going after the Chancellor".

"Where are you and what are you flying?"

"Just left the Wookiee homeworld…Sentinel-class landing ship" Leon answered already knowing why she had asked.

"Go ahead and grab Master Kenobi but don't head to Coruscant just yet I'm going to try and find out as much as I can about the situation. I'll call you with details".

"If you come across any survivors try to save them" Leon told her, "If I'm right we're going to need as many as possible to bring down the Chancellor".

The transmission ended and Leon stood up and returned to the back of the ship as Baron was examining Yoda for injuries.

"Strong disturbances in the Force I sense" the Jedi Master said, "Powerful dark side forces at work there are".

Yoda looked up to him, "Gave this order the Chancellor did. Only darkness I now sense".

"I've been suspicious about him for a long time now" Leon said sitting on the floor next to the bench where he laid Luminara's body, "After Ahsoka and I were rescued from Korriban I always felt a chill and a sick feeling in my stomach when I was near him. At first I just thought I was still suffering from the dark side taint of that world, but after it continued I started getting suspicious. I tried looking into his past, but couldn't find anything unusual, but I never shook the feeling that the concerned and compassionate person we saw was just a mask, that underneath all of that there was something…dark".

"No injuries" Baron said standing up, "I still recommend getting some rest if you're planning an assault on Coruscant".

"He's a Sith" Leon concluded, "This entire time the Republic has been led by a Sith, one concealed even from the Jedi Order. Now everything makes sense, why the war was dragged on for so long, how Dooku seemed to have inside information and why he was able to hold his office long after his term should have ended. He's been manipulating everything from the beginning".

Yoda groaned as he watched Leon look at Luminara's body again, he could sense the feeling of failure and despair building within him.

"Gone she is not" he said, "With you in the Force always she will be".

Leon took her lightsaber in his hand and stared at it remembering every moment he had with her from the moment they met on Dantooine so many years ago.

"Tell us she did after you left the Order. Proud of you she was. A true Jedi you were she said. Always fighting for what's right and defending the innocent you will. See now I do, right she was".

"I'm no Jedi" Leon said quietly, "Not after all the things I've done".

"Make mistakes everyone does. Give in to temptation and emotions at some point we all have. But…to become stronger, resist and learn from them we must. Find redemption in the light and trust in the Force, there is nothing a Jedi cannot do".

Leon tightened his grip on Luminara's lightsaber until his hand began shaking, "There won't be any room for error once we reach Coruscant. We'll have to find the Chancellor and kill him; if we let him get away it will all end there".

"Agree I do" Yoda sighed, "Defeated Master Windu he did as well as others, hold back we cannot. Kill an enemy…a last resort this should always be. A choice we no longer have".

Hours passed by they had picked up Obi-Wan and returned to hyperspace making their way to Coruscant. Both Yoda and Obi-Wan had drifted off into a deep meditation and the clones of Titan were resting, Boulder and Chip is the pilot and co-pilot seat while Baron rested in the back corner after confirming that aside from minor fatigue and some bruises Obi-Wan was unharmed. Leon sat in silence continuously staring at Luminara's body, she had told him before she died that she was proud of him, but how could she be? He failed, he failed to save her and he failed to put an end to the war and now the Jedi Order was on the verge of destruction.

Allowing his tears to flow he brushed his hand over her forehead one last time, "I'm sorry" he whispered.

The ship's radio beeped and Boulder and Chip roused from their nap and answered the call, it was Liliana again. Calling Leon to the front Chip gave up his seat so he could answer.

"Did you find anyone?" he asked.

"No" she answered, "I've made some calls to some systems where battles were going on, as far as I've been able to find out every battle has stopped and almost every Jedi has been killed".

Leon looked over his shoulder, Obi-Wan and Yoda awakened from their meditation, "We've got Obi-Wan, we're heading back to Coruscant have you heard anything?"

"Only that the Jedi Temple has been taken over" she told him, "The 501st Legion assaulted the temple and executed anyone left inside and took control of it".

Left felt his entire body go cold there were still many younglings at the temple, but surely they would have been instructed to hide somewhere safe where no one would find them.

"Anything else?" he asked her trying to push his fear away.

"No" she answered, "But I'm about to leave Florrum and I'm on my way to help in whatever way I can. I don't know what this treason claim is about, but I've known the Jedi long enough to know they wouldn't turn against their precious Republic".

"It would be a lot safer for you to stay as far away from us as possible" Leon told her, "You'll be labeled as a traitor as well".

"You say that like I'm supposed to care" Liliana chuckled, "Besides last I heard you weren't a Jedi anymore so what about you?"

"I'm not a Jedi" Leon answered, "But I'm not going to let this go unanswered".

"Neither am I" Liliana told him.

