Riddler's Assistant- Genesis

Chapter 12: A Home Cover

I suddenly woke up in a bath tub? I'm in casual clothes but I'm covered in blood. My head is really light headed, and my neck hurts a little. Am I the one bleeding? I touch my neck where I've found two punctured wounds. No there's no way all this blood came from this little wound. What did I do?

The door was opened by some black haired guy with pale skin and blue eyes. He smiled as he said, "Good you're up. We have much to talk about."

"The hell?" I said as I tried to get up on my own. He helped me up but he stop me from getting out of the tub. He said, "Whoa hold on there Riddle."

"What?" I shrug off his hold on me, "How the fuck do you know my name?"

"Oh come on. You've faced a vampire before right?"

"...Tch, figures." Vampires have an ability about when they drink blood they see the memories of their victims. "Okay what about all this other blood?" I asked, "I know for sure all this didn't came from one little bite in my neck."

"Yeah all that blood wasn't my doing for once. Found you ripping someone apart in an abandoned building. I must say I love that little show you put on."

Oh yeah now I remember. It was a blur but it's now coming back to me. All I saw was red while I was ripping that one guy to shreds. I didn't even use a weapon I acutally used my own two hands. That's bizarre that never happens. What came over me to do that?

"I've made an outfit for you. I believe it's to your liking, but first how about you take a shower? I'm sure you don't want to be walking around covered in blood?"

"...No... Advert your eyes."

"Of course just pull the curtain and drop the clothes to the side. I'll get rid of them." I did just that and drop the blood stained clothes for him. Why is he helping me? Have I done something to please him in some sort of way? He said he enjoyed the show I've put on. So he must be talking about when I've butchered that man.

I look at the blood slipping off of my hands and legs. It was hard to get the blood off especially after it was dried. I've seen this many times I'm usually use to it. Except this time it's a different feeling. I don't know why but it could be the fact that I've killed someone without a weapon.

Just after the shower I open up the curtains, and I saw new clothes sitting on the chair. They were very similar to Riddler's outfit except mine is modified to my very own taste. I put on the black short sleeved collar shirt with green question mark on the collar, and on the sleeves. Put on the green pinstripe pants, and the green black converse with black question marks on the sides. Put on the green tie that has a green question mark right in front of the knot. I put on the green and black pinstripe collared vest with green question marks on the black part of the collar. I then slip on the fingerless green and black gloves with green question marks on the back part of them. Finally the best part of the outfit is the green bowler hat with the black question mark in the front.

I checked myself out in the myself, and wow this outfit really become me. I don't even look like the assassin I was before. This gave me a total new look about myself. But there's just one thing missing. When I dug into my pockets I took out a sharp looking green leather mask. Now that's what I'm talking about. Once I put it on, I felt whole at last. "Now this is the face of Riddle." I said.

I walked out of the bathroom and saw that I was... home? I don't mean Cincinnati I mean my first home in Portland. "Nice home you got." said the vampire as he walked into the living room. "Stop this." I said.

"Why? Don't you miss this place?"

"You better cut this shit right now before I rip out your heart!" He laughed as he said, "But didn't you grown tired of it? Weren't you fed up living in a home cover?"

"SHUT UP!!" Suddenly I heard someone coming down the stairs. It's night outside so who could be up?.... "No... You didn't." I said.

"This is one of my favorites. I always love a good origin story." It was a six year old version of me climbing down those stairs. This was the age I had an empathy. I didn't know anything until this very night.

The little me heard something outside. I went out to see what which led me to my father's office space. He would have this one little building next to the house where he can work alone. Until I discovered it wasn't just for work.

I saw my father siting down naked in front of a furnace. I saw him looking at pictures of dead people. That's when I realized my own father is the Thumbprint Killer. If I was normal I would've run or notify the authorities, but I wasn't. I loved how the way he positioned the bodies. It looked like artwork to me. I knew right there and then. I wanted to be just like him.

"ENOUGH!!" I shouted as the illusion shattered into pieces. We were inside a run down apartment and it's night. "Interesting." said the vampire, "Not many humans can shatter my illusions."

"I'm no ordinary human so fuck off."

"Of course you're not. Why do you think I allowed you to live?"

"... Why did you then?"

"You're kidding right? You're CrimsonGhost the assassin who killed over 300 hundred people. Of course that's nowhere close to my kill count but that's only because I've been here way longer. I would love to have you as a bride, but sadly your heart resides in the nerdy criminal. Edward Nygma was it? Or should I call him Eddie Nashton?"

"Stay away from us and I'll won't think about killing you."

"Oh, I'll probably will pop by for a visit. See how my favorite killer is doing you know?"

"Tch, don't say I didn't warn you. I might just kill you by accident."

"Heh heh, you're so cute."


"Oh by the way if you still care for the nerd. You better hurry and find him because he was awfully worried about you."

"What do you mean?"

"Saw him walking about looking for you. Also I saw the billion missing phone calls. You were past out for a day."

Are you kidding me?

"Where is he now?"

"Sorry to say that he got caught. looked like the Flame Wyverns you were so trying to get rid of."

"Shit! I gotta go!"

"Aww, well alright. Well you probably might forget my name but I'll introduce myself anyway. The names Maxwell Dandridge, try not to forget me cutie." We left it at that and I run like the wind heading back to the hideout so I can get some stuff. I've forgotten though that Penguin was staying here.

He caught me while gearing up as he asked me, "Hey, Riddle. Do you know where Riddler is?"

"He's been captured." I said.

"What? By who?"

"The Flame Wyverns. I'm sure he mentioned once about them to you right?"


"Well guess what? I'm going to go save him. So sit tight and relax until we come back."

"And if you don't?"

"Oh believe me we will come back." After I've gotten everything I need. There was just more item I decided to take with me. I unlocked the container to Crimson Chaos. I only use this weapon in worthy fights. Han should be honored that I even considered taking this with me.

"Let me come with you. I can help." said Penguin.

"No." I said. "I don't want anyone interfering my chance to kill Han."

"Look I get it if this is some kind of revenge thing. But even I needed help when I wanted to kill someone who wronged me."

"This isn't the same thing. This ain't revenge it's just personal. Now if you don't mind I have to save my partner." I walk past him and out of the hideout. I can't believe this is happening. I've only saved the Riddler in my dreams. Now I get to save him for real.

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