Solstice Knight

Victory and the Unseen

Leon slammed his hand on the table in front of him, "I have to go" he yelled, "It's my home".

"Which is exactly why you can't go" Obi-Wan calmly explained, "You have too personal of an attachment you're already not thinking straight".

Leon gave the Jedi Master a soft glare, "My mental state is just fine Master Kenobi".

"You're letting your personal feelings precede your judgment".

Leon tightly clenched his fist, closing his eyes he calmed himself, "Master Kenobi I cannot stand idly by and allow my home to be attacked I have to go".

The Jedi Master parted his lips to speak, but Leon cut him off, "I need to go Master Kenobi I don't care if I'm fighting on the ground or as a pilot I have to go it's my home".

Master Kenobi shook his head, "I am sorry Leon, but it is not up to me" He turned his eyes to Ahsoka, "Ahsoka you and Anakin will be joining Master Windu and myself go and make your preparations".

Ahsoka stood up and looked to Leon apologizing to him before leaving the cafeteria. After Ahsoka left Obi-Wan took one last look at Leon before taking his leave as well now alone Leon dropped back into his chair and placed his head in his hands. He could feel a sick feeling in the pit of his stomach he understood why the Council wouldn't want him to go on this mission, but it was his home how could he not go?

Raising his head Leon stood up and grabbed hold of the necklace around his neck, "No I will not stand back and allow this to happen".

Walking out of the cafeteria Leon made his way to the Council chamber if Master Windu was going on this mission as well it was him he needed to talk to. Entering the Council room Leon immediately laid eyes on his master. Master Windu had his back to him gazing out the window at the massive city.

"Master Windu I must speak with you".

"I'm sorry Leon, but I cannot permit you to go you have a personal involvement and that cannot be permitted".

Leon slowly got down on both knees and stared at the back of his Master's head, "Master Windu I must go please".

Master Windu turned to him with what seemed to be a furious stare, but Leon knew it was just the expression he wore. "If I were to permit you to go on this mission Leon what would you do? The world where you were born is under attack your judgment will be affected".

"I can promise you it won't" Leon told him, "I don't have to be on the ground forces for this battle have me go along as a pilot or if our ships are invaded by droids I can be there to defend them. I don't care what my role is I just have to be there…please Master allow me to go on this mission".

Master Windu turned back to the window casting his gaze over as much of the city has he could his hands firmly held together behind his back, "This will be a test for you Padawan Solstice".

Leon kept his eyes down, but visibly perked up when he heard how his master addressed him, Master Windu only addressed him like that when he was speaking as a Council member not as his teacher.

"You will go with us to Dantooine and you will remain on the main cruiser to defend it should its hulls be breached. Under no circumstance are you to go to the planet's surface unless I say otherwise" he turned back to Leon with a harsh expression, "Are we clear?"

Leon looked up and nodded to him, "Understood Master. Thank you".

"Then go make your preparations we will be leaving soon".

Leon practically jumped to his feet and bolted out of the Council chambers rushing back to his room. Sprinting down the halls Leon rounded a corner and leaned to one side pivoting on his right heel spinning past Master Ki-Adi-Mundi.

"Sorry Master I'm in a hurry" Leon called back as he ran past him vanishing behind another corner.

Returning to his room Leon set his Pazaak decks on the nightstand next to his bed before kneeling at his bedside and grabbing hold of his crystal necklace, "I am going to protect my home world and the people on it. This is a battle that must be won for if I cannot protect my own home I cannot protect the Republic or the galaxy".

Standing back up he left for the temple hangar meeting up with Anakin, Obi-Wan and Ahsoka.

"It seems you've convinced Master Windu to allow you to join the mission" Obi-Wan said upon seeing him.

Leon took a quick breath, "I assure you Master Kenobi that I am taking this mission with a clear head. I will remain on the lead cruiser in the event droids breach its hulls and to help coordinate the battle efforts".

Obi-Wan ran his hand over his beard before shrugging a single shoulder, "Very well then let's not waste anymore time".

The four Jedi boarded the shuttle that would take them to the Resolute, Anakin's personal flagship waiting for them in orbit over Coruscant.

