Harry Potter and the ? (Prisoner of Azkaban)

The Quidditch Final

Harry came down the stairs the next day, and realized he and his parents were the only ones up. Remus still had his face burrowed into the couch cushions and looked unlikely to move for days he was snoring so loudly, and Sirius was nowhere in sight probably meaning he was still in his own room, but Harry easily spotted his parents talking quietly in the kitchen, with the baby in the highchair at the table.

When Harry walked in though, he found they weren’t just whispering in light of the guest on their couch, but found Lily looking rather strained and throwing protective looks at her son while James was fidgeting with unease, but both stopped when they saw Harry and tried for a smile.

“What’s up?” He tried for a casual tone of voice, sitting down and watching them, beginning to worry at once what new terrible thing could have happened during the night.

Lily walked over at once and began buttering him some toast that was already sitting in waiting, while beginning in the same hushed tones “you’ve ah, you’re still adamant dear about us not leaving here, yes?”

Harry found this an odd way to start, but nodded in absolute agreement. He couldn’t explain the feeling, not even to himself, or how he could even know such a thing, but every time one of them had made to leave he’d gotten a tingling up his spine, an absolute certainty something would happen to them if they left.

James, while unsurprised at the answer, continued while throwing worried looks back into the other room “right, didn’t really think that had changed, it just brings up a problem tonight is all.”

It took Harry a moment for it all to click together, then he gave his own startled look to the huddled figure on the couch. “He, he’s going to-” he tried to say, not really even sure how to say it, and the idea still a little so foreign he wasn’t even sure if he could have even if he’d found the words.

“Change into a werewolf, yes” James agreed as if this were as normal as walking the dog. His face made it clear though this was not to be taken lightly as he continued “problem is son, he’s never done it here, for ah, obvious reasons.” He inclined his head to the toddler in the highchair who was currently playing with mashed cereal, though he was getting more in his flyaway hair then actually in his mouth. An empty bottle on the counter showed that he’d already had his proper breakfast, so the parents seemed content to leave him be for now while they talked.

Lily was quick to jump in at the wide eyed look Harry was starting to get “don’t get us wrong dear, we know how to take the proper precautions, it’s just, werewolves aren’t to be reasoned with. They’re purely violent during that state, so it would be best if he weren’t here, but if you’re sure he can’t leave-”

“I’m positive” he insisted back, for the first time starting to feel guilty for his presence here, which was clearly putting a hardship on his family. He wished he could understand why they couldn’t leave, or at least give them a reason, but nothing was coming to him.

The parents exchanged one more look before nodding, and James said “alright, just have to make due then.” He gave Harry a genuine smile, clearly thinking the opposite of his son in that moment, as he excused himself and went up the stairs.

He came back down a while later, Sirius wide alert which meant they must have continued a private conversation upstairs, and while Harry was curious enough he may have asked for details, the two were now gently trying to wake up Remus and Harry staved off his inquires, feeling it improper since he wasn’t sure just how much of that conversation without Remus was rude. He’d wait until later, maybe the next meal, when he had no doubts it would be brought up again with Remus himself.

It took a long time for Remus to fully be roused, and he was clearly not happy about it, but a little food in all of them and then they were all lounged about in the living room again, Remus’ eyes were still partially closed but since he had the baby in his lap it was clear he was awake enough as Sirius started. Remus was also keeping a firm lid on those lingering feelings from the night before. Like with everything else that had happened to Harry so far, he was going to wait it out, and just keep praying that Harry would come across whatever was causing him to act like a stranger in his time with Harry, and refuse to act any differently until then.

Hermione was holding a letter from Hagrid,

Despite the new day, they all vividly remembered the last thing they’d heard, that the innocent hippogriff was being sentenced to death, and it did not start them in a good mood, still hoping somehow an appeal could take place, or something to stop those Malfoys from winning this petty argument over the animal’s life.

The fact that Hermione had received the news via a letter, instead of from Hagrid himself, wasn’t boding well.

which was splashed with teardrops, making the words hard to read.

“Considering Hagrid’s usual bad penmanship, it’s a wonder I could make it out at all” Harry sighed, looking for all the world like his own pet was caught up in this mess he felt so sorry for his friend.

The note simply said that he’d lost his trial, and they’d set the execution date later, and thanked Hermione for her help.

That only made Harry feel ten times worse. He’d let Hagrid down! Now it really was his fault what was happening to Buckbeak! Maybe if he’d done more “oh, Harry” Lily cut off his train of thought, brushing his hair back from his forehead for a moment, and smiling when it fell right back into place and catching her son’s attention. “You can’t blame yourself dear. Unless you pulled a stunt like Malfoy and paid someone off, which is bound to be what happened since the case against Buckbeak should have been solid, there’s nothing you could have done love.”

Harry sighed, not at all agreeing, but for some odd reason when he thought about the hippogriff in terms of actually being dead, something didn’t feel right. It wasn’t concrete, like he was missing something about this. He couldn’t put that into words any better than his guilt though so he kept silent and this time really hoped his instincts were right.

Harry was furious, trying to say this couldn’t happen, but Hermione pointed out threw her tears that this is exactly what was going to happen because the Committee just did whatever Malfoy wanted. There would be an appeal,

Lily sighed in relief, happy the system hadn’t completely failed in that they were following procedure, then began gritting her teeth in frustration as it did occur to her that it probably wouldn’t be any more helpful then the trial.

but it wasn’t going to make a difference. Ron said yes it would, because he’d be helping this time.

“That was the best thing he could have said right then” Sirius beamed, happy those two had finally begun trying to make up.

Hermione thanked him by throwing her arms around him in a hug as she broke down sobbing.

“Gah” Sirius blanched, feeling extremely sorry for Ron in that moment, no boy wanted to deal with a weepy girl.

“The poor dear” Lily cooed “she’s been stressed out of her mind all year, I’m betting she’s just finally reached her breaking point with all of this.”

Ron looked pretty terrified,

“Completely understandable” James nodded, making Lily roll her eyes again.

but gave her an unsteady pat on her head until she let go of him.

“Well, she’s a tough one” Remus grinned, opening up one eye and smiling lightly at how quickly she got control of herself. Not that he hadn’t already been aware Hermione wasn’t one to mess with, but the idea of a crying girl scared him as much as any male.

She began apologizing about Scabbers,

“Hope that finally sooths Ron” Sirius smiled all the more.

and Ron looked so relieved at her having let go he said it wasn’t even that big a deal.

All three boys snickered a little at that, even with Buckbeak’s horrid fate being the one to make this happen, it was still good to see these two finally work this out.

