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Chapter 1

Star Wars: Children of the Force (A Star Wars Fanfiction Universe) by Daniel Thomas Andrew Daly Copyright Noahide Books Amidala and the Fleet of the Dranzordians Queen Amidala surveyed the host before her. Dranzordians. 100 ships, all hovering just above Naboo, threatening war unless their demands for one particular Naboo resident were met. But how could she hand him over? How could she possibly ever hand over Jar Jar Binks, despite the claim from the Dranzordians that, upon visiting Dranzordia as a diplomatic envoy of Naboo, Jar Jar had been ever so careless in the royal Emporer of Dranzordia’s court, firstly by dropping his jar of rare Naboo fish onto the court floor, one of the fish springing up into the mouth of Princess Drakzella, the Emporers daughter, and her nearly choking on it; secondly by addressing the Prime Minister of Dranzordia as his royal highness and entering into discussion with him, before being correctly pointed towards the Emporer; and thirdly, and most embarrassingly, upon turning towards the court, passing wind directly into the face of the most highly honoured and esteemed Emporer. And while they had let him go and returned him to Naboo, glad to be rid of him, the Emporer had subsequently flew into such a rage that he demanded the head of dear old Jar Jar on a pike. The Queen was about to intervene. Amidala’s face came onto the screen of the command centre of the flag ship, were the Emporer from Dranzordia was sitting in his royal regalia, and she began her well thought out speech. ‘Dearest Emporer. Naboo greets you and offers, in true humility, a million apologies. Dear Jar Jar is a most unpredictable character. He has served us well for many a year yet, in truth, he has the unfortunate ability to make gross demands on the patience of others in the exercising of his most exuberant personality. Yet this is the way the force has made him. However, in the heart of Jar Jar lies a soul which, in truth, would never harm even the slightest of intelligent beings in a word of hatred, for his soul is as pure and gentle as a dove, despite, how shall I say, his most unfortunate mannerisms. Please, forgive us dear Emporer. We offer in tribute a vessel laden with the finest delicacies Naboo has to offer, and ample gold to have made your great trip worthwhile.’ She left off speaking, waiting in the Emporer. He pulled himself up in all his glory, considered the vessel which was being shown on the side screen, and finally assented. ‘But please, Most Honourable Queen Amidala, could you choose another honorable member of Naboo’s council to be your representative to Dranzordia in the future.’ ‘It will be as you say,’ responded the Queen, and in the corner Jar Jar Binks sighed a deep sigh of relief. The End Han Solo and Leia's Legacy 'It's the Millennium Falcon II,' said Leia. 'I had it designed specially.' 'It's smaller,' said Han. 'For humbler egos. I'm sure a wookie can handle it.' Chewbacca moaned. 'Chewie. I can handle the flying of the ship,' said Han. He turned to Leia. 'You made this for me Princess?' 'Hardly,' but she was smiling. They were up above New Alderaan, the Space Citdael Community, testing the ship. It was quick. Han was in his element. 'She handles well,' he said. 'Luke is a good designer,' replied Leia. 'Luke!' exclaimed Han. 'He designed this?' 'With Lando's help,' smiled Leia. '4 years of study of at Academy paid off for Skywalker,' she said. 'His great-grandfather helped him also.' 'Dalar Skywalker? Shmi's father?' queried Han. 'He's not all there,' said Leia. 'Father is so old, but he did it out of love.' Han put out his hand and touched Leia's cheek. 'Watto had redeeming qualities, in the end. Telling Luke about Shmi's heritage.' 'We're lucky. We know our family now,' said Leia. 'Anyway, come on General Solo. Show me what an old fool can do.' And as the Millennium Falcon II flew around New Alderaan, Han Solo was in his element, eternally indebted to the name of Skywalker once again. The End The Dark Side of Chewbacca Chewbacca had brought some of the finest Coruscant wine onboard the Millennium Falcon II, and was steadily consuming it all afternoon. 'Your drunk,' said Han Solo. 'Awwww,' replied Chewbacca. 'We have a Sith Lord scoping us out,' said Han Solo. 'I feel all that dark side all over the ship.' 'Awwww,' moaned Chewbacca. 'Get your act together, Chewie. I need some fine flying.' Chewbacca burped, and then hugged Han Solo and started singing. Darth Insanus was monitoring the Millennium Falcon II. He had his sensors on the ship, and tuned in to hear what was being said. Next to him, officer Rambart said 'Is that a wookie singing? He sounds terrible.' Darth Insanus glared at Rambart but kept on listening. 'I know,' said Han Solo, comforting Chewbacca. 'You miss home.' 'Awwww,' moaned Chewbacca, and suddenly farted. 'What was that noise?' asked Darth Insanus to Rambart. 'It was disgusiting,' commented Rambart. 'It must be some horrible new weapon of the Rebellion.' Darth Insanus considered his options. Han had put on nose plugs, and gotten the mop out. Chewie had vomited up all over the control deck. 