"Where's Master Windu?" Leon asked as the shuttle took off.

"He's giving a pre-mission statement to the Council" Obi-Wan told him, "He'll be joining us before we leave".

"So how does it feel to be heading home?" Anakin asked Leon.

Leon looked away for a second, "Right now I'm more focused on saving my home that I how I feel about going back. Ask me again after we send the Seppies packing".

"Seppies?" Obi-Wan chuckled, "I think you've been spending a little too much time around Rex and his men".

"Hold on" Anakin protested, "How do you know he didn't pick that up from Cody and his men?"

Obi-Wan grinned at his former apprentice, "Well Rex does tend to take after you".

"Well a real soldier takes after a real leader" Anakin retorted.

"Oh so now you're saying I don't know how to lead my troops?" Obi-Wan asked him.

Listening to the two Masters bickering Leon leaned closer to Ahsoka and whispered, "Are they always like this?"

Ahsoka lowered and shook her head, "I'm afraid so".

Arriving at the Resolute's hangar the transport's doors opened and the Jedi stepped off and were greeted by Admiral Yularen.

"Welcome back Generals" he saluted, "Once General Windu joins us we will begin preparations to jump to hyperspace, the rest of our fleet has already engaged the enemy".

"How's the battle going so far?" Anakin asked him.

"No casualties or significant damage to be reported yet General, but they are requesting our support as soon as possible".

Anakin nodded, "Alright go ahead and start preparing to jump once Master Windu gets here we're heading out".

The Admiral saluted again and made his way back to the bridge contacting the operators to begin hyperspace preparations just in time as Master Windu landed in the hangar. With the Jedi Master on board the ship's hyper drive activated and began humming loudly as the backdrop of space stretched out and the ship leaped forward vanishing from sight.

"How long until we get there?" Leon asked Anakin.

"Not long we'll be there before you know it" Anakin held his arm out in front of him and activated his comlink, "Rex do you read me?"

"I read you sir" the Clone Captain answered, "Commander Cody and I are waiting for you on the bridge".

"Good we'll be there in a couple of minutes once we're there we can begin forming a plan".

Arriving on the bridge the five Jedi gathered around a hologram projector showing an image of the enemy fleet and the allied ships engaging it. Admiral Yularen began explaining the current situation in detail more specifically that the allied fighters weren't able to keep many of the droid transports from landing on the planet's surface. The two allied cruisers had sustained minimal damage, but their fighters were heavily out numbered and doing everything they could to avoid casualties. The Admiral stepped back giving control over to Commander Cody and Captain Rex.

Cody leaned forward and held out his arm pointing at the main Separatist destroyer, "We've confirmed that the enemy flagship is being commanded by General Grievous and were thinking about sending a squad of bombers to attack the bridge when we arrive, but they have too many defensive batteries and not enough fighters to attack it. So instead I suggest sending our fighters to try and destroy the droid transports while sending our own ground forces in to deal with the clankers head on".

Rex took over and the hologram changed to show multiple battle droids, "The clankers are attacking several points with the bulk of their forces heading toward Garang, the capital. If we can hit them with a quick pass by our bombers that will halt their advance and keep them confused long enough for us to insert our own ground forces here and here".

Rex pointed at either side of the enemy force, "We flank them from both sides and box them in and just mow them down. While the bulk of their forces are occupied on us we'll send a detachment of troops to deal with the other battalions along with bomber escort. Most of the locals have already evacuated with only a few farms and settlers still in harm's way. If we're lucky we can get there before the clankers get to them…We've intercepted a transmission from Grievous he's ordered the clankers to kill anyone who puts up any resistance".

"All the more reason to get there quicker" Leon said before turning to Anakin, "Well Master Skywalker it's your ship what's the plan?"

Anakin braced his arms against the display and scanned over the battle zones he was completely focused on the hologram in front of him and his friends could see the wheels turning in his head as he thought of a plan.

