By Viper-berry

Horror / Thriller

Chapter One: Life As She Knew It

A/N: This is my Left 4 Dead fan fiction story that came to me in a dream. I had it for a little while then asked some people after telling them about it if it would make a good read. They thought it was pretty epic, and told me to go for it. So here it is; chapter one of "Savior" hope you enjoy, R&R N' all that good stuff!

Disclaimer: I don't own Left 4 Dead. It belongs to Valve.

Claimer: But I do own Karai, her family including Skwee, my Hunter, Castiel, Liela, Marka and whoever else appears in this story.


Year 2004.

Six-year-old Karai Echo Haney was riding on her school bus home after a long day. She and her family-parents, two brothers and their bird-had moved to the state of Hawaii three years ago from Ohio since her mom found an interesting vet tech job there. Her dad's name is Ryan Lambert. He worked as a police officer. The mom and two brothers' names are: Remzi, age eight, Jay age five and Evada Haney.

Karai pushed her dark brown hair that went down to her shoulder blades out of her deep brown eyes as she watched the ocean view pass by. Her pale, small and slim form fit perfectly in the corner of her seat. She liked it here; it was always warm and sunny, though it rained when needed. The locals were nice and she had a good life.

Karai grabbed her bag as she wiggled out of the seat once they came to her stop. The other kids yelled and messed with one another while she made her way off. After crossing the street, she saw Ryan waiting for her. "Daddy!" she cheered while running into his arms "hey sweetie." The father smiled as he picked up and kissed her. His light, short blonde beard and mustache tickled Karai's cheeks as his light green eyes met hers while she played with his shaggy blonde hair. He then carried her inside their nice, large two-story light blue house "how'd your day go?" he asked on their way in. "Good" Karai replied "me and my friends ended up piling on top of each other after going down the slide during recess together."

"You have to be careful Hun." Evada said while she gave their blue Macaw, Skwee more food and water after hearing that. Skwee was four-years-old and was now perched outside on top of his huge cage. "Squawk! Rah!"

Evada's brown eyes whipped up at Remzi and Jay who were arguing over an Xbox game. Remzi had his mother's brown hair but Ryan's green eyes. He has a freckled face along with his arms and upper back. Remzi also had a nice built body for and eight-year-old. For Jay, he had blonde hair with strands of brown. As for his eyes; he had hetrechromia. Right was brown and left was green. But both had the same deep shade with bits of reddish/brown-orange colored specs in both of them. The family suspected he got that from Evada's mom's eyes.

"He keeps cheating on this stupid thing!" Jay roared, pointing at his older brother. "Nuh-uh! Liar!" Remzi spat back. "You GUYS! How many damn times have I told ya not to fight over this? One more and you're both grounded!" the mother confronted.

Both brothers sighed but continued with the game. "What ya playing?" Karai asked, hopping onto the couch. "A zombie game." Remzi answered. He's been playing it since he got home before Karai; she was in kindergarten, him third grade and Jay was supposed to start pre-school soon. Skwee flew then landed on the back of the couch. Even he wanted to watch. "Hey guys…what would you do if there was a zombie outbreak?" Jay suddenly asked. "I'd either run or learn to shoot to kill 'em all. Skwee would most likely fly away for the hills." Remzi stated. Skwee bobbed his head up and down as if he was agreeing while Karai slowly shrugged as she pats the Parrot.


"I think I'd be confused. Wouldn't know what to do." Jay mumbled.

"Gotta go." Ryan muttered as him and Evada kissed. He then headed out the door for work. After, she strolled into the kitchen to start dinner. "Another Q" Jay began "what if Skwee was a legendary animal?" Karai and Remzi looked at him "like what?" they both beamed while Skwee cocked his head.

"I dunno. Thunder bird?"

Karai's eyes widened at the thought but Remzi replied: "he already is through my eyes. But we all love him anyway." Skwee again bobbed his head but faster as Karai giggled and gave him a kiss.

Ryan sat in his patrol car by the side of a road with his partner, thirty-five year-old Castiel Limlaw. He had grey-hazel eyes with dark reddish-brown hair and a bit chubbier than Ryan. Castiel has had seven years of police experience. "Nothing's going on a whole lot tonight huh?" he pointed out since it has been strangely quiet so far. "Shockingly. But at least we can relax for once." Ryan replied as he kicked back in his seat. Over the last few weeks, it had been hell and insanity for the two friends. From shootings to arrests, car chases and the just plain weird; they were both glad it was a calm shift for once. However it was a Friday night-so they were armed and ready if need to be. "How's the family doing?" Castiel asked. Ryan nodded "good. The usual you know?"

Castiel nodded in return.

Suddenly a dark colored impala sped by. Both men heard young people cheering inside. Though Ryan and Castiel wondered how they didn't notice their car out in the open. They glanced at each other "must be going to a party." Ryan said.