'That noise was equally as hideous,' said Darth Insanus, still listening in. 'We best report it to the New Emporer,' replied Rambart. Darth Insanus considered the situation. Whatever vile creature the Rebellion now had, his Emporer must be informed of a possible new threat to the New Empire. 'Let us – Depart,' spoke Darth Insanus valiantly. Rambart responded immediately, glad to be leaving the place. Later that week. 'A Millennium Falcon III? What happened to the second one?' queried a puzzled Leia Organa. Han Solo refrained from commenting on the condition of his ship. Some things are better left unsaid. The End Han Solo and Luke Skywalker on the trail of Misfax the Cyborg Luke examined the lightsaber. 'It's Sith made,' he said to Han Solo. 'They're back,' said Han. 'I feel it in the force.' 'You feel it in the force?' queried the Jedi Knight. 'A hunch, blondie,' responded the swaggering General. They looked down the corridor. Luke had picked up the saber from inside the hallway, just near a small chest, which was full of gold coins. They had been on the trail of 'Misfax', a cyborg which had been killing new Padawan. 'He's in there,' said Han Solo. 'How do you know?' asked Luke. 'The sign. It says 'Premises of Misfax',' replied Han. Luke refrained from commenting. Luke armed himself with his lightsaber, and Han took out his Laser. 'On three,' said Luke. 'One...' Han pushed the door open, ready to fire. The room was all bare, but a dead body was on the ground. Luke examined it. 'It's him,' said Luke. 'Misfax.' 'How do you know?' asked Han. 'He has a nameplate on his garment,' replied Luke. Han refrained from commenting. 'So. You have come to inspect my handiwork,' said a voice. They turned. It was 'Lord Apholox of the Legion of Zardoz.' 'You killed him,' said Luke. 'To defend myself,' replied Apholox. 'The room? It's stripbare,' replied Han. 'A mystery to me, also, dear General. Perhaps if you summon the Coruscant guard, we can have the room sealed off and his body taken away.' Luke looked at Apholox suspiciously. He never liked the soldier. Always around when trouble was. 'I'll call them,' said Han. 'Do you have any knowledge of this?' asked Luke, holding up the lightsaber. Apholox, seemingly instinctively, quickly reached to his side, but then grinned. 'Oh. Why, what have you there?' asked Apholox. Luke nodded to himself. 'I think we can handle it from here, Lord Apholox,' said Luke. 'But I'm sure we'll run into each other again.' Lord Apholox considered the Jedi. 'Yes. I think we can both count on that.' And as he walked past, he looked at the lightsaber, frowned slightly, and exited. Han returned shortly. 'They'll be here shortly. What did Lord Poxolox have to say?' 'Nothing of consequence,' replied Luke, looking off towards where the legionairre had departed. The End The Woes of C3PO 'It's not easy being a droid, you know,' said C3PO. 'Tweet, wirrrr,' responded R2D2. C3PO looked out of Master Skywalker's Coruscant abode at the shimmering city. 'We are underappreciated. Why I speak several, several languages, and what use do they make of me?' 'Deet dot dirrrr,' said R2D2. 'How many languages? I forget R2. My circuits are getting old. They've never been properly used anyway.' 'Deeet wirrr dottle dot,' said R2D2. 'The Ewoks of Endor? They appreciate me? Yes, of course you are right. But Master Skywalker will never take us there again I fear.' 'Wheeee Sweee diit,' said R2D2. 'No, R2 D2. I will not get my hopes up. They only fail in the end.' Luke Skywalker entered the room. 'C3PO. R2. We're going on a trip. The Empire has it's fleet near the Endor system. Darth Insanus has been making new moves, and we need to monitor him from the Moon of Endor. We're going to see our old friends. The Ewoks. So ready yourself,' and he left the room. 'Wheeeee,' said R2 D2. 'I don't think it's funny that you told me so,' replied C3 PO. 'I will have to brush up on my Ewokian. It's been years.' 'Deedle doot,' said R2 D2. 'No, I will not go for a system service, R2 D2. The thoughts of them poking around in my ancient circuitry. The damage that wookie has done in there, no wonder I can't remember anything right anymore.' 'Deet dot wheedel whirr deet deet dot deet,' said R2 D2. 'Just the way of life, I suppose,' said C3PO. 'Even droids get old.' 'Deet Deet Deet,' responded R2 D2. 'Yes, life goes on,' said C3 PO. 'Even for an underused C3 unit. Now where was that Coruscant Interplanetary Database Computer Port again? I need a refresher.' 'Whiirrrrrrrr,' said R2 D2, and the droids of Jedi Knight Luke Skywalker continued on their merry adventures of the day. The End Questioning the Force Prologue The Galaxy is at Rest. Trade and commerce once again run fairly, freed from the tyranny of the Empire. The New Republic is a new way of life, built on the foundation of the old, forging new and better alliances for the sake of Galactic peace. Luke Skywalker now heads the Jedi council and has been training a whole Generation of new Jedi Knights. The Jedi once again hold their esteemed
Position, but all is not well. Luke is uneasy, unable to find peace. A figure Haunts him, his father Anakin, and a new threat is imminent, coming from The neighbouring galaxy….
