How to Build a Better Princess

Brainfarts. But Times A Bajillion.

Lucas's POV.

The world was spinning. I didn't know why, and I grasped a door handle as a really nice lady bent down.

"Lucas honey, are you alright?" she asked, and I smiled, remembering her name.

"I'll be fine Miss Nancy." I said, smiling, and she smiled back worriedly.

"You really should be getting some rest." she fretted, and I sighed inwardly.

"Alright alright," I said, slowly making my way to my room. Well, my hospital room. Who was that really pretty girl today? I thought, smiling at the thought of her. She was really sweet, but I feel bad. I feel like I was supposed to remember her?... But… I don't remember anything. Well, I remember my parents, duh, but… Everyone else that I'm supposed to know feels like a stranger.

I sat on my hospital bed, and pulled the covers up. I mean, I was supposed to remember my doctor, but… I just… didn't. I don't know. Miss Nancy shut off the lights, and soon, I felt myself spiraling off to sleep….

I woke up to a bright light, and squinted as I opened my eyes slowly.

"Rise and shine Lucas!" my mom said, smiling at me, and I groaned, turning around.

"Five more minutes…" I moaned, but she shook me harder.

"Come on, you're going to school! The doctor said you're free to go, and you're memories should come back over time, hopefully. And that thin cast you're wearing will be good enough for going to school." she smiled again, holding my backpack in the air, and I sat up slowly.

"Ugghh… Fine…" I said, slipping out of my clothes, and gingerly putting on my casual clothes, wincing as I pulled my injured arm through the sleeve. "Kay, let's go." And in five minutes, I was zooming out of the hospital parking lot, and onto the streets.

"You still remember what school you go to, right honey?" Mom asked gently, and I nodded slowly.

"John….Quimberly Adam's?" I asked hesitantly, and she laughed.

"Seventy-five percent right. It's John Quincy Adams." she corrected me, and I nodded again.

"Okay. I think I remember my classes, so you can go once you drop me off."

"Alright honey, whatever you say." she murmured, pulling into the school parking lot. She turned off the car, and we sat there, in silence, until my mom finally turned towards me. A worried look overcame her face, and she leaned over, hugging me tightly.

"Oh man... You had me so worried when you were on the bed hooked up to all those things..." she said worriedly, and I let her hug linger, pity in my heart

"I'm a tough kid, I don't think a small fall will faze me." I tried to say bravely, but mom bit her lip as if debating against herself.

"Lucas-" she began, when suddenly the school bell rang, and for a split second, her face went for a panicked to a playful look, trying to hide whatever was on her mind.

"Oh, I better go... " I said, wrapping my coat around me, the familiar texture making me smile. I grinned, hefting my backpack on my shoulder, and mom smiled painfully.

"When you come home, there's... There's something I need to talk to you about." she said before I climbed out of the car, the cool, outside air ruffling through my hair. I nodded, taking one last look at her, and waved back as I entered the school, taking in the surroundings. People passed by, looking down at their textbooks or their phones. Some were chatting with friends, and I felt a throb in my heart. Do...Do I have any friends? I wondered, when suddenly a blond haired, pale skinned face popped up in front of me.

"Hey Ranger Rick." she said, and I stumbled back.

"Whoa.. sorry, do I know you?" I asked, trying to place her face. She punched me lightly on my good arm, but I winced anyways.

"Nice arm," I noted, shielding it, and looked around awkwardly. "I'm sorry, I don't remember you." I said apologetically, still racking my brain for anything.

"No you don't. You definitely remember me." She smirked, when suddenly, another girl arrived on the scene, and I furrowed my brow. Wait… That's Riley… right? I thought, and glanced down at her neck, seeing the Tanzanite sparkle in the sparse light.

"Riley! Nice seeing you again!" I grinned, and her face went through shock, sadness and then a blank slate, before nodding grimly at me and pulling the blond haired girl aside.

"Hope you remember who gave you your necklace!" I shouted after her, and the blond girl stared at me, before returning her gaze to Riley. Wow… she's so pretty. I thought, staring at her secretly as she whispered furiously with the blond girl, her eyes tearing up. Oh no… why is she crying?...

"Hey, you okay?" I said, walking up to them, when the blond girl slapped me straight across the face. Her eyes had gone cold and shone with hatred as she snarled.

"Bastard." She snapped, before storming away.

"Maya!" Riley exclaimed, running after her, leaving me standing in the hallway again. So her name is Maya…. Huh… I nodded, then wandered the school, trying to recollect my memories again. That's the music room, and that's the Science room...I thought to myself, passing each one of them, when another face appeared before me, and I halted.

"Um, excuse me?" I asked, and the girl smiled up at me.