Knowing he wasn't going to talk her out of it Leon agreed to her assistance, "It's going to be hell when we return, if you know of any extra fire power we could definitely use some especially if the 501st is occupying the temple".

"Lost the temple is" Yoda said from the back, "Salvage what we can of the Order we must. Try to warn survivors then confront the Chancellor".

"Liliana listen" Leon began, "The Jedi Order is dead as of today, but it can be rebuilt. We need to salvage whatever we can from the temple and find and rescue any survivors, even if we manage to kill the Chancellor it's going to be years before the Jedi can fully return to the galaxy".

Liliana was quiet for a moment, but when she answered her voice was full of confidence, "I've got an idea. I'll meet you at Coruscant with an army of my own".

After the transmission ended Boulder looked to Leon, "We'll be dropping out of hyperspace within the hour, what's the plan?"

Leon stood up and walked into the back again Baron was awake and the eyes of his team were on him.

"This first step is to find a way into the temple" Leon began looking at Yoda and Obi-Wan, "Even with all six of us there's no way we can retake it".

Obi-Wan looked up to him, "If we can sneak in and make our way to the main communications hub we can send out a message warning all remaining Jedi to not return to Coruscant".

Leon nodded, "Afterwards we'll scour the temple try to find any survivors and then salvage what we need to rebuild the Order. When that's done we go to confront the Chancellor".

"Not the kind of plan I would prefer" Obi-Wan sighed, "But considering we don't really have any alternatives we don't have much choice".

"What about us Leon?" Baron asked readying his both his carbine and sniper rifle.

"Once you drop us off the three of you are going to return to the outer atmosphere and wait for Liliana" he told the clone, "She said she was bringing an army of her own. No idea what that means, but once she arrives she'll need your help to assault the temple. I'll need you to relay this plan to her. By the time she arrives depending on the size of whatever she's bringing she needs to get inside the temple and along with the three of you save anything you can. The archives get first priority I'll place tracking beacons so you can find your way there".

Leon began laying out his plan to his team while Yoda and Obi-Wan prepared themselves and when their ship dropped from hyperspace they were all set.

"This is it" Boulder called back to them flying the ship through Coruscant's afternoon sky and toward the temple, "I'll drop you off at the west courtyard may that Force thing be with you".

"Stay safe you three" Leon told them as he, Yoda and Obi-Wan stood by the open ramp and leaped out.

Clone troopers began surrounding them the second they landed in the courtyard, a storm of blaster fire came from all directions and the three Jedi dropped into defensive stances their lightsabers ignited in their hands as they began their mission.

Leon's red and silver blades flashed through the air deflecting shot after shot back at the shooters, his expertise in Shien allowing him to flawlessly protect himself against the volume of blaster fire and deflect it along a chosen path. Their first encounter lasted only a few minutes before they emerged victorious and made their way into the temple, the normally quiet and serene halls were now deathly silent and cold, the atmosphere had changed to match the horror that had taken place.

"I only sense clones" Leon muttered as they ran through the concourse, "There's no one else here".

"Its possible some escaped" Obi-Wan suggested running with Yoda on his shoulders, "Have faith".

They managed to reach the communication center without being detected sealing the door behind them they switched on the main hub.

"We have to shut down any communications to and from the temple afterwards we need to head to the central security station there we reprogram the signal beacon to warn all survivors to stay away".

"I thought it could only be used to recall the Jedi?" Leon asked.

"So did I" Obi-Wan admitted, "But a youngling, Caleb Dume once suggested it could be used for the opposite…and right now that's what we need".

"There has to be some left out there" Leon hoped, "We have to find them".

"We will" Obi-Wan assured him.

"Still sense Master Kota I do" Yoda groaned, "Alive he is".

"And so is Shaak Ti" Leon added, "She's moved away from Kamino. Once we're done here she'll know to go somewhere…no" his words trailed when he came across a piece of security footage from the Council Chambers.

"What is it?" Obi-Wan asked turning with Yoda to see the recorded feed of Anakin slaughtering the younglings that hid in the Council Chambers.

"Anakin" Obi-Wan muttered, "No it can't be he would never".

Leon searched through what remained of the security feeds and found Anakin again, first in the archives murdering Master Nu, then again in the battle master's chamber killing Bene and Whie and then Serra Keto and Master Drallig.

"Now it makes sense" Leon muttered wanting to drop to his knees, "Even the entire 501st legion wouldn't be able to take the temple without help…Anakin handed it to them".

"Skywalker's betrayal" Yoda began, "Unexpected it is. Two Sith to deal with we now have".

"The Chancellor is likely still in his office" Leon suggested, "But where did Anakin go?"

Yoda closed his eyes and inhaled a slow breath, "Mustafar his new master has sent him. Lost to the dark side he is".

