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Delicate | YoonMinKook


A groan left Yoongi's lips when he heard the blaring beeps caused by the gray alarm clock that sat on top the wooden bedside table. He unwrapped his arms from Jungkook's waist before turning off the alarm when Jungkook began stirring in his sleep.

Yoongi sat up on the bed and kissed Jungkook's forehead gently before leaving the bed. When Yoongi left the bed Jungkook slowly opened his eyes because his body missed the warmth Yoongi provided him.

"It's still too early Kook, you should sleep some more..." Yoongi whispered softly when he noticed Jungkook rubbing his eyes gently while inaudible yawns left his pink lips.

"But hyung..." Jungkook muttered as he sat up on the bed, his droopy eyes staring at Yoongi who began his daily morning routine. "Brat, listen to your hyung and sleep. I know you need it." Yoongi said as his brown orbs stared at Jungkook while his long fingers picked up a small white watering can that sat near the window.

A whine left Jungkook's lips but nonetheless he laid back down on the bed, knowing that his hyung was right.

Once Yoongi was sure that the younger was finally sleeping again he began watering the small plants they kept in their room. The little succulent plants that were placed by the window were the ones Yoongi owned while the bigger plants that were placed at the corner of the room were the ones Jungkook owned.

Between the two of them Yoongi was the one with the greener thumb but he didn't really like big, tall plants so he decided that he'd take care of the little succulents while Jungkook took care of the bigger plants.

Hums left Yoongi's lips as he watered a small plant that he recently bought. "Adorable little thing..." Yoongi cooed at the small plant before returning the watering can back to it's original spot by the window once he finished watering all his plants.

Yoongi left their bedroom quietly before entering the kitchen, passing by the living room with a scrunched nose. He slowly began wondering what breakfast he should cook for his younger brother. Should he cook something new or just reheat the leftovers from the refrigerator?...

After a few minutes of standing in front of the stove, wondering which option he should choose, Yoongi decided to cook something new for Jungkook and just reheat the leftovers and pack them as his lunch for the day.

After wearing his black apron, Yoongi grabbed a pan and a few ingredients from the refrigerator and cabinets, and began cooking breakfast.

While Yoongi was cooking Jungkook woke up for the second time that morning but this time he didn't go back to sleep. He stood up from the bed and slowly began walking towards the dining room, his feet producing soft thumping sounds as he was still sleepy and so his footsteps were heavy.

A yawn left his lips but he ignored it as his nostrils were invaded with the familiar mouthwatering scent of Yoongi's famous kimchi fried rice.

"Yoongi-hyung are you?..." Jungkook asked, his eyes now wide as he was no longer sleepy. If Yoongi really was cooking kimchi fried rice for breakfast then...

Yoongi just nodded in response to Jungkook's question, a small grin on his face when he saw the excited twinkle in Jungkook's adorable eyes. Jungkook's twinkling brown doe eyes and wide excited smile caused a chuckle to leave Yoongi's lips. He knew how much Jungkook loved eating his kimchi fried rice which was almost as much as they enjoyed eating lamb skewers.

"Just set the table and wait for a few more minutes. I'm almost done." Yoongi said causing Jungkook to grab two plates and two pairs of chopsticks from the cupboard before setting them on the table, but not before placing two white table mats on the table top.

Jungkook sat down and waited for his hyung to come out of the kitchen with a plate full of kimchi fried rice and some leftover chicken—something that Yoongi always serves with his kimchi fried rice—that they had for dinner two days ago.

"Kook, can you help me?" Yoongi asked as he turned off the stove. Jungkook immediately came running to the kitchen when he heard Yoongi asking for his help. "Can you grab a big plate from the cupboard? I'm done cooking..." Yoongi mumbled causing Jungkook to do what Yoongi asked him to.

He grabbed a big plate from the cupboard and held it in front of the pan that Yoongi lifted. Yoongi placed the warm kimchi fried rice onto the plate and once all the rice on the pan was gone, he ushered for Jungkook to set the plate on the table. "Please set that on the table...I'll join you once I'm done reheating the leftover chicken."

Jungkook nodded and did what Yoongi told him to do. Once he set the plate full of rice on the table, Jungkook sat down once again and waited for Yoongi patiently.

Soft hums left Jungkook's lips as he played with his fingers. He was really excited to eat Yoongi's famous kimchi fried rice again, but even so he patiently waited for his hyung to return from the kitchen with a small adorable smile and a plate full of reheated leftover chicken.

Once Yoongi entered the dining room no longer wearing an apron and his hand holding a plate full of reheated leftover chicken, he gestured for Jungkook to begin eating. "Here you go Kook. Breakfast is served..." Yoongi mumbled as he set the plate on the table before pinching Jungkook's cheek affectionately.

