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Life is Always Changing


The day the marauders became animagus.

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Chapter 2:

James perspective: this chapter begins in their third year on the Hogwarts Express.

Something is wrong with Remus, he isn’t acting himself. Lily walks into the compartment with Snivelous.

“Hello snivelous, did you wash your hair over the summer?” I asked.

Lily and Snape left the compartment after that, we all started but Remus and Peter.

“Remus what’s wrong?” Sirius asked.

“Nothing.” Remus said. Not looking up from his book he’s currently reading.

I give Remus a worried and confused look. I don’t believe he’s telling the whole truth so I drop it. I don’t want to push it if he doesn’t want to tell us.

We get to Hogwarts, get into the carriages, up the stone steps, into the great hall, watch the sorting, and eat the start of term feast.

We listen to Dumbledore’s speech and off to bed we go. I lay down on my bed looking at ceiling of my four poster bed. My mind starts to wander I start to think about Remus.

I have noticed for the past three years, Remus start acting different. Around the same time every month. I think everyone else noticed it to, Well maybe not so much Peter but I noticed it and Sirius probably did to.

Remus always comes up with a different excuse. His mother is sick and has to go home and visit her, he’s sick, needed to ask about something on the test we had, or the homework assignment.

I think there’s something more going on other than the homework, a test, his mother. And I think I know what it is, but I need to do some more research.

* the first full moon of the school year *

“I have to go.” Remus said.

“Where are you going?” I asked. Getting up from my arm chair closest to the fire.

“My Mother is sick again I have to go visit her.” Remus said.

“Oh ok.” I said.

Remus leaves the common room and the painting closes.

“I will be right back.” I said.

I run up to the dormitory, to get my Defense Against the Dark Arts book. When I get back to the common and sit back down. Sirius asked me a question.

“James why do you have your DADA text book we haven’t had that class yet.” Sirius asked.

“Well I had a theory to where Remus goes every month.” I said.

“Yeah to go see his sick mother.” Peter said.

“I think there’s more. He leaves around the same time every month. While I was reading our DADA textbook I came across something interesting.” I said.

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