Leon leaned against the console shutting off the security feed, "Then I'll kill him to" he pushed off the console and the two Jedi behind him could feel his seething anger.

"Send me after the Chancellor" Obi-Wan said, "I cannot kill Anakin he's like a brother to me".

"Strong enough to defeat the Chancellor you are not" Yoda told him, "Go alone to confront him I will. After Skywalker to Mustafar you must go".

"And I'm just supposed to stay here?" Leon asked, "Do you really expect me to just sit back and do nothing?"

"Need you here we do" Yoda told him, "Wait for Liliana you must. Help preserve the legacy of the Jedi you will".

Leon glared at him, "At a time like this, when the man responsible is within our grasp you want me to sit back while you go after him alone?"

"Too angry you are" Yoda said his voice raising a bit as much of a stern tone as he could manage, "Risk losing you to the dark side as well we do if you come. Stay here and save what you can you will".

Leon turned and threw a chair across the room with a yell before leaning against the console again, "I will do what you ask" he panted trying to control himself, "But once I'm done I'm coming to help".

He balled his fists and began shaking, "We can't let them get away with this".

"Escape they will not" Yoda told him, "Move now if to succeed we must. May the Force be with us".

Their plan wasn't ideal, but it was all they had, split up and deal with the situation on all sides. Obi-Wan would leave for Mustafar to find Anakin, Yoda would go to the Senate Building to confront the Chancellor and Leon would stay behind to save what he could from the temple.

"Rebuilt the Order can be" Yoda had told him, "Save what you can and protect it the legacy and knowledge of the Jedi. Somewhere safe where the Sith will never find".

Leon made his way to the hangar after Obi-Wan and Yoda left he received a message from Titan, they had met up with Liliana and would be arriving soon he just needed to make sure the temple was clear enough for them to enter safely. There were only a few groups of clones patrolling the hangar all of which he easily dispatched without alerting the others. After clearing the hangar he contacted Liliana and told her she could land in the temple hangar and the nearby main courtyard.

"Hope you've got enough landing space" Liliana told him, "Because I'm bringing in a lot of help".

"I'll take what I can get" Leon sighed as he looked up to the sky and saw the number of ships flying toward the temple.

He had eliminated any anti air defenses the clones had set up and managed to block their communications with a jamming signal in the central comm chamber only a select frequency was available now and it was one the clones would never think to use here.

He waited for Liliana to leap out of the lead shuttle and run over to him, she hadn't changed much since the last time he saw her save for a small scar running underneath her left eye.

"Considering the situation you don't look any worse for wear" she said to him.

"Who did you bring?" he asked her looking at the other ships that began landing in the courtyard and hangar.

"A couple of friends who owes me a lot of favors" the smuggler said turning around as a male Weequay dressed in a long red and grey duster jacket and blue and white Mandalorian armor stepped off the second ship and walked over to them.

Liliana stepped to the side and introduced them, "Leon meet Hondo Ohnaka leader of the Ohnaka gang of pirates and Bo-Katan Kryze leader of the reformed Death Watch".

"A pleasure considering the circumstances" the Weequay pirate said giving Leon a slight bow, "I'm sure you may be hesitant to trust a pirate".

"I'll take what I can get" Leon said cutting him off, "We don't have much time. I jammed the communications so the clones can't contact each other or the nearby military base, but I'm sure someone will have noticed such a large force arriving here. We need to save whatever we can from the temple and we need to do it fast".

"What's the opposition?" Bo-Katan asked readying her blaster rifle.

"Part of the 501st Legion, about half a regiment so we're looking at about thirteen hundred hostiles all with elite training" he turned to Hondo, "You're men will be greatly outmatched so you need to work together and take them out as a group. Focus your fire and bring them down one at a time you're authorized to use destructive force if you have it available".

"So the plan is for my men to run in and engage elite clone troopers?" Hondo asked.

"No the plan is for you and you're gang to save whatever you can from the temple. The archives, holocrons and lightsabers anything directly related to the Jedi Order and its history. If any of you encounter the enemy shoot to kill, no mercy and no hesitation or you will die. I'll pay you in whatever way I can after we leave".

Hondo cupped his hands behind his back and waved for one of his gang to join them. They started relaying the plan over their comlinks, they would each lead a separate group to a section of the temple, Leon and Bo-Katan would lead the smaller Mandalorian force to the archives since the vault could only be opened by a Jedi, Liliana would lead her group through the lower floors and training facilities while Hondo would lead the main force and coordinate the salvage operation. With the orders distributed amongst the accumulated forces they set out to preserve the Jedi Order.

"Liliana told me a bit about you" Bo-Katan said as her and Leon led her group toward the temple archives, "Said you're not an everyday Jedi".