Standing up Anakin turned to Master Windu, "Master Windu if you can hold off the main force Obi-Wan and I can split up and attack the other two. Ahsoka I want you to lead the bomber squadron in attacking the three forces, we'll attack the main force first sending the transports in right behind the bombers. Once the bombers attack the transports will land using the debris as cover. From there we'll move on to the force in the east and then to the one in the north".

Anakin looked to Leon who nodded, "You already know your role in this once Grievous sees my ship come out of hyperspace he's going to send droids in to try and take the ship".

"The key word being try" Leon smirked, "They won't make it past the first hall".

Anakin also smirked at the padawan's confidence, "We'll be arriving soon it's a straightforward plan, but I'm sure it'll work. As for the battle above the planet Admiral Yularen have the ships move away and flank the enemy much like we're doing on the ground box them in and concentrate fire on a single target. We'll overpower them one at a time and bring them down".

No one made any objections to Anakin's plan before heading to the hangar. The Resolute would be arrive at the battle within a few minutes so swift preparations were necessary every crew member from pilots to operators were scrambling as the battle alert was raised. Inside the cruiser's hangar Master Windu looked back to his padawan and reminded him to guard against his own emotions at a time like this before entering his troop transport. While he appeared calm on the outside Leon was extremely worried about his home and his fellow Jedi could sense it, as they bordered their respective vehicles each of them gave him a reassuring nod before they left.

Leon turned around to return to the bridge stopping in mid step as Ahsoka called out to him. Looking back to her he smiled and nodded as she gave him a thumbs up signaling that everything would be fine before the canopy of her fighter closed. Watching the ships take off Leon closed his eyes and silently prayed to the Force that they would be ok before he returned to the bridge to assist Admiral Yularen.

Back on the bridge Leon watched his friends fly toward the planet with several Vulture droids speeding after them. Admiral Yularen saw the look in Leon's eyes the look he had seen in many new crewmen hundreds of times before a look of desperation and worry.

"You've nothing to worry about Commander" he said to the young padawan, "Dantooine will be saved I can assure you".

Leon shook his head, "I'm not worried about that Admiral I know we're going to win this battle I just wish I was on the ground instead, but we all have our orders…even if we don't like them" he whispered the last words as he turned to look at the Separatist flagship ahead of them, "Its time to fight Admiral once the transports are clear initiate the attack".

The clone transports cleared the enemy forces and entered Dantooine's atmosphere safely exiting the effective range of the enemy weapons. Once the allied transports were cleared the trio of Republic cruisers began firing at the enemy vessels focusing on the nearest target. The enemy star destroyer raised its shields to minimize the damage, but the concentrated fire proved to be too much as a multitude of explosions chained throughout the ship.

"One enemy ship down" one of the officers yelled as the enemy star destroyer began falling toward the planet.

Leon turned to the radar operators, "That ship isn't going to land anywhere near our forces or a populated area is it?"

The operator turned back to him, "No sir judging by its trajectory it's going to land in the ocean almost a hundred miles from our ground forces".

Leon gave a sigh of relief before turning back to Admiral Yularen, "I'm not really good with battle tactics so I trust you'll know what to do if something happens".

The Admiral nodded to him, "Do not worry young one I've seen many battles you can rely on me. I understand that you are here in case the enemy manages to board our ship".

Leon nodded, "Hopefully it won't come to that Admiral, but if it does I promise you that they won't make it far".

Meanwhile on Dantooine's surface the ground forces began their half of the mission. The troop transports lagged back allowing Ahsoka and the bomber squadron to move in first attacking the advancing droids. The bombs found their targets landing along the center and back lines of the enemy battalion destroying their tanks and heavier troops. With the enemy forces disorganized and briefly scattered the clone transports landed in front of the enemy and the clones jumped out charging into battle being led by Mace Windu. The Jedi Master's amethyst lightsaber swept back and forth deflecting multiple blaster bolts back at the droids.

Ahsoka and her squad made a synchronized turn and passed back over the two battalions as they moved toward their next target area. Repeating the same plan Ahsoka led her squad in another run on the second enemy force clearing them out and allowing her master and Captain Rex to land before clearing the way for Master Kenobi and Commander Cody.

