Riddler's Assistant- Genesis

Chapter 13: Battle of The Familiar Masters

(Riddler's Narrative)

I woke up with a huge headache. I was hit over the head pretty hard by those Flame Wyverns. I've realized I'm in the same room where Riddle fought the dragon. I have chains around my wrists that are attached to the ground. I wonder if they have Riddle here too?

Suddenly I heard something coming from inside the giant face statue with it's mouth open. Is that where the dragon resides? The man wearing Riddle's coat came out as he said, "Are you okay?"

"... Sort of." I believe his name is Aiden right? "Aiden is it?" I asked him.

"Yeah, how do you know my name?"

"You've spoke with my partner, Riddle."

"Oh, then that you makes you?...."

"The Riddler yes." He went quiet for a moment until he said, "Why do they want you?"

"Far as I know they want me to be a familiar like you."

"Oh, so you're my replacement?"

"I don't know."

"...Well what about your partner? Is she here?"

"I don't know about that either." Last night I've been trying to look for her until those guys came around. I can only hope she wasn't caught. Suddenly Aiden said, "Someone's coming."

"How can you tell?"

"It's my master. I have to go." He went back inside quickly and the master he talked about who came in was Han Igarashi. "Edward Nygma," He said, "Are you ready to become a familiar?"

"Don't you mean a slave?"

"Well you get the idea."

"Why me? You could've picked anyone to be a familiar. I'm a criminal I got my own shit to deal with."

"Oh but you should be honored. Shane felt a connection to you that it became the right choice to make you as a familiar. Sadly my brother was killed- wait no, butchered is the right word for it. You should've seen the mess that assassin made. But no worries, your master will be here soon so the blood bond ritual can begin."

"That's unless I allow it. I'm the Riddler one of the big time villains of Gotham. You think Batman won't notice my disappearance? Hell Scarecrow at one point tried to live new life somewhere else until Batman drag him back to Arkham. Make me as a familiar to your family, and you'll only have problems from the Dark Knight."

"I would love to see him try actually. We're a powerful family."

"So was Flacone and Maroni. Now look at them."

"Is that him?" said a teenage boy that came in, "He looks so thin and fragile. I'm going to have to fix that."

"Edward," said Han, "This is my younger brother, Shinji. He's taking the place as leader of the Cold Wyverns. He will be your master."

"Like hell he would be. I'm nobody's slave."

"Ooo, I can tell he's going to be tough one to crack. This should be fun." He came closer to me as he yank the back of my head.

"Let go of me you punk!" I raised up my hands to get his hand off but the chains were short to let me do so. Instead I kicked him in the gut to get him to back off. He simply laughed as he said, "Awesome! You're just the dragon I need, Edward!"

"Touch me again and I swear I'll-,"

"You'll what?" He suddenly grabbed my neck, "You'll get your little assassin to butcher us like our brother?" All of a sudden out of nowhere he was kicked so hard he was sent hitting the wall. The person who kicked was... Riddle? Her outfit, it's like my very own. Did she made it? Riddle said, "No I'll do something even worse."

Wait a second her neck has a bite bite wound. Who the hell bit her?

"I was wondering when you were going to show up," said Han."Sorry if I kept you waiting. I was held up."

"Riddle what happened to you?" I asked.

"I'll talk about that later Riddler."

"Might as well talk about it now since you're going to die." said Han as he snap his finger and suddenly the red dragon crawled out of the statue. It rush towards Riddle, but she used the Omni Gear to dodge him and wrap the wires around his mouth. When she stand on top of his head she shouted down to Han, "I challenge you to a Familiar Battle, Igarashi!" Han roared with laughter as he said, "You're not a Familiar Master you stupid assassin!"

"I bear the mark, Igarashi. I have the right to challenge you to the death."

"... Is that so? Alright then." Han snap his fingers again and the dragon turned back to human. Riddle had to maneuver the wires to get them both down gently. Aiden said to her, "Riddle, you came back?"

"Course I was." She said with a smile forming on her face, "Still got that coat I gave ya?" He nodded.

"Go put it back on. This will all be over soon." Once Aiden walked off for the coat. Riddle and Han walk close to each other. Han said to her, "You know how to enter a Familiar Battle right?"

"Of course. I wouldn't be much of a Familiar Master without knowing that part."

"Then let's begin assassin." They sit down facing each other and they slit their right wrists open to draw blood. They press their cuts together and they close their eyes as their own blood bind their wrists together and surrounded them in a circle.

"Oh man." said that Shinji Igarashi kid who just got back up. "I gotta say that assassin of yours packs a good punch."

"Uhh Riddle?!" I called out for her but she couldn't hear me. I guess that means they're in their battle right now. "Well while they're doing that. Let's begin the blood bond."

"There's no way I'm going to just let you make me your familiar."

"Well the blood bond doesn't mean that chosen familiar has to be willing to participate." He suddenly bit his right hand to make it bleed. He walk towards me and I tried to get myself out of these chains but no luck. Then all of a sudden Aiden stand in between us with his arms stretched out to protect me.

"What are you doing Aiden?" said Shinji.

"I won't let you turn him into a familiar!" He shouted, "You have to kill me first!"

"What?" I said, "What the hell are you doing Aiden?! I'm a criminal why would you protect me?!"

"Your assistant is an assassin right?"

"... Yes, but-,"

"She said I was a threat to you. She could have killed me but she didn't. She even gave me her coat so I can wear some kind of clothing. I have a feeling that part of the reason she didn't kill me was because of you right?"

"... Yes."

"You're an idiot." said Shinji, "He probably left you alive to use you."

"What use will even have for him?" I said, "Even if Riddle does claim him as a familiar she'll only let him go. I'm sure Aiden here is ready to go home."