"I'm not a Jedi at all" he told her, "I'm just a guy with Force powers and a lightsaber".

Bo-Katan gave him a smug grin, "If you say so. So what happened?"

"The Supreme Chancellor turned out to be a Sith Lord, all this time he's been manipulating the Jedi and the Republic and now he's played his hand".

"I've never cared much for the Republic or the Jedi" Bo-Katan admitted as they slid to a stop outside the archives, "But we owe Liliana a lot so we're here to help for now".

"Like I said I'll take what I can get" Leon said reaching for his lightsabers, "Get ready we're going in hard and fast kill every clone you see. Once we secure the area we'll start gathering what we can".

Leon balled his fists and leaned back and lunged forward using a force push to blast the doors open and into the archives, the massive doors bowling over and crushing many clone troopers inside. Taken by surprise many of the clones stopped their destruction of the archives and turned to see Leon activate both of his lightsabers and roar before he charged in cutting down three clones before the Mandalorian group behind him entered and began firing.

Bo-Katan took position crouching behind an overturned table resting her carbine on the edge and with precision aim taking down multiple clones with double tap shots while her men fanned out and took cover. Every few seconds she glanced around to try and spot Leon seeing him deeper and deeper into the massive library each time she looked, his attack was ferocious within a minute he had carved his way into the middle of the room and had cut down what looked to be almost a hundred clones.

She hadn't seen that many Jedi in action only a padawan and a single master, but neither of them were anything close to what she was seeing and based off reputation, no Jedi attacked this violently.

She heard him yell over the sea of blaster fire and the air seemed to explode outward as a wave of invisible power rushed out in all directions sending the clones surrounding him flying back into the massive shelves and walls and support pillars. A broken body flew overheard and she looked at Leon again right as he was dropping both of his lightsabers, the silver and red colored blades switched off as they left his hands and she watched him duck down and lunge forward in a single leap that covered almost fifteen feet.

His first strike was a right jab to the gut of the clone in front of him even from this distance she could see the clone's armor cave from the blow and as the stunned clone hunched over Leon grabbed him by the throat and turned flipping the clone to the ground and wrapping his arm around his head and twisting, snapping the clones neck.

Turning again he lifted the dead clone and threw it with the Force using the body to knock over another two clones before he jumped at another immediately landing a snap kick against the clone's shin and Bo-Katan watched as the clone's leg bent inward the bones in his leg obviously broken. Leon ducked down and jumped upward landing an uppercut that sent the clone flying into the air before he grabbed him with the Force and pulled him back down throwing him into another pair of clones that tried rushing him.

The Mandalorian woman watched as he tore his way through the enemy even without his lightsabers he fought ferociously, like someone who had nothing left to lose. She ducked and turned shooting at a clone that had tried to flank them and looked up to see that Leon had claimed a blaster from one of the clones and was firing at clones hiding on the second floor. She wouldn't allow herself to get distracted by watching him, but seeing his ferocity in battle and undeniable skill she was amazed.

"Liliana wasn't joking. He's a warrior through and through".

Leon rushed a single clone and ducked down aiming a kick between the clone's leg, wrapping it around the clone's leg he twisted and forced the clone to his knee. Leaning over the kneeling clone Leon wrapped his arm around his neck and snapped it before reaching for his blaster and shooting at another pair of clones on the balcony above him knocking both of them off and watching them fall to their death. Leaping up from the dead clone's body he quickly pivoted on his heel and spun around calling one of his lightsabers back to his hand and stabbing it backward.

He stood back to back against the clone he impaled, the last one in the archives and he listened as the clone groaned his death rattle, he tried to not blame them. They were soldiers following orders and above all else the Chancellor was the leader of the Grand Army not the Jedi, but try as he might he did blame them he blamed all of them and he would see them all dead.

"Looks like that's all of them" one of the Mandalorians said coming out of cover, "Now what? We start gathering stuff and hauling it back to the ships?"

"Yeah" Leon said quietly, "I'll open the vault we need to save whatever we can".

As Leon moved to the very back of the archives to force open the vault one of Bo-Katan's men whispered to her, "Why are we doing this again? Wouldn't it be better if the Jedi Order died for good?"

"Maybe the galaxy needs the Jedi" Bo-Katan said, "At the very least he's trying to preserve their history. The same thing we tried to do".

"If you say so" the Mandalorian resigned, "I don't like it, but here we are".

Leon never told anyone, but he had watched Master Fisto open the vault several times and memorized how it worked. The vault was only supposed to be opened by members of the Council, but now the Council was gone and it was up to him to save what was within. Waving his hand he used the Force to slide the locks from their place, it was nothing more than a complicated puzzle that had to be done within a few seconds. When the door opened Leon waved for them to move forward and they began taking everything they could.

