Riddler's Assistant- Genesis

Chapter 11: The Penguin

In the middle of the night my new ringtone went off. I had You're So Creepy by Ghost Town blasting into my ear drums. I know for sure I didn't set no alarms so someone must be calling me. I picked up the phone from the nightstand and answer it. "Yo?" I said very tiredly.

"Heeey Foxy." said the voice of Delilah.

"Delilah? What's wrong? Why are you calling me in the middle of the night?"

"We need your help Bunny." said the voice of Angelica.

".... What did you two do?"

"Weeeellll." said Delilah, "We're inside Arkham Asylum, but we're trying to bust our boss out, The Penguin. We're kind of stuck so can you help us?"

"..... Sure I'll be right there." I hanged up and sighed while I rub the sides of my temples. What the hell is up with people and wanting me to break out every inmate in Arkham? Did I put up a sign that says willing to break out any villain from Arkham? Oh well those girls are very lucky that I like them. I better get going before those girls get caught and put in one of Arkham's cells.

By the time I got inside it took me twenty minutes to find them. Apparently they had no idea where they were going, they got lost, and ended up in Arkham's morgue. "You guys do realize they have maps mounted on some of these walls right?" I said as I pointed at one right on the left side of this room. "Sorry Foxy," said Delilah.

"This place really got us spooked so you can see that we've kind of panicked." said Angelica.

"What's with the get up?" Delilah pointed at my green and black uniform.

"It's to hide my identity." I simply said, "I don't want to be roaming around here and let someone see my face. Anyway we better hurry. Also if you haven't realized; you're in the wrong building. This is the medical center of Arkham."

"Heh heh, oops."

"Lead the way Bunny." said Angelica. If there's one thing they done right. Is that they're wearing hoods over their heads so the cameras won't catch their face. I wonder how on earth did Penguin met these two? Either they really work for him, or..... it's something else? When we snuck into the building where they kept the inmates. We had to go through the tunnels first where the boards kept us above the sewer water.

"Why are all these boards down here?" said Delilah, "Do the staff have a reason to come down into the sewers?"

"Probably because so many inmates would use it to escape." I said, "To think they would try to block some tunnels to keep them from escaping." Suddenly I heard something move far behind us that's underneath the boards. When I stop so did the girls. "What's wrong Bunny?" said Angelica.

"Shh." I tried to hear the movement from the boards again. Sure enough I heard it but this time it sounds farther. Like it's coming from the left side of the tunnels. I said to the women, "Walk steady and lightly. I don't think we're alone." Thank goodness they kept their cool while down here.

We were able to get to a ladder as we climb up and entered into some kind of ruin area. There are broken walls, towers, and floors. We had to be careful where we step or else we'll accidentally fall. There's water down below but part of it looks shallow. If one of us fall we'll probably die from the rock in the water.

Angelica miss her footing and nearly fell if it wasn't for me bringing her back up. Getting out of the ruins meant going through this one tunnel that lead up to the cells. I remember where I last saw Penguin so it shouldn't be hard to find him. When we arrive at Penguin's cell he wasn't even there!

"What the hell?! Where did he even go?" I said.

"I know where he went." said Two Face in a cell across, "But I'll won't tell ya until you break me out."


"YES!!" They all shouted.

"Bunny are you really going to break everyone here out?"

"At least this hallway." I said, "But first tell me where Penguin went."

"How do I know you won't break me out?" said Two Face.

"Do I look like I give a fuck that I won't?"

"... Okay then. Some guards came by and took him to the basement floor. Don't know why though."

"Thank you. Now give me a minute." I walked to the middle of the hallway and took out a cylinder device which extended into a staff. When it stand on the ground I hit the top knob and it gave out a sonic wave which shattered the glass doors. I said, "I swear this better be the last fucking time I break someone out. Come on girls, let's go find yours boss."

We had to go into the vents to avoid the guards coming by. As we ventured down into the basement, I was able to find Penguin getting beat up by the guards. He has no way fighting back because his hands are handcuffed behind him. I kicked off the vent and quickly jump down. When the guards turn their attention to me one of them said, "Who the fuck are you?" Without giving a moment's thought I jetted towards them and cut all their throats.

"Okay, now I feel better." I said.

"The hell?!" said Penguin.

"Pengy!" shouted the girls as they jump down and help him stand up. I took one of the handcuff keys from a dead guard and unlock his restraints. Penguin said, "I thought you weren't going to break me out."

"That was when I had no idea you were the boss of these two."

"You know each other?"

"We've been out on a few nights, Pengy." said Delilah. He looked from them to me. "Who are you, really?" He said.

"I'm Riddle the Riddler's Assistant. It's an honor to meet you Penguin. Now shall we get out of here?"


"Bunny can you hide Penguin for a while until we find a new hideout?" asked Angelica.

"Sure. You and Riddler don't fight right?" I asked him.

"No. We're actually good friends."

"Great, but we're going to have to take the sewers again girls. Right now it's crowded above."

"No problem Foxy." said Delilah. When we got down to the sewers I had to remind them, "Remember. We have to walk steady and slowly."

"Why?" said Penguin.

"Earlier I heard the boards moving on their own. I figured there might be something swimming in the water."

"Nothing swims down here... Unless."

"Unless what?"

"... Killer Croc escaped from his solitary confinement?"

"... Like I said walk steady and slowly." Wow Killer Croc? This kind of tempts me to start jumping up and down just to bring him up here. But if I know my villains, this dude has no problem eating people. So maybe some other time. Besides I can't let my girls be eaten by a humanoid crocodile.

I called ahead so Riddler knows that Penguin will be staying a few nights with us. The girls said their goodbyes to us and we headed to Riddler's underground hideout. Surprisingly Riddler had clothes prepared for him. He welcomed him like an old friend. Riddler said to him, "I know you prefer particular clothing so I went out to get you some attires and night clothes."

"Thank you old friend." He said as he accept them gratefully.

"Where did the blood come from?" asked Riddler, "Are you hurt?"

"Nothing more then a couple of bruises and scrapes. The blood came from the guards your assistant killed." Riddler looked at me then at Penguin as he said, "The guest room is up stairs to your left."


"Are you hungry you want me to make you something?"

"Sure, I'm starving so I'll eat anything you whip up."

"Alright go ahead and freshen up." When he left to go upstairs Riddler immediately asked me, "Was there a reason why you had to kill those guards?" Is he upset?

"No." I said.

"Why did you kill them?"

"I was merely frustrated so I let off some steam. Besides there were only three. Why do you care?"

"I don't, but remember my rule? We should only kill if necessary. If there were only three and you took them out easily? Well there was no reason to kill them now is there? You could've just knocked them out." I took off my helmet and said, "I apologize. Next time I'll remember."

"Look I'm not getting after you." He said, "But you don't need to kill anybody without having a legitament reason. I know you were an assassin but I'm sure they have rules not to kill anyone that's not on the list right?"

"Of course."

"Great. So please-,"

"Got it. Goodnight." I turn around and headed out. "Where are you going?" He asked.

"Back to my apartment. Haven't been there in a while, and I need some time to myself. Call me when you need me." Actually I'm going to kill somebody. It's like 1 something A.M and the one place that could be opened is a bar. Well I better shake a leg.

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