With the ground forces successfully inserted the second battle for Dantooine began and thanks to Anakin's plan the droid army was crippled now at a great disadvantage against the clones and their Jedi leaders.

Master Windu cut his way past a squad of droids before throwing his hand out and Force Pushed the next rank of droids causing them to fly back into their comrades. When the droids began falling Master Windu reared back and threw his lightsaber out directing it with the Force cutting through dozens of enemies before one of his clones called out to him. Summoning his lightsaber back to him Master Windu turned as a B2 super battle droid fired a rocket at him, but the Jedi Master stopped it in mid air turning it around and sending it back at the droid destroying it and its allies in the blast. Despite the amount of enemies in front of him Master Windu aggressively continued his push through the enemy lines leaving only a few droids left on the outside ranks for his clones before he eventually made it to the lead droid.

The T-Series super tactical droid attempted to shot the approaching Jedi with its E-5 blaster rifle only to have each of its shots deflected until Master Windu used the Force to rip the weapon from the droids hands. Once disarmed the droid commander quickly lunged at Master Windu who easily side stepped it before cutting it down sealing their victory.

"Great job General" the Clone Captain said running over to him, "Should we go help Generals Skywalker and Kenobi?"

Telling the Captain to call for the drop ship to pick them up Master Windu looked out into the distance sensing the battles of his fellow Jedi as well as the conflict in the sky and the space battle above the planet. Ahsoka and her squadron engaged a large group of vulture droids while the Resolute high above Dantooine began taking heavy damage.

Out in space on the bridge of the flagship cruiser Admiral Yularen was giving out orders to his crew as the Resolute became the focus of enemy fire.

"Admiral the shields are down to 72%".

"So what do we do from here Admiral?" Leon asked.

"We hope the shields hold longer than theirs".

"With respect Admiral that's a pretty bad plan" Leon said before the ship rocked, "All we need to do is take down their lead ship right? Then let's send a ship over to there to take it out".

Leon switched on his comlink and contacted his master on the planet below, "Master Windu can you hear me?"

"What is it Leon?"

The Resolute shook again forcing the crew to brace themselves, "Master we're taking heavy fire and our shields are close to failing we either need to retreat or take out the enemy flagship" again the ship rocked causing Leon to fall.

"Leon, are you there?" his master asked.

"I'm alright Master" Leon replied quickly returned to his feet, "Master Windu I have a plan I can take a squad of clones to the enemy ship and we can sabotage it from within".

"Absolutely not" his master told him, "Your job is to protect the resolute in case the droids breach the hull".

Leon argued, "With respect Master at this rate the Resolute won't make it. We don't really have a choice I know I can do this trust me".

Master Windu sighed to himself knowing his padawan was right, "Alright Leon good luck and may the Force be with you".

"Thank you Master" Leon replied, "I promise we'll come back in one piece".

Leon turned to Admiral Yularen, "Admiral try and give us covering fire as we fly to the enemy ship once we're in pull back until you're out of range of their fire and try to work on repairs and reenergizing the shields".

The young padawan quickly ran off the bridge and to the hangar meeting a group of clones already inside a smaller more agile transport ship. Jumping into the ship Leon introduced himself to the clones and told the pilot to take off.

After the ship left the Resolute, Leon closed his eyes he could sense the barrage of enemy fire passing by them barely missing their ship.

"So you're General Windu's padawan huh?" one of the clones asked him, "He's a great man I've served with him on multiple missions".

Leon opened his eyes, "From what I've heard he's a great fighter I wish I was down there with him, but we have a job to do up here first. Once we land on the enemy ship the Resolute will fall back to a safe distance and start on repairs. We're going to hit their shield generators first and then move on to their engines only two targets to hit then we bug out".

Leon noticed the Lieutenant insignia on the clone's shoulder, "What's your name Lieutenant?"

The clone trooper looked down at him, "My number is CC-4317, but everyone calls me Edge" he gestured to the trooper next to him he had a sergeant's insignia, "This is CH-0019 we call him Chip our demolitions expert" he motioned to the next trooper, "And this is Baron and Boulder medic and heavy weapons respectively" he then pointed to the pilot "And Coins our pilot".