After clearing out the archives vault he told Bo-Katan to make her way back to the fleet and start loading everything onto the ships afterwards they needed to split up and join with Hondo and Liliana to finish the job.

Returning to the main courtyard Leon looked around, Hondo's gang was loading a great haul onto the ships and Liliana was helping the wounded on board they were all, but finished.

"How many did you lose?" Leon asked him.

"Not as many as I thought I would" Hondo said with a slight grin, "My men are tough, but even I expected a good bit of them to not make it back. Only three dead so far, many wounded, but they'll survive. I owe them a great feast when we return home".

"I can't thank you enough for your help" Leon said turning to both of them, "What you've done here today will allow the Jedi Order to return whenever that time comes".

Liliana ran over to them, "We're done here" she said, "We've got a lot of ships incoming we need to leave".

Leon shook his head, "No, you all leave I'm going after the Chancellor".

"There will be another time for that" Liliana told him, "You're exhausted and need to rest and you can't rebuild the Jedi if you're dead to".

Leon stepped away from them and looked at the distant Senate Building, "Master Yoda failed. He's still alive, but he wasn't able to defeat him. Now it's my turn".

"Leon think about this" Liliana said walking over to him.

"I have thought about it" Leon told her, "It ends today, take everything we've recovered and take it to Dantooine. Take it all to the Khoonda Plains there's an old military base there and near that is an old administration building each with a massive basement and sub levels. It will all be safe there guard them until I arrive. I'll be there within the next day".

"Leon" Liliana grabbed his arm as he tried to walk off, "He beat Master Yoda, do you really think you have a chance in your current state?"

Leon turned and looked at her, "He has no chance" pulling himself free Leon walked over to a single seat speeder and took off for the Senate Building leaving Liliana and her force to evacuate on their own.

He watched their ships leave before the military shuttles arrived they had made it out safely and he sensed their jump to hyperspace. Yoda was also long gone, alive thankfully. In time Leon would seek him out, but for now his focus was the Chancellor".

The sun had set hours ago and Leon had taken a minute to catch his breath, Liliana was right he was exhausted, but he could also sense the Chancellor was preparing to leave. He needed to stop him. He entered the hangar of the Senate Building and found the only ship left, the one the Chancellor would obviously be using to make his escape and he waited.

When the hangar doors opened the Vice Chancellor Mas Amedda entered first followed closely by the betrayer himself and a small group of guards. Leon waited, sitting on the ship's ramp and when he watched them enter he stood up and set his eyes on them. When Palpatine saw him he grinned, a malevolent grin that sent even more anger through Leon, but he could see that the Chancellor was weakened, even though Yoda failed to kill him he left him strained and that would play to Leon's advantage.

"Ah young Leon" Palpatine sneered, "So you've come to stand against me as well".

"I came to kill you" Leon corrected him.

The Sith laughed with a raspy voice, "Masters Windu and Yoda both failed in that regard, do you think you can succeed where they have failed?"

The guards fanned out and began advancing on Leon who didn't move. He stood there waiting until the guards were about to surround him and then with the Force he lifted them into the air and slammed them into each other with enough strength to shatter their bones before sending their broken bodies across the hangar.

"Impressive" Palpatine snickered, "I've always admired your power. You should join me together we can rule the".

Leon roared and threw his arm forward summoning a crushing force push that sent both Palpatine and Mas Amedda back into the wall.

"How arrogant do you have to be to think you can manipulate me? You will die here".

Reaching for his lightsabers he sprinted forward channeling the Force into his body to increase his speed, covering the distance between them in a few seconds he brought his lightsaber down on top of them, but the Chancellor raised a lightsaber of his own, a green one and blocked. Leon recognized the hilt in his enemy's hand and he growled through his teeth as he pressed down against the block.

"I see you recognize Master Fisto's lightsaber" Palpatine grinned, "I wonder if you will put up more of a fight than he or Master Windu did".

Jumping back Leon straightened himself and growled, "On your feet".

Palpatine stood up and grinned at Leon again, "You will die if you face me. Submit to the dark side and you can become my apprentice".

"No more talking" Leon said and lunged using the Force to push Palpatine away as he impaled Mas Amedda with his red lightsaber, "And no more interference".

He pulled his lightsaber from the Chagrian's body and turned back to Palpatine, "Now it's just you and me".

The Sith Lord's grin finally vanished, "You will regret your decision".

Leon charged forward and brought his silver lightsaber down first, Palpatine raised the lightsaber he stole from Kit Fisto and blocked, but Leon's strength pushed his guard down and it wasn't until the edge of the blade was close enough to his neck that he could feel the heat singing his skin that Palpatine used the Force to push him away.