Agreeing that he hadn’t been of any use, and now he might get his own owl.

“There’s the bright side” James smirked.

The security around the school preventing Black from getting in wouldn’t allow the three friends to go see Hagrid in person,

Sirius winced and Harry hardly looked pleased at the reminder, knowing the only reason he hadn’t ignored that rule and used his cloak would be Hagrid’s reaction. He couldn’t help but feel guilty that clearly his latest stunt must have even caused Harry to be restricted from even crossing the grounds like a normal student.

but took the opportunity to talk to him in his class. Hagrid started to say it was all his fault,

“That’s not true” Lily snapped at once, not believing that one little bit. “Hagrid could have set up the best case in the world and just didn’t pay them a dime.” She detested that the longer this carried on, the more it ashamed her to work for the Ministry at all if this was how they were handling themselves. What they did last year, now this, it was a wonder Hagrid didn’t lose his temper for being trampled on so much by the lot of them.

he’d tried to make his case but just embarrassed himself. Then Lucius had spoken his part, and those people did exactly what he’d told them to do.

Sirius was twisted with absolute hatred, his pity for that hippogriff possibly mirrored as he couldn’t help but wonder for the first time how his own trial would have gone. Had a Death Eater done the same thing then, and he’d probably been so wrecked he’d had no way to defend himself, and... he said a few foul things aloud which the others all took as his defence for that cruel situation before he kept reading loudly so as not to be questioned.

Ron tried to keep his spirits up, saying that they still had the appeal and it would work out. They were on their way back to the castle now, and Malfoy and his friends had been listening in, laughing the whole time.

“I swear I’ll take every detention in that school if someone would just curse this kid already” James snarled.

“I’ll bet Hagrid would even look the other way at this point” Remus nodded in agreement.

Hagrid thanked them for the support, but couldn’t see what good it would do. He’d just make sure that Buckbeak had a good life, what was left of it, then he ran off crying.

“Oh, bloody hell this is getting as depressing as talking about me” Sirius groaned, truly feeling for Hagrid and what he was going through. It just wasn’t right all this happening to him, while Malfoy got away with anything he wanted!

Malfoy laughed even harder at that, mocking him as Hagrid vanished.

“How can he laugh about this!” Lily spluttered with shock and disdain. “I just do not understand how a child could laugh about someone truly being in pain!”

“The same way Dudley can watch Harry grow up the way he did and think it’s okay,” James looked purely murderous at the reminder he gave himself, but it was as good a comparison as he could give.

It made sense this didn’t make Lily feel better, but she stopped questioning it and just felt pity for all of those boys, wondering what had happened to good parenting.

Harry and Ron stepped forward to confront him,

“Finally” Remus nodded, now completely awake and looking on eagerly as Harry clearly wasn’t holding his friend back this time.

but Hermione got there first - SMACK!

Sirius looked like he’d just found the Holy Grail.

His stunned reaction was kind though, compared to Lily who broke out laughing. She really couldn’t help herself. Between the boys shocked expressions and that awful child finally realizing that his words could hurt other people, she was left a giggling mess, which the others were very quick to jump in on.

Harry came out of it first, looking very dearly like he wanted to go and hug his friend for her actions. The others were only just coming out of it, still hoping more than anything it didn’t end there. Malfoy had been a pain to them for so long now, that he deserved whatever retribution the trio saw fit to give.

She’d struck Malfoy on the cheek with an open palm as hard as she could swing. Malfoy took several startled steps back, while all the other boys watched with jaws open.

“Can’t even rightly blame them” Remus agreed, happily tweaking the baby’s fingers and toes to the kid’s amusement as he clutched at the poking digits.

She was screaming at him now, calling him out on insulting Hagrid like that, and Ron actually grabbed her wrist like he was going to try and stop her, while she swung back again for another blow.

“Are you kidding me” James cackled, still looking giddy as he continued “Ron’s trying to stop her! Why!?”

“Delayed reaction of shock” Harry offered, he’d been the same way, never having seen that friend be so violent before.

Hermione jerked her hand away and instead went for her wand.

“Oh now he’s in for it” Sirius said eagerly, now convinced that this had to be the best chapter in the book if she used even a portion of the spells he deserved.

Malfoy took even more hasty steps backwards, while Crabbe and Goyle watched him with confused expressions, clearly looking to be told what to do here.

“Really” James demanded, still sounding more amused then anything “are they so dull they don’t realize, hey, my friend was just attacked, I should help.”

“Kind of makes you wonder just how much friends they really are” Remus agreed with a raised brow at quite the calm reactions.

Before anything more could be done, Malfoy turned tail and quickly vanished into the castle.

“Bollocks” Lily grumbled, having wanted to offer her own suggestion of a curse for that twisted little brats comments for this.

Ron was still watching her with a mixture of stunned disbelief and impressed at her actions.

“As he should be” Sirius nodded in complete agreement.

“Bet that would have doubled if he hadn’t intervened” Remus added on with a laugh.

Hermione turned on Harry and threatened he’d better beat those Slytherin’s in the coming match, she couldn’t stand it if Malfoy won anything else!

“You and me both sister” James nodded.

Ron still hadn’t fully recovered as he told them they had to get to Charms, and they bustled up the stairs entering the class to have Flitwick tell the boys they were late.

“Does Hermione not count” Lily asked lightly, her attention still more fondly placed on the girl then normal as she noticed the gender specific reprimand.

Flitwick continued addressing the rest of the class, saying they’d be working on Cheering Charms today,

“Oh that always turns fun” Sirius snickered, acting like one had been placed on him.

and that everyone else was already in pairs.

“Sucks when that happens, means someone’s going to have to be a third” Remus said randomly, figuring these three friends wouldn’t care, but also remembering if this had only happened days ago Hermione would be in an embarassing spot.

It wasn’t until the boys took their seats did they realize Hermione wasn’t with them anymore.

“What” they all muttered in confusion, surely she’d been just behind them?

They looked around, but she wasn’t in the class at all, though Harry knew she’d been just behind him when they got here.

“Weird” James unnecessarily pointed out, drawing the word our extensively. The first time that had happened he’d put it down to the boys not paying attention to her backtracking, but twice?

“Someone please tell me they’ve figured out how she pulled that off this time” Lily huffed, growing exasperated this third year had her stumped.

“Time!” Sirius grumbled, scowling at the ceiling as he ran his hand through his hair in frustration. “Curse my drinking when she told me about this, but I know it’s something to do with time!”

