Solstice Knight

The Spectre

Leon jumped off of the transport shuttle as it landed and ran over to the three Jedi Masters waiting for him.

"What's the plan?" he asked frantically.

Sensing his padawan's panic Master Windu reminded him to calm down and keep a level head to which Leon slowly nodded and apologized.

"Padawan Tano's last known location was a few miles away from Skywalker's battle so that is where we'll start".

Obi-Wan placed his hand around his bearded chin, "Admiral Yularen said they haven't had contact with her since then and judging by the transmission we received they still have working comlinks, but are being jammed by something".

Windu silently hummed, "What is most troubling is what the trooper said. Enemy invisible, if there is an enemy out there that cannot be seen it will surely prove to be dangerous we must proceed with caution".

"Caution be damned" Leon blurted out, "Ahsoka is injured and we have no idea how badly or how many of her troopers are left, we have to hurry".

"Leon" Master Windu snapped, "I understand you're worried, but we must think this through carefully. We don't know what's out there".

Leon gritted his teeth anxious to start searching immediately, but thankfully Anakin calmed him down.

"Don't worry Ahsoka will be fine. She's been through a lot worse than whatever is out there".

Leon walked away allowing them to help the clones tend to and load the wounded into the medical transports, giving Anakin and the others time to come up with a plan. After the last of the wounded were evacuated back to the Resolute, Leon returned to his master now that they had a plan to search for Ahsoka.

Obi-Wan began the briefing for the search and rescue mission, "Admiral Yularen tracked the last known coordinate of Ahsoka's fighter before we lost contact, they've been trying to track it through its ID signature, but can't find anything. That leads us to believe that either the fighter is damaged to where its equipment is no longer operational or there's something in that area that has a large jamming signal".

Master Windu took over, "We'll start here" he pointed at the holo-map, "And then we'll split into teams of two to search the surrounding area. In the event our comlinks become jammed as well we'll each be carrying a pair of flares".

Captain Rex handed a pair of flare guns to each of them, "Red flares indicate that you've encountered an enemy and need assistance. Green flares mean you've found something".

Master Windu pointed at the map again, "Leon and I will take the east while Master Kenobi and Skywalker will take the west and both teams will sweep toward the south toward wherever the jamming signal is coming from".

Anakin pointed out several terrain obstacles, "There are several caves and small mountain ranges in the area so searching will take time so we'll be using swoop bikes to make this go by quicker".

"If you check any of the caves be careful" Leon told them, "Most of Dantooine's wildlife use the caves as nests and dens and they are very territorial". He remembered the day he was trapped in the depths of a Kinrath nest before Master Luminara saved him eight years ago he was sure he was going to die that day which only made him worry about Ahsoka even more.

Shaking the memory from his mind Leon looked up to the three Masters, "When do we start?"

"The sooner the better" Master Windu answered, "The sun is beginning to set and I would prefer to find them before nightfall".

Leon ran over to one of the four swoop bikes, "Then let's get to it".

The four Jedi got on the swoop bikes and took off into the distance heading for the area where Anakin fought in his part of the battle. Arriving at the scene Leon surveyed around the many destroyed droids and the small craters where the bombs had fallen on the Separatist tanks.

Anakin recalled the moment when he and Rex landed, "After Rex and I were dropped off I remember seeing Ahsoka and her squad fly that way" he pointed to the south east, "There's nothing out there" he realized, "It's an open area…so I should have seen her go down if something happened".

"Unless she was shot down somewhere else" Leon muttered, "Master Skywalker is right, there's nothing, but plains out here so he would have been able to see Ahsoka go down so why didn't he? The only reason would be she went down somewhere else, but why would she go to another area? Did she see something worth investigating?"

"Leon" Master Windu called to him snapping him out of his thoughts, "Is something wrong?"

Leon took out a pair of binoculars and looked out at the distance, "There's no way she went down out here" he said to them, "If she did we would be able to see the crash sight from here and since we can't that means she went down somewhere else and the only explanation to that is she must have found something".

"Like what?" Anakin asked him.

"An enemy base" Leon answered, "That would explain the presence of a jamming signal".

"I think he's on to something" Obi-Wan said, "If there is a Separatist base out here it would explain a lot".

Leon placed the binoculars back in his supply pack, "Let's go".

The bold padawan sped off ahead of the masters forcing them to follow after him as he raced across the plains. He didn't know what it was, but he could sense that there was something out there something dangerous.

