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Her Other Man (Infinite's L's Fanfiction)


Kwon Jaeun is working as a manager in the sales department of the Jewelry wing in the Lee Group of Companies. She’s known to be one of the most hardworking managers in the company. She has a perfect life. Her relationship with her boyfriend, Kim Seokjin, even though he’s out of the country to finish off his Master’s Degree in Architecture, is going really smooth. They both love his each other and she’s too excited for her boyfriend to come back home in a year after graduating. Then, Kim Myungsoo, the new Jewelry Department Supervisor, comes in the picture. She saw him as a playful but undeniably intelligent man who is too young for his position. In short, she never believed in his capability. He always jokes around workmates but still gets the work done. Perhaps, that impressed her. That despite his playful façade, he is somewhat responsible.

Romance / Drama
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Chapter 1

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