Space. Luke was headed towards the witch moon of Endor, with R2D2 in tow, C3PO travelling with Han Solo on the Millennium Falcon III. 'Deeet, whirrr, dooot, whheeeee,' said R2D2.
‘Yes, I’m sure Wicket misses you too,' replied Luke. 'Anyway, we're nearly there R2. Going to camoflague mode. We don't want the Empire to know about our presence.' Soon they were with their old Ewok friends again, but Luke had a misty look in his eyes. The force was leading him. Taking him somewhere. He left R2 with the ewoks and went to where his father Anakin had been cremated. But, in the distance, he could see a mountain, and it was there were the force wanted him to go. He came to a river, and crossed it, and his nimble feet danced across the rocks, easily finding his way. The mountain loomed, and he climbed, steadily, like a Jedi, balancing his ego not to think he was a grand climber of accomplishment, but a servant of the force, in balance, steadily doing what the force required. He reached the top of a rocky spire, and beneath him and the mountain lava flowed, pouring down a torrid ravine. He continued on. An eagle suddenly confronted him, and attacked him, but he looked at the eagle, and with the force it peered at him, then flew away, back to its nearby nest. He continued on, and found a cave, and, turning on his light saber, entered. He could feel it. The force. The dark side. Suddenly it was Darth Sidioius, and the spirit of the Emperor looked at him in all his wrath, but Luke knew he would not trouble him. Somehow he knew. And so he continued on, his senses heightened, and another sith of legend appeared, Darth Maul, who glared at him but said nothing more. And he passed him by, and came to the end of the cave, and suddenly it was his father. But it was not. It was Darth Vader. And Luke looked at Vader, and put away his saber, and sat. And Darth Vader glared at his son, but nothing was said at all.
Gar Solo, the son of Han Solo, was on a patrol mission with R2D3 out to outer rim planets of the galaxy were disturbances had been reported. They landed on a planet and found the village destroyed. Chaos is everywhere.
'I don’t know who did this, R2. But we must report it immediately to Coruscant.' 'Weeee,' responded R2D3, as they gazed upon the destruction.
A midwife came out of the room and came to Leia. They were on Tatooine ‘She is ready,’ said the midwife to Leia. Leia came in to meet her daughter Amidala, named after her mother.
Amidala had given birth. Her name is ‘Kelendra’ she said to Leia.
Leia took Kalendra and went into the other room to show her to Han Solo and Kade Gon Jin, the husband of Amidala. ‘She is a special child – a child of destiny’,' said Leia. 'A grand-daughter,' said Han Solo, his voice filled with pride.
Luke was in space with R2D2. 'Weee doot dot wee whirr,' said R2D2. ‘Yeh, I guess I found what I came For R2. I guess.'
Reaching Coruscant, Luke landed near the Jedi Academy. He was greeted by other Jedi.
‘There is news, Gar Solo has something to report,' said a young Padawan. Luke nodded.
Luke found Gar in the main court of the Academy and spoke with him about the destruction on the planet he had visited. 'Yes, I will take it into consideration,' replied Luke. 'You have done well, Gar Solo.'