After reaching the end of the plains at the edge of a hilltop Leon slowed to a stop and looked through his binoculars again scanning the area below.

"I see it!" he yelled as his fellow Jedi stopped next to him, "The crash site I can see all of the ships, Ahsoka's fighter and the three bombers".

"That's impressive work Leon" Master Kenobi said in a half praising tone, "But how do we get down there? I don't see any paths that our bikes can safely navigate".

Leon placed the binoculars back in his pack, "There's a path a couple miles that way" he nodded his head to the west, "But I'm not wasting time taking it".

Leon turned his swoop bike around and drove off a few meters before turning back to them. When Leon turned back toward them Master Windu called for him to stop, but it was too late. Leon had sped past them at top speed flying off the hilltop and landing on the ground almost a hundred feet below speeding toward the crash site without them.

"He's starting to remind me of you Anakin" Obi-Wan noted to which his former padawan chuckled.

"Well great minds think alike" Anakin followed Leon flying off the top of the hill giving Masters Windu and Kenobi little choice, but to follow them.

Stopping at the crash site Leon jumped off his bike and ran over to Ahsoka's fighter, she wasn't in the cockpit in fact all of the pilots were missing. "No bodies which means they're alive or at least they were alive when they left".

Walking around to the opposite side of Ahsoka's fighter Leon's eyes widened when he saw what caused her to go down, the entire back half of her fighter on this side was ripped apart only rockets were capable of this kind of damage.

"So she was shot down" he whispered to himself moving to check the trio of bombers all of which had the same damage, "There has to be some kind of anti air artillery around here, no shoulder mounted rocket could cause this much damage these were designed to stop vehicles".

"Leon" Anakin called out to him, "Did you find anything?"

"I'm starting to piece a few things together, but that's it".

"Well what have you got?" Anakin asked him as Obi-Wan and Master Windu arrived.

"Triple A" Leon told him, "Anti Air Artillery there's nothing else that could cause this kind of damage. Anything more would have torn the ships apart entirely and anything less wouldn't have caused this kind of damage".

"So there has to be some kind of air defense out here then" Anakin concluded looking around, "But I don't see anything".

Leon held up his wrist and turned on his comlink confirming that they were now within the range of whatever jamming device is out there, "Alright so we're in the right area now all we have to do is start narrowing that area down. Air defense towers need a decent amount of space to effectively operate there's no way a single tower could shoot down all four craft alone…"

Leon's words trailed off, "We're just outside of the Khoonda Plains".

"Khoonda" Anakin repeated, "I've heard that name before".

Leon nodded, "It was a part of Dantooine during the Jedi Civil War. Darth Malak attacked Khoonda while he was also attacking the Jedi Enclave. After the Jedi Civil War ended Khoonda built a couple of militia bases with air defense towers in case of another attack, but they never saw use…Someone must have activated them and shot down Ahsoka and her team".

"The Separatist could have taken control of them before we landed" Obi-Wan suggested, "If this area is covered by a jamming signal that would explain why we didn't detect them earlier".

Leon hummed as he looked back, "We came from the north so that's east" he turned, "Which means we need to go this way" he pointed to the southeast, "The air defense towers are in that direction".

"How can you be sure?" Anakin asked him only to have the padawan give him an annoyed look.

"I lived here remember?" he asked him sarcastically, "We find the old militia base first search for clues and go from there".

Leon hopped back on to his swoop bike and waited for the others to return to theirs before leading them to the militia base. Stopping several hundred meters away from the base Leon used his binoculars to scan the perimeter confirming that there were indeed battle droids.

"How could they have brought this place online without anyone noticing?" Anakin asked.

Obi-Wan had the answer, "Dantooine's government has forbidden anyone to come out here for any reason. Mainly because the wildlife in this area are scarce enough and they are trying to preserve it, but also because they consider the area a historical site and do not want it disturbed".

Leon added, "Of course that didn't stop the everyday scavenger from trying to come out to what's left of the old Enclave. Of course most of them never make it out once they go in; there are a lot of nasty things that call that place home now".

"So what should we do?" Anakin asked, "We obviously can't leave this place online especially if the Separatist control it. I say we take it out it's probably where the jammer is".

"I agree" Leon said, "There's also a possibility that Ahsoka and her clones were captured they may be held inside somewhere".

