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since i couldn't find it i made it so depressed deku and kiri

Humor / Fantasy
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the fight

(ari): hi guy new story but first off no one has wrote a kirideku i mean it’s so watermelon ;) so ill be the first then other will make more so the story starts off normal but right now deku is having a very bad week first his mom and dad died he lost his job and was about to loose the house he was under a lot of stress it was a free class and deku was walking to his seat when he tripped over bakugo’s foot

bakugo: apologize nerd !

deku: oh i’m sorry kacchan that your fucking foot was in my when you fucking seen me walking by--

bakugo: *shook*

1 A*shook*

aizawa: midoriya?

deku:--and had the power to move your fucking foot yeah i’m one to fucking blame your an asshole I- - - *realizes what he said* i’m sorry kacchan * gose to his seat and pulls out 20 letters hands them to ever one with a smile* don’t read it until 5: 30 * leaves *

kirisima: *reads the letter at 5:00 because he couldn’t wait and his skin goes pale* everyone read your letters !!! * runs to the rooftop and burst though the doors *

deku: heh i somehow knew you would come

kirisima: midoriya please don’t do it have so much live for * tears up *

deku: STOP y-YOUR LYING *hic* i lost EVERYTHING *hic* there's nothing here for me * hic *

kirisima: *hugs him from the behind* im here for you izuku i love

deku: *sobs* kiri i love too * hugs him back*

everyone: awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww

(ari): sorry for it being short

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