A girl named Constance and family move she's like not even a year old to a different country. Her parents get visted by neighbors who has a child the same age or a year older name Taehyung but all in all they become best friends. Not long after she turns sixteen she goes to her best friend and asks him if they could help her with something and they agree. When her friends dad finds out what has happened he is furious and kidnaps you. When the Constance gets to certain age the father of her best friend starts doing things to her and when she gets older he starts taking her from her room and takes her to his basement and tortures her but she always manages to get out of the basement without Taehyung's dad finding out how but always knows she's gone. Taehyung's mom finds out along with Constance's stepdad along time ago what he's doing all though there is one thing no one is allowed in the basement so after his wife finds out she helps Constance. One day her Taehyung comes home late at night and finds you trying to get out of their house. Taehyung's mom walks in and and tells them what's going on. Taehyung's father but doesn't listen to he knocks him out and tie him up. Taehyung goes in the basement to find blood everywhere while calling the police. The police find another girl but they have no clue who it is.

Thriller / Fantasy
Age Rating:

Almost Gift

Hi Sweet Potato Bunnies, If you are not ok with certain mature topics please don't read the book. Some of my books have dark topics and this is one of them. Please don't hate on the me for how the book flows. If you don't like the book that is your opinion and I'm okay with that. The book itself was hard to write and was originally two books that are now one it took me two years to decide whether or not to combine the two. For the readers who decide to read the book I hope you like the book. I do like talking to my readers when I have the time. Feedback is helpful for any writer even if we some of us write fanfiction. With that being said this book is FICTION some of what happens in this could most likely never happen especially the unrealistics of the last chapters quite literally. That's all I have to say and I hope like the book.

“It’s a girl!!!! What are you going to name her?” The nurse asks the couple who already had two boys that they adopted from an orphanage.

The couple had the last name Williams so they pick a name to suit her.

“Constance Williams.” The woman says to the nurse while holding her baby while looking at her husband.

A year later the family moves to California. While taking in boxes out of their car their neighbors come over. A woman with a covered baby stroller and her husband come up to them.

“Hi, need any help moving in? We’re your next door neighbors the Kims. I’m Kim Jihee, this is my husband Kim Suho and our one year old son Kim Taehyung.” The woman says in English.

“Hi, no this is the last of our stuff but thank you anyways. Would you like to come in we almost have everything where it needs to be and I need to check on my daughter who is being watched by her two brothers. Oh, by the way we are the Williams we moved here from Florida. I am Staysh and this is my husband Wolfan and my one year old daughter is Constance. Our oldest who is five year old who is Seokjin and our four year old is Yoongi.”

The two families spent a lot of time together but when Constance turned seven Taehyung’s dad starts doing things to her that makes her uncomfortable when the two were left alone in the same room together. Constance never told her parents or brothers anything about this. When Constance turned seven, her mom found out her dad was cheating on her. She kicked him out and got a divorce soon after.

When she turned nine her mom got married to the Kims butler Jung Woojin who has a son by the name of Hoseok. Hoseok is dating one of Constance’s and Taehyung’s friends and one of Constance’s brothers; Min Yoongi and Park Jimin. Woojin knows what his boss Suho has been doing to Constance and plans on telling Constance’s mom but Suho’s wife told him not to after she found out what her husband has been doing to Constance that it will come out soon.

When Constance turned twelve, Suho started getting bolder with what he was doing to Constance. Once Woojin found this out he made excuses for Constance to stay home and for Taehyung come over instead. Constance was grateful for her stepdad doing this and loved that he did this to save her innocence.

This continued up until she turned fifteen. She had started going back over to Taehyung’s house and made sure to not stay in the same room as Taehyung’s dad alone. On the day of her sixteen birthday, she had a feeling he was going to do something she made a plan that would make him furious but she didn’t care she didn’t want him to take her innocence by force. She didn’t want him to take it at all.

Constance’s POV

Tae and I always walk to and from school together. Unlike today we’ve always had something to talk about whether it was about school or something stupid. So I take the opportunity to ask him the question that has been burning me.

“Ummmm, uh, Tae, you know when you asked me um what I wanted for my um birthday and I told I didn’t know? Well in all truth I do know what I want but I’m not sure if uh if you’ll agree to it or not. You’re welcome to say no.” I say looking down fiddling with my fingers.

