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Beautiful stranger

Chapter 2

''Thank you' mahi only said this

Mahi so beautiful

'You want to change?' I asked her because I don't think she was comfortable in that heavy dress

'But I don't have any other dress' okay she has a point why I didn't thought that before

'No worries you can wear my tshirt and track or hoodie anything' she might chose from these things to wear she will look cute definitely... don't you think you're using CUTE too often today mr.samthaan?

Because she is cute

I Scolded myself and look at her

to was lost in her thoughts

I snapped my fingers to bring her back

'Back to earth mahi!' I said while snapping my fingers and she smiled again I think She like listening to her name because I like call her by this

Now I think I should ask her about things which are bothering me since we met

'Can I ask you something'? I asked her to which she nodded

'Why you screamed earlier?'

She smiled again wow I am liking her smile now she has a dimple wow

Shut up aj shubha se tu saif ali khan bangaya har baat per wow wow

I too smiled and then she said

''You are arnav samthaan right

I am your biggest fan since you're first show I loved your character I love you and your costar you both were too good I Love You'' she said in one go and not letting me response she started again

''I know that you don't want to have me here sorry to bother you actually I was running from my own wedding and I came towards road so someone should hit me hard and then I'll be death so everything else will get sorted but my luck you hit me wow I am soo lucky to get hit by my crush's car and now I'm in your home what more can I ask for'' she said all this in one go and with dreamy again but she think I don't want her here like why

She wants to die but why?? I can't be more important for someone

''It's ok but why you want to die''

I asked her her smile droped & I'm not liking that

'You know my parents want me to marry someone that I don't know so I don't want them to think I ran away so I wrote that I am death and I don't want them to see my body so jumped off the cliff and left my city and came here'

Ooohhhh iski life mai serial se zyada drama hai

'So you're death at your city and now you really want to die?' I asked her because if really want to die then why she came here

Because now I don't know what to do where to stay and kisse baat karu kya kaam karu khana kaise khao....ooh shit she might be hungry

Bhook lagi hai? I asked her and she nodded with cute baby pout aww

Kab se khana nahi khaya ? I asked her in stern voice she looked scared but cute

Maine last ghar mai khaya tha' oh god!!

Aur yaha mumbai kab aai tum?

I maintain my stern look

'2 October'

Fuckk she haven't eaten anything since two days

'Ek kaam karo first go take good shower and change into my clothes then we will have lunch together ok and our conversation is still left ok we'll continue that as well''she smiled and nodded and said thank you

She started moving towards washroom but she can't even walk properly goddd I helped her and went to kitchen to make some lunch you know perks of living alone.

After while she came out of room with my hoodie and track on her

My hoodies is more like dress for her she looks cute I started starting her shamelessly And she was struggling to get till me she was about to fall but thank god I got my sense back on time and save her fall down

she shut her eyes tightly as she expected to meet the floor then after realizing she opened her eyes to look into mine again

Our Little moment was broken by my phone ring and I made sit on chair and attended the call of my mom

After the call I came to see this cutie waiting for me

'Hey it's fine you can start eating'

I said while sitting opposite side

'It's ok I don't like eating alone sorry' she said

Wait why is she sorry

'Ok but why sorry' I asked

'Because of me you have to suffer' isn't she the cutest

'Mahi listen its fine and moreover I wasn't having much work so chill'

I said while serving my special pasta to her and she nodded and started eating I serves myself and let eat in peace after lunch I will ask her...

she was so hungry that she ate quickly and I asked her if she want more to which she nodded and smile cutely.. I don't think I have adore any other girl as much as I am adoring her...

I served her more pasta and we ate enjoying our food rather she was enjoying her food and I am enjoying seeing her


I went to attend some important calls and came back to hall and saw that she saw cleaning the dining table why is she doing that

I came to her and asked

'What do you think you're doing Mahi' I asked her in stern voice on which she was scared again

'I...I..was..ju..just cleaning the mess I created.' She said in her scared voice

'' you shouldn't have done it now come we need to talk'' I said taking her hand in mine and took her to living room we sat on sofa facing each other

'Tell me about you' I said

''Ok so I am mahvish khan from Chennai, I am 19 years old and jobless for now and not to forget I am your biggg fann'' she ended her intro and I was sad to know her age she was only 19 but I was happy because she was my fan and earlier she said she love me but why her parents want her to get married at this age

It was confusing so I asked her

'If you are 19 so why you're parents wants to get married?'

'I don't know why but They think I get settled so yeah its about me leave that'

Such a typical indian parents

''Ok so did you enjoyed the food''

She surely did but still I would love to hear from her

''It was amazing I love it thank you'' she said with a big smile

''Now I will leave thanks for everything sir I will never forget this day thank you''

She said while getting up and walking towards room wait did she called me sir!? Why because I am older than her? No ways

'Thanks again I hope I didn't trouble you much' why I am not saying anything

Mahi!! I screamed as she was about to open the door and she turned to look at me in shock

Y..yess sir... arghh why this sirr

'Come back and sit here'I said pointing out to the place she was seated before


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