Riddler's Assistant- Genesis

Chapter 14: Riddle

I woke up to a loud sound coming from the first floor. I got out of bed quickly and run down the stairs to check what happened. In the living room before my very eyes is the Penguin, Riddle, and Aiden playing Soul Calibur? "No no no DAMMIT!!" shouted Penguin as he throw the game controller onto the other couch.

"Aww man!" said Aiden.

"Ha ha! beat you all!" shouted Riddle.

"Come on you're good at fighting!" said Penguin, "You can't also be good at gaming!"

"Dude I'm a freaking nerd. Of course I'm good at gaming!"

"What on earth are you guys doing?" I said as they all finally turn their attention to me.

"Good morning Ed." said Penguin.

"We're playing a game." said Riddle, "I know you've play games before, so you can guess what we're doing."

"Yes I've played games before! Don't act like a smart ass!" I looked at Aiden and saw the many bandages and gauze pads on his body. He took a good beating from Shinji. I asked him, "How are you feeling Aiden?"

"I'm good." he said as he smiled.

"I see you're finally wearing proper clothing."

"Oh yeah, about time too. In a little bit Riddle is going to drop me off at my mom's house."

"Oh, great. I bet you can't wait to go home."

"You wanna come with us?"

"Huh?" Well that was a surprised. He's asking me to come along for the ride?

"He's asking you if you wanna join the ride." said Riddle.

"Yeah I got that part Riddle." I said. She just laughed at me and said, "Yeah he's coming along, Aiden. Besides I think you need a little break from this hideout. Wanna come too Penguin?"


"Great then it's settled. Get dress Riddler we're going out!" I guess I didn't need to say anything about it. Besides I was going to say yes anyway.

When we stop in front of his mother's house Aiden said, "Before I go. I just want to thank you guys for saving me. I know your main reason was to stop Han from turning Riddler into a familiar, but still you have my thanks." He shook my hand first then Riddle's. Riddle said, "I'll check on you once in a while Aiden. Just to see how you're doing."

"I don't mind that at all Riddle. Try to come see me too Riddler, and it's nice meeting you Penguin."

"It's nice meeting you too, Aiden." Aiden got out of the car and we watched him go inside his mother's home. Riddle then suddenly said, "Alright let's go get some ice cream and sodas."

"What?" I said.

"Come on we deserve it after the kind of week we've been through. Oh I have a great idea too. Let's all go to the beach!"

"Are you kidding? It's cold out!" said Penguin. "I didn't say we were going for a swim. I meant let's go to the beach, drink some sodas and eat ice cream."

"Riddle it's too cold to eat ice cream." I said.

"Are you kidding? It's the best time to eat ice cream! But for you guys I'll get ya hot cherry pies." She start up the car and stop by at a store I've haven't heard off. It's called Voodoo Foods, and I'm actually afraid what Riddle is going to buy us. Every person who passed by we had to put on our hoods to cover our identities.

"Your assistant is risking us to get sent back to Arkham." said Penguin.

"Well I don't think she's doing it on purpose." When she came back we were both surprised she got a ICEE.

"Do you just like the cold?" I asked.

"At times." she said, "Especially when I'm in a good mood. To the beach!" She wasn't kidding that we were going to the beach. She took the bag and ICEE and took out a huge blanket from the trunk.

"Here let me help you." said Penguin as he took the blanket. It's really not much of a suprise that people are not walking around on the beach, but it's definitely a surprise when Penguin offers help. I helped out spreading the blanket over the sand so we can sit down and eat. She handed us very warm cherry pies and orange soda bottles. While she drank her red ICEE and eating a green ice cream bar. Seriously how the hell can she stand this cold?!

"Man this is great!" She said, "I've actually had a blast staying here in Gotham. I think I can get use this new life."

New life? I asked her, "You mean you're not going back to being an assassin?"

"Well here's the saying we go by, Edward. Once an assassin, always an assassin. Besides I've already called them earlier that I'm going to stay retired. Being your assistant is just too fun to pass up." When she finished her ice cream she read something off the popsicle stick. "I am an origin of your beginning, and the root of your past. What am I? Tch, Genesis of course."

"What?" I said, "That popsicle stick had a riddle on it?"

"Well yeah these are Riddler ice creams. You didn't see the question mark on the bar?"

"I guess not."

"Wait a second." said Penguin, "There are ice cream bars named after him?"

"Yeah." She said, "The Voodoo Foods shop are based on the criminals of Gotham. The pies you're eating are Harley Quinn pies. Look they even have the diamonds on them." Holy crap there are diamonds on these pies. "They also have Penguin cookies, Two Face cakes, Scarecrow toxin sodas, Poison Ivy tea. They had a bunch of foods based off of you guys. Heck you're drinking one of the Scarecrow Toxin sodas right now!" We looked at our drinks and saw the label that says so. I said, "I can't believe there's an actual store that has foods based from us."

"Yeah no kidding." said Penguin, "Usually people just hate us to the core."

"Well there's just some people who like you guys." She said, "Besides Batman, you're the real celebrities of Gotham."

She stand up and threw away her popsicle stick in one of the trash cans. Then suddenly when she was walking back she stand still looking at the sea. Out of nowhere a strange feeling came over me. It was a weird feeling because for some reason I feel sad, but there's something familiar about it. "Riddle?" I called out to her.

"Yeah?" She immediately snap out of it and turn to us while smiling.

"You're alright?"

"Yeah I'm fine. I'm just having a great time. It's been a while you know?"

Yeah is has been a while for me too. I don't remember the last time I was having fun like this. Though I think was the time when Penguin and I first became friends. That was a long time ago before any of us were big time villains.

(Riddle's Narrative)

Strange of what just happened earlier. When I looked at the sea I've felt a strange familiar sense that I was here before. This is my first time being here so how is that possible? Oh well I think it's just one of those weird moments when you get a strange feeling all of a sudden. I sit back down with Edward and Oswald and enjoyed the moment with them. This was when I knew I'm going to have a fun and wild ride being the Riddler's Assistant.

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