Leon scanned over their ranks, "So you're in charge of this squad then Edge?"

The Clone Lieutenant nodded, "Yes sir or at least I am now. Our Captain was killed a few weeks ago".

Leon lowered his eyes, "I see…Well let's dedicate our victory here today to him".

The Lieutenant shouldered his rifle, "Now that's something I can get behind".

The pilot, Coins called back to them, "We're about to arrive in the enemy hangar get ready".

Leon immediately grabbed hold of his lightsaber, "We're going to move fast once we get out I'll draw their fire while you gun them down once we're at the target areas I'll keep you covered while you plant the bombs".

The clones nodded and the ship landed once the doors opened Leon ignited his lightsaber and leapt forward instantly cutting down a pair of droids in front of him, "Let's go" he yelled.

Quickly ducking behind a stack of supply crates Leon centered himself before jumping out and deflecting the wave of blaster fire directed at him.

"This is Soresu" Master Fisto told him.

A thirteen year old Leon stood away from Master Kit Fisto intently listening to his lecture on lightsaber combat.

"Its purpose is to defend against and deflect blaster fire. If you ever find yourself faced against multiple enemies armed with blasters then this form will serve you well. It relies on the economy of motion and energy efficiency, keeping up constant blade movement to build momentum and minimize energy-expenditure".

Leon watched as Master Fisto demonstrated several motions of Soresu against imaginary enemies before trying himself against training remotes. The training remotes fired slowly giving Leon plenty of time to block their shots with his training saber.

"Good" The Nautolan Jedi Master praised deactivating the training remote, "Now Soresu is the third form of lightsaber combat however many feel it may be an obsolete one and as such have developed Form five a dual style of Shien and Djem So. Soresu primarily relies on outlasting an opponent waiting until they become frustrated or exhausted before allowing you to counter attack. Form five however gives you the same defensive capabilities while allowing you to create your own opening for a counter attack and then immediately returning to a defensive stance".

"How many forms are there?" the young Leon asked him.

"Officially there are only six, but there is a seventh form developed by Master Windu, but very few are allowed to learn that style".

Leon nodded showing he understood, "So form five is a combination of offense and defense while form three relies on defense alone".

Master Fisto nodded, "As I said there are some who consider form three to be obsolete, but even with these newer forms Soresu still has a place in combat. There will come a time when you are greatly outnumbered to the point where you can't counter attack and Soresu is the perfect form for such a situation where form five would leave you open even if for a second it could prove fatal".

Leon looked down at his training saber, "So each form as a time and place to be used and it will be up to me to recognize that situation right?"

The Nautolan smiled at him, "Exactly you are learning quickly Leon. You will make a great Jedi one day".

Leon's silver lightsaber hummed as it waved rapidly through the air deflecting every blaster bolt fired his way back at the battle droids until only three were left. Deflecting a final bolt Leon reared back and threw his hand out force pushing the three droids away while grabbing the center one and lifting it into the air. The droid screamed as the young Jedi pulled it toward him before cutting it down allowing his clone troopers to finish off the last two.

"Nice job Commander" Lieutenant Edge said walking over to him, "The clankers never stood a chance".

Deactivating his lightsaber Leon panted for a few seconds before nodding, "Alright play time is over there's a few things that are generators and engines suffering from delayed explosions we need to fix that".

"Now that's my kind of Jedi" Chip chuckled as they followed Leon down the hall.

Arriving on the lower deck of the enemy destroyer Leon took point against another squad of droids deflecting their blaster fire and allowing the clones behind him to finish them. Once the droids were down Leon told Chip to start setting the charges while he and the rest of the clones kept watch for enemies. When Chip finished the team moved out again quietly sprinting down the halls to the engine room at the halfway point Leon told Chip to detonate the charges on the shield generators, the explosives triggered at once tearing the shield generator apart and leaving the enemy ship vulnerable to the Republic cruisers.

"One down" Edge said as they entered the engine room, "One to go and then back to the ship. Alright boys same plan go ARGH!"