"I heard what happened. I'm Missy." She winked up at me, and I took a step back. "I'm your girlfriend." I stared, as she smiled, and I took another step back.

" you're not." I managed to say, and now it was her turn to look shocked.

"Yes I am!" She scowled at me, and I shook my head firmly, shoving my hands in my pockets, when I heard the crinkle of paper, and pulled out a single piece of paper, chock full of writing. I let my eyes scan over it, and felt my breath hitch. Wait... this can't be right... can it? I thought as I sidestepped Missy, despite her protest, and ran up the flight of stairs. My brain began to pound as I stopped mid-step, hunching over. Gah... my head... but... I'm starting to remember. That's good... right? I managed to take another step, before cringing at the pain exploding in my head. All these memories. But...I... I'm starting to remember now... the secret stairway... the roof... I thought, swinging the door open, and stared at the vast city, brimming with people. The song... parts of it are coming back to me... I mused, beginning to smile, when the door behind me creaked open, and I spun around, to see Riley staring back at me.

"Riley!" I said, running to her, and she flinched. "I-I remember!"

"No! Don't lie to me! She yelled, her eyes tearing up, and I held up the piece of paper.

"I'm not lying! I do remember now!" I argued, but she shook her head fiercely, tears beginning to stream down her face.

"No you don't! How could you remember anything, when you couldn't even remember my name?" She sobbed, and I flipped the page around, beginning to read off it.

"Dear Lucas, I know you're dead, but I still love you. When you held me on the roof, dancing to the song that began to play." I said and she snatched it out of my hands, crumpling it up, but I continued anyways.

"Stop it!" She said, sinking to her knees, and I walked up to her calmly, my head clear as a window.

"The song was 'One last dance.' And the rest of the night was perfect." I said, pulling her up, and she yanked her hand away, but I pulled her closer anyways, despite her glare. "I still remember what happened after that. " I said quietly. "When I kissed you, and you had strawberry lip gloss on that night," I said, and she finally stopped struggling, staring at me with an incredulous look on her face.

"How... how..." she sputtered, and I wrapped her in a hug, holding her close.

"I… I love you." I whispered softly, and silence enveloped us. The sounds of the city echoed in the distance, and the brisk wind blew, blowing her hair all over my face, but I didn't care. I remember…. I thought happily, as she clung to me.

"I finished my mission..." I mumbled, straightening at trash realization. "I gave you your kiss." she tilted her head upward, but I just laughed and spun her around, all logic flying out of my mind. I don't know own what I've been missing, cause all I've needed was right here in my arms.

"Hey Lucas, perfect timing. We need to talk." mom said when I got home, and I smiled dreamily, my mind still on Riley.

"Uh Huh. What's up?" he asked, and she sniffled.

"I'm sorry... " she mumbled, and I noticed the tear stains on her cheek. What's going on?

"What for?"

"I'm... I'm afraid you'll be moving back to Texas." she said, her eyes glimmering with sadness, and I snapped back to reality, the weight of what she said crushing me before I could even process it.

"Wait... I'm... Going back? How? Who am I staying with?" I begged, hoping that this was just a joke.

"Your medical bill really shot us down, and I can't afford to keep us both here at the moment. Luckily, grandma and grandpa said they'd take you in until we got back on our feet." she sniffled, and I stared, stricken, at her.

"But... But...I... Everything is finally going along the way I want it too, and-" I stopped, my brain straining from the rush of memories, and I grimaced, pressing my hand to me forehead.

"Lucas, are you alright?" mom asked, but I backed away.

"What I want... " I mumbled, "I wanted to get her alone, on the roof no less. Why was I so stupid..." I muttered, barging into my room, my mother feebly following behind.

"Lucas, it's not your fault. Don't worry about it." she tried to say comfortingly, but I just shook my head darkly.

"It is. And I'll….I'll get packing." I said finally, defeated, and Mom lingered for a little while, before exiting the room. I collapsed onto the bed, letting my eyes flutter shut, and rubbed my temples in frustration. Everything is so perfectly clear now… And here I was a few hours ago struggling to remember how to tie my shoes… I groaned, and pulled myself up. Maybe I shouldn't tell Riley. Suddenly, my phone buzzed in my pocket, and I pulled it out.

"Hello?" I asked hesitantly, and the voice on the other side laughed.

"Hey Ranger rick." she said, and I scowled playfully.


"Howya doin?" she asked, and I put my phone on my shoulder, randomly grabbing clothes from my closet and shoving them into a backpack. I don't want to leave her… I thought glumly as I took a framed picture of us, at a carnival. Maya took the photo, and since Farkle wasn't there yet, so it was just us two. I remember this….I thought, listening to Riley as she talked excitedly about summer.