Obi-Wan checked his own binoculars, "The entrance on this side is well defended they only have a few droids outside the base, but the biggest threat are those turrets if we can take those out we can get in without a problem".

Leon looked back at his swoop bike, "Uh I have an idea…one you're probably not going to like though". Seeing the way they looked at him Leon pointed at the swoop bikes, "I can take my bike and drive by them drawing their attention to me allowing the three of you to approach from the side while they're not looking. I'll swing back around and by the time they realize that you're there it'll be too late".

Master Windu noted that it was a good plan, but didn't like sending his padawan in as bait. Leon was glad to know that his master was worried about his safety, but also knew that attacking the base was something best left to the people with more experience at such a thing. Knowing that Leon had a point Master Windu agreed allowing Leon to go in first to distract the enemy while he, Obi-Wan and Anakin come in from behind and take out the enemy.

Leon stopped his bike in front of the battle droids and greeted them as they walked over to him.

"Halt identify yourself".

Leon quickly scanned his eyes over the turrets, "I heard that you're looking for a Jedi and some clones".

The battle droid turned its head to its comrade, "We're not looking for any, but if you know where some are you better tell us".

"I'll do you one better" Leon smirked, "I'll take you to them".

"Gee that would be great" the droid said.

"Oh look we found them" Leon said after the droid turned to its comrade again.

"Really where AH!"

The second the droid turned back to him Leon swung his lightsaber cutting it down and speeding off once the when droids began firing at him. Weaving through the barrage of laser fire from the droids and turrets, Leon shifted his swoop bike into top gear blasting off into the distance before power sliding into a 180 turn. The wild padawan narrowed his eyes into a glare still smiling as he revved the bike's throttle. Leaning forward he raced back to the militia base the turrets and droids now focused on the trio of Jedi Masters giving Leon his window to destroy the turrets. Igniting his lightsaber Leon flew by the turrets cutting them apart one by one before power sliding to a halt and jumping off landing next to Master Kenobi.

"Did you miss me?" he asked standing back to back with him.

"Oh terribly" he retorted, "I was beginning to wonder if you were going to come back".

"I like to make an entrance" Leon yelled utilizing lightsaber combat form three Soresu to defend against the heavy volume of blaster fire.

Master Kenobi also utilizing form three yelled back to him, "I'm starting to wonder if you and Anakin are related with how much alike you are".

"I'm going to take that as a compliment" the spirited padawan yelled back now waving his silver lightsaber in a full circle in front of him.

The final droid was cut down and the remaining turrets shut down allowing the Jedi to scavenge the field and gather what clues and Intel they could.

Leon opted to check the detention block of the base leaving them to check files and reports while he was gone. Gliding down the cold, steel staircase to the basement level detention block Leon turned the lights on making a quick sweep of each cell finding nothing.

"What was I thinking?" he asked himself, "The droids don't take prisoners".

He turned to head back to ground level, but stopped when he heard a loud humming coming from a concealed door. Moving the stack of crates in his way Leon opened the door laying his eyes on the Separatist jamming device.

"Hello lovely" he smiled taking a step into the room only to be hit by an unseen force and thrown out. He groaned as he quickly got back up and activated his lightsaber, "Ok what the hell was that?"

Stilling his breath Leon waited knowing that there was something there his eye glued to the open doorway in front of him.

"Did it run off?" he asked himself.

Leon felt something cold grab his hand in a vice like grip before twisting his wrist forcing his to drop his lightsaber then grabbing him by his neck and slamming him into the steel wall and throwing him to the side. Scrambling back to his feet he had no time to react before whatever was there pinned him against the wall and nailed him in his stomach before striking him in the temple knocking him down. Slowly trying to push himself up Leon coughed and reached out his arm calling his lightsaber back to his hand, but before he could activate it his invisible assailant stepped on his hand pinning it before kicking him in the head causing him to roll to the side.

Leon rolled onto his back panting and coughing, reaching for his lightsaber once again only to have his enemy step on his arm and neck. Struggling against his attacker Leon began choking as his enemy turned off its cloaking device revealing itself to be a droid that was at least eight feet tall and was covered in a light black armor plating except for its head which was completely white with oval shaped optic sensors.

The droid slowly began applying more pressure to Leon's neck as he struggled against it. Feeling his trachea being crushed Leon threw his arm forward attempting to Force Push the droid off him, but the droid with lightning quick reflexes grabbed his arm and forced it to the side. The droid then extended its arm to twice its original length pinning Leon's restrained arm to the ground before it began crushing his neck again.