The push sent Leon flying back, but through the same power that pushed him back he regained control of himself. Turning his freefall into a backflip he landed on his feet and charged forward again as the Sith Lord used the Force to throw the body of one of his guards at him.

Sliding underneath the body Leon sprang up and hurled his red shoto saber at his enemy at the same time reaching for Luminara's lightsaber and activating it. Palpatine caught the flung saber and cackled as he clashed with Leon the sound of the colliding plasma blades reverberating throughout the silent hangar. Leon forced the locked sabers upward and ducked and pivoted planting a kick against Palpatine's gut before whipping back around and hitting an uppercut against his jaw stunning him.

Palpatine stumbled back a step leaving him open for Leon to finish him off, but the Sith Lord proved to be faster than his age would suggest, he quickly turned back around and unleashed a blast of Force Lightning which Leon barely had enough time to guard against.

The powerful Force attack was pushing him back, Leon crossed his lightsabers in front of him to absorb the assault, but it was too powerful he couldn't stop it.

Palpatine laughed, "Do you see now boy? Do you understand the difference in our power?"

Relenting in his Force assault Palpatine looked down at Leon as he gasped for breath, "You've merely touched the surface of the power that the dark side has to offer".

"You call that power" Leon panted standing up, "My gizka bites harder than that".

"Typical Jedi arrogance".

Palpatine raised his hands again and Leon saw the cackle of electricity in his fingertips just before the blast of lightning came.

Leon summoned the Force to his hands dropping his lightsabers as the attack came. Using the Force he captured the attack and began molding it, the sheer power hurting him as he tried to contain and mold it. His enemy began laughing again taking pleasure in his apparent superiority, but his laughs stopped when he saw Leon stand up with a ball of lightning between his hands.

Leon was growling and baring his teeth as he struggled to contain the power he was holding the strain of the attack had caused his gums to begin bleeding and with a yell of effort he slammed the accumulated power into the ground causing an eruption of Force power that sent both of them flying back.

Leon skidded across the hangar floor while Palpatine was thrown back first into the wall behind him.

Leon rolled to a stop and tried to push himself up, but his arms and legs slipped out from under him and he laid on the floor breathing what felt like his last breaths. He could taste the blood filling his mouth he had waited too long to release the power he tried to capture, too much of it built up for him to redirect it leading to him being caught in the center of the blast when he released it. He moved his hand to his stomach at least two of his ribs were broken, but he wasn't done yet.

He forced himself up first to his knees and then to his feet and he watched as Palpatine got up as well, his aged body surprisingly resilient.

He had said something, but Leon couldn't hear him the ringing in his ears was all he heard and his vision kept shifting from clear to hazy. He took a step forward and reached for Thalia's lightsaber still clipped to his belt his other ones scattered across the hangar by the blast. The hilt felt hot in his hand it threatened to burn him if he didn't let go of it, but he held it tightly.

"Thalia" he whispered to himself, "Help me".

The hilt stopped burning and became warm and he felt a second wind of strength slowly filling him as he locked eyes on his opponent.

Leon rushed forward again and brought the green blade down to meet with the crossed red and green blades of his enemy, his renewed strength allowing him to force Palpatine down to one knee. Pushing the locked blades to the side Leon brought his knee up catching his enemy in the stomach and grabbed him by the throat and threw him against the wall. Lunging forward Leon attempted to impale the Sith Lord, but Palpatine moved to the side at last second leaving Leon's blade impaled against the empty wall.

"Die!" The Sith demanded as he unleashed another torrent of lightning from his hands.

The point blank force attack caught Leon unguarded and he screamed as it coursed through him singing both his skin and his insides, the powerful current lifting him from the floor and even flinging him across the room.

Palpatine laughed again as Leon's body twitched and struggled on the floor like a dying rodent, his body smoking lightly as he tried to move his limbs, but could barely flex his fingers.

"And with you the last hope of the Jedi will perish" Palpatine claimed walking over to him lightsaber in hand.

No, this couldn't be it. He can't die, not here and not like this. Forget the Republic and the galaxy there was something much more important and personal on the line for him to fail here. He promised, he promised her he would come back. He had been left behind before, he knew what it was like to have someone you care about some you love die he knew that pain too well and he would not put Ahsoka through that, he promised he would come back to her.

Summoning what strength he had left he pushed himself up his breathing was shallow and when Palpatine saw the glare in his eyes the Sith Lord stopped in his tracks.

Leon's shallow breathing became deeper and more rapid as his hands balled into fists and he took his stance.

"You are at your limit" Palpatine sneered, "You have no hope of winning".

"I am at my limit" Leon admitted hunching over a bit, "But I'm far from done".

