Riddler's Assistant- Genesis

Chapter 4: A New Assistant

I was able to get her to Freeze's hideout. When Mr. Freeze put her on an operating table and took off her mask. There's was blood trickling out from the corners of her mouth. It made me felt uneasy for the first time. Usually I'm use to this sort of display. Why am I feeling like this now?

"Why did you save this one, Riddler?" asked Mr. Freeze, "She looks like a stray punk."

"This punk saved me from being apprehended by Batman. Usually I would have bailed but I didn't. This woman cared enough to protect me so I feel like I owed her."

"Hmm, you never liked being in debt so I can understand. Well let's see the damaged." He took off her jacket and the shirt. She was well built and toned but there are a few scars here and there. She's no stranger to fights that's for sure. Damn I can tell where the broken rib is because there's a huge ugly bruise on the right side of her rib cage. It's amazing that she didn't scream when she got it.

"So whatever happened to Batman?"

"She knocked him out at the same time she did. It was an amazing fight."

"Wow, makes me wish I was there to see it for myself."

He did a scan over her ribs to see if it's broken or cracked. The results showed one of them fractured. "A few damaged blood cells and a fractured rib." said Mr. Freeze, "I can give her some paracetamol. Can't wrap it because it can cause risk of chest infection or pneumonia."

Of course, even I knew that. Thing is the crack of the rib was so loud that I was afraid it might have pierced a lung.

"Don't bother with the paracetamol." said Coraline all of a sudden. I'm surprised she even woke up. "That stuff has no effect on me." She sat up and got off the table.

"Wait a second you shouldn't be moving so fast that's fresh fractured rib you've got." I said.

"And nothing more." She said, "To me this is a smack. I'm sure you get those now and then." She walk past me and put her shirt back on. When she put on her jacket she asked me, "So why would you bring me here? You could've just left me. It's not your style to help someone else."

"Well you've helped me so I thought I return the favor. Not to mention how well you've taken on the Batman. Say how would you like to be my partner? It will be great if we work together in crime. We're both intelligent, and you're very skilled in fighting. What do you say?"

She was silent for a moment until she smiled wide with a cheery expression and said, "Hell yeah man! That's pretty much why I came to Gotham. Of course you were hard to find but by sheer luck I nearly killed you."

"She almost killed you?" said Mr. Freeze with that questioning tone about my decision.

I smiled and said, "Well, she thought I was a mere citizen when I saw her stealing money from an ATM machine."

In ways I was like that when I was 18. But this woman a different. "Anyway I'm pretty tired. I better get back to my place. Oh and it's nice meeting you Mr. Freeze. Thanks for seeing to my aid."

"You're welcome." He said, "But why don't you stay the night here? You'll only risk that fractured rib if you walk now."

"Like I said. This is nothing more than a slap. I've been through worse."

(Coraline's Narrative)

I didn't went home. I was searching for a new place that can be a better hideout for Riddler. His last one was discovered so it's only right that I should find one for him. I mean he had just decided to make me as his assistant so this is what a assistant should do. I look around the west side of town and looked into some old building. Some of them weren't stable, and most were easy to be discovered. Until I came across a catacomb? There were a bunch of tunnels down here under the city. I was going left and right until I've found a huge room!

It was stable and it had enough space for everything such a lab, two bed rooms, a living room, kitchen, heck even a training room! It's going to take a while for me to set everything up, but that's only on my own. I can call the Organization to help me out with this huge room. Then once I get this done I can - "UGH!!" I was hit all of a sudden right in the other side from my broken rib! I hit hard against the wall where finally the broken rib was hit. "SON OF A BITCH!!" I shouted as I've felt the pain course in my chest.

I looked at who hit me which was a big surprised. It was none other than Poison Ivy. There's a long huge vine next to her; that's what probably hit me. She said while wearing that angry look of hers, "Get out, Necropolis is my domain!" "Necropolis?" I said.

Oh this is what must be the name of this place. Never heard of it before. "Look lady I don't see any plants sprouting around here. It seems to me you haven't even claim this part of Necropolis."

"Except I have more use for it than you bean sprout."

"On the contrary. If you want it so bad fight me for it."

