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Percy gets powers from a mysterious rock, and now has the powers to take over the universe. He creates a Harem of sex slaves. We have a Discord server! https://discord.gg/9PP87yj

Erotica / Humor
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Chapter 1


This content is in no way affiliated with Rick Riordan or anything official to do with Percy Jackson, Trials of Apollo, Heroes of Olympus, Kane Chronicles or Magnus Chase. This is strictly rated as MA (for mature adults) seeing as there will be very descriptive sex scenes, and a whole lot of black, dark, and disgusting humour. There will be no gay content, but a lot of male-female and an equal portion of lesbian content. Also, do not read if you are very political or are easily offended seeing as the writer is extremely impolitically correct ;)


It was just another day in winter Manhattan. My name is Percy Jackson, by the way. To the naked eye, I’m just another 16 year old, going to a regular high school. But in reality, apart from being a ginourmous pain in the ass to quite a few people, I’m also the son of a certain sea god called Poseidon. Know him by any chance?

So, as any teenager, I’m really sex crazed, and constantly fantasizing about the girls at Camp-Half Blood and taking peeks at girls asses at school. So, naturally, I was overjoyed when I discovered the remains of a monster from a far-away galaxy, more powerful than all the gods and monster put together, that gave me the ability to stop time, mind-control people, and so, soooo much more…

It was a cold, wintery day, and I was walking back home after spending my Saturday studying in the library. It was already dark, and I could barely see the trees in one of the central parks, when I heard a small shof. I went to the lake, and say something glowing at the bottom. Using my powers, I looked around to see that nobody was watching, and walked on the water to the centre of the pond. I used my powers for the second time, and willed the object to rise up until I was face-to-face with it.

It was a black lump of what seemed to be rock, with a rugged hole in the middle that I could swear looked like an omega. Out of the Omega Hole, came a sea-green light that seemed to whisper to me: smell me, smell me. Hear me out; I know it sounds bonkers to smell light, but it was equally weird. I held the rock in my hands, and lifted to hole to my face, and took a deep breath, inhaling the light.

Suddenly, things that looked like tattoos shone with same sea-green light out of my arms, legs, face, basically my whole body. I felt something in my gut fusing, and after a while I felt more powerful than any other being. The light died down, and when I closed my eyes, I saw something resembling a list. I list of what seemed to be my new powers. It looked something like this:

Omega Powers:

Immortality (not that shit that the gods can fade, this is for real)

Ability to stop time (you can unfreeze people or objects if you want inside the frozen timeline if so you wish)

Mind control (any type you wish, key-words, slow seduction, hypnosis, suggestive powers…)

Summon any object, and store them in the 7th dimension. (The Twilight Zone LOL)

Basically, you can do whatever tf you want, enjoy you lucky son of a bitch.

After reading this, I wondered if this was some sort of prank of the gods, that wanted to troll me, or test me, but I felt in my gut that it was true.

I used my new powers to disintegrate the now dark Omega rock, and thanked the gods for my new powers. Then I realized, that this was not a gift. It was an accident. An accident that would make me the most powerful being to ever exist, to now exist, or in the future.

Phew, first chapter done! Please comment what you think, and review, this is my first story ever. As for characters, I will first do Annabeth, then move onto some OC’s I have planned, and sort-of go back and forth between the two.

Prince Shcherbatsky

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