“At least say what you do remember” Remus sighed, knowing even that was a miracle depending on how much he’d consumed and how long ago this was.

“Met a girl at the Three Broomsticks once who’s an Unspeakable in the Department of Mysteries. I bought her a drink, and ah indulged on my own, and we got to talking about some experiment she was working on. It had something to do with traveling back in time for short periods, but bloody hell if they actually got it to work. That girl kept going on about someone named Eloise Mintumble,* and the only reason I remember that name is because she kept saying it as el’mumble, which made me laugh and fall off the stool. I don’t even remember the girl I’d been speaking to anymore, just that something happened to that Eloise, something to do with time.”

He finished with an annoyed huff, clearly not going to remember any other specifics but it just felt like the only explanation for how Hermione was pulling all of this off. Between her being able to pull off multiple classes and her disappearances that shouldn’t be possible, time magic really was the only way she could be pulling that off, but she was a third year! Even Hermione couldn’t possibly be that advanced!

While the others recognized it wasn’t much to go on, it was still slightly better than before where they had no idea whatsoever.

Harry asked if she’d perhaps just stepped out to use the loo,

While this seemed like a reasonable enough explanation, they all knew Hermione was the type of kid who would most certainly have gone to class and asked permission to leave for the restroom again.

but Hermione didn’t show up all period.

Even if that had been true, the idea was dashed by that.

“She didn’t like, go to a bathroom to cry again or something” James offered, trying to think up some normal explanation for perhaps their over exaggeration.

“As pissed as she was at Malfoy” Sirius’ tone showed his disagreement. “I’d like to think she skived class and went to hunt Malfoy down without interference.”

Remus couldn’t help snickering away at the thought, knowing Hermione was the last kid who’d do something like that, but also knew Sirius was speaking more from experience at his own doing of that so didn’t say anything.

Ron was laughing as they left class that Hermione should have been around, she could have done with a Cheering Charm that had put a goofy grin on all of the kids faces,

“Saw that coming” Lily muttered without the usual amount of humour it would have had if not for the missing girl.

but by the time they’d eaten lunch the spell had worn off, and they were really starting to get worried about their friend.

“Least Ron hasn’t made a joke about another troll getting in yet” James muttered.

Ron asked if Malfoy may have tried to get revenge on her?

“I insist it would still go the other way first” Sirius disagreed with a small grin, picturing that girl taking on all three of those Slytherins at once would be mayhem, for the boys.

They went up to Gryffindor tower as a last ditch effort, and found her at the table,

“Well, found her” Remus said in surprise, any number of reasons crossing through his mind why she’d be up there.

fast asleep,

“Err” Lily blinked in surprise, that hadn’t at all been what she was expecting.

slumped over a book. Harry gently woke her, and she startled to life with a bit of parchment stuck to her cheek as she asked what class they had next. Harry told her Divination,

“I’d have let her keep sleeping” James grimaced.

but it wasn’t for a bit, then he asked what had happend to her in Charms? Hermione flipped out as she realized she’d forgotten to go to that class.

“How on earth did she forget?" Sirius wanted to laugh, but it was just too weird for her. “She was literally on her way there before she disappeared.”

When no one answered, Sirius turned back to the book and hoped Hermione might actually answer.

Harry asked how she could forget such a thing, she’d been with them right up until they opened the door to the room.

He was so confused he didn’t even pause to laugh that he’d just mimicked Harry, it was a valid question.

Hermione was still freaking out as she asked if Flitwick had been mad?

“Actually he didn’t question it at all” Harry said with a frown, which lead him to believe all the more the teachers were in on whatever was going on with his friend.

She blamed it on Malfoy for distracting her as she packed away her things, while Ron told her he thought she was finally losing it.

“Oh I bet she loved that one” Lily muttered, kind of thinking Ron might be onto something with that one.

Hermione ignored that as she sprinted away, saying she’d see them in the next class. She showed up looking even more harassed, saying that she was still furious with herself because Flitwick had said Cheering Charms would be on the exam.

“Why would she know that if she missed the class!” Remus asked in exasperation, thinking their teacher wasn’t likely to scold Hermione for this and then rub that kind of thing in.

They didn’t get a chance to ask anymore when they went up into the class and found crystal balls on all the tables, Ron asking in confusion that he’d remembered these not coming up for another few weeks,

“I’m impressed he’s paid attention to know that” James rolled his eyes.

while keeping a careful eye on the shadows incase Trelawny was close.

“A very real threat” Sirius nodded, thinking back to her first lesson and appearing out of nowhere, and how she wasn’t likely to change that game with time.

Harry said he was grateful for it, he’d been getting sick of her flinching whenever she saw his hands.

“Could have had some fun with that though” Remus said tragically, clearly thinking Harry had wasted a golden opportunity.

Trelawny appeared moments later, coming out of shadows from the opposite corner.

“Called it!” Sirius cried with glee.

She began explaining to the assembled class that she set up the crystal balls earlier then planned because the Fates had informed her these would show up in their exams.

“She set’s the exam” Lily rolled her eyes, finding this teacher just as annoying as ever.

Hermione gave an obvious snort as she pointed out in loud tones that the teacher set the exam.

Lily actually laughed hardest of all, pleased Hermione was still keeping this class in check, and ignoring Sirius’ smug look that she’d mimicked someone again.

Harry and Ron laughed along, but as Trelawny had her face still covered they couldn’t tell if she’d heard. She continued like she hadn’t,

“Can’t imagine she didn’t” James snickered.

by telling them to prepare by relaxing their conscious minds and external eyes, while Ron began to snicker without restraint.

“Considering she basically just told them to nod off, yeah” Remus nodded while trying, and failing, to cover his own mirth.

She finished by saying that hopefully someone could make something out before the lesson was done.

“Wonder if you get extra credit for claiming to see Neville break something” Lily snarked “that seems to be her preference.”

Harry couldn’t help but feel like a fool as he watched the swirling grey color in the glass ball, while his mind kept telling him he looked it.

“I am positive you are not the only one” James nodded.

It didn’t help that Ron kept breaking into giggles and Hermione kept making scathing noises.

“Can’t imagine why that would be distracting” Remus smirked.

After nearly half the class, Harry asked if they’d Seen anything

“Least that’s got to be one of the easiest classes in the world” Sirius chuckled “even if she comes over, you can fake it you’ve seen anything.”

and Ron says he found a burn on the table.

“That’s exactly the kind of observation she was looking for” Lily giggled.

