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The Heard of a Shepherd

By PonyPlays2014

Drama / Romance


It is an usual day in Adventure Bay and the pups are playing outside with a big and red ball, which is covered with little, yellow stars. Well... not quite all the pups but three of them: Rocky, Marshall and Skye. Rubble is somewhere else and most likely takes a nap and Zuma is watching TV but he's just about to play a quick round of Pup-Pup-Boogie to beat his very own record, if this is even possible. I mean, come one! No one can beat him! Ryder is in the Lookout and repairs the big screen, which Marshall broke just a few days ago by spilling water all over it by accident! He is clumsy, it wasn't his fault and he already said that he is still sorry almost twenty times. "Wow... How can I fix that? The whole electronic is destroyed and I have no idea what to do...", the brown-haired boy sighed and gets onto his knees to take another closer look at the cables, the buttons and the other … things. But he never really repaired something that complicated and he surely doesn't want to break something even more! There is still the chance to fix the whole screen but when the boy tries something and it is wrong the whole screen will surely end up at the dumpster. "Maybe I should call an engineer or Captain Turbot? He is pretty good with machines and everything electronic. I hope he can find some time to- Wait? Is that the elevator? Who is there?" Only a few seconds later the elevator reaches the 3rd floor, the Lookout, and opens its door and a pup walks out of it... a German Shepherd! "Chase", Ryder almost shouts surprised and a small grin shows up on his face, proving he is pleased to see his number one pup! Instantly he gets up onto his feet and just watches his buddy... But Chase isn't smiling. He looks nervous and seems to have a problem that just can't be solved. His ears are loose and he focuses the ground in front of him without even taking one look at his best buddy. "Chase? Is something wrong? You seem a little bit... how can I say it... depressed. Did something happened?", he tries to get his police pup to talk to him or even noticing him but without success. Slowly Chase goes up to the boy and sits down in front of him, finally raising up his head and just looking at him. The room becomes quiet but no one has the guts to say something until Chase opens his mouth and starts, quiet and stammering. "Ryder Sir... I have a problem and I'd like to talk with you about it... if that is okay." "Drop the Sir, Chase. You can call me Ryder and I told you that like hundreds of times... And sure! How can I help you?", Ryder answers but his thoughts are running wild. Why is Chase so scared and nervous? And why is he asking if it's okay? Ryder told him and the other pups that they could always come and talk to him when they need him. They are his friends and his family and that is what family is for.

Chase opens his mouth again but nothing comes out so he closes it and begins to draw a small circle with his left front paw while he tries to think of a way to start this very important conversation. "What should I say? And how should I say it? I can't just say what the problem is... that would be way too much for him and way too strange for me and the other pups and Ryder! But I must start somehow... Maybe I should say, it isn't my problem but the problem of a friend of mine! That could work." The plan is settled and the show can go on... or something like that. "Well...", Chase starts and takes a quick look around the room to see if someone else is there but luckily only he and his best and closest friend are here so he can go on. "It isn't really me who has this problem but a friend of mine has it... ehm... Ken! He is a Golden Retriever and he lives in a different city so you probably don't know him... And the other pups don't know him either. Anyway, he has a crush on an other pup but this pup is... well... a good friend of him... And the problem is he doesn't know what to do now. Should he tell the other pup about his feelings or ignore them and leave everything the way it is?" That surely is quite a problem and Ryder shares the same opinion. A little bit confused he scratches the back of his head and focuses the little pup in front of him with his brown eyes while slowly repeating everything he understood from this conversation: "So... you have a friend and this friend has a friend who has a crush on the pup who is the friend of your friend... Wait, no... You have a crush on... no... your friend has a crush on a dog who is a friend of the pup, which friend your friend is..." He just can't get it right! The whole thing is just way to complicated for him! "Not really Ryder", Chases explains and slowly turns his face towards the ground again but a hand, which scratches his left ear, lets him raising his face up again just to see Ryders face. The boy got on his knees and tries to convince his best pup to tell him the story again and this time slower and maybe with some names. "Chase? Can you repeat this whole thing? And then I can help you for sure, I promise!", Ryder asks and winks at the little German Shepherd.

"Alright...", Chase mumbles and takes a deep and long breath before he starts to repeat the whole situation, "I have a friend and this friend … No! Ryder, I lied to you! I have no friend named Ken! And he is surely not a Golden Retriever or has a crush on an other friend. I have the crush on someone but I'm too scared to tell you the truth! I mean... It is just strange and unnatural to feel this way about this specific person!" Slowly tears begin to build themselves up in the brown, lovely eyes of the furry pup, who begins to whimper and to sob but Ryder knows exactly what to do. Slowly he picks up the little pup and hugs him gentle but tight enough to show him that he is there for him. "There is no reason for being scared Chase... I'm sure nothing is strange or unnatural or even odd about your feelings. Everyone falls in love at least once in their lives. It is just normal. That is the reason why we have girls like Katie and boys like me or female dogs like Skye and male dogs like you, Rubble, Marshall, Rocky or Zuma. If you have a crush on a female dog... It is just norm-" "But it is different!", Chases shouts, wiggles and, with one leap, jumps out of the boys hug who just stands there shocked and confused. "It is different...", the male dog repeats and turns his back on Ryder, sits down and a tear rolls down his right cheek and turns his light brown fur darker. A few other tears are following the first one and they are accompanied by sobs and whines. "What is the matter with Chase? I tried my best to explain him that his feelings are normal and that nature just tells him to find a partner and to become a father... Maybe it is different but what kind of different could it be? If he would tell me who he has a crush on then I could help him." Ryders mind is working nonstop and is almost overheating because of all these questions, theories and the riddle, that seems almost unsolvable but suddenly he gets an idea! He walks up to Chase, who stares at the floor and focuses the wet spots on it. His face is already as wet as if he had taken a shower! And he is still crying and sobbing like he never did before and surely never will again. Hearing these sounds and watching one tear after the other rolling down the cheek and landing on the white floor makes this whole situation way more emotional, way more complicated and personal as no other situation before. Seeing his friend, a friend who is almost like a brother, crying and hopeless breaks his heart in pieces and the pieces are breaking again and again until nothing is left except dust... "Chase... Big boy... I want to help you because I really, really care for you and I love you like a brother I never had and seeing you crying slowly destroys me... Please, tell me your problem. I promise I won't laugh or shout and I won't be shocked and surely won't be grossed out! You can tell me everything... remember?

The brown-haired boy just waits and waits for a reaction or any sign of agreement or disagreement or even the slightest move or word but nothing comes... Until the little pup stands up, wipes his tears of his face and slowly turns around to face his friend, who watches him with wide eyes and a little smile on his lips. "Thanks... I will tell you everything...", Chase whispers and walks right in front of the young boy, who picks him up again and hugs him. "So? Who is it?", he asks and only a few seconds later the German Shepherd in his arms answers: "It is... Zuma..." That is surely unexpected! Chase, the strict, attentive and brave police pup has a crush on the water-loving, childish, groovy Labrador Zuma? Ryder takes a look at the face of his pup and sees him smiling. Slowly his own smile grows while his brain tries to understand what just happened: "Chase loves an other male pup? He has a crush on Zuma? So... Chase is gay? Wow... didn't saw that coming but you know what they say! Love knows no borders. I'm sure I can help him."

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