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Hill 72892: (Toriel x male reader)


A humongous thanks goes to Nerd-Hero for giving me the determination i needed to write my own story about this particular game. Thanks man :') This story isn't about the war between humans and monsters but between humans and humans and this story is about Russell A.K.A Rusty during world war one the name of hill 72892 is fictional and the first chapter will be about the battle for Mt. Ebott. That being said, UNTIL YOUR LAST DYING BREATH! !DISCLAIMER! I do not own undertale or the characters and some of the ideas i had WERE TAKEN from internet and fan made comics the credit goes to them.

Action / Romance
Age Rating:

The Battle for hill 72892

Cold, mud, blood. That’s the dark side of humanity, the atrocities that a man is capable of doing to another were reflected in that battle by that time it was 1917, the war was one year away from ending, but the worst was yet to come.
You were in the German army and the allied forces had the battalion you were in surrounded; they had conquered trench after trench making you retreat onto the hill 72892 more commonly known as mt Ebott it was the last German position that stood between the allied forces and the fatherland and your orders, as the soldier you were, were to defend the hill until your last breath.
Your name was Russell but your friends called you Rusty and you were 25 years old. And this were your battle clothes.

(Forget the las gun and just put him a bolt action rifle from world war one)
Russell: “Hey, brother”
Your brother: “what is it Rusty?”
Rusty: “Whats the report on the enemy frontline?”
Brother: “everything is quiet, too quiet.” “Tell the commander that we may have to prepare for an assault.”
Rusty: “right away.”
You took your backpack and went to the commanders office to give your report.
Rusty: “kommander” *salute* im here to report on the enemy, companies A and B report that the enemy has abandoned their position to join their main forces here.” You said pointing to a red horizontal line in the map.
Kommander: “so it looks like they are getting ready to launch a massive offensive...”
Rusty: “yes sir.” “What orders may I carry out sir?”
Kommander: “Go tell companies A, B and D to ready themselves for battle and to prepare the gas canisters.” “Also tell companies C and E that we may need to retreat higher in the mountain in order to ambush them if they take our positions.”
“Yes sir.” Once you had notified all the companies you went next to your brother behind the machine gun and told him the plan.
Brother: “so... our kommander doesn’t want us to fall back into Germany...”
Rusty: “Ya, he wants us to hold our position, he said that there will be friendly fire to those who disobey orders.” “He also said that we have to get ready for a gas attack.”
Brother: “okay, lets just get this over with...”
Brother: “Whatever you do don’t get out of the trench no matter what” “I’ll try to take care of you.”
Russell: “thank you brother”
Brother: *hugging you* “stay strong brother” “i love you.”
Suddenly the whistle rang through the trench and someone yelled “GAS MASKS ON!!”
You put on your gas mask as well as your brother and prepared the heavy machine gun.
Suddenly gas canisters soared through the sky and made impact in the enemy trench making them all advance; problem is, that they also had gas masks but your attack caught them by surprise nonetheless and it killed those who weren’t ready.
You awaited for the open fire signal.
And then the open fire signal rang and you began to shoot the machinegun to the enemy advancing uphill.
But then a force lifted you off the ground and threw you behind the german trench. Your ears rang like crazy and when you recomposed yourself you noticed that you were being bombarded with heavy artillery. Then everything went to hell; it was pure chaos, the heavy artillery had opened a breach in the trench allowing the allies to enter and kill your fellow soldiers with ease since the bombardment caught everyone completely off guard. You got up and took out your trench maze and jumped back inside the trench, you saw a British soldier stabbing several times a german soldier right before the german fell dead you went to the British and hitted him in the face with the trench maze you raised your maze again and slammed it back down onto the soldier’s head you got up and took your rifle and went to search your brother (b/n = brothers name)
Rusty: “B/NNNN!!!” You yelled catching the attention of another soldier who charged at you with his bayonet fixed; you panicked and out of instinct fired your rifle but missed, he reached you and stabbed you in the pancreas. Right then you snapped and forgot about your fear, all you had left in you was rage and hatred you kicked back the enemy soldier and pulled the bayonet out of your wound then you went to him and tackled him to the ground and started hitting him in the face with your maze. Once he was dead you went berserk and started killing enemy soldiers left and right when you ran out of ammo in your rifle you used your bayonet, when the bayonet broke you used your trench maze and pistol, when you ran out of ammo in the pistol you used your trench maze. Suddenly you reached a dead soldier with a flamethrower and took it from him, you burnt a group of five soldiers and watched them perish, then you left the flamethrower and kept on going until you nearly reached the end of the trench all this while the enemy heavy artillery kept pounding non-stop.
B/N: “...h-here...” you heard him and went running to kneel next to him.
Rusty: “D-Don’t worry i’ll get you out of there.”
B/N: “brother...”
Rusty: “come on there must be a way out!”
B/N “brother...just......... go....”
Rusty: NEIN!!
Then your brother punched you in the face and said.
“Stubborn like a mule... cant you see that im done for?!” He yelled weakly.
You kneeled crying while he held you in his arms.
“Just.... go........”
Those were the final words that you remembered from him.