Hermione was beside herself with annoyance now, saying she’d much rather be practicing for her missed lesson. Trelawney spoke to the room then, asking if anyone needed help understanding what they were seeing, and Ron whispered he didn’t need any help to understand the ball was telling him it was going to be foggy tonight.

All five of them cracked up laughing at Ron’s prediction.

His friends burst out laughing,

“Glad to see Hermione’s getting her kicks in as well” Sirius nodded with glee.

while Trelawny started to tell them off for disrupting the class. Parvati and Lavender looked beside themselves with anger.

“Feel almost sorry for those girls” Lily rolled her eyes.

She came up to their table, her eyes on their ball, and Harry sighed as he realized what was about to happen,

“I don’t even need to ask” James rolled his eyes “but let me guess, the Grim’s coming for Harry again?”

and sure enough, the moment she looked into the crystal, she claimed to see something sinister stalking Harry, the Gri-

“You could be a psychic yourself” Remus nodded seriously before they all cracked up laughing again.

Hermione cut her off in exasperation that it was that Grim again.

“Looks like we’re not the only ones getting sick of this” Lily quipped, between the laughter still escaping.

Trelawny looked shock, while Parvati whispered something to Lavender, then both girls began glaring at Hermione as well.

“Kind of half curious what they said” Sirius wondered.

“Probably something along the lines of, how dare she talk back to the all-knowing Trelawney” Harry rolled his eyes.

Trelawny took to her full height, eyeing Hermione with great dislike.

“Well it’s not as if Trelawney didn’t deserve it” Remus scoffed. “You can only use the same thing so many times before it gets old.”

“You’d know all about that” James nodded with a smirk still in place.

She told Hermione that she’d known from the beginning what a mundane girl she was.

“Ouch” Sirius winced, fairly sure that this was probably an insult on the Seer level.

Harry puffed up with indignation as he snapped “Hermione’s the least mundane person I know. I’d like to see how Trelawney handles a Polyjuice Potion! Let alone-”

Lily leaned over and gave her son a comforting pat on the shoulder as she said “we know dear, that was extremely wrong of a teacher to say. Best not rile yourself up over it though, after the day she’s been having I’d like to see what she says.”

Harry nodded and backed down, still looking indigent over it.

Hermione’s response was to snatch up her book and snap ‘fine!’

“Err” James began in shock, having expected maybe a snappy retort, not, was she packing up?

She got to her feet and huffed that she was leaving.

“Sh-she’s quitting!” Remus spluttered in shock.

“Of all the reactions, that was the last one I’d seen coming” Lily agreed, eyes nearly falling out of her head in shock.

“I don’t think it’s quitting, so much as she’s finally had enough” James disagreed with a curious look in place. “I’m honestly quite sure that Harry and Ron are going to get up and join her. There is a difference between giving up and walking away.”

“Your moments of maturity still take me back” Lily told him fondly, giving her wedding ring a twist.

James tried to look offended but was too busy winking at his wife at the crack.

Everyone was to stunned to do anything but watch as Hermione walked out. It took some time for the buzz of conversation to die back down, and Trelawny was so distracted she started to walk away from the boys table.

“You two didn’t go with her!” Remus yelped in shock.

“By the time the shock wore off, we knew if we’d tried to go Trelawney may well have told us to sit back down” Harry grimaced, for some odd reason getting the feeling he may be lucky for his stay, though not for long.

Lavender spoke up though, reminding everyone that Trelawny had seen this coming. She’d told everyone in their very first class that one of their number would leave forever.

Sirius blinked once, twice, then released a bark like laughter that his friends had missed hearing so much they couldn’t help sharing a smile even as he taunted in their faces “I told you, didn’t I! This woman’s personality aside, she’s totally a real Seer!”

That brought the three nonbelievers up short, pondering this. The first they would have argued the point, circumstances and a lucky break, but three? Claiming the Grim, Sirius’ animagus form, to be dogging Harry, then Lavender’s little rabbit on that exact date, now this?

They couldn’t help it, whereas before they had all scoffed at the idea of a Seer, now they really did believe that Dumbledore had found one. It was a moot point in all, they still didn’t like her, so they just let it go for now.

Trelawny gave her a grateful smile as she admitted she had known Hermione would leave,

“Now that’s just rubbing it in” Lily sniffed.

“Besides, I highly doubt it works exactly like that” Remus rolled his eyes. “She may have gotten a feeling a student would leave, not these exact circumstances.”

“Don’t know” Harry shrugged “I’ve no idea how it all really works. Don’t rightly think I care either” he added with a grin.

but she had hoped she read the Signs wrong, the Inner Eye was such a burden sometimes.

“Oh yes and the poor dear’s just bearing that like a champ” Sirius rolled his eyes.

Harry wasn’t listening though, he was looking into his glass ball and wondering all over again if Trelawney had seen that Grim.

“Oh Harry” Lily sighed. This was the exact reason she detested this teacher, her son didn’t need any more worry, especially not from something like a spectral dog haunting him.

“She may well be seeing me wandering around the grounds though” Sirius couldn’t help but point out with a bad attempt at sounding casual.

Harry knew the last thing he wanted was to have a near-fatal accident with his Quidditch final so close.

“I’d rather you just never have another near fatal accident again” James grumbled.

The Easter holidays came around, and they were not fun. Their year level had never had so much homework at once.

“And it only gets worse” Remus sighed.

“You said that last year” Harry grumbled at the remembered headaches all that studying had caused.

“And he’s going to say that every year, because it’s going to be true every year” James agreed.

Seamus wasn’t the only one to yell at the top of his lungs that this was a terrible holiday in the middle of Gryffindor tower.

“That’s a kind outburst to some I’ve heard” Lily nodded in agreement.

His problems were nothing like Hermione’s though, who stayed up the latest every night and was down first thing every morning to get through all of her school work, she was beginning to look as bad as Lupin.

“How has she not collapsed from stress yet” Remus yelped in shock, knowing the comparison to him was never a good sign. Harry was rather disturbed to see that it was now more real than ever, because even now that he understood it, Remus had continued to grow paler and despite the night’s clear rest, looked like he’d been sleep deprived for a week. He seemed used to it though, going back and beginning to bounce his leg to baby Harry’s amusement.

Ron had taken over the workload for Buckbeak’s appeal,

“Let’s hope this one goes mildly better” Sirius sighed without any real hope.

and whenever he wasn’t doing his school work he was flipping through pages of past cases for how to get a hippogriff off.

“Aww” Lily couldn’t help but coo sadly, admiring this boy beyond belief at his continued fighting for his friends pet.

He was so busy, he didn’t even take the time to be mean to Crookshanks.

