The Eighth Hunter


Unofficial sequel to the Seven Hunters saga / A wish upon a strange stone twists yet another life around. But this time it's a whole new world rather than just a new species for him.

Drama / Adventure
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Disclaimer: I do not own The Land Before Time or any of its characters. Same goes for The Seven Hunters and any affiliated characters or settings. This fanfiction is created purely for non-profit and creative purposes.

Greetings, everyone. My name is Julian, and I have been sneaking around this site for several weeks prior to finally creating an account of my own. Now, I originally didn't create this account to write stories myself actually, but after reading all this amazing stuff that's on here I felt the obligation to contribute to it after all. This is my very first attempt at doing this but I always felt comfortable with creative writing so it should be alright. That does not mean I wouldn't greatly appreciate any sort of constructive criticism and ideas you lot might have.

Before we start it is my duty to say that the whole framework, a lot of characters and the background for many of my ideas were created by "The Amazing Rhombus". Especially his first story "The Seven Hunters" provides the background knowledge you will need to have to understand what's going on and what happened to the original gang of seven, so I highly suggest you to read this 75 Chapter long masterpiece of his, if you haven't done so already. And if you're at it, make sure to read his second work "Songs of the Hunters" as well, as it is just as good and provides you with some more information and detail.

If you would still like a rough description of the plot in his story:(Spoilers! Obviously.)It all started some time after the events of the TV series, so Ruby and Chomper were both living in the Great Valley and Red Claw was still terrorizing the Mysterious Beyond together with Thud and Screech. One day, however, a Stone of Cold Fire landed in the valley and the gang of seven wished for the power to defeat Red Claw upon the stone. The Stone proceeded to turn all of them except Chomper into Utahraptors (fastbiters), Petrie into a sharptooth flyer (Ceradactylus) and they got chased out of the valley. A dark journey full of hardships for the friends followed but in the end, they managed to defeat Red Claw and his minions in a final battle in the Great Valley. Many friendships did the Seven Hunters forge on their way, but even more lives were lost in the process.After that, they started their new lives far away from the valley as sharpteeth and several years later they grew into a fine pack of fastbiters with their children, still ready for new adventures. My story starts at around this point.

So, the basic idea I have come up with is this:What if a human from our time, the 21st century, would be brought back millions of years, transformed into one of the many carnivorus beasts that roamed the earth back in that time? However, he would not be there for no reason. As the last of his kind now, how would he cope with the change in lifestyle and what we humans perceive as society, ethics and judgement? And how would, if kept unrestrained, his vast human knowledge affect all of the dinosaurs' and even his own future? Or is it already settled? Will he be trapped in a primitive world with no way of escaping?

I think this is the source for endless opportunities but I will try to keep it as "realistic" as possible and true to the original LBT colors and lore, as well as of course to Rhombus' work.

One last piece of important information:Although I consider this a sequel to The Seven Hunters and Songs of the Hunters, don't expect me to copy Rhombus' unique style of storytelling. See, I'm trying my utmost to give everyone the pleasure of a continuation of his masterful stories and I would not consider my style of writing "unusual" but I'm deliberately trying to leave some questions unanswered. To find a conclusion, you will have to retain an open mind and keep on reading, and you will most likely find a direct answer or at the very least a little hint to it at a later point in the story. I'm sure you will find that this adds a certain touch to it. At least that's how I think about it.

So, now that that's out of the way, I sincerely hope you enjoy!


"Be careful what you wish for. You just might get it." - Common saying

The moon shined brightly on the peaceful scenery below. The only obvious signs of life were making themselves known with their high-pitched chirping in the small forest nearby.

Yet, there was clearly something else there. With deliberately slow and silent movement, another creature made its way out into the open and sat down under the porch. It was only after the beams of light the moon reflected hit parts of its face that one could have seen a pair of green eyes carefully scanning the surroundings, adapting to the darkness all around. Time seemed to pause for this creature as it admired the beauty and peacefulness of this moonlit scenery.

With a slow but determined move of its arm, the creature stroked through its short, golden mane and pulled a white stick-like thing with an orange bottom from behind its ear, put it into its mouth, and after two audible clicks, using one of the many artificial tools of its kind, finally set fire to it. Wads of blue and gray smoke ascended into the moonlight.

Ahh, always hits the spot... it's been a long day. The male human thought to himself as the bittersweet taste of the tobacco fumes greeted his senses while looking up fascinated at the bright full moon, which didn't seem to be so far above him. As the nicotine rushed to his brain and unfolded its effects, which caused him to experience this lightheaded feeling he was very much looking forward to, he couldn't help but always feel strangely safe and in control in the darkness that embraced everything in the nighttime.

After exhaling another few wads of smoke he fell into deep thoughts. Thoughts that were quite usual for his kind.

I shouldn't be doing this... He started before immediately dismissing this thought again. Oh who am I kidding, we all have to die one day. At least I can enjoy what I want for as long as I can. Tzz... It's not like this one would turn my life around.

Smilingly, he looked down at the red glowing tip of his cigarette, twisting it around a bit between his fingertips which made the smoke seemingly dance in the midnight air. It would be a night just like any other.

Or so he thought to himself. How wrong could he have been?


He looked up at the sky as soon as the distant booming sound reached his ears. He had always been proud of his excellent sense of hearing, which helped him in understanding and solving multiple situations in his life. That did not quite make up for his rather bad eyes though, he always deduced. But he was indeed a very strange specimen when it came to perception. Without his optical aids, his eyes were terrible but as soon as he just wore his glasses or contacts, he had the eyes of a hawk. His sense of smell, too, was what he would have described as 'above average'.

