Riddler's Assistant- Genesis

Chapter 5: New Hideout

(Riddler's Narrative)

I was staying with Mr. Freeze for a while. I wanted to see if I could crash with Scarecrow but found out in the news he was thrown back in Arkham. The one thing I could do was make sure his hideout isn't discovered. More of all I wondered where the hell did Coraline run off to? I made her my assistant that day and she ran off without even coming back. It's already been three days and no response. I guess she didn't want to be my assistant after all. I was giving up the memory of her until there was the door bell ringing. Mr. Freeze looked into the video survalence to see who it was. He said to me, "It's your assistant."


"Really." He walked to the door and let her in. She stood in front of me with a smile as she said, "First off I'm sorry I didn't got in contact for a while. I had a little run in with Poison Ivy."

"How are you standing here alive?" I said, "She kills strangers."

"Long story short, We had a little fight, I won but I was bleeding to death. When I decided not to kill her, she was grateful and put me in a healing coma for 3 days."

"So in other words you were in her care?"


"... She never does that. Even when someone doesn't kill her she'll wouldn't even care if they're bleeding to death. What did you say to her that made her helped you?"

"No idea man you have to ask her to find that out. Not even I know what the hell happened. Anyway, I've found us a new hideout."

"You did?"

"Yup the place should be ready in a week."

"Wait a second. Where is this hideout, and how is it getting ready?"

"Surprisingly it's on the west of Gotham in Necropolis. As for how it's getting ready, you don't need to know."

"... Whhhhhy?"

"You don't want to know the company I keep."

.... This girl is really a riddle.... Riddle. "Your new name in the villain society shall be Riddle." I said, "Is that okay with you?"

"Yeah of course. Riddle it is then."

After a week that has past I've finally went to the hideout Riddle found for us. It was huge and it looked like this place has three stories. It was very well decorated and spacious. "I think I love the company you keep, Riddle." I said.

I looked in each and every room. This place could've been a like a small mall. I feel like the only thing that's missing is a game room... Until I came across a room with video games. What kind of people is Riddle connected to?

I ran back down to ground level to find her but she wasn't around. "Riddle?" Suddenly I heard a zip line going down. In front of me is an upside down Riddle who stop right at my face. I jump back because I was really startled by her sudden appearance. I looked at the wire she's hanging from as I asked her, "What are you doing?"

"Trying out the new gear." She said as the wire let go and she quickly landed on her feet, "Gotta make sure my equipment is alright. So you like the place?"

"Very, this place is really huge. What is that?" I pointed at the gear attach to her hips.

"This is called the Omni Gear." She said, "Helps me pretty much glide with these wires to fight in mid air and boost my speed."

"Mind if I try it?"

"You need training in order to use them. If you use it with no skill you'll only break some bones, or even die. If you really want to learn how to use this particular gear I have to train you."

"How did you learn it?" She simply smiled and said, "You don't want to know me that much."

"Why is it that you can't tell me? I don't like these secrets."

"What I can tell. Is that you've recruited the most dangerous person alive. So, you wanna make a list so I can get some groceries?" This girl is the most dangerous person alive? It feels like she's not telling me because she's trying protect me. Weird, I've never met someone who would do that.

(Riddle's Narrative)

I was at H.E.B getting the items Riddler list for me. When I went into the ice cream section a lady with long brunette hair asked me, "What's your favorite ice cream?" I looked at her feeling a little surprised and strange that this woman would asked me such a random question. Well I've figured it was harmless so I said, "Lime."

"Ooo, you like the sour stuff huh?"

"Yes I do."

"I'm a tart person myself. Would you like to grab a drink with me?"

What's up with girls that find a attraction to me so much? Then again why am I complaining? "Sure what time and place?"

"6 at Caterpillar Lounge?"

"6 is great for me. What's the Caterpillar Lounge?"

"It's a bar/hookah lounge. Do you like to smoke?"

"Not really but I've tried hookah before and I enjoyed it. What's your name?"

"Delilah, and yours?"


(Riddler's Narrative)

I was looking through the gear in the weaponry room. There were so many on the walls and in special cases. There are cases with a key pad lock. I stood in front of one that contains a wicked looking sword. It's got a tribal silver hilt with two sharp ruby eyes that's above the blade but below the guard. The blade itself is cover in blood red. I'm sure that's just the paint job for the blade though and not real blood.

Why lock up a sword though? I'm wondering abut the other cases too because they also have simple blades. Usually when you want to lock up something it's firearms, but some of them at least the ones that are not heavy powered aren't even locked up. I wonder if I can unlock this one?

This key pad has numbers but it also has letters. Well gotta give it a try at least. I put in a few codes but on the third try the key pad locked itself up so I can't use it. Dammit, usually I'm good with this sort of thing. If only I had my Overider with me, but that's back at the old hideout. I believe Batman had already taken my stuff so I can't get it back.

"That sword was built specially for me." said Riddle as I gasp from being startled yet again. "Riddle you have got to stop scaring me." I said as I place a hand over my racing heart.

"Sorry didn't mean to. You wanna guess the name of that sword?" I looked at the sword as I said, "I don't know, Silver Blood?"

"... Not a bad name actually. Sort of close but it's called Crimson Chaos. I named it when I earned the right to weild it. Shit man I should've named it Silver Blood; that's a good name. Oh well it's already been baptised with the name I've given it. Anyway I've already put the food in the fridge so we're good for now."

"Wait a second." I stopped her from walking away as I asked, "How did you earn the right for this sword?"

"I had to perform a task and I succeeded. Tonight I have a date at 6. If you need me for any emergencies call on this phone." She handed me a screen touch phone with a green cover and a black question mark on the back. "Any questions?" She said."Yeah who are you going out with?"

"Some chick I've met at the grocery store."

".... You're going out with a woman?"

"I'm bi... Is that a problem?"

"No no no. Um, no. Poison Ivy is actually bi herself. So it's not a problem."

"Awesome. Well it's gonna be 6 in three hours. I'll just get ready and play some games to fill in the time." She took off to do so.

I look back on the sword called Crimson Chaos. A sword made only for her to weild. I wonder what kind of task she had to do to earn this? I went downstairs to go to the kitchen and make myself a sandwich. Thank goodness she went out of her way to get the groceries. But wow she never struck me as a bisexual person. So that means she doesn't mind being with both genders. I think that might be another reason why Poison Ivy helped her. Riddle is attractive. I look for her in the game room as I saw her playing Fallout. I think that's the New Vegas one. Wow it's been forever I've haven't played that game. Not since I was 18."Mind if I play too?" I asked her.

"Sure." When I sat down I saw the outfit she's wearing for tonight. She's wearing a black suit jacket with rolled up sleeves, a light blue sleeveless collar shirt, black skinny jeans, and black and light blue converse. "You like the punk look huh?" I asked her. "Yeah I do, but I don't go over the top. I have no tattoos or piercings because I don't have any desire for them. Also I only act like a punk when I'm comfortable around people."

"Are you comfortable around me?"

"I'm getting there."

"Well what makes you not comfortable?"

"Well I have just met you. So far you seem like an okay guy, but until we actually become like best friends that's when I show you my true personality. It takes time to build trust you know?"

"Riddle me this." I said, "What is more precious than gold, but cannot be bought, can never be sold, only earned if it's sought, if it is broken it can be mended, at birth it can't start nor by death is it ended?"

"Friendship." She answered with a smile. She answered it correctly. Maybe this assistant is just as intelligent as I am? If so, then this friendship will build faster than we hoped.

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