"No problem!" Suddenly quick vines with large thorns wrap around my body and dug into my skin. She said, "Any last words before I tear you to shreds?"

"Is that really the best you can do?" I said.

"What?" I cut through the vines with my hidden blades and quickly attack her. She tried stopping me but I was too fast. Next thing I did I punched her hard in the face, gut, and swept her legs off the ground. When she landed on her back I press the blade against her neck. I waited for her to counter it but she just went still. She's petrified by me, and awaiting death. I smiled as I said, "I guess I've won."

"You're not going to kill me?" she said.

"Why would I? I'm not feeling that attraction towards you, and you're one of Gotham's great villains. Unless that's your request?"

"I-It's not!"

Suddenly I started feeling dizzy. "Shit." I said as I stand up and tried to walk away.

"Hey what are you doing?!" She said.

"Shut up mind your own business!" I gather a hand full of my blood and splash it on the floor and walls. I turn to her and said, "As from now on I claim this space mine! You got that?! Be happy that I even considered to spare your life!.... Oh fuck." I lost my balance and collapse as I blacked out.

Dammit, who knew Poison Ivy's thorns would damage me so much that I've past out from blood loss? Thank heavens RavenHollow isn't here to see this. Or else that would've been really embarrassing.

I've found myself inside a pink liquid orb in the middle of a lotus. There's a cord attach to my belly too. What am I doing here, and where are my clothes? Suddenly felt two bumps on the outside of this bubble. I looked to see that it was Poison Ivy. She poke the bubble with her sharp nail and it burst. I fell on top of a soft pad of the gigantic lotus. I coughed out whatever liquid was in my system as I asked her, "What the hell did you do to me?"

"Take a look at your body." She said. I did and realized that all of the cuts I've recieved from her are gone. What's even bizarre the broken rib from way earlier is healed, and my battle scars are gone!

"How?" I said, "All of my scars are gone."

"Yeah I've noticed that too. You had a lot of them kid." She said, "What kind of fights do you get yourself into?"

"Fights that not even villains like yourself wouldn't want to be a part of." I said, "Where are my clothes?"

"I've burned them. They were already torn and bloody. I doubt you want to use them. Especially since it's now daytime in Gotham."

"Dammit, that was my favorite jacket. What about my bag and weapons?"

"They're safe. I've made you some clothes that you can wear."

"Why?" I said.


"Why did you bother to help me?"

"Because you didn't even bothered to kill me. You considered it but you never done it. Also you're the first person other than Batman who gotten the better of me."

"Hmph, I get it." I rip the cord out from my stomach which hurt like being pinched. Poison Ivy handed me dark green clothes which felt very soft. I put them on as I asked her, "What was that liquid stuff anyway?"

"Aloe, ginger, mint, thyme, witch hazel, and dandelion."

"Ah, so plant juice." I took a look around to see that I'm in Poison Ivy's domain, or hideout I should say. There are a bunch of huge flowers around, and there's a waterfall flowing out from a carved skull shape on the wall. That huge skull has some fangs though.

"What's with this place?" I asked her, "Earlier you said it was called Necropolis. Why?"

"You're not from around here are you?" She said."No I've just moved here not too long ago."

"Necropolis is an abandoned city underneath Gotham. It's one of the legendary histories of this city. But no one really come down here because this place revolves around death. The last people who came down here died mysteriously."

"I'm guessing you're not afraid of this place because you don't believe in that kind of story do you?"

"Nope. For one I've been down here for 5 months. Nothing hasn't even happened to me. You can stay here until it get's dark again."

"Can't. Gotta get that room I've claimed fixed up."

"Why do you need it?"

"I'm Riddler's Assistant. It's my job to find him a new hideout."

"Wait, you're Eddie's girl?"

"No nothing like that so don't start... Wait how long have I've been in that bubble?"

"3 days. It takes a while to heal wounds, especially scars."

"Shit, Riddler must be wondering where the hell have I gone to. I'll see ya around Poison Ivy, stay out of Batman's radar. And thanks."

"You don't know the meaning of rest do you?"

"Nope. Where I come from rest doesn't exists." I took my stuff and left while making a call to the organization. After that I went off to go find Riddler.

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