How to Build a Better Princess

When Nightmares Come To Life

Riley's POV.

I couldn't breath. It was like my whole world just froze, and moved ever so slowly. I just stood there, my arm outstretched, my face stuck in a pleading look as I watched, the only person I will ever love, fall off a building. His face was almost serene, content, as he tumbled backwards, and I screamed silently, as he disappeared from view.

"Lucas!" I screamed, finally finding my voice, and I rushed forward, leaning over the edge, frantically searching for him. "Lucas! Whe-DON'T MOVE!" I yelled, spinning around on my heel, racing toward the door, when a figure stood in my path, blocking my path. "Look here sonny," I said, clenching my fist, rage pumping through my veins as the person stared back, and I shook my head. "MOVE OUT OF THE WAY!" I finally screamed, stamping my foot impatiently, and he looked up at me, a look of jealousy on his face.

"What were you even doing up here?" Ethan said coldly, taking a step toward me, and I stared back at him defiantly.

"I was having the time of my life, until you punched my crush off the freaking building!" I said, gritting my teeth, and his eyes widened.

"No! You're supposed to love me! Everyone does! Come on sweetheart," he said, tilting my chin up, and I snapped, my anger going over the edge as I grabbed his arm.

"SHUT! UP!" I said, as I pulled his arm over my head, and shouldered him in the gut, flipping him over judo style. I felt nothing as my shoulder dipped then bounced up, his whole body being flung over. He landed with a heavy this, shuddering a little before moaning.

"Ugggh…." He groaned, laying behind me, but his groans of pain floated over my head as I let go of him and raced down the stairs, tears beginning to fall once again. Why are you crying? Can't you go a few minutes without crying? I thought angrily, veering around corners as fast as I could without falling, and slammed the door open, searching around wildly.

"LUCAS! LUCAS!" I screamed, rubbing the tear stains off my face as I ran around the school, searching for him.

"Ov-Over here…" I heard a moan, and I spotted him, slumped against the wall, clutching his arm.

"Lucas, thank god you're ali-" I said, when I caught a look at his wound, and covered my mouth in horror, too mortified to even scream. His arm was absolutely soaked in blood, and something poked out of the fabric as he winced in pain. His head bobbed up and down, and saw a large bruise on the top of his head as a thin layer of blood ran down his face.

"I'll..I'lll…" He said, when he toppled over, his eyes closed.

"LUCAS! WAKE UP! HOLD ON!" I screamed, kneeling in front of him and pulled out my phone, fumbling for the emergency call button.

"Someone! Please…" I sobbed, until finally a voice came through.

"911, what is the emergency?" the operator said, and I sniffled.

"My fr-friend fell off my school roof! We-We're at the John Quincy Adam's middle school, and I-I think his arm is bro-broken." I choked, feeling useless as blood began to pool under his arm.

"A dispatch team is a mile away, so help should come soon. I'm sorry darling, I'm afraid there's not much you can do at this point." the operator said sadly, and I heard the sirens of an ambulance only moments later as it pulled up.

"Over here!" I screamed, waving frantically as I cried gut wretchingly, falling to my knees. Within minutes, they had whisked him away, as the rest of the school emerged from the building.

"What happened?" one of the chaperones said, but I trudged to a bench, too numb to even respond as I sobbed even more.

"Okay everyone, back off, give her some space." Maya said, shouldering her way through the crowd, followed by Ethan, and I glared at him, hate clouding my own judgement as I stood up angrily, and slapped Ethan straight across the face. The whole crowd stared in shock as I clenched my fist, and glared at him, before Maya intervene once again, stepping between us.

"Alright pretty boy, you back off too. You mess with Riley, you mess with me." she said forcefully, staring him right in the eye as normal, but he only scowled, rubbing the spot where I slapped him.

"But I didn't even do any-"

"YES YOU DID YOU COLD HEARTED MURDERER!” I screeched, fury coursing through my veins. The crowd fell silent as I wiped a tear away angrily. I clenched Lucas’s coat, which was still wrapped around me, which sent me on another sobbing fit. He opened his mouth to argue, but I beat him to the chase.

“YOU FREAKING PUNCHED HIM OFF THE ROOF AND NOW HE'S PROBABLY DEAD BECAUSE OF YOU!" I screamed behind Maya, wrapping Lucas's coat around me even tighter, the cold night's wind feeling like a breeze from hell. Murmurs rippled throughout the crowd as I sat down again, fresh tears springing out from my eyes. NO! Stop crying! You'll look weak! I thought, digging my nails into my palm, letting the pain numb out everything else, as my father arrived, ushering them back into the building.

"Riley? Are you okay? Isn't that Lucas's coat?" my mom said, taking a seat next to me and wrapping me in another big hug. I coud only nod, letting the tears slide down my cheeks. With each drop, the memory of Lucas haunted my mind, the sight of him lying on the floor, half dead, permanently scarred into my head. The brand of hell itself.

*Two weeks later*

I stopped by the hospital with my family, as I clutched his coat I had wrapped around me. I woozily took a step into the sterile lobby, as the receptionist smiled at us politely.

"How can I help you?"