"Or a concert."

"Tc. Americans." Ryan smirked.

"You're one to talk. You're American too." Castiel snickered. They both chuckled as Ryan started up the car. From there, he fallowed the impala to wherever to keep an eye on things. At least it was something to do.

Karai was at her bedside with her hands clasped together saying her prayers. After she hopped into bed where Evada tucked her away. She kissed Karai on the forehead until Skwee flew in, startled them both and landed on the bed frame. "Skwee, why are you still out of your cage?...C' mon."

"Wait!" Karai cried, stopping her mom from stretching out her hand. "Can he stay to keep the monsters away?"

Evada raised an eyebrow; but she scanned the windows to see if they were all closed. Once that was confirmed, she sighed "alright. Just for tonight." Evada then looked up at the bird, who puffed up his feathers then settled back down. "You're on a mission buddy." She told him.


Evada turned the lamp off as Karai laid on her side. "Mom Jay hid my toothbrush…" Remzi tiredly whined in the doorway. The mom sighed as she closed the door. Karai quickly feel asleep and dreamt of God watching over the whole family, her friends, Skwee and everyone they know. After all, she is baptized Catholic. It was a good dream; until her brother's question popped into mind.

"What would you do if there was a zombie outbreak?"

'Shut-up' she thought 'it can't happen. It's never gonna happen…'


"Rawk!" Skwee chirped as he dug into his food. "What are doing today?" Jay asked while eating his cereal. "We have to go shopping and-"

Evada was cut off when the front door burst open and Ryan stumbled in. Next, he fell on his face groaning. Everybody raced over to him thinking that something was wrong. But when he told them he was just exhausted, Evada let him drop back to the floor sighing in relief after lifting him up.

Later on, Karai, Remzi, Jay and their mother went to the grocery store. Evada literally let the kids fill one cart up as she filled up another. But then out of the blue-

"Mommy, Mommy, what are these?" Jay asked as he ran up to her with a box. Evada took it and gasped at what she read.


'Why would they sell these fucking things here?!' she frantically thought with tense eyes. However…

"Mommy?" a confused Jay muttered when he saw her seductive smile as she thought about Ryan. 'Fuck now's not zee time! Damn it…'

"Uh…I don't know. Go put these back please." Jay nodded and took the box. Once he brought it back then left the aisle, a local couple watched him go both shocked and strangely.

Evada sighed. But when she turned around, someone yelled in her face. "HEY!"

"Augh! Son of a bitch!" she cried while flailing around. Once that was over, she saw it was their friend they had met when they first moved here Liela Caslee. She is a single Hawaiian mother with dark brown eyes, straight black, shoulder-length hair and a deep tan. She also has a seven-year-old daughter. "Lie, you scared the shit outta me!"

Liela laughed "I can see that." As they talked, Karai rounded into a new aisle then bumped into another girl. She turned to face Karai and they cheered when they saw each other. Marka Caslee. Liela's daughter. She looked a lot like her mom but with a birthmark under her left eye. She and Karai are best friends and go to school together. Though Marka was a grade higher. "Sup? How's it going?" Karai asked. "Oh you know! My mama just picked me up from Daddy's place; but I was thinking of asking her if I could spend the night at your house." Marka replied. "Do ya wanna come over?"


"Then come on, let's go ask!"

Liela was now bent over laughing so hard she couldn't breathe. Evada had told her about the condom incident which happened just moments ago. "That happened ri-right before I scared ya?" she stammered. Evada chuckled madly while nodding. Remzi and Jay walked up to them staring in confusion. They exchanged glances, and then looked back at the adults. Soon after, Karai and Marka raced up to the group. "Mommy, can Marka spend the night tonight?"

"Huh what? Um baby I don't know. It's up to Liela."

"I don't mind. Just picked her up from her dad's she's all packed N' ready to go if ya don't mind." Liela stated. "So I can?" Marka guessed. Liela nodded. "Yay!" both little girls yelled as they happily hugged each other. Remzi and Jay groaned.

"Hey! It's nice having another girl in the house for once!" Karai protested as Marka stuck her tongue out at them. Evada sighed as Liela giggled. "I'll have to unleash out Parrot on you now!" Jay threatened with a pointed index finger. "He's MY Parrot! He likes me the best!" Karai exclaimed. "OK! OK! Let's get going then. God damn…" Evada muttered her last word.

"Thanks for letting her come over." Karai said once everyone was outside. "No prob. Be good Marka! Love you!" Liela called. "Love you too!" Marka replied as her mom drove off. Soon after, Evada was on the road home. And with all four kids in the back, it was as if Jurassic Park had been released in the car. Evada groaned while rubbing her temple. "This should be an interesting night." She smiled.

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