Moonlight: A BTS Jimin fanfic


"Y/N-ah" Jimin said with his glistening eyes full of love. He pulled me closer and into his warm embrace, "I'll never let go" And there we were. Standing in the cold, hard rain. Freezing in the cold, but were warmed by our tight hug. Under the dark sky, yet lit up with millions of stars. We were standing together...under the moonlight.

Chapter 1: New Day


I woke up to the sound of my alarm, slammed it to turn it off, and noticed that I slept as I was reading a book last night. I loved books, especially romance books. Steal Me Away was the book I was reading right now. I shoved it inside a drawer as I didn't want anyone, especially my brother to find out about my romance novels, I didn't know the reason why I hide it, but I just didn't want them to. I quickly got up, did my morning routine, and headed off to school.

I am an average 15-year-old sophomore, living in Seoul, Korea. I love dancing, and I want to learn to dance professionally in college. I live in an apartment with my parents and older brother, Yugyeom, next to my school and dance academy.
I don’t have many friends, I am what people call β€œthe shy type”. I get bullied sometimes in school for my short height, clumsiness, and dancing, but I always have my best friend Irene with me.

Ah, what a beautiful day today!

I was thinking to myself as I walked into my school, Seoul International Academy. I was lost in my thoughts as I bumped into someone. β€œUgh! Watch where- Irene! Oops...” I said, noticing that I spilled my coffee all over her white blouse. β€œGood morning to you too, clumsy head,” she said giggling, β€œDon't worry, I have a spare shirt in my car, I’ll go get it.” And then she ran off.

A perfect way to start the day, Y/N.

I mumbled to myself as I walked to my locker.

Irene had changed and found me standing by our lockers, and ran over to me. We both had only three classes together this year, but apart from classes, we stuck together most of the time. Our first-class today wasn’t together, so we chatted for sometime before going to our respective classes. I walked in, and the classroom wasn’t too full yet.

I guess I’m early then!

I sat down and took out my books, and then took out my phone and saw a message from Yugyeom. β€œI heard about what happened this morning, loser,” he said with a smirking emoji.

I guess my coffee accident has become a hot topic.

I sighed and replied, β€œYah! Gimme a break, will you?” with an irritated emoji. I put away my phone and looked around to see that the class was almost full.

Then just as the bell rang, the teacher walked in. She looked around and saw that not everyone was here yet. β€œWhere are Seolhyun and Seulgi?” she asked the class, like the class actually cares.

Seolhyun and Seulgi are like the classic β€œhigh school bitches” and they are really rich and popular but act really snobby and selfish to others.

Soon after, both of them walked in as if it was nothing and sat down at their desks. β€œBoth of you guys to” the teacher. β€œHaha try me, miss” Seulgi said, laughing with Seolhyun.

β€œYah! I said detention!” the poor teacher said back to them really annoyed. β€œWhatever that is better than being stuck in this hell anyway,” Seolhyun snickered while she and Seulgi sashayed out the classroom like they were walking down a runway. I mentally facepalmed myself as class started.

Classes went by, and soon it was time for lunch. Irene and I walked into the cafeteria with our trays and sat at an empty table, talking about our day so far. β€œSeolhyun and Seulgi were being their bitchy selves again,” I said before telling her what happened in the first class today. β€œWhat has changed?” Irene said, finishing her food.

She was about to say something when Seulgi approached us and said, β€œI heard you guys talking about me and Seolhyun and saying some not so nice things about us.” she said putting on a sweet but phony smile on her face. β€œYeah, so what Seulgi?” Irene shot back. β€œI don’t like it, idiot. So stop or else.” Seulgi with a dark expression. β€œWhatever, let’s go Y/N,” Irene said, dragging me out of the cafeteria. β€œUgh she never changes, does she?β€œ, I said. Irene shook her head no, as the bell rang.

School ended soon after, and Irene and I were walking home, talking about this and that. I looked at my watch and shouted, β€œIrene! I’m late for my dance class!” and ran as fast as I could back home to change with Irene running behind me. On our route back home, Irene’s house comes first so she shouted goodbye before going inside her home. I ran back to my home to change out of my uniform in hopes of making it on time to the dance academy.

I run upstairs to my room and changed into a pair of leggings and a loose tank top with an overcoat and stuffed my things into my bag and ran outside.

My dance class was only a few streets away, so I ran. The dance academy is quite popular and famous around this side of Seoul, and I was really privileged to attend this place. As I was about to walk through the doors, I looked at my watch, there were still seven minutes. β€œUgh I could’ve walked over here,” I said while walking inside, mumbling to myself. I pulled out my phone while walking to my dance class to see a text from Irene saying, β€œDid you make it?β€œ.

Yeah, I made it seven minutes early! I ran so fast when I could've walked and not been so out of breath like thi-

I was typing as I bumped into someone...for the second time today!

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