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Delicate | YoonMinKook


Yoongi is known as a bad boy in his school but he actually takes cares of his younger brother really well. The way he cares for his brother somehow manages to gain the attention of Jimin, the richest kid in school. 𓂺 slow updates 𓂺 short chapters

Other / Romance
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Author’s Note:

This story is going to be romantic for Yoonmin and brotherly love for Yoonkook

Yoongi walked—more like trudged—back to the apartment complex where he and someone else had been living in. School had just ended an hour ago and like most students, Yoongi was quick to leave campus but since he didn't have enough money to ride the bus he just walked all the way from his school back to his apartment complex, which was about 3 miles—which is about 6 kilometers—away from campus.

Yoongi finally arrived at his own apartment after walking up six floors because the elevator was apparently full—Yoongi let out a scoff at the lady’s excuse when it was obvious that there was still enough space in the elevator to fit two more people—and once he opened the door he was greeted by a boy who was shorter than him by a few inches.

"Yoongi-hyung you're back!!" The boy exclaimed with a huge smile on his face as he ran towards the taller male who engulfed him in a warm hug. Giggles left the boy's lips as Yoongi peppered his forehead with soft affectionate kisses.

"Hello Jungkook..." Yoongi greeted the small boy while ruffling his hair fondly.

"Guess what hyung!" Jungkook began babbling once Yoongi released him from the warm hug. "I received perfect marks on a math test earlier and during free time the teacher allowed us to play in the playground! I had so much fun with my friends!!"

A small gentle smile graced Yoongi's lips as he listened the boy's babbling. He took off his shoes and placed them on the welcome mat, just beside another pair of shoes that belonged to Jungkook, before he was dragged to the gray couch that was at the center of the room by Jungkook.

"What were you doing while waiting for me to return home from school?" Yoongi curiously asked the younger who sat down on the couch and grabbed a book from on top of the mahogany coffee table that Yoongi guessed he borrowed from the school library. "I've been reading this book but it's so boring! I don't wanna do a book report on this boring book!" Jungkook replied—more like whined—causing Yoongi to roll his eyes.

Yoongi slid his bag off his shoulder and dropped it on the floor beside the couch before ruffling Jungkook's hair once more. A whine left Jungkook's lips causing Yoongi to coo at him whilst he pinched his cheek gently.

"You adorable brat." Yoongi cooed before letting go of Jungkook's cheek and patting his shoulder. "I know you're bored reading that book but if you manage to finish reading that before dinner time then I'll cook your favorite."

Jungkook's eyes widened while his jaw dropped slightly. "Do you really mean that hyung?! Does that mean you'll cook lamb skewers if I finish reading?!" Jungkook asked, his excitement becoming obvious to the older because of the tone of his voice.

Yoongi just nodded in reply while he removed his blue vest and began undoing his red tie. He then dropped them into the hamper that was at the corner of the room.

"I'll be doing my homework in the dining room so do keep quiet. I'll begin cooking in an hour so I hope that's enough time for you to finish reading that book." Yoongi said before grabbing three books from his bag—science, english, and mathematics—and entering the dining room.

Jungkook huffed when Yoongi disappeared into the dining room but nonetheless looked down on his lap where the book he was dreading to read was placed. He grabbed the book with a frown on his face but even so he was determined to finish reading it because he loved lamb skewers more than he hated the boring book he was tasked by his teacher to read.

"Okay! I just need to read five more boring chapters then I can eat lamb skewers for dinner! I can do this!" Jungkook pep talked himself before he began reading the book. "Chapter six..."

While Jungkook was reading, Yoongi began doing his homework with his brows furrowed out of frustration.

"Sometimes I don't understand math..." Yoongi mumbled while solving a few equations from his book with a pencil—in case he made a mistake. "I get that it's supposed to help me in the future or whatever but right now it's just giving me stress."

Yoongi leaned against his arm that was resting on the table as he looked down at his math homework that was halfway done. "I hate the person who decided that math should have letters. I mean seriously weren't numbers enough that they had to add letters?!" Yoongi groaned but nonetheless continued to do his homework.

