The Heard of a Shepherd


Chase finally decides to confess his love... for Zuma? But how will the chocolate brown Labrador react? Will he hate him? Does he feel the same way? Or will this confession bury the friendship of thes

Romance / Drama
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The End

As the two pups share kisses and just enjoy the present situation, the glowing sun slowly makes contact with the orange-red horizon, almost setting it on fire. Even though he doesn't really want to Zuma tries to pull back, leading Chases hug to loosen up to give his new boyfriend the space he needs to fulfill his action. The glimpse of the German Shepherd is focused on the golden, glittering eyes of the Labrador. The sparkle and the shine in them makes his heart skip a beat. And the smile on the other pups adds another skipped beat to the count. Zuma surely is happy right now but this is a whole new level of happiness. He still can't activate his brain again but why should he? There is no reason to disturb this moment with thoughts and thoughts about how great and beautiful this moment is. His fast beating heart, his risen pulse, the heat in every corner of his body and the lovely taste and the tingling feeling on his lips are more than enough to describe his feelings right now. Zuma also decided to give his brain a break and ignores every thought and every order it gives him as long as this order isn't in perfect synchronization with his hearts orders. The only thing his brain is allowed to do is to form sentences again but the Labrador decides in what kind of way he will share them with his partner. "That was", he whispers with a slightly shaking voice as he slowly moves his right paw to the left and back to the right, stroking the well-trained chest and enjoying the feeling of the moving fur underneath it, "indescribable. I never thought kissing someone would feel so good..." This confession surprises the police pup as he listens to the words his boyfriend speaks and slowly moves one of his own paws to make contact with the moving, chocolate-brown one.

"What was that? He never thought that kissing someone would feel so good? Was this... his first kiss?!" His brain activates itself again without the pups permission and begins to analyze the last said sentence very carefully. The idea of being the first pup the Labrador ever kissed makes him proud, happy and really flatters him but somehow it sounds very unlikely. After all he had a boyfriend before. "I don't think they never kissed each other but why would he say that? I don't believe he just forgot about it... After everything I heard today he surely wouldn't just forget about it...", Chase keeps his thoughts alive and somehow manages to leave this reality and travel through them. His glimpse moves and now seems to look through the Labrador as if he is nothing more than glass or air. This sudden and very obvious change of behavior gets noticed very quickly by the water-loving pup on top of Chase, who seems confused and even a little bit worried. "Chase? Hello? Are you there? Did I surprise you with this kiss? Are you speechless or what? Hello Chase?", he tries his best to get the other pups attention but without even the slightest success. His own brain picks up his duty again and instantly activates its first thoughts considering the current situation and the strange behavior. "What is wrong with him? He seems so carried away... Was it too sudden? Maybe he doesn't liked it? Or maybe I did something wrong!" Scared by his possible mistakes Zuma begins to feel a little bit bad again. But only a few seconds later all the disappointing possibilities disappear as he remembers his reaction. After all Chase was the one who was so eager and who took it even farther! So Zuma must have done everything right! "No... It was perfect the way it was but", he ends his inner monologue and takes a closer look at the mimic, the mouth and, most important, the brown eyes of the German Shepherd underneath him. He isn't paying any attention anymore as if he lives in a totally different dimension. "But something is surely bothering him right now. How can I get his attention? Talking doesn't work but maybe if I ...", he asks himself another question but the answer is quite obvious. The brown pup closes his golden eyes and slowly moves his awaiting lips closer and closer towards the almost frozen ones of his new mate, with which he makes contact only a few seconds later. Even though his mayor reason for the second combination of their mouths was to get the attention of the other male pup, feeling the amazing tingle in his entire body, tasting the undeniable arousing taste of the other pups saliva and soft lips and knowing that he could do him a favor also encouraged him. And his plan seems to work perfectly! The pressure on his lips and the feeling inside his mouth, the heat in his body and the indescribable rush of adrenaline in his veins shatter his thoughts and bring him back into the real world, back to Zuma. The very close brown face gets into his glimpse but almost instantly Chase closes his eyes to enjoy the feeling while he can.

The kiss ends after a few more seconds as Zuma slightly pulls back, opens his eyes again and watches the reaction on the other males face, which was a smirk and the opening of his gorgeous eyes. "Zuma", he whispers but the Labrador just shakes his head to signalize him to keep quiet now. "I noticed that something bothered you before", he explains as he slowly pulls his head back a little bit more, "Is it still bothering you?" Chase just listens, sighs surrendering as his formerly smirk disappears and takes his look of his furry boyfriend for a few seconds before he answers. "It is still bothering me..." With these words he carefully places his two paws next to his body and tries to push himself up, leading Zuma to get off him and to take a few steps back to give his partner enough space. While he gets onto his four paws Zuma extends his question with a second, more important one. "What is bothering you? Is it something I did or something I said?" "To be honest... It is something you said after our first kiss", Chase explains as he takes one step closer after gathering his firm stand, "You said that you never thought kissing someone would feel so good." "It is true... I only heard of kissing someone and everyone told me it would feel incredible", Zuma answers with a confused mimic, "What is wrong with that?" The second part of his answers sends a chill down the German Shepherds spine. It sounded so angry and so reproachful as if Chase just told him that his comment was totally nonsense and wrong in any kind of way. "Nothing! Nothing at all... It is just...", Chase replies with a voice so full of panic and surprise. It almost sounded like an excuse even though he has no reason for apologizing himself. A little bit afraid of the other pups reaction he cuts off his sentence and stays silent, avoiding every kind of eye contact. A short amount of time passes by in which Zuma only watches his lover, waiting for the rest of his explanation and almost annoyed by it.