Leon's eyes began rolling into the back of his head as his vision blurred and his consciousness faded. As his eyes closed Leon saw a flash of purple light and felt the droid's restraint on his arm let up, sensing his final chance Leon instinctively raised his hand and Force Pushed his enemy away. Flying up into a sitting position Leon summoned his lightsaber back to him before grabbing the droid through with the Force and slamming it into the wall and then into the opposite wall as if it was a pinball ricocheting from wall to wall. Slamming the droid repeatedly between the two walls Leon raised his hand bringing the droid into the air before violently slamming it into the ground and then pulling it to him allowing him to cut it in half before he fell to his knees gasping for air.

Coughing and panting the battered padawan desperately tried to catch his breath hearing his Master saying his name Leon slowly held out his hand gesturing for them to give him a moment as he tried to stand. Getting to his feet Leon's knees immediately buckled and he fell forward being caught by Master Windu who guided him to the wall telling him to sit and rest first.

Resting his back against the wall Leon slid down still gasping for air, "The…The jamming device" he gasped weakly pointing to the open door.

Obi-Wan and Anakin went to investigate and destroy the jamming device while Master Windu took Leon's supply pack and the first aid kit inside it. As his vision finally came back into full focus Leon noticed the amount of blood on the floor and soaked into his clothes there was a large gash on the side of his temple where the droid punched and kicked him.

"I'm sorry Master" he panted his breath slowly returning to him.

"Do not apologize Leon" he told him, "Just learn from this and remain on guard from now on".

Leon smiled weakly, "You could at least pretend to be worried about me".

"I was" his master told him, "I sensed your struggle and rushed down here, but your still alive and in one piece that's all that matters".

Master Windu finished applying the medicine to Leon's wound and wrapped a large bandage around the top of his head as Obi-Wan and Anakin returned to them.

"The jammer is finished" Anakin reported seeing the amount of blood on Leon's sleeveless jacket he asked if they should call for a medical transport to return him to the ship, but Leon refused slowly standing back up.

"We don't have time" he told them as he fought the dizziness in his head, "That thing almost killed me and if it's the same thing that's hunting Ahsoka and her clones then we can't wait here for a shuttle to come get me. We have to keep going".

"Don't push yourself" his master told him, but Leon shook his head using the wall as a brace.

"We can't wait Master; we have to go find her now".

Anakin took Leon's arm and wrapped it around his shoulder helping him walk while Obi-Wan and Master Windu led them back to the surface level and to their vehicles. Helping Leon onto his bike Anakin asked him one last time if he was sure he didn't want a medevac to the ship.

"No" he replied, "We have to find her even in my state I'm an extra pair of boots on the ground if I go back it'll take longer to find her. I won't take that chance".

There was something in Leon's tone that made Anakin wonder he was worried about Ahsoka to, but Leon's voice the panic in his words made him wonder if he was worried about her as a friend or for another reason.

"I'm worried to" he told he injured padawan, "But if you push yourself too much it'll take even longer. So don't hesitate to slow down if you need a moment to rest, you can even ride with me if you have to".

Leon nodded, "Thank you Master Skywalker, but as long as we get to Ahsoka first I'll be fine".

Anakin nodded back to him and returned to his own swoop bike allowing Master Windu and Obi-Wan to take the lead while he drove alongside Leon to keep an eye on his condition. The sun had set and night had fallen across the plains making it hard for them to see, but even with that hindering them they could all sense that they were getting closer.

On the other side of the Khoonda plains at the border where it ceased to be the Khoonda plains and was now known as the Paragon Fields two figures were slowly making their way through the waist high tall grass, a clone trooper and a young Togruta Jedi.

"Do you think its finally gone Commander?" the clone trooper asked as they both limped through the grass occasionally turned around to scan the area with his night vision.

"I hope so" the Togruta Jedi replied, "I don't want Heads and Tails to have died for nothing".

The clone sergeant following her gave a quiet chuckle, "I know what you mean those two were always quite the pair, more like brothers than any other clones I know".

"I'm sorry Zephyr" the young Jedi apologized.

"It's part of our job Commander, but…thank you" the clone sergeant replied recalling his two brothers who died to the invisible enemy hunting them.

