Riddler's Assistant- Genesis

Chapter 10: The Joker

I was explained about the layout of Arkham, so I know where to go in and how to get out. Once I got onto the island I had to use my Omni Gear to get on top of the main building where they keep the inmates. I got inside and headed my way down the halls where the inmates are kept in these cells. When I came across Penguin's cell, I suddenly stop and look at him. Why did I stop? I got a job to do.

When Penguin looked at me he asked, "Who are you?"

"Nobody." I said but all of a sudden I've felt this hurt within my heart. What's up with that?

"Heh heh, well Nobody what are you doing here in a place like this?"

"Just breaking someone out. Sorry but it's not you."

"No worries. I'm taking the long way out of here."

"Awesome, good luck with that." I walk further down and finally found the Joker. "Oooo now what do we have here?" said Joker with that wide red grin of his, "Aren't you a bit small to be a guard?"

"Do I look like a guard to you?"

"Of course you're right. Guards wouldn't be caught dead in that outfit."

"Uh huh. Anyway I'm here to break you out."

"Now why would you want to do that pipsqueak?"

"Because there's a Harley Quinn waiting for you. Now let's shake a leg." I clap my hands once to activate the glove's pressure mechanic and place them against the glass. Once the door shattered to pieces Joker followed me up to the roof. "So how do we get out of this one pipsqueak?" He said, "Do we fly?"

"Something like that." I said, "Get on my back."

"Ooo, am I gonna get a pony ride?"

"Don't push it." He got onto my back and used the Omni Gear to jet us out of here. On the second swing Joker lost his grip and fell. I had to jet towards to catch him with both arms. "Hold on man I gotcha!" I got us onto a roof first so we can get our bearings. When I let him go I asked him, "You alright?"

"That was fun! Can we do that again?!"

"... Don't fall on purpose dude. I'm in the mood to play catch the criminal."

"But I am." said the familiar dark voice of Batman. He was right behind us standing on the same roof. "Awww great!" I said.

"Can you out run him?" said Riddler through my ear piece intercom.

"I don't think I can, but I can slow him down."

"Batsy! It's been too long!" said Joker.

"Not long enough." said Batman, "What do you need him for?"

"Nothing really but that's none of your business." I said.

"It's my business to put all criminals away."

"That's good. Everybody needs a hobby." I attack first with a hidden blade. He grab my wrist and pull me in to headbutt me. When I fell back I flip kick him right under his chin. I landed first and launch myself to stab him in the stomach. I succeeded but he kicked me off where the wound wasn't too deep. "Kick him in the balls!" shouted Joker.

"Stay out of it!" I shouted back and rush at Batman again. He grab me by the jacket and got me in a choke hold. I flip us both as we landed on the ground and I elbowed him in the chest. I got out of his grip and we both stand up again. We throw punches left and right. We hit each other possibly once or twice, but it was hard to bring in a powerful move because we knew how to counter it. I jump up to kick him from the air, but he caught it and spin me around. I landed on my back but I jump back up swinging my head to headbutt him this time. Blood was drawn from his nose and mine.

I brought in a spinning round house to his head, but he blocked it with his arm and kicked me hard in the back. I rolled on the ground and jump back onto my feet. "I won't go down so easily!" I shouted as I use the Omni Gear to tackled him hard. We were both off the roof and now flying into the air.

I stab him again in the right leg this time and kick him off me. "See ya around asshole!" I shouted, but with enough time on his part he grab my leg. "Shit!" I got onto another roof but we crashed landed. I dislocated my left arm during the fall, but that doesn't mean I still can't fight. "Come on mother fucker!"

"Riddle get the hell out of there!" shouted Riddler.

"Not until I teach this guy who's he dealing with!"

"If you carry this fight any longer it will end up like last time!"

".... I can-,"

"Riddle I'm giving you an order!".... I think that's the first time he ever given me one. An assistant has to obey. "Get Joker and get out of there!"

"Understood, Riddler." I said and jetted towards Batman at full speed. I punched him in the face as hard as I can and flown back to the roof where I left Joker. I grab him with the one arm that wasn't dislocated and got us out of there.

"You put on a good show there, pipsqueak." said Joker, "But don't make it into a habit. In the end I must have the last laugh with the Bat."

"Well right now you need to pipe down. Before my arm decides to drop you."

"Where's your sense of humor short cake?" Right now I'm a little pissed off. That's the second time I didn't get to finish my fight with Batman, but I am excited that I've found someone who can fight at my level. I can't believe I dislocated my arm during the fall though. This sucks!

When we were back Harley and Joker spend some time together while Edward fix my arm. "AHHH SHIT!!" I shouted when he pop it back in. I moved it around as I said, "Thanks Edward."

"You really need to be careful when you're fighting Batman." said Edward.

"Tch, never." I jump off the table and walk over to Joker and Harley. "Alright I'm ready to take you guys to your new hideout."

"So you're Riddy's girl?"

"I'm his assistant yes."

"What's your name then?"

"Her name is Riddle, Joker." step up Riddler, "She's my partner and nothing more. So clear that head of yours from any ideas you think of us."

"Oh Riddy you should already know the formula to having a partner. At first it's just business until cupid decides to put an arrow in both your hearts. Maybe at some point we could trade partners."

"Yeah not going to happen."

"Aww spoiled sport."

"Alright guys come on." I said, "We're on a time cruncher so let's go.

"... By the time I brought them to their new hideout Harley was thanking me for doing this for them. But she asked me a personal question, "Hey why are you really with Eddie? He's more of a behind the scenes villain if you know what I mean. You seem to like to be in the field more than anything else."

"Well that's one of the reasons. Riddler is the one who creates the crimes, so he needs people to carry out his plans."

"But what's in it for you?"

"Nothing I guess. Anyway I better get going. Take care Harley."

"You too Riddle." Oh man what a day. Now we only have one more problem to deal with. Hopefully Riddler can come up with a plan that can put a stop to the Flame Wyverns.

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