How to Build a Better Princess

When Flying Turned To Falling

Lucas's POV

The last song ended, and I exhaled in relief. Oh god. Finally...I thought as I collapsed into a chair, and picked up a glass of water that sat on the table.

"Lucas, would you like to dance again?" Missy said, taking a seat next to me, and I inwardly groaned.

"I'm sorry Missy," I said, devoid of emotion. "I'm really tired, so lemme take a breather for a few minutes," I tried to say, leaning over in my seat, and she huffed with annoyance.

"Fine. Where is that brat Riley anyways? She better not be trying to steal my date!" She said angrily, stomping her foot, and I rubbed my forehead in annoyance. I almost wish she did…. Riley….I thought sadly, and stood up.

"I'm going to get a breath of fresh air." I said quietly, and Missy stood up in protest, but within seconds, I could feel myself getting lost in the crowd of kids. The music began to blare off the speakers, and I grimaced, my ears beginning to ring, as I tried to navigate myself through the sea of students, all bobbing along with the music. They jostled me around, as I bumped into countless people. Some shot me a glance, and I muttered a sorry, as I bumped into even more people, who were oblivious to everything. Finally, I spotted a door, and lunged for the handle, relieved to be away from the dance, and took a deep breath, letting the fresh air fill my lungs, and ruffle my hair. I let out a frustrated breath of air, and closed my eyes when I heard a voice off in the distance.

" leave us alone!" I heard Maya yell in the distance, and another door slam followed before Maya spoke again. "What were you thinking?" she whispered furiously, and I could hear Riley as she sniffled.

"I wasn't doing anything! Ethan just lead me outside because I started crying, and…." Riley sobbed, and I recoiled, stunned. Why was she… crying? Ethan bad better not have done something to hurt her... I thought angrily, as I crept closer, keeping my back to the wall, inching toward the two slowly.

"I know you kinda like him, but he's going too fast. This is too far, and you need to tell him to back off." Maya said with finality, and I let the words settle. Tell him to back off? Ethan? What did he do? I thought, staring at my shoe as I held my breath.

"Yeah… I think that would be best." Riley hiccuped, and Maya chuckled.

"Guess its a good thing I came. Well, I'm going inside. You coming?" she said playfully, but I could practically see Riley's head shaking, as she sniffled again.

"Nah, I think I'll stay out here a little longer." she said, and soon, I heard a door slamming, and then more silence. A few more sobs erupted from Riley, as I dared to peek past the wall, and stared in shock. She had curled her hair even more, so it all gathered on her shoulders and fell in ring lock waves as she swept a stray strand aside. The white lacy dress she wore was completely different from Missy's getup, loose and flowy, as she shivered from the wind.

"You okay?" I finally said, stepping out from behind the wall, and she gasped as her head snapped up, facing me.

"Wha… where did you come from?" she said, and I grinned, taking off my coat.

"From behind that wall." I said, gesturing towards my hiding spot as I wrapped my coat around her shoulders, her face showing obvious relief.

"Coming to my rescue yet again. Are you sure you're not stalking me?" she grinned, despite the tears glittering on her face, and I smiled.

"No, I'm sure." I wrapped my arms around her, enveloping her in a big hug, and she melted into me, as I buried my head in her hair. A faint, honey scent tickled my nose, and I tilted my head slightly. Honey… I thought, smiling. Sweet, like her. And to think... She was crying... Tear drops in her hazel eyes. I still can't believe I made her cry before... I pulled away, and she smiled warmly as I wiped away another stray tear.

"How was the dance for you so far?" I asked playfully, and she smiled sadly, sniffling.

"Well, Ethan stopped by, and picked me up. Maya spent a lot of money on my dress apparently" She said, gathering the fabric in her hand before letting it fall gently.

"It looks... Amazing on you." I barely said, tongue twisted, and she scowled at me.

"You're lying. I probably look like some old dead grandma don't I?" She said, screwing her face up cutely, and I shook my head, laughing.

"Where did you get that from? You look just... Amazing. I... Breathtaking. That's the word." I said, as she punched me in the arm playfully.

"Was dancing with Ethan any fun?" I asked her, and she winced as thought for a moment.

"Well, it was okay. He made it really easy to dance with him, but everyone was glaring at me the whole time." She finally said, and I just laughed again.

"Serves you right for dancing with the most popular guy in school." I said, kissing her on top of the forehead, when an idea popped into my head. It seems in just full of good ideas these days.

"Come on, follow me." I cooed, and gently lead her to a hidden stair case, and taking her hand, I directed her to the very top roof of the school.

"Woah... How did you find this?" She said, awestruck at the sight of the city, with its lights twinkling against the dark night sky, and I smiled sadly.