Shinji sighed and suddenly punched him. He stumbled but he didn't went down. He still has his arms outstretched to protect me.... This is so strange. He's protecting me, a big time villain of Gotham. Usually people wouldn't care what happens to me but Aiden does. Why Aiden? I'm not really worth saving.

"Please one punch isn't going to be enough kiddo." said Aiden, "I can take this and a lot more! So do your worst!"

"... Heh heh, with pleasure."

(Riddle's Narrative)

I rushed towards him with my Crimson Chaos in hand and strike! He blocked it with his own sword but it shattered to pieces from the impact. I slash upwards but he dodged my attack. I smirked as I said, "You might as well give up. You have no chance against me."

"Cocky little bitch aren't we?" He said. Suddenly he transformed into a red dragon. "The hell?!" I shouted.

"Get a taste of my power, assassin!" He breathed out fire and I quickly dodged it.

"So that's how we're going to play huh?" I said, "Alright, this should be more fun!" I tap into my animal's spirit and transformed into a dragon. But this wasn't what I expected when I transformed. It felt like I was in warm water that I can breathe in. It felt comfortable but disturbing.

"What is this?" I said.

"This is part of the transformation." said my own voice but I wasn't the one who said it, "It's like going through a rebirth cycle, but you can't relax now. We have to work together to get through this fight. LOOK OUT!!" When I open my eyes I saw him trying to bite me with his long fangs. I dodged and wack him with my wings twice. When he didn't recover in time. I whip my tail to hit his head. He roared and breathe fire again. I used the power of my wings to control the winds and made the fire disappear. He rushed at me and strike with his sharp tail. I couldn't dodge it in time that it struck me in my right shoulder. I cut his tail off with my jaws. I then slash upwards with my claws to tear open his torso.

He tried to hit me with his wing but I blocked it with my own. We both took the chance to bump heads. It hurt but we shook it off. I run towards him and jump so I can stab him in the back with my own sharp tail. When it went through he took flight and shook me off.

"So close!" said my voice, "You need to take out his heart!"

"Better said than done." I said.

"You have to try. That's the only way to end this battle." Oh I'm sure. Even though there are million other ways to kill something. Like, I don't know, breaking someone's neck?

(Riddler's Narrative)

Aiden was pummeled till he past out. Shinji's hands were just covered in blood mixing with his own. "I think it's about time I kill Aiden. He was obedient but never a strong dragon. I don't know what my brother saw in him."

He was about to snap his neck but I put a stop to that by shouting, "STOP!!" Shinji turned his attention to me, "Don't please don't. Riddle and Han are fighting to claim him."

"What do I care? My brother can just get a new familiar."

"I'll make the blood bond with you!" That brought his full attention. He smiled widely as he said, "You will let me make a blood bond, just to save this weakling?"


"... Interesting. Alright." He walked towards me and said, "Open wide."

So I have to consume his blood? Oh gross now I regret my decision. Well I chose this so I have to do it in order to let Aiden live. Went I opened my mouth I waited for the blood to drop onto my tongue. I was very startled when I've felt it splash onto my taste buds. Out of reaction I spit it out because it tasted so metallic. Shinji grabbed my jaw to make me look at him as he said, "You have to consume it in order to make the blood bond official. You said you would so take it or else I will kill Aiden." I don't believe this. I the Riddler am resorted to this disgusting ritual. If only their brother was still alive so I can kill him myself for choosing me.

Before we could do it again all of a sudden Han's chest burst out! We were both shock what just happened. "Brother!" shouted Shinji.

The blood circle broke and so did the bond around their wrists. When Han fell to the ground, Riddle stand up and turn to us. I've noticed her right shoulder is bleeding pretty bad. Was that really the result she gotten from that battle?

"Tch, well that battle wasn't too hard." said Riddle as she smiled.

"You fucking assassin!" said Shinji, "That's two of my brothers you killed! You will die by my hand!" He rushed at her with a sword drawn out from his sheath. Riddle was quick to draw out her own sword that it cut open his torso. Blood gushed out and stained her outfit. "Aww man!" She said, "I just got this outfit! Oh well I can make some more I guess."

Shinji dropped to his knees as he looked up at her and said, "My family will find you assassin. You will be killed."

"Well they're going to have to take a number kiddo. There's a lot of people who want me dead. Now since you're still kicking. What am I going to do with you? Shall I cut off your hands for touching my partner? Or should I take my time tearing pieces of your skin off? Trust me I know how to torture a person for a pretty long time. Since we have all night and I got nothing to do. This is perfect!"

"Riddle." I said, "No." She gave me a questioning look but I said my order, "Just kill him off so we can finally go home. You have no reason to torture him."

".... True. But for you I'll won't resort to my old vicious traditions. I'll make this quick kid. You can close your eyes or don't; it really doesn't matter to me." I couldn't see if he closed his eyes or not, but Riddle did say to me, "You might as well advert your eyes from this Riddler. From what I know, you never seen a kid die right?" No I haven't. Nor do I want to see it now. I guess it was inevitable for me to expirence it, but either way before or after I'm still going to see this kid dead. I have a feeling though Riddle wants me to close my eyes. I'm just not sure if it's for my sake or hers?

I closed my eyes and waited for it to be over. Sure enough when I heard that awful flesh sound I knew it was done. I didn't want to open my eyes though. Even though this kid was sadistic himself I still didn't want to see his body. When I've felt her hands working on the chains I reacted to open my eyes. Except very quickly I was blindfolded. "I'll guide you out of the room." she said, "Once we're out you can take it off, okay?"

"Okay." I'm glad she did this for my sake. It just shows she honors my wishes, and that I've chose wisely to make her as my assistant.

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