Riddler's Assistant- Genesis

Chapter 2: Gotham City

After the party everyone went home. I had a talk with my father in his study. After telling him that I've resigned and the reason why. He said, "You've resigned for a villain you don't know personally? Even though you make a living killing off villains?"

"This villain is different, and you've been part of the Organization you know we don't just kill any villain." The Organization is built to kill off the most dangerous people, and people who go out of control. But people like the Riddler, Joker, Penguin, Poison Ivy, etc, etc. We don't bother because they are handled by a vigilante name Batman. Also they bring a sort of good cause. Believe it or not we use them as training. I've haven't met them myself because the Organization knows of how the way I do things. I've would've only accidentally kill them. "So what is the Igarashi do have plans for him?" he said, "What will you do?"

"Protect him from them of course. Possibly get rid of the Igarashi family if it comes to it."

"You know that Igarashi family is huge right?"

"I know, but they haven't met me."

"...I swear that ego of yours. Go to Gotham if you must, but wait until after graduation. You just got home afterall."

"Of course."

Well it was after graduation, and I started packing a bag. I've already bought a ticket to Gotham, so I need to be on my way soon. I've already said my goodbyes to my parents and little sister. I took a taxi to get to the airport. It took twenty minutes for my flight to be called but just before I went through the whole deal. I heard someone shout out my name. "CORALINE!!"

I took a moment to turn around because I knew who that was. I was hoping to avoid this but I guess it can't be helped. It was Mark my best friend. When I smiled at him he said, "Coraline... Don't go." Is he begging? Oh Mark don't beg, that only makes it harder to go. I turn my back on him as I simply said, "... You'll see me again. See ya around Markiplier!" I forced myself to walk away and get on my flight. I'm sorry Mark, but there's someone in Gotham I need to protect. Well not need but want to.

When I arrived I immediately looked into an apartment. I was able to buy one right across from the Gotham Hotel. Then I went out to get a car a bed, a few furniture and a T.V. There's still things that need to be done to the apartment but for now I think I need to rest. Actually I'm really hungry. I've forgotten to eat while doing all this.

It's already night so I better hurry and find a restaurant that's opened. I was able to find a Chinese restaurant called the Jaden Palace that's open. Thank goodness too. I'm starving man. After getting my order I look at the many people who are in here.

They seem different from the people in Cincinnati. Then again when I've moved from Portland I've noticed a lot of difference between the societies. I've gotten use to it over the years because of the constant traveling for my assassinations. I look at the people here and some of them I see good, but there's also the bad.

Gotham is a city for criminals but it's half and half. Gotham is only the second most dangerous city to live in. Number 1 is Sin City. I've been there a couple of times, but I really don't see the difference. I think it only took number one because on every corner crime is happening on almost every minute. 7 years ago Gotham was number one only because there was no Batman. Only criminals and crooked cops.

At first there was only two big time criminals, Falcone, and Maroni. But they were taken down by the man who calls himself till this day, the Penguin. I've been doing my homework on Gotham only because it's my most favorite place to go to. Suddenly a lady with long blonde hair came in. One look at me and she smiled.

My heart began to flutter and my blood ran hot. Shit, I didn't expect to get this craving so early. By craving I mean the feeling to kill. It's an addiction my father and I both share. Of course the lady wearing such a skimpy outfit just had to sit at my table. She said, "Hey there beautiful. Think you might have room for desert?" Oh hell she's a hooker. I know in my past years there were women who find a liking to me. I have no idea why I guess I was born with that charm for both sexes.

"If you're looking for some green I'm not the person you'll be interested in." I said. "I'm actually free." she said, "So what do you say?""

"..." Fuck my hands are itching to rip her insides out. This isn't hate, it's a feeling I get when I want to kill someone. It's almost like falling in love as my Dad would say. It won't go away until I've finally spill some blood. I'm going to have to say yes. It's a good thing I've brought my bag then. Or else I wouldn't be able to say yes.

"Sure." I said, "Your place then?"


"Okay just let me finish my dinner first. Then I'll have desert. So what's your name?"


"Angelica, nice name." I'm just surprised it wasn't Angel Cake. "Nick name is Angel Cake." she mentioned. Of course it is, and there is my small disappointment about that. Oh well I wanted this so... I guess.

She lead me to her room which was aqua themed. She's got some feathery pillows and the lampshades are a navy color so they couldn't brighten up the room so much. There were other garments lying about, but I'm not going to describe them. "So," said Angela as she back me up until I was sitting on the bed. "How do you like to be touched? What are you into?"

Before I could say anything someone came in. It was a man wearing a black leather jacket, white tank top, jeans, and boots. There's a piercing on his left eyebrow too. I'm guessing this is the pimp? "Is she paying you?" he said. Yup he is, how utterly lovely. "Go away Jordon." she said.

"You don't tell me what to do, Angelica. Do you want to get cut?"

My feeling suddenly shifted. I stand up as I said, "Look how about we calm down and talk about this?"

"Stay out of it bitch! This whore owes me money!"

"What whore doesn't?" Geez it's like every prostitute is in debt. "Don't get smart with me. I don't mind beating a customer."

Okay I think that pushed me far enough. I turned on the stereo she has so the room can be filled with loud music. I walk over to him and said, "I ain't no customer. I'm just here for deserts." He tried to slap me but I grabbed his wrist and twisted his arm behind him. I forced him to walk into the bathroom as I said to Angelica, "I'll be right out."

I closed the door and pulled out a knife. I pushed him into the bathtub and began stabbing him to vent out the anger. Then I proceeded to cut him open. The screams finally died down when his intestines were being ripped apart. I'm very surprised I didn't made too much of a mess though. My previous kills were a lot messier than this. No blood didn't go past the tub so that's good. I have some blood on my sleeves and some splattered onto my torso, but that's nothing because I'm wearing black clothes. Gotta wash my hands though. See it's a good thing I did brought my bag.

I washed my hands first and came out of the bathroom. She looked shocked but she wasn't freaking out. What surprised me the most is that she said, "Thanks. I was actually going to kill him myself."

"...Huh, okay. Can I rely on you to not speak of this?"

"Yes you can."

"Really though. If I recieve any trouble from anyone such as GCPD or this guy's friends. I have no problem killing you."

"... You really have my word. You can trust me."

"Okay then. Anyway I'll just clean this up and I'll be on my way."

"What about, you know?"


She nodded. Seriously I just killed her pimp which calm down my craving, and she still wants to have sex? This is the kind of chick I only meet in Sin City! "Um, I guess if you don't mind waiting? Getting rid of a body takes a little while."

"I can wait."

"..... Okay."

This is the most bizarre welcome to Gotham City I've ever experienced.

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