The three clones and their Jedi Commander limped away from the crash site, "What the hell shot us down?" one of them asked.

"No idea, but if it was the Seppies we should move before they send out a search team" Sergeant Zephyr told him before looking over his shoulder, "Tails how's the Commander?"

The clone pilot called back to him, "She's breathing, but the impact knocked her out".

"Well grab her and carry her we have to move" the Sergeant said walking over to him with the other clone, "Keep her safe until she comes to" he turned to the first clone, "Heads grab your rifle and follow me we'll take point".

The three clone pilots made their way across the plains trying several times to use their comlinks, but to no avail.

"Are they being jammed by the enemy?" Heads asked.

"That or they just don't like being around you" Tails said to him.

Heads retorted, "Yeah well keep it up and the butt of my rifle is going to like being upside your head".

"Quiet" Sergeant Zephyr whispered before kneeling down, "I see something…It looks like a base of some kind".

"Anything there Sergeant?" Heads asked.

"Several turrets and a mess of clankers and some air defense towers so that's what shot us down, but why are they just standing there?"

"Maybe they think we died and didn't bother sending out a search party" Tails suggested.

Heads disagreed, "No not even the clankers are that stupid they would make sure. Maybe they already sent one out".

Zephyr turned back to them, "Either way there's no chance of us taking that base so we should try and report it if we can get our comlinks working".

Ahsoka groaned and began turning in Tails' arms.

"Commander are you alright?" Tails asked setting her down.

"What happened?" Ahsoka muttered before falling back thankfully Tails caught her.

She was pretty badly shaken and had a visible injury on her left leg that none of them had noticed until she reached down and grasped at it. None of them carried any medical supplies so there was nothing they could do about it. Briefing Ahsoka on their current situation Zephyr suggested that it would be best for him to take charge until she had recovered enough strength reluctantly she agreed to his plan. Zephyr led them away from the base and back toward their ships to determine which direction the ground forces were.

"We need to head north right?" Heads asked.

Zephyr nodded, "Yeah it'll be a bit of a hike though we're pretty far out".

Heading back toward the ground forces each of them stated getting that feeling that they were being watched.

"I swear I feel like something is following us" Tails muttered turning around to scan behind them.

"We're just on edge Tails calm down" Zephyr told him, "Being behind enemy lines can do that to you".

Once he finished speaking Zephyr was attacked by something and thrown to the ground causing the others to panic and raise their weapons, "Sergeant are you alright?" Heads yelled before something lifted him off the ground and threw him to the side.

Ahsoka grabbed her lightsaber before something tackled her and twisted her arm disarming her of her weapon before tossing her to the ground.

Heads ran at the spot where Ahsoka was standing lunging forward grabbing hold of something before it wriggled free and flipped him to the ground.

"Heads" Tails yelled as his fellow clone was lifted off the ground and his neck snapped in front of them.

Zephyr fired at the spot where Heads was dropped his shots catching nothing, but air, "We need to move now!" he yelled running away with Ahsoka and Tails.

Holding his wrist up to his helmet he tried to contact the Republic forces on the ground and above the planet, "Is anyone there? This is Sergeant Zephyr we were shot down and our communications are being jammed, Commander Tano is injured and Heads is dead" he turned to help Tails fire blindly hoping to keep their invisible enemy at bay.

"We're being hunted" he yelled, "The enemy is invisible we can't see it its unstoppable, if anyone can hear me requesting backup!"

They continued to flee unsure if the enemy was still chasing them after a while Ahsoka tripped her injured leg causing her too much pain to keep running. The sun had set and nighttime had fallen across the plains they decided it was time for them to rest at least long enough for Ahsoka to be able to walk on her own again.

"What was that thing?" Tails asked.

Both Zephyr and Ahsoka shook their heads, "No idea I've never faced anything like that" the clone Sergeant answered rubbing his hand against his side, "It has to be some kind of droid I can tell whatever hit me was organic".

"So the Seppies have a droid that can cloak itself?" Tails asked, "How do we fight something like that?"

Zephyr shook his head again, "We don't. For now we're going to try and regroup with the ground forces we'll tell them what happened then we figure out a way to kill that thing".

Ahsoka suddenly stood up and activated her lightsaber, "Its here" she gasped, "I can feel it".