Luke, after Gar left, walked out onto his balcony and looked over Coruscant. Anakin his father suddenly appeared in spirit form. ‘Son. Is all well with you,' asked Anakin.
‘Father. Yes, I suppose,' replied Luke.
‘What troubles you,' asked Anakin.
‘Oh, father. A search for meaning. A search for understanding. I know what we do here In the Academy helps so many, but I feel there is something missing. Something I have yet to do.’
‘Son, the ways of the force are always mysterious. It works for the good of all, and the darker Side, well, not always, as you know well. If that is a voice from the force you will find your destiny
Soon enough. Or it will find you, son. It will find you,' replied Anakin.
Luke looked at his father and nodded softly.
Luke, as the representative of the Jedi, appeared at the Galactic council. He spoke of the reports of destruction of a number of outlying galactic systems and the council suggested further investigations. He also brought up the issue of his own son, Anakin, and his late day eagerness to become a Jedi. He asked the council if there were any objections, them knowing the history of his father. Nobody objected but concerns were raised.
Anakin Skywalker, Luke's son, appeared before the Jedi council. Luke questioned him. ‘A Jedi, Anakin?’
Anakin responded ‘I had a dream I would be a Jedi.’
'Does the council accept my son's claim to study the ways of the force?' asked Luke. Nobody spoke. It seemed, nobody would dare. A boy looked at his mother. His name was Hayden. 'I must go where the force is leading me,' he said. 'Are you sure,' she replied. Hayden nodded.
Han was with Lando Calrissian. They readied for the trip from Tatooine to Coruscant and boarded the Milennium Falcon III. ‘Remember, don’t wreck this baby like my last one. I am still getting over that,' said Lando. ‘Hey, it wasn’t my fault,' replied Han. They took off into space, and days later had arrived at Coruscant.
‘Admiral Solo. It is good to see you back. There's trouble,' said Luke. 'Isn't there always,' replied Han. Han was selected with a fleet to head off to find what the trouble Could be.
Hayden travelled for a while, from spaceliner to spaceliner, but purchased a cheap ship and flew to the witch moon of Endor. He found a mountain and the force led him on. On the other side of a river he crossed he was greeted by witches of Endor. 'The seeker has come,' said a witch. ‘Then tell the dark lord,’ said the other.’
Hayden continued on and dame to the central cavern and the witches greeted him. They sent him further on and Sidious came out of the shadows. ‘What is this before my eyes,’ said Darth sidious. ‘I Sense a son of Skywalker.’ ‘Luke Skywalker was my father. But he knows me not.’ ‘Good, good,’ said sidious, and drew the lad towards himself.
Anakin was before the council. They discussed various things and it was decided that Anakin was to travel to Dagoba to begin his training with Arda, Yoda’s son.
Hayden was on the moon of Endor and Sidious said to him. ‘What do you sense in there,’ pointing to a dark cavern. ‘Power,’replied Hayden.
‘Yes,’ says Sidious. ‘Go find that power.’
Hayden entered the cavern.
Anakin arrived with R2D3 on Dagoba. They had flown an X-Wing. They looked around.
‘We’ll never find him,’ says Anakin, after a while.
‘Give up so soon why do you?’ said Arda, who came into view.
‘Arda?’ asks Anakin.
‘Mmm,’ says Arda. Hayden was in the cavern. He came into the darkness and the figure of Darth Vader came upon him. ‘Who are you?’ asked Hayden. ‘You know Who I am,' responded Vader
Arda had begun his training of Anakin. ‘What is that place?’ asked Anakin, about a desolate place, familiar, where the dark side dwelt.
‘To find out for yourself, if dare you,’ said Arda. ‘But beware the dark side.’
Anakin entered the cavern and the figure of Darth Vader appeared. 'Who are you?' asked Anakin. ‘You know who I am,’ said Darth Vader.
Han Solo and the fleet had searched the desolate cities, but no survivors could be found in these systems. They were new colonies, barely established, but a dark power had ravaged them. A dark power, not that of the Empire. Han was sure of that. And so they returned to Coruscant, and were at a loss for what to do next. But Luke took the matter into consideration.
Luke was again on the moon of Endor with R2D2. An X Wing was stationed nearby, and they were on a cliff of the mountain 'Looking out Luke said ‘I suppose it all makes sense in the end. I suppose it does that.’ The howling and whirring wind was his only reply, as he gazed out at the vista of the Endorian moon. THE END

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