"So, Lucas, mind opening your window?" she asked, snapping out of my dull thoughts.

"Open the… Oh!" I snickered, as Riley tapped on the window, a pleading look on her face. I unlatched it, and the window flew open before I could even try to lift it open.

"Hey Lucas." She said devilishly, grinning and wiggling her eyebrows. I gasped sarcastically, before, grabbing her by the arms and pulling her in, catching her in my arms.

"Well aren't you a catch." I teased, and she laid her head on my shoulder.

"Ooo… I never thought I would get to do this and get away with it!" She giggled, and I brought her to my bed, jumping onto it with her still in my arms.

"Eeeek!" she squealed, clutching my neck tightly, and I laughed as I gently un-pried her arms.

"Woah there. We're on solid ground now." I joked, and she frowned cutely.

"Humph. As a punishment, I get to sleep here for now." she said with authority, and I shook my head as she collapsed onto my bed, eyes already half closed by the time her head hit my pillow.

"Your bed is so warm and soft…" she murmured, burying her head in the pillow. "And it smells like you…" she said quietly, and I grinned.

"Well, maybe it's because it's my bed." I said, laying down next to her, and her eyes fluttered open, staring right at me.

"Lucas, what's wrong?" she asked worriedly, curiosity in her voice, and I froze.

"Uh… it's nothing. Just my arms acting up." I joked, flexing my arm, but she continued to eye me suspiciously.

"No… If I know anything," she said, taking a deep breath. "If I know anything, it's my friends. Can you tell me what's wrong?"

Shoot… I thought, as I stared back at her deep eyes, trying to formulate an excuse. Come on stupid brain… think!

"Oh, it's something concerning family isn't it?" she finally said, and I scrambled for a response.

"Uh… Uh-yeah. A-a family problem." I stammered, casting my eyes downward, and I could feel her interrogating gaze for a few more seconds, before I dared to look up.

"Alright. Just know that I'm here for you." she reassured, her face filling with compassion, before she began to blush all of a sudden. "A-as a friend!" she protested, but I quickly shut her off with gentle kiss, as he eyes widened slightly.

"How about as my girlfriend too?" I hinted, and she nodded, eyes still glazed over.

"Ye-yeah. A-as your girlfriend." she said, curling up next to me, head hung in shame, and I tilted her head up again. Will this be the last time I ever get to see her? If I move back to Texas… will I ever get to come back? Will I ever… will I ever get to love her again like this?

"I love you my princess." I whispered quietly, and she stared right back at me again, her eyes full of hope and pureness, innocence, beauty, intelligence. Love, I thought, definitely love, as she smiled in her Riley way.

"Yeah. I love you too." She said enchantingly, when she snaked her hands up, cradling my head as she leaned in forward suddenly. "Soo much." she finished, quickly kissing me before pulling away, blushing madly. I blinked in shock, my own lips tingling as I bit my lower one, tasting her lip gloss she had on today.

"Cotton candy lip gloss…" I murmured, and to my surprise, she laughed out loud. Will I ever hear this laugh again? I thought, my head blissfully wishing that I could stay here forever with her, lying side by side on my bed. I mean, this isn't awkward or bad or anything… I hope… just a couple enjoying the company of the other person. I argued to myself, and cradled Riley as she curled up once again, her head on my chest, eyes drifted shut. Will this the last time I'll see her again? No. I'm being paranoid. I can always call her and text her and video call… but… it won't be the same… What… what should I do?

*A few day's later*

I climbed onto the bus, and take a seat in the far back corner. I took my headphones, and plug them in, scrolling to my favorite song. Good bye New York… See you some day, I thought sadly, as Mom waved from the bus station, tears falling once again. Bye Mom. See you soon too. Buildings flew past as the bus picked up speed, and I saw my school fly by, where Riley was, sitting in class right now. Bye Riley… I thought, my heart melting and feeling as if it got stabbed with a knife. To think, I could barely remember her name… and now, every sec that we spent, lots of mess stuck up in my head, gets me so distracted and confused. So I guess, nothing really changed. I fingered my headphone cord, and leaned back in my seat, staring at the ceiling of the bus. Other than the fact that I'm pulling my hair out thinking of you...I think I've lost my mind. It feels like you crashed into my life, and I keep on losin' track of time. I'm so messed up… I pulled out the framed picture of me and Riley, taking a long look at it. My mind's a total blank, but I just can't forget about you. I babbled in my head, almost sure I was going crazy. The bus came to a halt, and I trudged off, patting my pocket, making sure I had my ticket. But I will come back to her. I promise you. I… I love you Riley.

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