“Now that’s a real testament to the situation” James said in appreciation.

Harry was too busy to help either of them, as whenever he wasn’t doing his work he was down at practice where Wood had them all training for the coming up Final that would be in a week.

Sirius’ eyes alighted with a whole new excitement. There was no way something could happen to cut this chapter off in less than a week! Could he have possibly gotten his wish, and gotten his Quidditch due? The best one of all!?

Since Slytherin house was in the lead with two hundred points, a big portion of the game fell on Harry who had to wait until his own team was fifty points up to catch the Snitch.

Lily couldn’t help but sigh with distaste, remembering the last game where all that pressure had been placed on her son. The look of determination on her sons face was not boding well for this one.

Wood constantly repeated this in such repetition that Harry finally shouted at him that he got it!

“Can’t blame you” Remus laughed. “I was about to yell at Sirius to shut it as well.”

The whole school was getting pent up over this game, as Gryffindor hadn’t won the cup since Charlie had left.

“Something that deeply haunted me during the night” Sirius said tragically, ignoring the fact that he hardly looked like he’d gotten any sleep either.

Harry knew though that no one wanted this win, even Wood, as much as him.

“Somehow I find that hard to believe” Lily muttered.

The rivalry between Harry and Malfoy was at its highest point ever.

“I get the feeling it’s only going to get worse” Remus chuckled.

Malfoy had been seen sulking over the fact that Harry hadn’t been punished for that mud throwing incident,

“Nope, he deserved every second of that” James said with glee.

and Harry would never forgive what Malfoy was trying to do to Buckbeak.

“As should be” Sirius nodded.

By the time the break was over, tension between the two Houses was at the breaking point.

Lily couldn’t help but think for the millionth time this is one of the many reasons she didn’t think much of this sport. Wouldn’t it be better if they simply had four teams, made up of different house members on each? That way they could still have the competition, but it wouldn’t put so much pressure on the house as a whole. The teams didn’t really need to win points for their house, that was to be taken care of in the classrooms. She didn’t really think she could convince anyone else of these facts though.

Fights kept breaking out when teachers weren’t looking, the most memorable of which was a Slytherin and a Gryffindor who had leek’s coming out of their ears.

“Now how did that work out” Lily asked in amazement “did the spell backfire and hit both of them?”

“I heard about it from the twins” Harry said with a light laugh “and apparently a second Gryffindor had jumped in and accidentally hit both, but she was never caught.”

Harry wasn’t fairing well either, as every Slytherin he passed tried to trip him up in corridors,

“Could they get any more childish” Remus scoffed.

“Better then leeks coming out of his ear” Sirius sniggered.

while Crabbe and Goyle were now commonly seen stalking him, trying to catch him alone.

“Were they really going to jump him?” James asked in disgust, finding it fortunate his son had such loyal friends that they wouldn’t let this happen.

Thankfully they didn’t get the chance, as Wood had instructed his whole house to be around Harry at all times to make sure his Seeker wasn’t put out of action in case the Slytherins tried just this.

“Sounds like it was sound advice” Lily grumbled, temper and worry beginning to war against each other at her son being such a target.

His House had responded at once, but that wasn’t Harry’s worry, instead he kept his mind on his Firebolt.

“A valid fear” Sirius nodded seriously. “Can’t risk someone getting the chance to tamper with that.”

He kept randomly running up to his common room to check and make sure it was still where it was supposed to be.

Sirius read that with such conviction that Lily almost wanted to laugh again, but couldn’t bring herself to do it at the determined look on her sons face.

Nobody could settle the night before the game, even Hermione put her book down.

Remus pretended to faint in shock, causing the child in his lap to start giggling all the more.

Claiming she couldn’t focus, she was to nervous.

“Nice to see she really does care” Harry grinned.

The place was louder then ever, Fred and George keeping most of the attention as they spent the night being even more boisterous then usual.

“Wasn’t actually aware that was possible” James began with a smirk.

“But I can see where they’re coming from” Sirius finished as that had been his and James go to for stress relief as well.

Oliver wasn’t paying anyone any attention as he sat focused over a miniature model of a Quidditch pitch.

“That boy really worries me sometimes” Lily muttered, thinking he was going to stress himself right into the game and that couldn’t be a good thing. He clearly needed an outlet. Which she found ironic as sports usually were supposed to be the outlet.

Harry was sitting off to the side with his friends, trying to ignore the urge to vomit.

“I think for once I’d recommend against eating if you’re already close to that” Remus said with mild concern, like Lily starting to fear about stress bombarding Harry.

Hermione could read his face and tried to reassure him, while looking as scared as him.

“Well gee thanks” Sirius huffed, unable to really show his joking annoyance because he was practically bouncing in place from finally getting his own Quidditch chapter! James understood that, and would have been annoyed any other day except it was just too good to see him in such bright spirits, and fearing it wouldn’t last long kept his complaints to himself.

Ron’s advice was to remind that Harry had a Firebolt!

“Because that’ll fix everything” James laughed, sounding like he truly meant it.

Harry didn’t respond as Wood took to his feet and ordered all of his team to bed.

“An early turn in really was best” Harry nodded, getting the feeling he wasn’t going to have a pleasant night’s sleep.

Harry slept poorly.

Lily couldn’t help but sigh, but didn’t say anything as she knew that despite his previous ill givings with the game, she still wouldn’t have won the fight that her son didn’t need this game in his life.

He kept having nightmares, like how he’d slept through the game and they’d used Neville as his replacement.

“Now that’s a nightmare” Remus nodded, trying to muffle some more laughter at the thought.

Then he was on the pitch, and the Slytherin team showed up with dragons.

“No” Sirius shivered in disgust ”that is.”

Harry was trying to fly away when Malfoy’s shot some fire at him, and Harry realized he was no long on his broom.

“Your dreams just get more and more vivid” James couldn’t help but grin some more at the shocked look on his son’s face.

Harry woke with a jolt and had to calm himself down that the game hadn’t happend yet, and of course Malfoy wouldn’t be allowed to do this.

“Least you remembered that” Remus laughed outright this time.

“Might have been more interesting if they had though” James muttered for his own amusement, knowing Sirius would never agree and not wanting to break his happy stride.

Deciding he needed a drink, he crawled out of bed and looked out the window, realizing the weather tomorrow would be perfect.

At this point they didn’t think it was possible for Sirius to sound more excited. This had been all he’d wanted out of these whole books, hearing about Harry’s fantastic Quidditch games and making friends and just being a normal kid. If he only got one good chapter of this whole book, he couldn’t have put into words his gratefulness that it had been this one!