"I-I'd like to see Lucas Friar?" I said, barely able to say his name without tearing up, as I buried myself deeper into his coat. It stilled smelled of him. And a little of me, considering how long I've held it since the dance.

"Oh yes, he's in Room 57, on the right side of the hall down to your right after getting off on the elevator." she said, then smiled as she took another look at me. "Are you his girlfriend?"

"Oh no, there's nothing going on with them." my dad said quickly, intervening as normal. Mom just sighed.

"Who know's Cory, maybe they fell in love at the dance?" Mom said as we entered the elevator, and Auggie beamed up at me.

"Oh, she did. I know she already likes him, and Lucas really likes her too!" he said blatantly, and we all stared at him in shock. Especially me.

"Excuse me bubba?" my dad said, and he shrugged.

"Wow, even I could see it! Do you guys realize I'm only this many!" He said, holding up five fingers, and we all laughed, the tension and anticipation in the elevator becoming almost stressful, as I took a deep breath of his coat. Oh man...I really am going crazy. I thought as I kept it near my face, feeling the warmthness that was still coming from it. I am sniffing Lucas's coat. If he saw me like this… I thought sarcastically, turning toward the open elevator doors, when I froze.

It was Lucas.

"I'm sorry, please, after you." he said politely, and I tackled him in a big hug.

"Oh gosh you're alive!" I screamed, burying my face in his neck, but he pushed me away gently.

"I'm… I'm sorry. Who are you again?" he said, casting a strange look toward me, and I stared in shock. His arm was cast in a sling, and a rather large bandaid was wrapped around his head, but other than that, he still looked like Lucas. The Lucas I knew. The one I loved.

"You- I'm Riley! The one you danced with two weeks ago! On the roof! Remember?" I said pleadingly, but he shook his head.

"I'm sorry. I- I don't remember you. I think I would if I did." he grinned, and I could only gap as a nurse rounded the corner, and after catching sight of Lucas up and about, gave him a good scolding. He… he doesn't remember me? I thought, too astonished to even move as the nurse looked at me apologetically.

"I'm sorry, he really wasn't supposed to be up and about so quickly. He hit his head when he landed on the ground, and we've come to the conclusion that he has a small case amnesia." The doctor said apologetically, and Lucas raised his broken arm, thickly covered by a cast.

"And apparently I broke my arm so bad, the bone poked right out of the skin!" he said with a grin, and my stomach churned, as I searched for the nearest garbage bin in case I needed it. Suddenly, his gaze landed back on my neckline, and I looked down.

"I know that stone. It's a Tanzanite stone." He said, picking it up my necklace and holding it gently. "There are only three in the world, and it must've been really hard to find one nowadays. I have the only one here in the United States, and it's worth a lot on the market." He said proudly, and I staggered back, stunned. My-my necklace? He remembers that? And why did he give me this stone when it was worth so much?!

"I remember my father gave it to me, and he said to give it to your true love, as he did with my mother, and so on for a few generations." He said with pride on his face, and I wanted to scream at him. Well then it's me! I'm your true love! Remember me! I screamed in my mind, desperately wanting to tell him, but I could only nod. "Well, I guess you found your true love. Lucky. I haven't, and I know because it's still sitting in my room." he said almost sadly, and I clenched my fist. Why don't you remember me? "By the way, whose coat is that?" he asked curiously, and I held it out toward him, looking away, not wanting him to see my teary eyed look.

"It's your coat." I said, dropping it into his hands, before running out, leaping down the stairs, wanting to get as far away as possible. He doesn't remember me… he doesn't remember anything except for this stupid stone. I thought as I raced into the subway just as the doors closed. I yanked out my headphones and my phone, and plugged it it, randomly picking a song as I put them in. I texted my parents I was headed home, then sat back, eyeing the spot where I landed in his lap. The first place I ever met him...I thought sadly, when the song began playing.

Let it go,

Let it roll right off your shoulder

Don't you know

The hardest part is over

Yeah right, like heck it is...I thought sadly, watching as people loaded and unloaded, their faces grim and depressed. Dang it…. why does life hate me so much...Lucas popped into my head again, and I felt another tear fall down my face. I've been crying a lot lately….

Let it slide,

Let your troubles fall behind you

Let it shine

Until you feel it all around you

Too late for that…. I thought as I fingered my necklace. He said it's been in his family for generations… and he was supposed to give it to his true love… but how can I be his true love if he doesn't even remember me? I thought sadly, rolling the necklace in between my fingers.

Our lives are made

In these small hours

These little wonders,

These twists & turns of fate

Time falls away,

But these small hours,

These small hours still remain

Well… he may not remember me now, but I know he will. But I guess… for now… I'll hold on to the memories we had...I thought, blushing as I remember how his lips felt against mine, and I squirmed in my seat, sniffling.

All of my regret

Will wash away some how

But i can not forget

The way I feel right now

I will still love him…. I thought determinedly, as I arrived, and running to my room, tears streaming down my face, I clutched the necklace tight. Cause I know, he will love me back. All the time that we've spent together, will come back to him. He'll remember me. And he will love me again.

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