Ahsoka jumped back sensing her enemy's preemptive attack on her, but when she swung her lightsaber her arm was caught and snapped to the side disarming her for a second time. Tails dived in front of Ahsoka and grabbed hold of what was holding her giving Zephyr an opening to fire a burst of rounds into the enemy damaging it enough for its cloaking device to fail.

With their enemy revealed Tails jumped off of the enemy droid and tried to shot it, but the droid dodged the shot and kicked him away before spinning to the side to avoid Ahsoka's lightsaber. Jumping up the droid grabbed hold of Tails and used him as a shield to keep Zephyr from firing at him. While the droid held him by the neck Tails noticed a grenade strapped to its waist and dove his hand down grabbing it. Calling back to Zephyr and Ahsoka he told them to run as he activated the grenade wrapped his arm around the droid's to keep it from getting away.

"This is for Heads" he taunted as the grenade went off.

Ahsoka and Zephyr fled from the area not stopping to look back when they heard the grenade go off they continued to run until they came across a field with waist high grass. This was a good place to hide if the enemy somehow managed to survive Tails' attempt to take it out they would be able to tell if it was still following them. Rushing into the tall grass their movements were immediately impeded by the thickness of the brush, but they pressed forward.

Clearing the field they finally stopped to look back there was no sign of anything following them which gave them time to catch their breath at least they thought until they heard something click behind them and a voice commanded, "Don't move".

It wasn't a droid's and that made them feel a little better, but whoever it was behind them wasn't happy he ordered them to put their weapons down and turn around slowly. Complying Zephyr slowly bent over and placed his rifle on the ground before he and Ahsoka turned to face him.

He was human whoever he was, heavily tanned skin that came from working in the sun a lot he had long blue pants with heavy boots and no shirt, he was wearing a pale yellow stitched hat and pointing a hunting rifle at them.

"Who are you?" he demanded.

Keeping their hands up they introduced themselves hoping he would lower his weapon.

"Sergeant Zephyr, clone trooper in the Grand Army of the Republic".

"Ahsoka Tano, padawan of the Jedi Order".

"A Jedi?" the man muttered before laying his eyes on her lightsaber, "So you're here to stop those droids from attacking us?"

They nodded and told him about their mission until they were shot down and then chased by the invisible droid.

"If you're a Jedi then you're a friend of mine" he said lowering his weapon, "Come on I'll lead you back to my farm you should be safe there".

Following him for a half mile they came to a rather large farm at the edge of a massive river, the farmer led them inside the house and called to his wife introducing himself.

"My name is Kael, this is my wife Helena" he then introduced Ahsoka and Zephyr to his wife.

"A Jedi" Helena said somewhat nostalgically, "The last time a Jedi was here…" her voice trailed off and Kael wrapped his arm around her, "Its ok" he whispered to her.

"Is something wrong?" Ahsoka asked them.

Kael looked at her, "Eight years ago a Jedi came here and offered to take our son to the Jedi Temple to train him. As you know once taken he can no longer have contact with us…we just miss him is all".

Ahsoka lowered her head as a name came to her mind, "What's his name?" she asked them already knowing the answer.

"Leon" Helena answered sadly, "I know it's a great thing to become a Jedi, but I worry about him".

"Do you know him?" Kael asked Ahsoka seeing the look in her eyes.

Ahsoka quickly straightened her expression, "I've run into him a few times. He's Master Windu's padawan now I can promise you under his tutelage he'll turn into an outstanding Jedi".

"As long as he's happy I'm ok with that" Kael said.

Ahsoka nodded just before something crashed through the door behind them and grabbed Zephyr by the neck.

Ahsoka turned around as Helena screamed being shielded by Kael, the droid they had hoped destroyed was still alive and still hunting them.

Zephyr struggled against it managing to squirm out of its grip only to have it slam him into the ground and jumped back as Ahsoka swung her lightsaber. Ducking and sidestepping each of her attacks the droid backed away before sidestepping to the side and grabbing her by the back of the head and bringing its knee up to meet her stomach.

Ahsoka hunched over from the impact and the droid jumped away as Kael shot at it with his hunting rifle.

"You picked the wrong world trash can" he yelled at the droid firing again.

The droid jumped to the side and then ducked down avoiding each shot before running toward him only to finally be hit by Zephyr. Scoring a direct shot on the droid's chest the clone Sergeant continued to fire hitting the droid, but it kept moving, whatever kind of armor it was wearing it was resilient to blaster fire.