It was a habit of Yoongi to complain whenever he does his homework because for some odd reason complaining helps him concentrate on actually doing his homework instead of procrastinating.

Other than the complaints and the few whines that left Yoongi's lips it was silent in the apartment. Jungkook was too focused on finishing the book he had been reading that the whole time he kept silent.

Soon an hour has passed and Yoongi closed all his books with a sigh of relief. Finally he had finished all his homework and because of that he knew he had to start cooking dinner. Yoongi stood up and carried his books back to the living room where he saw Jungkook waiting for him with a huge smile.

"Hyung I finished reading the book!! It was so boring but I finished it!! Can you please start cooking lamb skewers now?!" Jungkook asked while jumping up and down like a hyper kid—which he actually is.

Yoongi placed his books on the coffee table before placing kiss on Jungkook's hair. "Alright, alright you brat, I'll start cooking... you can watch TV while you wait but only for thirty minutes since it's a school night."

A giggle left Jungkook's lips as he gave Yoongi a short hug before grabbing the TV remote that was on top of the coffee table. He turned on the TV while Yoongi walked towards the kitchen that was connected to the dining room.

Yoongi wore a black apron on top of his white long-sleeve button up. He began humming as he cooked dinner while Jungkook watched Ducktales—the 2017 reboot—a cartoon he enjoyed watching ever since the first episode was released.

Jungkook was watching the show attentively, his brown doe eyes widening at the action scenes but nonetheless a small smile graced his lips during the family moments in the show he found endearing. He continued to stare at the screen until a familiar smell invaded his nostrils causing his mouth to water slightly. “Dinner’s ready!! Come to the dining room right now unless you want me to eat your half of the lamb skewers.”

At Yoongi’s words, Jungkook stood up and ran towards the dining room where he saw Yoongi untying his apron. “You better enjoy dinner you brat.” Yoongi said while grabbing one skewer and pointing it in front of Jungkook who took a bite of it.

Jungkook melted at the taste of the tender and delicious lamb. A small chuckle left Yoongi’s lips seeing Jungkook with wide eyes as he continued to eat the dinner he had cooked for the both of them.

“You are the best hyung ever! This is so delicious!! I want to eat this every day!” Jungkook exclaimed before grabbing two more skewers from the plate that was placed at the center of dining table. Yoongi took one skewer from the plate himself and began eating but not before cooing at how adorable Jungkook looked stuffing his cheeks with his cooking.

Soon all the lamb skewers had been eaten and Yoongi was now carrying a sleepy Jungkook from the dining room to their shared bedroom. Yoongi let out a small tired huff before a proud smile graced his lips when he managed to lay Jungkook on their bed.

“Adorable brat...” Yoongi kissed Jungkook’s forehead as he tucked him in. “I love you Jungkook.”

“L.. ove... you... too...” Jungkook mumbled drowsily causing Yoongi to coo at him softly before he left their shared bedroom and entered the bathroom.

Yoongi took off his clothes—his white long-sleeve button up, black skinny jeans, and white socks—before entering the shower. Deep breaths left his lips as water trickled down his pale body. He couldn’t deny that he was exhausted but even so he didn’t want Jungkook to worry over him so he tried to make it seem like he wasn’t tired at all.

He loved Jungkook with all his heart and he knows that Jungkook loves him back, and because of that he couldn’t bare for Jungkook to see him in his current state. Yoongi was tired and he just wanted to rest. He doesn’t want to go back to school nor does he want to work. He just wants to spend the whole day with his younger brother, who happens to be his only source of happiness.

After a few more minutes in the shower, Yoongi turned it off before drying himself with a towel. He then left the bathroom with the towel he used to dry himself off wrapped around his waist. He walked back to his shared bedroom with Jungkook and picked out white pajamas that he wanted to wear from the closet.

He grabbed the towel and hung it in the closet before wearing the white pajamas. Now that he was wearing the pajamas, he turned off all the lights that were still on in the apartment before kissing Jungkook’s forehead one last time for that day. Yoongi then laid down beside Jungkook on the bed and hugged his waist gently.

“Good night...” Yoongi whispered before closing his eyes as Jungkook snuggled into his chest.

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