You stopped crying and took your trench maze and your rifle and while the allies advanced you lied low and moved fast between the heavy artillery fire, the rain and mud.
You kept running until you found a cave carved in the mountain well hidden behind some bushes and vines having no other choice you went ahead and ventured inside.
Unfortunately you went and tripped with a root on the ground and fell into a hole.

You woke up in a bed made of flowers inside what looked like a cavern and those were... columns?
Rusty: “what the...?”
You tried to get up but to no avail as your leg hurt a lot as if a car just ran over you.
Rusty: “Aaaagh! Fuck, hello?”
You called for help, but none came.
You looked up to the ceiling of the cavern and to your surprise you saw a hole which was illuminated by the sunlight.
You stood there kneeling for a few seconds and finally you decided to make the first move; you took two branches like planks not too heavy but not too light either so moving would be a pain in the ass. You corrected your leg and aligned the bone feeling an immense pain in the process, so you took off your trench coat and with your shirt you bandaged your right leg the best you could so that the 2 branches would hold your bone in place. You also improvised a bandage with a piece of cloth to cover the pancreas area since it was exposed.

You took careful steps and once you got used to the pain you started walking onwards past a gate and into a darkened room where a single flower with a face was swinging from side to side.
???: “howdy!” “I’m flowey you are new around here arent you?”
Rusty: “uuuuhh ya...?”
Flowey: “well in that case someone has to show you how things work around here.”
Rusty: “I-I uuuuuuh”
Flowey: “come on, dont you trust me?”
Rusty: “i suppose...”
Flowey: “okay lets begin!”
You stood in front of flowey and then it said “why dont you try catching the friendly pellets with your hand?” And flowey, with the wink of an eye, made appear 5 pellets so; trusting the flower you catch one with your hand and right then you felt an immense pain in your wound.
You turned back to flowey which had a creepy look on its face and said.
“You idiot, down here its kill or be killed”
“Why would anyone pass an opportunity like this!?” Right after that sentence you were surrounded by 8 pellets and started to close in as they were spinning as flowey was laughing maniacally.

Right when you thought you were a goner the pellets disappeared and it said:
“Wait how did you-” right before a fire ball hitted it in the face making you turn in the direction from where the fireball came.
???: “how terrible creature, harming such a poor innocent youth.”
Rusty: wh-who are you, where am i!?
???: “do not be afraid my child i am Toriel.
Caretaker of the ruins.”
Rusty: “w-well im Y/N but what are you?”
Toriel: “well i am a monster of course!”
Rusty: “but how did i- agh!”
Toriel: “what’s wrong my child? Are you hurt?”
Rusty: “no i-i... am........ not.” You said before passing out.
Toriel held you before you made contact with the floor and she said.
“Do not worry my child i will take care of you.”
So she took you to her home and laid you on her bed since you were too large to fit in the childrens bed.
So she took off your improvised bandage and removed the two branches. Suddenly she noticed that the improvised bandage was a shirt so being curiosity more than anything else she removed your trench coat and couldnt help but to stare at your bare muscular chest, blushing a little she hurried and putted you a blanket on top and proceeded to treat your wounds with her magic.

*2 hours later*

You woke up feeling woozy trying to remember then everything came rushing back you first realized that the wound didn’t hurt you anymore but when you tried to get up you lost balance and had to kneel on the ground to prevent a major collision of your face with the floor.
Hearing your almost amusing struggle Toriel came in the room

“Oh my, are you alright my child?” Said Toriel.
Rusty: “What happened to me?” You said in a sleepy voice.
Toriel: “well i managed to heal your afflictions and looks like the spell had some secondary effects...”
Russell: “w-wait, spell? You mean like magic?” “Thats not possible.”
Toriel: “have you not heard the legends of this mountain, my child?”
Rusty: “N-no...”
Toriel: “well in that case let me explain you.”