But right now, all of this didn't matter a single bit to him, as he asked the inevitable question out loud.

"What the hell was that?"

Everything seemed to have gone silent, even the unending chirping from the crickets in the forest paused. After a few moments though, which felt more like an eternity to him, the sounds of life all around him came back. Everything was normal again.

"Nothing... Pathetic... I'm getting paranoid, it seems."

A slight chuckle left his mouth and with a now somewhat uneasy mind he decided to finish his cigarette and quickly go to sleep. He hadn't done much over the day but felt strangely tired and exhausted now that he thought about it.

One last wad of blue smoke went up into the night sky as he flicked the still slightly glowing cigarette over the nearby fence and into the darkness.

Already having his front turned towards the door of his home, he decided to allow himself one last look at the beautiful moon. It was only then that he noticed something strange. He adjusted his glasses and squinted his eyes at the tiny object, thousands of kilometers in the distance, which seemed to hover right next to the moon.

"What is...?"

He didn't have time to finish his sentence as the object was suddenly growing larger. Its outlines became more clearly visible. It looked like a blue ball of light, embraced by the red fires the entry into earth's atmosphere caused.

He was petrified by the sight of this beautiful, yet terrifying object which was seemingly about to crash right into him.

"Oh... shit!"

He almost yelled these words as he jumped to the ground, eyes closed and his hands covering his head. He could've sworn he saw a bright flash of blue light, even with his eyes firmly shut and him facing the ground. He was already expecting a shockwave that would throw him around and probably kill him.

But nothing happened.

In fact, everything was silent again. This crept him out more than any horror story, game or movie could have done in his whole life. The area around him seemed dead. He reluctantly opened his eyes again, letting out an audible groan as he rose back on his feet. Carefully scanning the environment again, he couldn't help but feel even more horrified. The object, which was racing towards him with incredible speed, had just disappeared.

That was when he took a closer look at the small forest right next to his home. Almost undiscernible, a blue light was emitted from between the large trees.

With carefully slow movement, he edged closer to the mysterious object and after around a minute of time, he stood right in front of it. The light coming from the stone was now extremely bright. So bright, that it was hurting his eyes to look at it directly for more than a few seconds. But despite all this, the environment around it was unaffected by it. None of the trees around this area took on that blue hue.

How...? It's almost like... this thing isn't meant to disturb anyone who didn't see it coming down. This uneasy thought crossed his mind several times before he finally broke out of his pondering.

"Pff! Bullshit. This is the real world. Stuff like that only happens in stories."

However, his spoken words didn't reflect the unspoken afterthought in his mind. Only if one could have read his mind, one would've heard an addition to that sentence.

...or... doesn't it?

He walked around the rock for several minutes, thinking about what to do now. Technically, he was allowed to do what he pleased to do with that rock. There were a lot of rules and laws in the human society, but none of them explicitly prevented him from taking a stone which fell out of the sky back to his home. But, as with many things in human society, there were certain exceptions. Where laws and regulations didn't apply anymore.

And this was certainly one of them.

I have to call for help. Who knows, maybe this thing is dangerous? A stone shouldn't have this glow.

With that, he pulled out a black, rectangle shaped device. His concerned look turned quickly into an unreadable mix of surprise and horror, however.

His cellphone wasn't working. He pressed the only three buttons it had several times to no avail. He quickly suspected he broke it when jumping to the ground earlier but the device did not have a single scratch on it.

Looking back in the direction of the blue glowing rock, his facial expression went slightly more neutral again, excited even.

"Of course, an EMP!"

If it was actually true that a normal rock from space could have produced enough electromagnetic power to destroy or at least temporarily kill a cellphone, he did not know, but that explanation seemed reasonably satisfying and the least confusing at that time. Still, this wasn't enough of an explanation for him to loosen up.

But you're no normal rock, are you?

The stone seemed to mock him with his presence. He spent seemingly an eternity in front of the bright blue glowing rock and couldn't think of a single thing to do. Hesitantly, he decided to inspect the rock in more detail.

Upon touching the rock he could feel a strange, warm feeling entering his body. It was almost like an indescribable amount of energy now flowing through him. It was indeed a strange feeling but he didn't recoil from the stone. He embraced the feeling. It was like the feeling of a mother, closely embracing her child and asking for what was on its mind and its wishes in particular.

He closed his eyes and muttered some inaudible words.

He had always been afraid to lose control. And while he was always trying to be popular with the friends he had, that never stopped him from the credo he was following with his mind. Control. Control over his own body, mind and soul. His standpoint on that matter was clear. There were numerous substances that, in his eyes, weak-minded humans would consume in excess to escape the harsh reality of a brutal world, where everyone had to fight for their place with their wits and skills. He had a strong mind, however. He accepted that reality. He knew nobody could escape it, although he sometimes wished there was a way.

And it was at that moment, when he muttered those words to the strange rock, that he truly reached an understanding.

He had lost control over his mind.

Before he could even come up with a conclusion on what he had just done, the flow of energy suddenly stopped and the rock seemed to glow even more aggressively. At this change, the human sprung back like a scared animal and landed on his back, hitting his head with a sickening thud on one of the numerous tall trees.

For a second, the world seemed to spin around him as his body slowly, but forcefully, shut down his eyelids. He could still make out the strange blue light changing to a deep red before the stone went pitch black.

Only darkness embraced his senses now as he fell into unconsciousness.

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