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Naruto Uzumaki x Reader


Amaya was always teased and called Hate-Chan because of how she acted. She didn't have a happy childhood. A very sad one. A boy she met helped change that. He gave her the love and affection she never had before. Ending up catching feelings for as well. Now knowing what these feelings were she pushed him away at first. He was persistent still. Helping her understand her feelings and teaching her how to be happy. Never knowing that all the people in the world, he would be the first to make her smile in 8 years. He married her. Had 4 kids with her. They were a happy couple and a happy family. She finally got have true happiness.

Romance / Action
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Growing up in the worst family possible I never knew how to trust anyone. My quirk only made things worse. It was called God Mode. It required a ton of training. Doctors said that there has only been one before with this quirk. Records show that there are different types of people for God Mode. You start with one god. From any religion or race. Just any god. The most common was gods about happiness and fertility. That depicts your entire power. You can start with a god of sun. You're likely to be a very powerful god and may reach the level of the God, themselves. I was born the complete opposite. I got Morrigan.
Ever since I found all that out I knew my power length. It would all end in one god. Satan. My power would go from death, to evil, to lust, to war. I didn't just get one mythology though. I so far have gotten 3 god modes unlocked. Morrigan the Goddess of Death, Erebus the God of Darkness, and Kratos the God of War or the Ghost of Sparta.
They all came from different mythologies, but I still got their power. They had a great deal of it. From what I knew, if I could somehow bend Morrigan's power, I could stop my death. I would finally have enough time in the world to achieve my last jump. To get Satan's power. It wasn't something to be proud of, but it was something you could or would want to achieve.
I thought that my life was supposed to be run by this quirk. It was all about death, darkness, and sadness. It kind of did. Messed my emotions up. I couldn't feel a hint of happiness. My parents divorce only made it worse as well. I couldn't help, but dwell on the fact that I was possibly the reason.
I was gloomy. Through my neighborhood I was called Hate-Chan. I personally found the nickname similar to my name. My name was Amaya and it meant 'night rain'. Very similar to my quirk's use.
I thought I was gonna be alone forever. I didn't mind being alone. I was my only shoulder to cry on. It wasn't the worst. Until I met this guy. He was Denki Kaminari. He showed me affection, love, and everything you should've received from the day you were born. I caught feelings for him and didn't know what feelings were at first. I pushed him away the first time. He was still persistent about it though.
I-I really liked him. I met him on my first day of school. I got into U.A. High through recommendations. Funnily enough he was the person I wanted to talk to the least when I first met him.
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