*30 minutes later*

Rusty: “so that explains a lot.”
Toriel: “im afraid so.” “But i don’t think we have formally introduced ourselves did we not?”
Russell: “Nein” “my names Russell, but you can call me Rusty”
Toriel: “And if you don’t mind my curiosity what brings you to the ruins?”
Rusty suddenly remembering everything, the battle, the blood, his brother...
Rusty: “M-my brother!” “I-i have to get back to him!” “He... he.”
You then looked at your hands covered in dried blood from the soldiers you’ve killed and then felt the urge to cry so you took off your mask and tossed it to the ground.
Toriel: “w-what how...?” “I-i thought you were a monster.”
Rusty: “nein i’m human and...” *holding back tears* “i’ve...”
Toriel: “shhh its okay”
Rusty: “NO ITS NOT OKAY” “ive taken so many lives... ive killed so much...”
“And then....... my brother......”
Toriel: *sitting next to you* “you.... killed him?”
Rusty: “N-no....” “he died”
Your tears started to stain your trench coat and you tried to wipe them away.
Toriel: “why don’t you tell me your whole story.”
Rusty: “o-okay” “so... where do i start; there is a war going on between us, humans, its not just two countries or three or even four, but the whole world is at war as we speak.”
Toriel: “b-but why?”
Rusty: “they say its the war to end them all” “so i was stationed with a battalion alongside my brother.” “Our orders were to defend this mountain at all costs to prevent the enemy from invading the fatherland, my home.”
“This mountain was code named hill 72892”
“The numbers are just a designation so the enemy doesn’t understand what it stands for or where its located.”
“Anyways im sure your species is used to swords and shields...” “but we are way beyond that we use powder and weaponry, tanks, heavy artillery, even flying machines.”
Toriel at this point couldn’t help but feel more curiosity as it was impossible to fly for a being with no wings.
“My battalion was stationed here and we were completely surrounded, but we wouldn’t receive reinforcements so we started te attack, we threw toxic gas which, if breathed in, can kill even the most armored unit within a matter of minutes.” “Thats why i was wearing this, a protection against that gas.” “We were winning the battle for at least te first 2 hours.” “But then we were bombarded with heavy artillery making a breach in our defenses.”
“They just wouldn’t stop coming, i killed... i don’t even know how many...” “i only felt hatred and rage.” “But the worst part about this war isn’t killing.” “Its to see who had lost his soul.” “Thats what happened to my brother.” “I used to look at his eyes and they were filled with joy with dreams.”
But before he died.... i looked at them and there was no spark, no dreams, no hope.... no soul. It was like... like *sniff* like staring at a goddamned corpse.” “I-i even burned people and watched them scream in pain as they perished in flames.” “Who’s to say i can just take lives like that, who am i to decide who lives and who dies...”
“The smell of the burned, the screaming, im never going to forget that...”
At this point Toriel had her arms wrapped around you in a comforting hug.
You just were lying there motionless crying.
Rusty: “i should have brought just one bullet for me and i wouldn’t have to worry about anything...”
Toriel: “don’t say that, every live matters, even those who have taken others.” “If you had brought just one bullet for yourself you wouldn’t be here with me and we would have never met.”
She said with a heavenly soothing voice.
Rusty: *throwing away his rifle and his trench maze* “i just don’t want to see this again.” “I don’t want to hurt anyone ever again...”
Toriel: “shhhhh its okay you are safe now, are you not?”
You nodded and wiped away your tears smiling, knowing that someone was forgiving you filled you with determination.
Toriel: “now why don’t you go and sleep a little, while i fix you a breakfast you must be starving.”
Rusty: “i-i just... thank you for believing in me i’m never going to forget it.”
Toriel couldn’t help but blush a little she then said “come i have something for you”
You followed her closely to a closet, she opened it and took out a box and opened it she then gave you some kind of aluminum brick.
“Here you can use this to contact me.”
You took it and realized that it could be unfolded and it had a series of buttons with numbers and letters on it.
“What is this... brick?”
Toriel: *giggling* “its a cell phone you silly.”
With it you can call me wherever you are, here ill show you how to use it.”

*30 minutes of explanation later*

Toriel: “thats basically how it works.”
Rusty: “so i just press this button and the numbers appear here?”
Toriel: “thats right my child.”
Rusty: “i will sure find a use for this.” “Thank you”
Toriel: “no trouble at all.” “She said smiling at you.”
Rusty: “oh by the way if you need help with the kitchen or anything just ask”
Toriel: “Well i certainly need help with the cake if you don’t mind.”
Rusty: “o-oh! No, do not worry i will help you in anyway i can.”
So you went to the kitchen and helped her with the ingredients; everything was going great until she accidentally dropped an oven mitt to the floor and went to pick it up, unfortunately exposing her rear, you caught notice of this and couldn’t help but stare and blush so much that you could be mistaken for a tomato.
“Why am i staring so much you thought, this isn’t right shes a monster and im a human, this is so wrong.”
By this time Toriel had already picked it up and was turning around. You quickly turned your gaze away from her.
Toriel: “what’s the matter my child?” “Are you not well?”
Russell: “I-i uuuuuhhh Y-ya im fine t-totally fine!”
Toriel: “well you certainly look very red...”
Rusty: “N-no i, wow is it hot in here or is it just me?”
Toriel touched your forehead to check if you had a fever and this only made you blush even more.
Toriel: “I think you should really go to sleep rusty, you may have a fever.”
You at this point were relieved that she didn’t noticed you staring at her rear... or your boner.
So you went and exited the kitchen and went into Toriel’s bedroom to lay down and sleep.
However, what you didn’t noticed was that Toriel had a slight blush on her face.
Toriel: *to herself* “wow i have never seen someone blush so much, is he...? Am i really...?”
“No this is wrong what am i thinking?”

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