Leon's breathing sped up and Palpatine could sense the Force raging within him, "I will show you how strong I really am" the Force within him became a storm building in power and he grinned at the Sith in front of him, "I will show you…what it means to go beyond all limits…to go even further beyond".

Leon yelled as he stood up and a wave of Force power erupted from him causing Palpatine to stumble back and fall to his knees and at last he finally saw it. The power that Leon had used to accomplish all of his feats during the war, the power he used to defeat Count Dooku and General Grievous alone, the power he used to destroy one of the goliath weapons, the power he used to kill Darth Maul. It wasn't just the Force giving him this power it was power he was giving himself, an unbreakable will and unfailing determination, he would never stop fighting not until he had won.

The Sith Lord stood up and began summoning another burst of lightning in his hands, but his attack would never come. In a second Leon was in front of him covering a distance of almost two dozen yards and grabbing the Sith's wrist twisting it upward.

Rearing back Leon released Palpatine's wrist and slammed his open palm against his chest sending him back rolling against the steel floor.

Using the Force to stop himself Palpatine got up to one knee and looked up just as Leon was on top of him again, this time crouched down right in front of him with his arm pulled back and then he sprang up his fist connecting with the Sith's jaw launching him upward. Raising his hand Leon grabbed the airborne Sith with the Force and pulled him back down and extended his arm slamming it clothesline style across Palpatine's neck.

The Sith Lord coughed and gasped for air as he laid on the steel floor this sudden burst of power, no one not even his old master had been this strong. It shouldn't be possible.

Palpatine watched as Leon turned to look at him and summon the lightsaber he impaled in the wall back to his hand, he was preparing the final blow.

In a desperate act Palpatine raised both his hands and fired another blast of lightning as much as he could manage, but Leon stood there holding out his bare hand and blocking all of it.

Palpatine forced his body to roll to the side just as Leon used the Force to push and redirect the lightning attack back at him, hitting the spot where the Sith was just laying something that surely would have been a fatal hit.

The Sith Lord now back on his feet called Kit Fisto's lightsaber back to his hand and fired another smaller burst of lightning only to watch the former Jedi Raise his hand and push the attack back.

Palpatine jumped to the side avoiding the redirected attack and lunged forward pushing Leon with the Force. Leon braced himself and held his ground as the Force pushed him back, but caused him to trip over the body of one of the dead guards leaving him open for Palpatine to finish him off. The green blade of Kit Fisto's lightsaber was raised above him and brought down in a slashing attack meant to cut him from shoulder to sternum, but the Sith's face froze when he felt something catch the weapon.

Leon raised his hand summoning the Force around it and with it he caught the blade of the lightsaber as it was swung at him.

Palpatine's face froze as he looked down at him, this couldn't be happening he was a Sith Lord, he had the power of the dark side, he was the single strongest man in the galaxy.

"You call yourself a Sith Lord" Leon growled tightening his grip on the blade, "And yet with all your years, all your exploration into the dark side you and the Jedi both still don't know what real power is or where it comes from".

Pushing the lightsaber to the side Leon raised his foot and kicked Palpatine away from him and rolled backward returning to his feet and he jumped forward once again clashing with the Sith Lord.

"You will never defeat the dark side" Palpatine hissed as the green blades illuminated their faces.

"Watch me" Leon growled pressing forward and then breaking the saber lock and pushing Palpatine into his own shuttle.

The Sith Lord fell to his knees and tried to defend himself with another wave of lightning only for Leon to block it again, this time however he used his lightsaber and planted his feet to brace himself.

Leon withstood the attack, but he was forced back a few inches. He could feel it, he was weakening he pushed himself too far and the strain was finally becoming too much. He had to end it now.

Pushing his lightsaber to the side Leon reached out with the Force and grabbed Palpatine by his throat and threw him back into his shuttle again before yanking him forward and slamming him into the floor.

The Sith Lord coughed as he struggled to get up he could hear Leon's footsteps getting closer.

Leon stood over him and raised his lightsaber, but before he could strike the final blow he heard a cannon shot and jumped back.

The large shot flew by right in front of him and he turned his attention to the hangar entrance where two shuttles were landing and a dozen clones were piling out of each all of them firing at him.

Dropping into the stance of Shien, Leon defended himself and began deflecting the shots back at the clones attacking him half of them already fallen to redirected shots, but his exhaustion had overcome him, he was slowing down missing steps and finally a shot grazed his leg and another found home against his shoulder and a third against his chest.

Slowly he fell back watching the room tilt until his back met the floor. He turned his head to see a pair of clones helping Palpatine to his feet and escorting him back to their transport. He tried to get up, but felt a boot press against his chest and push him back to the floor.

A single clone stood over him with red marked armor, the Coruscant Guard.

"Traitorous dog" he heard the clone say as he aimed his rifle down at him.

