Riddler's Assistant- Genesis

Chapter 3: Riddler

(Riddler's Narrative)

I watched Johnathan make an extra set of his toxin just for me because I asked him. Him and I have been friends for a long time. Of course in the beginning we were enemies because we didn't agree with each other's views. After a fight we've got into, we've realized that what we were doing was just silly so we laugh it off and became best friends. I can't really say he was my first best friend because the Penguin and I have been friends long before we even became big time villains.

"So are you just taking a break for now, or are you planning something?" asked Jonathan.

"I guess taking a little break." I said, "Even though I'm trying to invent something. What about you? I've haven't heard anything about you committing crimes lately."

"I will be in a few days. If I'm back in Arkham can you-?"

"I'll lock up the hideout for ya. Don't worry I'll make sure it won't be found."

"Thanks, Edward."

When he was done he put the toxin set in a cooling bag and hand it to me. "Be careful with it alright?" he said, " You don't want those to break and get the toxin into your system."

"I know how to take care of dangerous chems, Johnathan. Anyway thank you, take care alright?"


I walked out of the hideout and continued down the sidewalk to head back to mine. On the way though I saw a woman standing close to an ATM. I saw her with something connecting to the machine. I heard her said, "Come on come on." Suddenly the ATM spilled out money from the slot into her bag. "Yes! Easy Money."

She took out what seemed to be a card from the ATM. I called out to her, "Hey!" She looked at me but I couldn't see her face under the black and green hood. She then turn away and started walking. I rushed after her as I said, "Hey wait a minute!" When I place my hand on her shoulder I was suddenly flipped and landed hard onto my back. She got on me and revealed a blade that shot out from her right sleeve as it pressed against my neck. "Well isn't this a problem?" she said, "What shall I do about you?"

"Please don't kill me for starters." I said while trying to stay calm.

"And why not?"

"You can't just kill someone when that person is a criminal themselves. You may have heard of me? I'm the Riddler."

Suddenly the knife was lifted and went back into her sleeve. She got off me and helped me up as she said, "Sorry. I had no idea I was about to kill a legend."

A fan? Thank goodness too or else I've might have been dead already. From what I know not many even like me. Most people who are criminals or juvenile delinquents are a fan of the Joker's. I said to her, "And you don't look like an everyday thief. What was that device you used earlier?"

"Oh this old thing?" She took it out to show me. It was a card attached to a wire connected to a small hand held device. "It's an Overider. Built it myself."

"May I?" I said as I held out my hand.

"Sure." She hand it to me as I look at it much closer. I said, "Wow, this is really well put together. I don't see any flaws that might indicate it will malfunction. You know building these are hard and advanced in technology engineering? They're expensive to build; not to mention how hard it is to find the parts. How did you do it?"

"Well it was easy for me because I have connections." She took it back and put it in her back pack. "So what are you doing out here? You're not in your outfit so you can't be committing a crime right now. Well technically you are since you're wanted and all, but still why are you out and about?"

"I was getting some stuff actually." I said, "I was on my way back to my hideout."

"Oh, well good. Get there safe okay?"

She turned around and was about to walk away again but I've said, "Wait, um. Do you have some time to spare? Sorry it's been while I've haven't met anyone intelligent. Besides Scarecrow, he's one of the few I could connect with."

"Umm..." She thought about it for a moment, "Sure I got nothing to do right now. Yeah are you hungry too? I could buy us something along the way."

"Yeah I'm hungry myself. Sure."

We've gotten pizza to eat, and finally when we got to my hideout she took off her hood. Her hair is short, black, and spiky. Her eyes are the color of mint green, and her skin is pale. Not up to the point that she looks like a ghost because there is some color in her cheeks. I guess it's just the reaction to cold right now. I asked her, "What's your name by the way?"

"Coraline." she said as she took a bite into her pepperoni."Coraline? Like the book?"

"Pretty much."

"Huh, that's a name I really don't get to hear often. Have you read the book?"

"Yes but that was long time ago. I still remember the story. A little girl who moves into a new place and is dazzled by the Other Mother, and all the other people she met in that small world. Until she found out the Other Mother was only putting on a show just to eat her. Yeah that book is one of my all time favorites as a child."