"I come here to... Think." I admitted, and I let my eyes glaze over her as she admired the view. I... I hope I didn't make her cry. The whole seeing me kiss Missy on the head must've been rough... But... I never meant to break her heart. Sometimes... Things fall apart. I thought, as I saw her stone glitter in the moonlight. So here's one night, to make it right, before... we say goodbye.

"Hey Riley, I... I wanted to tell you something." I managed to say, taking a seat on the edge of the roof. My legs dangled in the air, swinging on their own. I cleared my throat and Riley spun, her smile lighting up the night.

"Yes?" She said happily, all traces of her sadness five minutes ago, gone. Just like that.

"I... I've...I-Uhhh..." I stammered, and she floated closer to me, taking a seat next to me on the edge of the roof.

"Come on Lucas, spit it out." She said, and I reached over to touch her birth stone.

"You still wear this..." I said with surprise, a warm feeling in my stomach.

"Yeah, I do. I really love it." She said quietly, blushing, and I leaned back, biting my lip. Oh man... She's even cuter... I thought as she talked happily about Maya picking out her dress. I could listen to her forever like this...

"Lucas!" She said, and I fell backwards, falling on my butt as she laughed, her hair cascading over her face, hiding it slightly as her smile widened from ear to ear.

"Oops, sorry. Kinda blanked out. What were you talking about?" I asked, as I stood up, taking my seat again, and she leaned her head against my shoulder.

"What were you going to ask me?" She asked, looking at me with her big, warm eyes, and I froze. Sh-shoot! I- shoot! I'm not mentally ready! I panicked as I gulped nervously.

"Well, you see... There was something I wanted to tell you." I said, as she scooted closer.

"Yeah, so can I know?" She said innocently, and I could feel my ears burning, as my heart pounded out of my chest, pants tightening as my breath hitched.

"Well, yo-you see..." I managed to say, and she looked at me curiously. "I... I..." I said, and she nodded.


"I-I love you!" I blurted out, clenching my fist in my lap, and I could imagine how red my face must've been.

"Uh... Uh..." Riley said, shocked, and I scooted away, embarrassed.

"Sorry. Didn't mean to spring this on you." I said, and to my surprise, she began laughing.

"Wow Lucas, I've never seen you so flustered. " she giggled, and I could feel my face getting hotter. Why did I think this was a good idea?...

"But you see..." She said quietly, and I turned to face her. The cold wind ruffled her hair as she swept it aside.

"I... I love you too..." She trailed off, and I stared at her incredulously.

"Really?..." I said, and she nodded, silently, staring off at the distance, the blaring of car horns filling the empty silence between us. A cold draft of air passed and I shivered a little, wishing I could wrap my arms around her and feel her heat…. Just feel her. Hold her. Protect her.

“Well…. I should probably get going…” She finally said, standing up as she smoothed her dress. No! Wait, stay! Think, Lucas, think!

"Wait!" I shouted, her hand on the doorknob, a familiar song blaring from the speakers around the school, especially the one that was installed in the corner of the roof.

"Wait up! Give... Give me one last chance. To make up... For making you cry. I honestly didn't mean that, and I really wish I could've gotten to take you to the dance, so... I just need one last dance." I said, almost pleadingly, and to my relief, Riley nodded, letting go of the doorknob.

"Alright. Just one." She grinned, sticking out her hand elegantly, and I took it, kissing the top. The last song began, and the words seemed to intermingle with my... being, as I swayed around the rooftop, the only girl I'll ever want, right here in my arms. The wind blew gently, caressing Riley's cheek as it blew a loose strand away, and I placed my forehead on hers, as she smiled gently, not losing a single step as we danced slowly, together. The words to the song seemed to echo throughout the night, and I hoped it would never end.

"I will love you forever, forever and always, please just remember even if I'm not there. I'll always love you, forever and always." I smiled sadly, as the song came to an end, and I gazed into her eyes, dark and rich and... Beautiful... I thought, and tilting her head up, I moved my head closer, until I could feel her warm breath on my skin, and smell the honey and lavender scent on her skin. As our lips touched ever so softly, I could taste the strawberry lip gloss she had put on only hours before, and I shivered with delight, leaning in closer, feeling her soft lips against mine.

"I love you..." I could hear her whisper as we pulled apart, and I smiled, joy filling my heart. The city lights shone in the distance as we stood near the edge, the city wrapping us in its familiarity. The sounds of life sang below us, but up here, it didn't matter. I was in the heavens.

"I love you too..." I said, leaning in for another kiss, when I felt a fist hit my cheek, yanking me away from Riley.

"Ack-Lucas!!" She yelled, reaching out to catch me, as my foot caught on the edge of the roof. I reached my hand to grab her, feeling her skin brush against my fingertips. And then I was falling, falling, falling...
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