Edge took a shot to the back of his shoulder falling forward; a single commando droid was waiting in the rafters above with a sniper rifle.

As Edge fell Leon jumped behind him activating his lightsaber and deflecting the droid's second shot before watching it jump to another position with the agility and precision of a parkour practitioner.

Deflecting a third shot Leon yelled back at his clones, "Baron tend to Edge, Chip get to work on those charges, "Coins, Boulder with me".

While Leon deflected the droid's shots Coins and Boulder fired back, but the agile droid evade every shot its agility proving too good for them.

"Grr, the damn thing is too fast" Boulder growled.

Deflecting one last shot Leon closed his eyes and reached out with the force grabbing the droid as it tried to jump again holding it in place for Boulder and Coins to take it down. After the two clones fired a few bolts into the droid Leon made sure it was dead by slamming it into the ground from the rafters before turning back to Baron to check on Edge's condition.

"How is he?"

The team medic looked up to him, "He'll make it sir, but we need to finish fast".

"Ah leaving so soon?" a taunting mechanical voice growled at them.

Leon didn't have to turn around, although he had never seen who it belonged to he had overheard that voice and once he heard it he knew who it was behind him.

"So the famous General Grievous" the young Jedi said turned around, "It's an honor to finally meet you. I hear you're quiet the opponent".

The cyborg general growled at him, "When I heard a Jedi was on my ship I wasn't expecting it to be a child" Leon shrugged his shoulders with a slight smirk as the commander of the droid army continued, "How many more Jedi children do I have to fight before a real Jedi comes to face me".

"Sorry to disappoint you" Leon replied in an offended tone, "I'm afraid Master Windu, Skywalker and Kenobi are down on Dantooine taking out the tin cans you call an army so it looks like you're going to have to settle for me".

Grievous laughed in a raspy voice, "You!? No child could hope to match my skill".

"I'd hate to cut you off General" Leon began, looking over his shoulder to his clone troopers, "But we're kind of in a hurry so if we're going to fight can we just get to it because I'm really starting to get hungry".

Grievous growled as he reached his arms across his waist and grabbed two lightsabers the blue and green blades flared to life as he taunted Leon.

Leon rolled his shoulders back, "Hey guys" he said looking to his clones again, "Hurry up with those charges, once we're done we're getting out of here".

The second he finished speaking Leon ignited his lightsaber and lunged at Grievous locking against his blades in a violent clash for dominance.

"That anxious to die are you?" Grievous asked as he overpowered Leon and pushed him back.

Grievous pushed his crossed lightsabers upward causing Leon to stumble back allowing the cyborg general time to swing at Leon's mid section, but the quick thinking padawan allowed himself to fall to the floor avoiding the attack. Once Leon's back met the ground he rolled to the side to avoid Grievous' attempt at impaling him before Force Pushing his legs causing him to fall. Grievous fell to his knees giving Leon an opening on him, but the Kaleesh cyborg evaded the swing by jumping backward putting several yards of distance between them.

"Not bad for a child" he laughed before both of his arms split apart revealing a second pair armed with two extra lightsabers.

Now armed with four lightsabers Grievous laughed as his top pair of hands began spinning like fan blades facing toward Leon turning his lightsabers into a protective shield as he slowly stepped toward him.

Leon dropped his stance and stared at Grievous with his mouth hanging halfway open, "You know…this doesn't exactly seem fair".

Raising his arms into a defensive stance Leon took a single step toward Grievous keeping his eyes on the two whirling lightsabers, remaining aware of the other two waiting behind them. Relaxing his shoulders Leon allowed Grievous to make the first move swiftly blocking his overhead strike and then a horizontal swing.

"This is Niman" Master Fisto began standing before a now 15 Leon. This was going to be the last thing he taught Leon before leaving him to be trained by Master Windu.

"Form six of lightsaber combat this particular form has no real weakness and no real strength. It takes elements of all preceding forms mixing them into a single balanced form, however since it lacks a significant specialization the use of Force powers are included into the form to compensate. Such as pulls and pushes used in synch with your attacks, keep in mind though that this is an advanced form in lightsaber combat and will take time to master".