A whine left Jungkook's lips before he began eating like he had been starved for days.

"Brat...don't forget to chew" Yoongi said as he began eating but unlike Jungkook who was just swallowing everything, Yoongi ate slowly.

Jungkook grumbled but nonetheless listened to Yoongi who smiled at him discreetly. "Now wasn't that too hard..." Yoongi mumbled sarcastically. Jungkook playfully glared at his hyung but deep down knew that Yoongi was just looking out for him.

After a few minutes of silence, Yoongi spoke up once the two of them had finished eating. "I'll walk you to school today and also pick you up later in the afternoon. If I don't pick you up by four do call me, I'll be a bit late because of my club but I can always excuse myself to leave early." Yoongi explained to Jungkook who placed the dirty dishes in the sink.

"Okay hyung." Jungkook mumbled before walking towards the bathroom to take a shower.

A sigh left Yoongi's lips before he began washing the dirty dishes, utensils and pans they had used. His hands moved, scrubbing away the oil from the pan with a sponge gracefully as if he had done it a million times before. A routine he had gotten used to ever since he began taking care of his—adorable—younger brother.

The ability to juggle his own chores while taking care of Jungkook, raising him the best he could, whilst maintaining his above average grades in school was something Yoongi mastered over time. After all he had only done it for about five years, maybe even more.

Once Yoongi saw Jungkook leave the bathroom with wet hair, wide eyes and a small smile, he ruffled his wet hair before picking out Jungkook's uniform—a gray blazer, a plain white shirt, and black shorts—from the closet.

"Wear this and dry your hair while I shower." Yoongi said to Jungkook while handing him his school uniform. He then grabbed his own uniform—a blue blazer, a long-sleeved white button-up, a red tie, and black jeans—from the closet, not forgetting to also grab his towel before entering the bathroom.

While Yoongi was showering, Jungkook wore his uniform while staring at the wooden picture frame that was on the bedside table, just beside the alarm clock. As he inserted his arm into the blazer, a sigh left his lips as his eyes continued to stare at the picture. It was a family picture.

In the picture Jungkook could see a younger—he looked around eight years old—Yoongi with a sly smirk on his face as he looked at the camera, his small fingers gripping the swing loosely as he crossed his legs. He looked mischievous but Jungkook couldn't deny that at the same time Yoongi also looked happy and childish in the picture.

Behind Yoongi was a taller boy—who looked around twelve years old—who was smiling widely as his right hand was on Yoongi's shoulder. His left hand formed a piece sign as he winked at the camera so only one of his beautiful brown eyes were captured in the picture. For some reason Jungkook couldn't remember the boy no matter how hard he tried, he even tried asking Yoongi who he was only for the subject to be changed by the older whenever he asked.

Beside the taller boy was their mother, a beautiful woman who was dressed in a silky white coat as he carried a one year old Jungkook in her arms. She was smiling at the camera while the man who stood on the other side of the taller boy, their father, looked stiff as he stared at the camera with a bored expression.

Jungkook couldn't remember when the picture was taken or who the taller boy was, but he didn't care. He hasn't seen in his parents in years or cared enough to search for them. All he needed was Yoongi, his hyung who loved him and took care of him. The one person who did his best to give him everything he wanted and needed.

A sigh left Jungkook's lips before he turned around to see Yoongi leaving the bathroom fully dressed in his uniform. A frown was visible on Yoongi's face when he noticed that Jungkook's blazer still wasn't buttoned.

"You brat..." Yoongi mumbled as he crouched down to button Jungkook's blazer. Jungkook stared at Yoongi's hair before hugging him once he finished buttoning his blazer.

"Yoongi-hyung, I love you." Jungkook said earning a sigh from Yoongi who hugged him back, still crouching. "I know. I love you too."

It was peaceful between the two until they released each other from the hug. Yoongi returned to the kitchen to pack their lunches while Jungkook grabbed his and Yoongi's school bags. With both their lunchboxes in his hand, Yoongi handed Jungkook his lunchbox before grabbing his packed school bag from Jungkook's hand.

"Come on Kook, let's go. We're riding my motorbike today." Yoongi said as he grabbed the keys to their apartment and two helmets. "How come hyung? We usually take the bus to school." Jungkook asked as he grabbed his helmet from Yoongi hand.

"I've run out of money. Luckily I have work tomorrow so don't worry about it Kook." Yoongi replied as they both left their apartment, locking the door, and entering the surprisingly empty elevator. "Yoongi-hyung..." Jungkook mumbled with wide eyes.

"It's alright Kook, now come one." Yoongi assured as he grabbed Jungkook's hand and dragged him towards his black motorbike that had been parked at their apartment complex's parking lot for more than three days now.

With a pout on his lips Jungkook hugged Yoongi's back once they both sat on the motorbike. "Hyung...."

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