He’d only just taken a sip when he saw an animal in the grass below.

This didn’t really surprise anyone, it wasn’t uncommon for an abundance of things to be lurking around after dark. It actually managed to infect Sirius’ tone with a nostalgic light now, as it brought back memories of doing this himself.

Harry peered down below, trying to convince himself of course it wasn’t the Grim, not now with his game tomorrow!

Sirius couldn’t help but give a hard flinch, but it didn’t stem him one little bit. Harry’s shock at seeing him around would be all the better, as it could only mean that whatever was keeping him around school hadn’t changed and it meant he’d get a more proper opportunity to see Harry’s game in person then!

Then he really saw it, and realized it was Crookshanks.

Well that was, actually kind of odd. Wouldn’t Hermione lock up her pet, at least when she went to bed? If not, then they found that vaguely irresponsible of her, as anything in that forest could eat her cat, and that wouldn’t be pleasant.

Or was it only Crookshanks?

“Is it mating season” Sirius couldn’t help but ask with all the sarcasm he could, refusing to let his mood go anywhere but up no matter what Harry’s feelings of either of his personas at the time were.

The longer he watched, he realized that there was something else moving down there, and then a huge black dog came padding out of the forest and walked right up to the cat, then the two began walking away.

The others couldn’t have looked more surprised with this then if Sirius had claimed he was a cat lover now. Sure he didn’t mind the animals, but this was just plain weird as he’d never gone out of his way to interact with them before.

Then Remus winced as he wondered if his friend wasn’t just lonely. If this was a regular thing and Hermione always let Crookshanks out at nights, maybe Sirius had befriended the animal out of boredom. That black feeling was rising back up in him, making him question all over again that he’d never once been caught being around the dog, and he refused to linger on this anymore then Sirius, just begging for one hour of peace so he made the crack “naw, Padfoot, are you making sure Hermione’s cat gets home safe?”

Sirius scoffed and smiled weakly, letting his own confusion at this random thing slide away.

Harry gaped in shock, now wondering if Crookshanks had seen that dog to, surely it wasn’t actually a death omen for Harry alone.

“Well we already knew it wasn’t that” Lily said lightly, causing at least Harry to laugh at his old self.

“Kind of the opposite if you really think about it” James nodded fervently, still not having a shadow of a doubt Sirius could only be a good thing in Harry’s life, the protector he so sorely needed.

Harry tried to wake Ron up to get a look, but by the time he roused his friend and went back to the window, they’d vanished.

While it was still an odd thing all in all, the three boys dearly hoped this wouldn’t detract Harry from his Quidditch thoughts. So Sirius was hanging around with a cat, it wasn’t the strangest thing they’d heard this year.

Well except Lily, who would honestly rather hear Harry had gone down and finally confronted that dog then hear another Quidditch game.

Ron wasn’t paying any attention, he’d gone back to sleep.

Sirius couldn’t help but release a surprised snort, effectively erasing the little tension that had built up in the room.

Harry woke the next morning and went down to breakfast, to find the Ravenclaw and Hufflepuff tables applauding their arrival, they were as anxious as anyone for Slytherin to be knocked down a peg.

“School unity” James said smugly, trying to catch Lily’s attention as well, which worked too well when she glared at him instead of the book.

Not to be outdone, the Slytherin table made sure to hiss as loudly as possible, and Harry caught sight of Malfoy looking very pale.

“Hope he’s sweating his arse off” Remus nodded.

When Harry passed the Ravenclaw table, he found Cho catching his eye and waving at him, offering him some good luck, causing Harry to blush.

“Ooh, my little Prongslett’s first crush” James cooed fondly, making Harry repeat that blush now.

He could barely stuff any breakfast down, and when they got to the lockers he regretted it as it felt like he’d had some worms.

“Actually the twins may have just done that for some last minute attention” Remus offered, clearly without meaning it as they wouldn’t jeopardize anyone in the team anymore then Harry or Wood.

Wood gathered them all up, and they headed out.

“I kind of wanted to hear if he’d made a better speech then last time” James said without any real disappointment, bouncing so hard he was shaking the whole couch in anticipation for this! It had taken over two books to finally get to a Quidditch final!

Lee Jordan began his usual commentating as they walked out, listing all of the Gryffindor team and saying that they were by far the best team Hogwarts had ever housed.

“I would honestly be insulted by that if two of his friends weren’t on the team” Sirius said with a false tragic face.

“I’ll let it slide this once” James nodded in agreement, with his son being on the team and all.

The Slytherin’s made their protests of that heard as Jordan kept going, listing the green team in the same fashion, and making the joke they were clearly going for bulk rather then talent.

Lily still couldn’t help the eye roll she gave for that, thinking that the commentator shouldn’t be allowed to be from their own house on biased opinions.

Harry couldn’t help but agree, as he saw that Malfoy was the smallest member by a long shot.

James hardly looked like he wanted to defend Harry’s opposition, but the need to defend his sport won out and he said “only the Seeker’s actually expected to be small, and even then it’s not a requirement. Like that last game with Diggory,” he only briefly ignored the wince the memory of that game caused “his size over you came in handy.”

“Maybe now wasn’t the best time to bring up Harry’s first loss Prongs” Sirius quietly reprimanded while giving him a light tap with the book, and James realized Harry had turned a little green himself and quickly apologized, considering putting a muting jinx on himself to shut himself up and hear Harry’s win!

Hooch had the team Captains shake hands, but when they did the boys looked more like they were trying to squeeze the others fingers off.

“Honestly would not be surprised” Remus nodded solemnly.

Then they all were on their brooms, the balls were released, and the game began.

Sirius had hardly ever sounded happier in his life right then, he’d take the whole punishment of yesterday just to have this one beautiful moment of this perfect game.

Jordan began his job, listing who had hold of the Quaffle, and noting when George hit one of the Slytherin’s with a Bludger when they got hold,

“Anyone else get the feeling he just guesses which twin that is” James muttered to himself, his ears starting to ring he was listening so hard, and clearly not noticing by the smile frozen on his face.

then continuing with the name game until Gryffindor got its first score.

Despite her own love loss at the game, even Lily couldn’t deny her want to see her house team getting a win with Harry being it’s victor, but she asked for the sake of keeping these rowdy boys in check “who fetches the Quaffle from the ground after the score? Plus, how does Madam Hooch reinsert it into the game.”

