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Devil's repersial 21+||A kim taehyung FF


He is the hero is the villian every truth is a lie he married her to burn her in his fire of revenge to gift her with only pain, pain which he went through for year's. But what will happen will he fell in his own net will she luminate his shackled world.

Fantasy / Mystery
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Devil's repersial prologue


I was shaking from fear in my wedding gown as he was sitting on the couch with his leg's crossed eyeing me darky with pure rage and anger as if I was his prey he has been waiting for so long I tried to keep myself composed but the Tear's won't stop I was looking down When I heard his deep manly voice.

Taehyung:"take off the wedding gown" he said eyeing me darkly from head to toe as if he would stab me from those eyes.

I look at him all shocked and with my red swollen eyes. I didn't say anything and immediately looked down I was completely blank my brain wasn't working.I was not in my senses.

Taehyung: "You Heard me kim y/n."

He called me Kim with full authority as if I belong to him Like a toy after all won his repersial today or maybe his repersial started which would give only pleasure to him and pain unbearable pain to me as I was the one who was the cause of all this in his eyes but I wasn't.

Taehyung: "princess u don't me to go hard on you do u" He said with grinding his teeth making me gulp hard.

He got up from the couch. I immediately took 2 steps back.

Taehyung: "Are you scared of me" he said smirking darkly

I slowly nodded even though I didn't wanted to agree I didn't wanted to feel weak Infront of him but it will be a clear lie if I say no and I don't want to make the situation worst. I was not ready both mentally and physically and he damn knew it very well.

Taehyung: "The more hard you make it for yourself the more pleasure it gives to me seeing the pain in your eyes, it gives me satisfaction which I have been craving for".

He said fuming with anger while coming closer to me I kept moving back until my back hits the pin of the door used for hanging clothes making me hissed in pain.

He looked at me with full hatred and authority, I didn't knew what to Do at that Moment.

Taehyung:"you think you can run,No my little birdy you are forever caged now and in this cage you will only Feel pain.All Thanks to your wicked Dad. You will pay for his dirty sin's".

The moment he talked about my dad I felt hurt for my dad as he was my everything and all of This I am doing is for only his sake. I can't take anything against my father. Anger boiled in me. But I was scared for the circumstances but with alot of courage I spoke.

Yn: "p---pl-ease d-do-nt sa-y a-anything a-abou-t M-my da-d."

Taehyung looked at me shooting daggers through his eyes which could make thousands of Whole in my body if they Were knives.

Taehyung: "Repeat What u just said"

he said coming closer I could feel his hot breath fanning me as Well as Anger I know he could burst at any moment as I triggered the beast inside him by speaking up for my dad as he hated him to the core of his heart. but he was still calm ready to RIP any moment.

I said nothing but started trembling more in my wedding gown regretting for my earlier word's.

Taehyung:"I said god damn it repeat". This time he screamed grabbing my chin I could fell my jaw break.

Yn: "ta-ehyu-ng s-stop i-it hurts".

Taehyung:"you should have thought that before using your little mouth my dolly."

He said immediately, smashing his lips on mine Within the blink of an eye. I didn't respond and kept pushing him accidentally I pushed his hands which was about to grab my ass.

Taehyung:"Did you just stop my hand babe". He said eyeing me darkly.

"Well you asked for it let's see if you can handle my strength".

He said gripping me hard pushing me on the bed. Screaming was all I could at the moment. But It was of no use as the walls were sound proof. I was badly trapped nothing could help me at the moment nothing. I closed my eyes mentally preparing myself for the new hell my life has stopped it's steps on the door off.

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