Blocking another of his enemy's strikes Leon side stepped backwards to evade a low sweep and retaliated with an upward sweep of his own catching Grievous off guard almost taking one of his arms off. Narrowly avoiding Leon's swing the Kaleesh cyborg stepped back and began twirling his lightsabers again cackling at his opponent.

"You are foolish to think you can defeat me".

"Who said I'm trying to beat you?" Leon asked him, "I'm just waiting until my buddies over here get done setting their charges".

"Charges set sir" Chip yelled.

Leon smiled at Grievous, "Right on time".

The cyborg general growled at him, "Do you really think I'll let you detonate those charges?"

Leon chuckled and shook his head, "You really don't have a choice sunshine" he used the Force to grab and lift Grievous into the air before throwing him as far as he could across the engine room, "Let's go!" he yelled back to his clones.

Boulder lifted Edge onto his shoulders and followed Leon and the rest of his squad back toward the hangar once clear of the engines Leon told Chip to detonate the charges completely crippling the ship. Returning to the hangar Leon ran interference for the clones as they loaded back onto their ship before jumping on board as it took off and fleeing back to the Resolute. On the way back to the Republic cruiser Leon contacted Admiral Yularen giving him the all clear to resume their attack on the enemy. The two remaining cruisers turned back and advanced on the enemy flag ship focusing all fire at its portside hull. Within a few minutes Leon and his clones docked with the Resolute and while Edge was rushed to med-bay Leon returned to the bridge.

"Glad to see you've returned safely Commander" the Admiral greeted as the enemy flagship began going down despite its attempts to fire back at them, "The enemy ship is going down the other is in full retreat".

Leon nodded to him, "Very good Admiral we must report our success to Master Windu".

"Oh course" he agreed walking over to the holo projector and turning it on revealing a hologram of Master Windu along with Master Kenobi, "General Windu, Commander Leon and his clones have returned. The enemy flagship is seconds away from destruction and the other is in full retreat".

Master Windu nodded as he stood with his hands behind his back, "Good job Admiral, Skywalker is mopping up the last of the droids in his sector and will rendezvous with us when he's done, this battle is a success".

"Wait one second Master Windu" Obi-Wan politely said cutting in to the conversation, "What of General Grievous?"

Leon answered almost immediately, "He's probably escaping in a fighter right about now. I did engage him, but couldn't defeat him once the clones set the charges we fled".

"Well I owe you an apology then" Obi-Wan said to him, "I was worried your judgment would be clouded by this battle, but it seems that I was wrong".

Leon shook his head, "It's alright Master Kenobi as long as Dantooine is safe I'll be fine".

Anakin's image cut in from there, "This is General Skywalker the droids in this sector have been taken care of".

"Ah Anakin late as usual" Obi-Wan joked.

"It's not my fault it took so long" Anakin fired back, "The droids were too spread out otherwise I would have finished earlier".

"Hold on" Leon said rather loudly, "If all the droids have been defeated then where's Ahsoka and her squad?" he turned to Admiral Yularen, "Did she return to the ship while I was gone?"

The Admiral cast down his eyes and spoke in a regretful tone, "I'm afraid we haven't had any contact with Commander Tano since she finished her attack run on the third target. We're still trying to establish communications, but we're not getting any response".

Leon took a step back from the console Ahsoka's orders were to attack the three target areas to destroy the droids and their tanks and then return to the ship, but she never did.

"This is troubling" Master Windu muttered, "Leon I want you to come down here on the next drop ship we'll have a better chance finding her if we all look".

Leon nodded slowly trying to appear calm, but he was clearly worried that something may have happened to Ahsoka that's when a burst of static came through the communications console.

"Is…one…ere…This is…geant Zephyr...shot down…communications…jammed…Commander Tano…injured..."

Even through the static they could hear the unmistakable sound of blaster fire.

"We're being hunted!" the clone yelled through the static, "Enemy…invisible…can't…unstoppable…requesting bac…"

The transmission was lost and Leon's expression darkened looking out to Dantooine Leon could feel a primal fear rising within him as he whispered his friend's name, "Ahsoka".

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