How to Build a Better Princess

You Know What Rhymes With Blackmail? Evil. Pure Evil.

Lucas's POV.

I held her for as long as I could, not daring to move. I could feel the heat radiating from her, a comfortable warmth despite the frigid cold outside, all around us.

"Lucas…" Riley said quietly, and I squeezed her tighter, not wanting to let go.

"Yeah yeah, I know." I said finally, loosening my grip, and she fell backwards, looking at me pleadingly, almost, tears beginning to form in the corners of her eyes.

"No, please don't cry." I said, taking a seat next to her. "Please don't, or else…" I said, my eyesight blurring, tears beginning to form in my own eyes as well.

"Hahaha, Ranger Rick can cry, I see. And I... I'm just really happy you stayed with me." Riley said, and I grinned sadly. Dang it... She looks so... So pretty...Why did Ethan have ask Riley first…. NO. Stop crying. I thought, scrubbing the tears away from my eyes. It's not a good look, gain some self control Lucas! You can still win her over somehow. But, I mean, I'm spending so much time with her, and… I keep trying to convince myself that we're just friend…. But deep down… I know this'll never work. What's going on…

I swung open my locker door, slowly eyeing all my stuff. My peewee trophy from ten years ago. My books. Everything seemed to be in order. I finally took one long look at a picture I had pinned on the inside of the locker’s door, a picture of Riley and I. We both looked so happy, my arm around her. Her bright smile brought a small smile to my face, and I felt contentment as I shut the locker door, spinning around suddenly to come face to face with Missy. Her arrogant smirk instantly made me stand in guard, and she opened her mouth to talk when Maya butted in out of nowhere.

"What's going on?!" Maya demanded, as we stood in the hallway with Missy. I staggered back, surprised at how ninja like she seemed sometimes. Missy just sneered at her, and tossed her hair back.

"I'm just talking to Lucas. What, is that illegal?" She said pridefully, and Maya glared in silence for a few seconds before narrowing her eyes as she put her hands on her hips, glaring at me.

"You better watch yourself Ranger Roy. Ima watching you…" She said, glaring at me the whole time as she backed away slowly. Missy simply rolled her eyes, and moved closer.

"So Lucas…" She said, winking at me. "Why don't we take a walk, since lunch just started." She said, maple syrup tinting her breath, and I took a step back. Her lip gloss shined an ugly red, as she tried to look at me innocently. The hallways looked clear, so we casually strolled out the door, and I sat on the school stone sign that was in the front of the school. The wind blew briskly, running it's cool fingers through my hair.

"I'm here. Is there something you wanted to tell me?" I said curiously, and she sauntered closer, her dress flowing with the wind.

"Well, since it seems you don't have a date for the dance that's coming up, I was wondering whether you wanted to go with me. You know, as a couple." she said, emphasizing the word couple and I inwardly cringed.

"Well… you see…" I began to say, but she put a finger to my lip.

"Oh Lucas, stop trying to resist. I know you've been wanting to go with me. Just accept it and say yes." She tried to say seductively, but the only thing I could think of was Riley… Why didn't I ask her out sooner?...

"No, I'm sorry Missy, I never intended on asking you to the dance."

"I think you'll wanna reconsider once you see this." She said, pulling out something from her backpack, and the instant I saw the golden embroidered letter, I gulped nervously.


"Hey Riley, whatcha got there?" I asked casually, walking up to her desk where she sat, bent over a book, furiously writing.

"Oh! Uhh.. Lucas! Wha… what are you doing? I mean, how are you?" She said nervously, hiding her book in her arms as she leaned over to cover it.

"I was just coming over to say hi. What are you writing?" I asked, bending down to peek through her arms, when suddenly a hand came out of nowhere, slapping full across the face.

"Aughu… MAYA!" I said angrily, rubbing my cheek, and glared at Maya, who glared right back.

"What the hell do you think you're doing?" she said, fury and a hint of amusement her voice. "Don't you try to look down her shirt, pervert!"

"I wasn't! I swear! I just wanna see what she's writing in her book of hers." I said defensively, suddenly realizing what she was thinking.

"I'm not that perverted! I just wanted to see what she was writing!" I said, and her eyebrows went up.

"Oh that? That's her diary. You can tell by the golden R on the cover in case you couldn't tell." She shrugged casually, and Riley scowled in protest.

"Maya! You're not supposed to tell him that!" she said, blushing, but Maya simply leaned in closer. "She's been writing in that for years. Everything she thinks, feels, knows, it's in there. You know, I bet she has something in there about you." She grinned, wiggling her eyebrows, and Riley protested even more besides them.


"Oh, I see. Well, I should probably leave her to it then. Gotta respect that." I shrugged, and Maya stuck her tongue out at me.

"Such a rule stickler." She joked as I walked out the room, the pestering arguments from Riley becoming background noise.

*flashback ends*

"Missy, give that back. It's Riley's." I said, sticking out my hand, but she simply smiled evilly.