The droid ran over to them, but Ahsoka caught it with the Force and threw it to the side, "Zephyr get inside and protect them" she yelled.

"Commander you're still injured" he argued.

"That's an order Sergeant" Ahsoka yelled as the droid stood back up.

Holding her lightsaber in a defensive stance Ahsoka felt her injured leg throbbing begging her to take the weight off of it, but she ignored it her injury wasn't important the enemy was. The droid reached its arm behind its back and retrieved a blaster rifle the same rifle Tails was carrying before he died trying to take the droid with him.

Seeing the blaster Ahsoka glared at the enemy as it fired at her. Deflecting its shot she felt her knee try to buckle from her sudden movement barely managing to deflect the second shot. Zephyr knew that Ahsoka was too injured to fight alone and also remembered that Captain Rex had once told him sometimes being a good soldier means questioning and even ignoring orders and he knew this was one of those times.

Running over to her side he fired at the droid which dodged his shots.

"I told you to get inside" Ahsoka yelled at him.

"Sorry sir, but I'm going to let you fight alone" he replied firing at the droid keeping it at bay until it shot him in the shoulder knocking him back.

"Zephyr" Ahsoka cried deflecting another shot aimed at her.

The droid jumped forward trying to close the distance between them, but thankfully Kael placed a shot in its head as it jumped knocking it back to the ground. Kael ran over to Ahsoka and Zephyr and tried to help the clone back to his feet.

"Look out" Helena yelled as the droid got back up and charged at them knocking Zephyr back down and kicking Kael on top of him.

The droid grabbed Ahsoka by the neck and threw her to the side before running after her and lifting her up. As the droid lifted her off the ground Ahsoka twisted her body ignoring her pain and wrapped her legs around the droid's head using her momentum to sling it to the ground. The droid landed on one knee and began firing at her with its blaster again forcing Ahsoka to halt her attack. While deflecting the shots Ahsoka told Helena to try and get Kael and Zephyr inside before the unmistakable roaring of an engine reached their ears.

Hearing the sound the droid stopped firing and looked out into the distance as did Ahsoka and Helena they could just barely make out a group of four swoop bikes racing toward them and even over the roaring of the four engines Ahsoka could hear someone calling her name.

As the bikes drew closer the droid turned to fire at them giving Ahsoka a clear shot at it she lunged forward swinging her lightsaber cutting its arm, but missing her second swing as it jumped away. The droid landed on its feet as the first swoop bike slid to a stop and its rider jumped off followed by a silver light flaring behind him.

The droid jumped back avoiding the horizontal swing and then sidestepped the overhead attack and then jumped when the silver light turned in a full circle before curving down to sweep its legs. After jumping over the attack the droid landed and grabbed his arm twisting it back forcing him to drop his lightsaber before head butting him.

When the droid reared its head back the Jedi ducked down his arm still restrained and kicked out the droid's knee causing it to fall and release him. When the droid fell to its knee the Jedi reared back and slammed his open hand into the droid's chest making it stumble back before he charged at it and landing several strikes against it before spinning under its arm and slamming his elbow against the back of the droid's head.

The droid stumbled forward and the Jedi turned around kicking it in the back of the knee making it fall before he wrapped his arm around its neck and slung himself over its shoulder and then dropping himself to the ground slamming the droid face down with him. Rolling onto the droids back the Jedi reached out his hand summoning his lightsaber back to him and stabbed it down onto the droid's head.

Breathing heavily the Jedi stood up and backed away from the defeated droid deactivating his lightsaber.

"Ahsoka" Anakin's voice yelled as he ran over to her.

"You're late" she panted at him before her leg finally gave out and she fell to her knees.

"Sorry" he apologized "I was held up a bit".

Zephyr walked over to Anakin as Kael went to see if Helena was ok. Seeing the clone Anakin saluted him, "Zephyr glad to see you made it; I don't see Heads and Tails are they?"

Zephyr nodded, "I'm afraid so General that droid…it's unlike anything we've ever faced".

"Its alright Zephyr" Anakin told him, "They didn't die in vain we found and shut down the base they were using as well as their jamming device the mission is a success".

Ahsoka looked up as the one who defeated the droid walked over to her and dropped to his knees in front of her. Slowly he raised his hand and pointed at her, "You owe me dinner after this one".

Hearing the boy's voice Helena's eyes fixated on him as she muttered his name in disbelief, "Leon?"

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