"Not again... He can't ignore me... What do I have to do to finally get a complete answer?", he thinks keeping his desperation back as best as he possible can. This time he won't use a kiss to get the other ones attention. After all kisses are symbols of love and the bound between two persons and not ways to get the other one to do what you want. This time he will just do something that will secure him Chases attention for sure! He steps next to the brown-haired pup, lays his left paw onto the upper left part of the police pups chest and begins to move it as fast as he can. Chase is very, very ticklish there and Zuma knows that very well. The feeling in this specific body part, the somehow enjoyable but also unwanted pressure he notices, captures the attentiveness of the German Shepherd and results to a uncontrollable laughter, shaking and pleading for mercy. "Please... sto...op... I'm liste... I'm listening... I pro...mise!", he promises a little bit unclear because of the shaking of his voice, the noise of his stomping paws and laughter and the pauses he makes after each word and even withing some of his words. "What are you talking about? You're not supposed to listen to me! I want you to answer me...", Zuma thinks as he finally understands what his mate just told him, even though he isn't very sure if he understood him correctly. But it surely sounded like listening... And that is not the thing he wants him to do right now!

"What bothers you", he repeats his question and finally receives his answer but the laughter makes it very hard for him to understand so he stops his current move. Gasping for air Chase takes a few seconds to fill his lunges again with fresh air until he repeats his answer, this time understandable and clear. "I just thought... You and Lance already kissed each other. Usually couples start kissing each other already after a few days and sometimes after a few minutes. But you two never kissed even once in these two months?" With a confused expression the chocolate-brown Labrador just shakes his head and begins to think about it. "Now that he mentions it... We really never kissed. Lance said something about having a problem with kissing and such stuff and I just accepted it. So we never even talked about kissing or other stuff even more intense than kissing. We held paws and he licked my cheeks a few times and we hugged each other but that was everything..." "It isn't really important but it just, well, stood in my mind since you said it. Most likely there is no need to worry about it anyway, right Zuma?", Chase explains giggling but his partner seems to be locked in his own thoughts now. And again they were all about Lance what somehow really bothers the German Shepherd. "Zuma?", he tries to get his attention but without success so an other way must do the trick. Carefully he moves his face closer to Zumas cheek and passionately moves his wet tongue across that part of the lovely face, activating the nerves underneath the brown, warm fur and the thick skin. "Maybe he had a different reason after a-ahhh...", the pup with the golden eyes still asks himself in his mind but the sudden feeling and the information the nerves gave his brain deleted all of it and sends him back into reality, where he welcomes the very appreciatively attention. A little smirk builds itself up on his face, similar to the one Chase had as Zuma mentioned the very arousing dreams he had in his early years, and he slowly closes his eyes. The representation of love only took a few seconds but it felt like an eternity passing by for both of them as Chases treatment leaves a wet trace behind. "I can always get your attention like that", the police pup whispers giggling as he stops and moves his mouth closer to the brown ear on the same site, sending a wave of excitement through the entire chocolate-brown body and a slight shiver down his spine, leading all of his four legs to shake. A little bit moaning Zuma answers his boyfriend, who just smiles as he hears it. "You just... know me too good..." "Now I do...", the brownish Shepherd replies and pulls back a little bit. He watches as Zumas golden eyes open up again and he turns his head to his side, giving him the chance to taste those delicious lips again. Without hesitating one second Chase places his very own lips onto the already awaiting ones of his boyfriend, resulting one last kiss before they head home to tell their friends the great news.

"I can't wait until Ryder hears that", Chase whispers as he and Zuma walk in the slowly disappearing light of the orange glowing sun, "After all he done for me today... He will be so glad about how everything went." "What has he done for you?", the pup next to him asks as he carefully nudges the strong and warm side with his own, receiving Chases attention that way. "A lot...", the German Shepherd responses. Slowly he switches his glimpse onto the first star in the colorful sky, the first star every night, and sighs with a big smile on his face. "A lot..:", he repeats a little bit quieter followed by a giggle.

And now I have a few news for all of you!

But first I want to thank all of you for reading my story and supporting me with your very encouraging Reviews, Private Messages, Follows and everything! You are just awesome!

I really enjoyed writing this story and I became a way bigger fan of ChaseXZuma because of that! (Never thought I could...) and I really liked the development of these two...

And because I enjoyed this story so much I decided to turn this into a series of three stories (The first one is this one/ the second one is already on my list and I already planed something for that/ the third one will be the grand final!)

I hope you like this idea and, if you do then tell me that. And I will give you a few clues what the second story will be about:
old/new/borrowed/blue, Family, A slight hangover, disaster, possible break-up
Maybe you can guess what will happen but you surely can't be sure about it ;)

Also I will write a few other stories (Five Nights at Freddys, Fairy Tail, My Little Pony, Littlest Pet Shop, etc.)
but I already told myself that I won't have more than 3 stories at the same time because it only makes things complicated and one story takes so much time to update and it isn't fair. Right now I have this one, Home all Alone, Fame, Love & Drama and my Dangan Ronpa Alternate Executions but the last one doesn't really count because this is a long time project.

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