Harry was bouncing around with a stupid smile on his face as he answered “it’s got a charm on it, so it sinks really slowly to the ground, like falling through water. The Keeper who just got scored on puts it back in by throwing it to the closest Chaser, and the game resumes.“**

Sirius couldn’t have looked prouder if he tried, remembering back to Harry’s first year and how he’d never even heard of the sport, and now he was taking up the proper knowledge and passing it along to his own mother.

Angelina took a short victory lap for her point, but was nearly shook from her broom as Flint slammed into her.

“Foul!” All four boys snapped at once, the baby in Remus’ lap making an odd screeching noise like he was trying to mimic that, causing the lot of them to laugh all over again.

Flint tried to play it off, but Fred was already getting back by smacking Flint in the head with his club.

“Yeouch” Sirius winced, remembering earlier how he had randomly thought one of the Weasley twins had a crush on this Chaser, and that would explain quite the retaliation.

He hit Flint so hard his nose began to bleed.

“Foul” Lily said pointedly, grinning at the boys when they just gave her amused looks for her added comment.

Hooch awarded both teams a penalty, despite Fred’s protests and calling on Miss Hooch.

“Even pissed he’s got his manners” Remus couldn’t help but laugh.

The referee was listening as she blew the whistle and Alicia took the penalty shot.

“Why wouldn’t Angelina have been the one to do it?” Lily asked in mild concern, wondering how hard the girl had been hit.

“Wood picks who takes the shot, so in that instance he probably thought Alicia was better” Harry explained eagerly “plus, not as emotional as she wasn’t the one to get hit.”

Alicia made her goal, and then it was Flint’s turn, nose still running blood,

Lily dearly wanted to interrupt again to ask why hasn’t someone called time out so that could be fixed, but then she reminded herself that was the Captain’s job, and holding such title Flint must have decided he didn’t need it. It was his own fault then what came of this.

but Wood saved his team and no point was made for Slytherin.

That gave them all a whoop of joy, putting all of the boys in such a good mood they couldn’t find it in themselves to pick on Lily who had joined in.

Normal play resumed, and Harry was only letting himself get minorly distracted from keeping his eyes on Malfoy to make sure he didn’t catch the Snitch before the points were in Gryffindor’s favor. Jordan was still talking below, passing the names around as fast as the Quaffle, and cutting himself off by shrieking something had happend deliberately.

No one even had to hear the description of Lee’s cut off commentary, the word foul already tracing their tongues.

Montague of Slytherin had rammed into Katie, but instead of taking the ball, he’d grabbed her head.

James made an odd noise between a hiss of disgust and trying to said the word, leaving him red in the face and unable to say it as Sirius read on loudly anyways so Gryffindor could get another due penalty shot.

Katie only just stayed on her broom, but the penalty was called, and Gryffindor got another point.

“Yes!” Was hollard loudly in the room, the euphoric mood coursing through such an opposite to that of yesterday it hardly felt like the same living room.

Jordan was more then pleased, calling Slytherin out and listing several foul names for them, before McGonagall cut him off telling him to stop being biased. Jordan said he was just being honest.

“Personally I don’t see how she could get to much heat into her words” Remus cackled “since she probably agreed with him.”

Harry got distracted by finding the Snitch,

“Bloody hell you get better with every game” James praised. “That had to be less then fifteen minutes in.”

but the points weren’t there yet, he couldn’t catch it. Instead he swerved in the opposite direction, and went for a dive, and Malfoy pelted after him, clearly thinking Harry had spotted something he hadn’t.

“Considering he could never spot it on his own” Sirius nodded eagerly, adoring his godson for this little fake out.

Harry didn’t get far though, as both Bludgers were aimed at him.

Lily couldn’t help a wince at each one, remembering that horrid game last year with the mad bludger out to kill her son, but he hadn’t even flinched at remembered pain this time, so she didn’t say anything and the boy’s didn’t look the least bit concerned since Harry clearly had the speed to avoid this.

One ran against his elbow,

Harry may not have reacted in pain at the reminder now because it had hardly hurt, and knew adrenaline had stopped him from even feeling that then.

but when neither made a hit the opposing Beaters came forward with the clubs raised instead right for Harry

The five of them each said something very foul indeed, but Sirius wouldn’t linger on verbal abuse a second longer then he had to as he blasted on, his hands nearly shaking with excitement for the rush of the sport.

but Harry reacted faster, swerving up in time to watch the two boys smacking into each other instead.

Sirius couldn’t help but release a mad cackle as he lovingly replayed that image over and over in his mind’s eye.

“If that doesn’t have one, then you should have the right to name that maneuver” Remus told Harry fondly a crazy grin plastered across his own face.

Jordan laughed his own delight at the action before turning back to the Chasers at play, when the ball fell into Angelina’s hand again and Flint went for a pass Jordan suggested she should poke his eye out, before quickly correcting himself that it was a joke to his Professor.

“Least she didn’t listen” James nodded seriously, thinking that would only earn Slytherin another foul shot.

Despite Wood’s efforts though, Flint got a point, and Jordan began saying such things that McGonagall tried to take the megaphone away.

This room didn’t sound much better, though the hilarious mental image of McGonagall and Lee fighting over the megaphone didn’t really cause any amounts of anger.

This was turning into the dirtiest game Harry had ever played.

“The final’s always are the worst” Remus nodded in agreement.

The Slytherin’s were doing everything possible to take the Quaffle using any method.

“And I hope they pay dearly for every bit of it” Lily hissed, not even bothering to look embarrassed for her outburst anymore.

Bole could be seen hitting Alicia with his club and trying to say he’d thought she was a Bludger.

“Could he be anymore idiotic” James howled in frustration at this low move.

While George elbowed Bole in the face for that.

“He deserved that cobbing” Sirius nodded with a quick nash of teeth before he continued in still hysterically happy tones.

After all that the score was then forty-ten to Gryffindor. Harry and Malfoy were still zooming around and keeping each other in check, Harry chanting the magical number over and over in his head that he had to wait until his team was fifty points up.

For the first time it seemed Lily appreciated her son’s position as staying out of the mayhem she was hearing about, at least he was only in danger when he put himself into the furrows of the game.

When Katie scored again and the twins went down to cover her for the expected comeback, the two other beaters instead hit both Bludgers right into Wood,

“Foul!” All five of them cried in an outrage at that blatant move, dearly hoping the Keeper had good enough reflexes to duck.

which snagged him in the stomach, and he barely stayed on his broom with one hand.

Lily couldn’t help but wiggle in her seat with worry, while the boys looked ready to jump on their own brooms and retaliate for that nonsense!

Penalties were once again rewarded, putting Gryffindor right where they needed to be.