“Constance, you're rambling and I doubt I’ll say no, now tell me what you want for your birthday.” He says chuckling

“I’ve asked my stepdad if my mom would be home tonight and he said no that she will be in Seoul for the next three weeks. He asked me why and I told him. He was ok with it and so here it goes. I want you to take my innocence as my birthday gift.”

I say to him quickly as I possibly could without it sounding like all one word. I look up at him to see shock.

“Oh no, this was a bad idea. This was a bad idea. I shouldn’t have said anything. I knew I shouldn’t have suggested I.....” Before I could end my blabbering he kisses me.

When we are in need of air we pull apart.

“Constance, you talk too much. I have always wondered what it felt like to kiss you. Don’t give me that look. Ever since we were eleven I always wondered that, as I said I doubt I would say no. I will do that for you. You don’t need to tell me the actual reason to why. What I do know is that you’re not using me. If it wasn’t important you wouldn’t have gotten so upset when you thought I was going to say no which didn’t happen. I just hope this doesn’t change us because Constance I love you and I don’t want to lose you.”

Tae takes my hand in his and we continue to walk to my house. As we pass his house I see his dad looking through the window. My grip on Tae’s hand tightens and my head snaps back forward. Once we get to my house and inside we are greeted by my stepdad, he sees that I’m tense. I let go of Tae’s hand before walking to a room that Tae has no clue about neither does anyone else for that matter except for my stepdad. This room has passageways throughout the whole house. The door to the room is a wall and the way to get in is whisper a special word. If you knock on the wall you’d expect it to sound hollow but nope.

I found the door the day I found out my dad was cheating on my mom. I was the one who told her. So one day she left the house making my dad think she was going to work but instead went to a nearby Starbucks. She knew I was still at home but my dad didn’t. My parents had recently got me a phone since I was always somewhere so I sent a text to my mom when I saw a car I didn’t know pull up in the driveway before a woman got out. My mom half an hour more before coming back to the house. They got a divorce the day after. Now she’s married to my stepdad who by far is a better father.

I was planning on telling Tae about this room after my stepdad leaves. So if Tae’s dad manages to go somewhere and stop by here he wouldn’t be able to find or hear us. This room is soundproof along with all the passageways. My stepdad had followed me to the room leaving Tae to do whatever which he always tends to do.

“Tae’s dad was staring out the window at me when we were walking here. Staring at me with that annoying glint in his eyes when he sees something he wants but can’t get. Yes, I’ve seen that look countless of times making me want to beat the crap out of him but that for me is a losing battle. Tae and I are going to stay in here if anything happens you’ll know where we are. I just hope his mom doesn’t think I’m using him. I really love Tae.” I say slightly blushing.

“I doubt she’ll think you’re using him because after you told me, I told her when I could because like you she had a feeling like you did about Suho was going to do something soon. Happy Birthday and I have to go be a butler.” He says going to the entrance opening it and leaves.

I quickly run to the door before it closed completely.

“Tae come here and please hurry this door is heavy.” As soon as I yell this Tae is in front of me in the matter of seconds.

“Get in here so I can close this heavy ass door.”

Tae quickly walks inside before I let go of the door letting it slam shut, I heave a sigh of relief. I watch him look around it’s actually a mini house surrounded by a bigger house. It has multiple rooms that are only connected to this room but every other room surrounding this is connected to this one room but you have to be smart to find the entrances and know where your going in the passageways. Since my family lives in a mansion all the rooms are big including this and the inside rooms.

As Tae looks around in amazement I giggle slightly at him. I know he has never been in here before but it’s still funny because he knows how big my house is. When he is done looking around with wide eyes he turn’s back around to where I once was.

I wondered into the kitchen in search of something for us to eat. Without expecting it I feel arms go around my waist from behind. I jump at the sudden contact, I then remember Tae was here before turning my head up towards him.

“What are you doing?” He asks me.

“Taking a shower..... What do you think I’m doing? I’m trying to find something to eat and I’m to lazy to cook.” I say turning my head towards the refrigerator.

Without warning he nuzzles my neck before placing butterfly kisses there. I lean my head to the other side giving him more access to my neck. He licks, bites, and kisses my neck which makes little moans pass through my lips. I am in such a deep trance I barely hear his phone ring. He groans in response.

“I have to answer my phone.” He mumbles into my neck before taking his phone out of his pocket and answers it.

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