"Come to the dance with me. Or else the whole world will know what's in this book. In fact," she said, flipping to a random page, and I lunged for the book, but she simply spun out of reach.

"Aww, let's look at this." She said, licking her lips in anticipation.

"Missy, please don-"

"Date of entry: ooo! It's from a week ago! Riley." She said dramatically, and I lunged for the book again, but she spiraled out of the way, standing on the stone sign, a gigantic puddle in front of her.

"Loves-" she stopped suddenly, glaring at the page. "THATS IT!" She raised the book high over her head, fury on her face, but I finally relented. I couldn't let Missy do this.

"Alright! Fine! Missy-will-you-come-to-the-dance-with-me!" I said quickly, and she froze, her triumphant eyes watching me as she smirked evilly.

"I'm sorry, you'll have to say that a little slower." She taunted, holding the book directly above the puddle, and I grounded my teeth.

"Will you come to the dance with me?" I asked slowly, gritting my teeth as I tried to keep my cool, and she smiled.


"...will you be my girlfriend?" I said unhappily, clenching my fist, and she skipped down.

"Yes I will. Thank you Lucas." She leaned over, lips puckered, but I sidestepped it.

"...No. Now the book."

"Oh, about that. You don't get it till the dance is over." She said cheerfully, and I scowled, hatred filling my every vein as I but my lips, trying not to overreact. Suddenly, her eyes flitted over behind my shoulder, and her smile only widened, as she slipped the book into her bag and floated closer to me.

"Lucas. You need to give me a hug. As my honorary boyfriend. Right now." She said, holding her arms out, and I stared at them like they were aliens. "Gimme a hug now, or I'm going to burn the book." She said threateningly, her tone indicating she wasn't messing around, and I coldly gave her a hug.

"Now kiss me on the top of my head." She whispered, and I bit back a retort, kissing her on her head instead.

"There. Happy?" I said grumpily, and she winked past my shoulder.

"Yup. Very happy." She said, and I stole a glance backward, when my heart shattered. It was Riley, standing only a few feet behind me, tears streaming down her face. In her hands, was a piece of paper, that she crumpled and torn, throwing it into the trash as she raced out. Her sobs seemed to echo with each step she took, her head in her hands as each individual tear that fell shone like gems falling to the floor.

I furiously wrote on the piece of cardboard I had in my hands, hoping I wasn't too late, the sun already beginning to set. I'll stay all night if I have too... I thought as I launched myself out my window, landing easily on the floor, and began running towards Riley's house, cars zooming by, pedestrians giving me dirty looks as I shouldered them aside, but Riley was the only thing on my mind. and scrambled up the fire escape towards Riley's window that was closed tight. Inside, Riley was bent over her book, reading intensely, as I rapped on the window.

"Open the window" I mouthed as she glanced upwards, then snapped back down to her book, ignoring me. "Riley! Please open the window!" I begged, when I glanced up, thunder rumbling above me. I sighed and zipped up my coat, and turned back to Riley, when my heart melted more, as I watched tears slide down her lovely face.

"Go away." I heard her say though the window, and I cupped my mouth to the glass.

"Riley, please, just stay with me for a minute. Just a minute is all I need." Cause you're all I need...Big fat drops of water suddenly splashed down my back, and I cringed against the cold liquid that slowly dribbled down. Oh the irony... This is Hollywood material right here. If this ain't love, it's clear to see.

"Riley! Please... Stay with me." I begged, plastering the sign on the window, but she simply sniffled and wiped the tears off her face unsuccessfully, her attempt to ignore me failing badly. She reached up, and rubbed the necklace I gave her softly, and I smiled, hoping she would have a change of heart. But minutes passed and it was clear she wasn't relenting. He looked up again, more dross beginning to fall, and in ten seconds, became a downpour, soaking me in seconds.

"I'm sorry... " I said one final time, before trudging home. Most of the people had seeked refuge under a cover, so the sidewalks became empty as I dragged myself home. Guess it's true. I'm not good at a one night stand. I thought glumly as I peeled of my wet clothes, and stepped into the warm shower. But... She just ignored me. I know what I'm supposed to be strong, but I still need love cause I mean, I'm still human. I groaned as I ran my fingers through my hair, letting out a deep breath. Damn... These nights never seem to go as planned. I stepped out of the steaming shower, and dressed slowly, not caring almost anything. I know I promised to give Riley a kiss during the dance... Will that even be possible now that Missy will be clinging to me the whole time? I thought, picking up my phone, as I lay in bed.

"Look at you. Going to the John Quincy Adams middle school dance, with your fancy jet black tux and red tie. You have your princess, and the perfect opportunity to kiss her. But then some stupid ass Ethan decides to steal her away and probably thinks he can mess around with her while I have to deal with Missy. Damn it!" I said, frustrated, and shut my eyes, wishing that if this was a nightmare, that it would end already.

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