“Yes, yes, yes” Remus was doing a little chant under his breath, giving the baby a light bounce with every one as he realized Harry could now end this game with their win!

The Gryffindor crowd below was screaming itself hoarse -

James was rubbing his own throat and not looking the least bit like he regretted it, he was enjoying himself too much.

while every person’s attention was now on Harry, who knew his duty and if he got the Snitch now they’d have the Cup. He found it just above the ground,

Now everyone who wasn’t reading had joined in on Remus’ chant.

and he made a dive for it, but then his broom began to drag,

The slightest of growls began forming in Sirius’ throat, hating that his first thought was to flash back to Harry’s first game and his tampered broom, but refusing to linger on it in the high of his own enjoyment and just hoping it was his pup’s adrenalin rush making the world come to a crawl.

and he glanced around in confusion to find Malfoy was holding onto the Firebolts tail, pulling it towards himself.

“That’s Blagging!” James howled in outrage, looking like he was going to raise a whistle and scream that foul to the heavens if Sirius didn’t do it in the seconds coming.

Harry tried to hit him away, but Malfoy was out of reach.

“A pity that, he deserves it all over again” Remus snarled.

Malfoy was laughing as he let go, but he’d done his job, and the Snitch was no longer in sight.

“Can’t catch it himself so he’s got to make the game drag on forever” Sirius said solemnly, before blasting on with ever growing eagerness to see that slimy little snake lose.

Jordan was screaming anew at this, staying well out of McGonagall’s reach as he called Malfoy several names,

Lily wasn’t bothering to repress her laughter one bit, knowing full well she’d just been thinking the same things in her own mind when she heard of that bit.

but for once their head of house wasn’t trying to stop him, instead she was waving one finger in particular at the opposing Seeker and shouting right along with Jordan.

None of them had believed it possible, but the laughter in the room actually grew tenfold with the mention of their normally stoic head of house so blatantly getting into the game herself! It was by far the best visual images Harry had yet to capture.

Alicia had taken Gryffindor’s penalty, but she was so angry she missed by several feet.

“No, no, no” James ground out, about ready to jump to his feet and start running around the room he was getting so emotional over this, slightly ruining the effect of his words “they’re getting emotional, they’ll start losing traction.”

His team was starting to lose its focus because of the Slytherin’s, who were only becoming dirtier and were encouraged by Malfoy’s slight.

“That was not what was intended!” Lily spluttered, curling some lose hair around her fingers and pulling in agitation at her own built up response to all this.

The points were still at war, now seventy-twenty to Gryffindor.

Sirius couldn’t help throwing in what he felt about that in between his own commentary, but clearly no one was going to stop him anytime soon, so he kept reading.

Harry was now knee to knee with Malfoy constantly, despite Malfoys protests as he tried to fly away only for Harry to go right back.

“NOT going to happen” Remus was wriggling around so much that the baby hadn’t stopped laughing for several minutes now.

Then Harry got distracted, as Angelina went in for another score, only to go flying up the field and have her way blocked by every player from the opposing team, including the Keeper.

“I’ve never even seen that” James yelped in outrage. “How could they all be so dense as to think that tactic would have any use!” The old Quidditch Captain was so tossed that a team could think this useful he nearly missed Sirius reading,

Harry shot towards the lot of them at such speed they all broke apart with fright.

but he laughed loudly along with everyone else as he pictured them all flying away from Harry like startled bugs.

Gryffindor made its point and were now in their golden circle of opportunity again when Harry saw something else, Malfoy was streaking away, and just ahead of him was a flash of gold.

“Oh bloody hell!” Lily moaned, coming to the same realization as everyone else, that may well have been planned to distract Harry while Malfoy took the lead he would need to catch the Snitch.

Harry kicked his broom into the highest of gears, but Malfoy was still so far away,

“Come on, come on” was the insane chant being pelted around, all with twisted fingers and high hopes that Harry’s broom would surely outstrip anything given the space needed!

but Harry kept going faster, then faster, before he caught level, then he threw out his arm, and Harry screamed yes!

The echo of the cry of triumph actually managed to shake the windows with their excitement! Harry had done it, he’d finally won his house the Quidditch Cup! None of them could have been any prouder in that moment each giving him a huge hug and making Harry laugh so hard he couldn’t have protested if he’d wanted to. This time Lily couldn’t begrudge them one tiny bit as they all laughingly demanded a recount of the game with all the insane amount of details Harry could offer, they clearly just didn’t want this moment to end.

They possibly could have gotten through a whole other chapter by the time they all settled back down and even then Sirius didn’t look like he wanted to keep going. He wanted to linger on this feeling for the next four books, but he also knew better and was forced to finally admit that they had to get to the bottom of Sirius’ behaviour before this day ended as well or he may well go mad now from not knowing, so unbelievably to anyone else it was him who finally managed to convince them all to get back to it and finish what little was left of this perfect chapter!

His hand had encased the slight wings, and before he knew it Wood was there, wrapping Harry’s neck in a choking hug as he sobbed into Harry’s shoulder with glee.

“Pretty sure you just made the whole of his years at school in that one moment” James nodded.

The congratulations didn’t end there, as every person he noticed was running around in pure glee, including Percy who could be spotted jumping around like a maniac, all dignity forgotten.

“Wish he’d show that a little more often” Lily beamed, hoping in this moment he’d finally make a real connection with his brothers he was so clearly missing.

McGonagall was still above, crying her happiness into a Gryffindor flag,

Remus couldn’t help making an odd spluttering noise, half shocked and half trying to laugh at this mental image of his old head of house.

while Harry and the team were put on shoulders and carried forward to receive the Quidditch Cup. Harry put it high above in the air so the whole world could see its silver gleaming in the sun, thinking that he could have made the best Patronus in the world right then.

That one lone little comment was enough to make all of them swivel back to one person in particular who hadn’t been mentioned in all of that, but perhaps Remus had just been lost in the crowd? Considering he’d attended the last game, that must be true...right?

Sirius still refused to linger on it, laughing away like a loon at the happy bubble he refused to be allowed to pop while making a crack that Remus had no choice but to laugh at, making Harry’s smile as wide as theirs as he took the book.

This is the last nice chapter in the book, so I hope you guys enjoyed it.

*If you want to look up the full story that Sirius’ drunk mind won’t ever actually remember just google that name.

**I think that’s how it works in basketball, and despite having my own copy of Quidditch through the Ages all I could find on this was the mention of the ball sinking slowly to the ground, not who puts it back in the game, so please correct me if anyone knows better.

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