"How old are you? You look pretty young." She almost look like she's 16. She must be in her teenage years.

"I've turned 18 about 3 weeks ago."

"Wow, so you don't live with your parents?"

"Nope, I'm pretty much a free spirit. So how old are you?"

"I'm 24 years old." I answered, so I'm 6 years older than her. Wow this kid was pretty much like me. Except I didn't steal, I had killed 3 people. Of course I forced myself to stop because I've found myself enjoying it too much. I didn't want to go so overboard that I've would've been caught for a string of murders.

"Holy shit is that what I think it is?!" She suddenly said with a burst of excitement. She rushed towards to one of my work desks and pick up one of my question mark trophies I've built. "Wow these are really cool! This is the first time I've ever seen one in person! Hey can I keep one?!"

"Uhh, those are mostly for Batman to find. Then again I make many so taking one won't be a problem. Just don't show that to anyone okay?"

"Oh for sure. Hey why do you leave clues anyway? Is it like another form of guilt or something?"

Actually she's not too far off. I do feel guilt over the years I've done wrong, but that's only because of the teachings from my father. Whenever I lie I get beaten. The fear of him never left. Even though he's not around Batman is there to take his place.

"I get it." Coraline said.

"Huh?" I was surprised she would say that. Does she really understand?

"I know you like puzzles and riddles. It's your way of having fun committing crimes, testing people's limits, and the thrill of getting away with it. You pretty much have a Yin to your Yang when it comes to your favorite hobby right?"

A Yin to my Yang with riddles? "You mean like using riddles for good and for bad?" I asked.

"That's what I'm trying to get my point across. I mean you feel great about committing the crime, but subconsciously you feel a twinge of guilt. Leaving clues so someone can stop you. Paticulary Batman no less."

"Don't do that!" I said as I clench my fists, "Don't analyze me. I hate it when people do that. Thinking that they know everything just by looking at someone."

She was quiet for a moment then she started walking towards me. "Uh, what are you- huh?" She all of a suddenly ruffled my hair. She smiled at me brightly as she said, "Forgive me. Sometimes I get carried away. I'm the same so I know the feeling. Heh heh, I get that a lot especially from a few friends of mine. Huh?"

Suddenly she look above where there's a window ceiling.

"What's the matter?"

"Were you expecting anyone to come by?" she asked as she put her hood back on.


"Then it seems you have an unexpected guest."

She took a full face mask out of the inside of her jacket and put it on. When her hidden blades appeared all of a sudden she grab me and pulled me away when Batman crash through the window ceiling. Coraline toss me my bag with the chems as she said, "Go on and get out! I've got this!"


Coraline rushed at him and attack with a jump kick. Batman blocked it and tried to punch her in the stomach. She spin over his arm and attack him with her hidden blade. He jump back and she landed on her feet. Batman said, "Stay out of my way. You don't know what Nygma is capable of."

"I know for sure he can't fight for himself."

Geez tell me how you really feel Coraline.

"So why don't you pick on someone at your own level?!"

The two went at it like dancing wild fires. I was amazed that Coraline could even keep up with Batman! She's putting in good hits, but she finally got a hard kick to the ribs. The loud crack sounded awful that it made me flinch.

Wait, why am I not running? I always run when I leave it to my minions to fight Batman. I have a chance to escape so why am I not running now?

Batman grabbed her by the shirt and slam her against the wall so hard that it made cracks. "Is that the best you've got?" She said, "I expected more from the legendary Dark Knight!"

She swipe away his hold and hit him in the face with her elbow! Causing his his nose to spurt out blood. She tried stabbing him with her blades but even after that powerful hit he was focused. It's like I'm watching two powerful martial artist going at it to the death. Either one of them is going to get killed or knocked out cold. "HIT ME WITH YOUR BEST SHOT, BATMAN!!" She shouted. As both of them throw a punch at each other at the same time. Both got hit and fallen to the ground.

"Holy shit!" I said. This is the first time Batman didn't won in a fight, but this isn't a lost either it's a draw!I looked at the unconscious Coraline while I had to think about what to do now. I've heard a crack earlier so she must have a broken rib. I put on my bag and decided to carry her. I'm going to have to take her to Mr. Freeze.

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