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《Until you are happy》


My name is Haneul, what means "sky". My aunt told me that my mum wanted her daughter to be pure and clear, just like the sky. I believe she didn't think that there are days when you can't see the sky beacause it's full of dark clouds and storms. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ "Don't get really used to with my presence, because if that makes you happy, the faster I will disappear," he said indimidatingly walking towards the door. "Isn't that what you want?" He had put his hand on the door handle, but stopped immediately and turned to me. "Yeah, you're right." ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ But still, after every stormy day and terribly strong hurricanes, the sun will shine bight in the sky. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Sometimes, you might just need a hand to bring you closer to the sunshine.

Other / Drama
Sabina Bajramaj
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"Hey auntie," I heard a familiar voice calling out my aunt Liz,"Is Haneul in there?"

I ran through the living room and pushed the entrance door opened wide. I saw my mommy standing outside the fence smiling at my tiny figure making tiny steps towards her. She walked towards me and pulled me in her tight embrace.

"Mommy!" I yelled full of joy trying to hug her with my small arms. She smiled happily, with the most heart-melting smile a mother could give to her little child.

"How is everything going? Did you get aunt Liz tired playing with your games?"

I chuckled playfully and shook my head. " Oh,no? I'm pretty sure you are lying"

By the time of speaking, my aunt had apeared ,staying at the doorstep. She was smiling at the lovely sight in front of her.

"You are pretty lucky to have such a good child. Kids these days are very spoiled. This girl is a real sweetheart!" said my aunt pulling her attention.

"I know," replied my mum proudly.

"I'm sorry that I've been bothering you, but I just got a new job and I couldn't miss the chance to finally sign a contract. Taking care of Haneul really meant a lot to me, but I'll maybe take her to the nursery."

My aunt opened her eyes wide and folded her arms on her chest. "Don't you dare to. As long as I'm here,this little precious girl won't wander around nurseries."

My mum smiled in embarrassment, heading towards the car. She waved at aunt Liz, opening the door wide for me to get in.

When I got inside the car, I stuck my head outside the window, to wave at my auntie.

She waved me back and walked back inside her house, closing the door after her.

"Close the window,it's cold outside," said my mum as soon as she started the engine.

"So how was it today? Did you have a good time?" I heard my mum saying.

"Mhm," I replied as usually, playing with my fingers.

The drive went silent for few minutes, until I broke the silence.

"Oppa came at auntie's house today. When I was playing in her room, oppa appeared and we played together for a while, until auntie prepared the lunch. He told me not to tell you about this and I promised him not to but... I told you," I finished, feeling guilty that I broke his promise.

"So, he is back?" I felt how hope filled her voice, all of sudden.

"Yes, he asked about you too, and I told him that you are doing just fine."

My mum turned hee head at the back, throwing her gaze on me, as tears filled her eyes. I just smiled at her.

The only thing after was a loud noise of cars crashing and lights everywhere.



A terrible pain seized my chest as I inhailed the cold air in my room. Tears filled my eyes and I sat on my bed, trying to catch my breath.

"It was just a nightmare..." I whispered to myself, "...a memory."

I heard footsteps and blurry voices.

"Haneul , sweetie," my auntie rushed inside my room running in my direction," are you ok?!"

I nodded my head breathing heavily, trying to hold my tears back.

I saw her husband standing at the doorstep, a bit annoyed. I threw him a blank glance and then locked my eyes with the woman sitting beside my bed.

"It's the same memory, the same and the only one I have from the past," I let out a few words, almost in cry.

"Don't worry darling, I'm here and I'll always be," she said trying to comfort me.

I let my head slide onto her shoulder and closed my eyes tightly after she wrapped her arms around me.

"It's ok, sweetie."

She is suffering

Her heart is broken

Her oppa is coming...

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