Before the clone could pull the trigger a bright flash of blue light slammed into his shoulder and the clone stumbled back before another two shots hit him in his chest dropping him. Then a massive flash of light and explosion of sound blinded and deafened Leon and he felt someone dragging him by his shoulders.

He opened his eyes and slowly sat up he was flanked by three clones and a green female Twi'lek in a white lab coat.

"Rhia?" he muttered.

The Twi'lek looked down at him and smiled, "Good morning Leon" she said softly.

"Where am I?" he asked trying to sit up, but she pushed him down.

"Smuggler vessel" she told him, "The Rusty Cardinal".

"How" he began, but she pressed her finger to his lips.

"Stop talking I'll tell you. Just conserve your strength".

She motioned for the three clones to come closer, as Leon's vision focused he saw it was Titan squad.

"You're friends here came to me as I was leaving the hospital" Rhia continued, "Said you were in pretty bad shape and needed help".

Baron spoke up, "We figured since Doctor Teysa was your physician for a while we'd go to her, but with the Coruscant Guard looking for us we still needed to leave the system. We managed to convince the captain of this ship to give us passage to Shili".

Leon winced as he tried to sit up again, but Teysa held him down, "Don't move" she told him.

Leon panted a little just trying to sit up took his breath away, "Palpatine got away didn't he?"

Baron nodded, "We heard a Jedi was attacking the Chancellor in the Senate hangar. We knew it was you so we went in the back way. We got there right as the Guard showed up".

"Good thing they did" Teysa said, "Those shots would have killed you if you weren't so stubborn".

"I prefer to call it awesome" Leon coughed with a slight smile.

"Sorry we let him get away Leon" Boulder has said, "But getting you out was our primary concern".

"Thank you" Leon said weakly, "I'll find him again…and I will kill him".

"You're friends filled me in on everything that's happened" Teysa said, "The Chancellor was a Sith Lord this whole time…its hard to believe".

"He's turned the Republic into an empire" Chip said, "Announced himself as Emperor Palpatine. Of course we know him to really be Darth…what was it?"

"Sidious" Baron corrected him, "But you're right Leon. We will find him again and next time he won't get away".

"Well before you go out and try saving the galaxy for a second time" Teysa said, "You're going to need a lot of rest and I mean it. I'll strap you down for a few days if I have to".

"Naughty" Leon gasped and Boulder and Chip chuckled.

Teysa shook her head as she grinned and reached for a syringe filled with a lime green liquid, "And if you're going to be taking down the newly established Galactic Empire, this might help".

Leon tried to ask what it was, but his strength was gone his words came out in a slur.

"It's what you've been waiting for" she said flicking her finger against it and pulling the plunger back.

"A dinner date" Leon slurred again with a weak smile.

Teysa grinned at him, "The other thing you've been waiting for. The cure".

It took him a second to process what she meant and as she wiped a disinfectant pad across his arm he met her eyes as she pushed the syringe into his vein. The cure, the cure to the disease that had plagued him for what seemed like an eternity, finally he would be rid of it.

"I managed to reverse engineer it with some help. We only had enough for this one shot and I've been waiting for the chance to give it to you".

She leaned closer to him, "I'll always be a doctor and loyal to my patients, but you saved my life that day. I'll never be able to thank you enough for that".

Pulling the needle from his arm she smiled at him again as she pressed a cloth to the puncture mark, "Now get some rest" she told him again, "I'm going to check with the pilot and see what our ETA is".

Leon's vision blurred and faded again and once again he passed out, not waking up again until they were on the Togruta homeworld this time he woke up to see Ahsoka sitting next to his bed.

"I would never get tired of waking up to you" he said quietly.

She looked at him and her lips curved into a smile, "I was so worried" she said reaching down to hug him, "When they brought you here and told me everything that happened…I just couldn't believe it. Even then all I cared about was making sure you got better".

Leon wrapped one arm around her, "I'll be ok".

"What are we going to do?" she asked him after pulling away.

"Rest first" he said, "After that we've got a galaxy to save".

She handed him a canteen of water and took his free hand as he sipped from it, "I love you".

"I love me to" Leon managed to smile.

Ahsoka sighed and shook her head, "Do you always have to ruin the moment?"

"I do love myself" Leon said setting the canteen down and slowly sitting up.

He turned to her and cupped his hand against her cheek, "But I love you more".

Ahsoka leaned forward and hugged him burying her face in his shoulder, "They're all gone" she gasped.

"No" he said rubbing his hand over her back, "They're still with us. And there are some still out there. We'll find them we'll bring them back together and then we'll put an end to this".

"And be big heroes right?" Ahsoka asked hugging him tighter.

"Big goddamn heroes" Leon said.

Heroes get remembered, but legends never die - Babe Ruth.

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