Riddler's Assistant- Genesis

Chapter 6: Delilah & Angelica

(Riddle's Narrative)

I drove us in a parking space that's conveniently in front of the Caterpillar lounge. I held the door open for her as we went inside. We seat ourselves on a couch with a table in front of us. She ordered the flavor for the hookah and we asked for the type of drinks and food around here. Luckily this place didn't card me because I am underaged. Then again I doubt anyone in Gotham would card people in places like this.

"So what do you do, Foxy?" She asked.

"I'm a tech engineer." I said.

"Really? What kind of technology do you build?"

"Weaponry mostly. I do make other tech besides that, but it is mostly high tech weapons." The waitress brought in the hookah. After she set the coals on top she left us for a little bit. I asked Delilah, "What flavor did you asked for again?"

"Cherry Bomb." She said, "Is that okay?"

"Yeah it is. I was just wondering that's all." I pick up my tube and suck into it. When I released it the cloud was big and the flavor was delicious. Of course since it's been a while I've coughed a little. "Do you like it?" she asked.

"Yeah not bad."

"So what are your hobbies?" She asked.

"Well I play videos games, I exercise, I'm just getting into making videos, and I play bass guitar."

"Really? How good are you playing bass?"

"Very." She looked over to the band on stage and said to me, "Wait right here don't go anywhere." Oh dear I think I know what's going to happen next. Oh well it's been a while I've haven't played. I think it's about time.

(Scarecrow's Narrative) I was reading a fictional book called The Enemy in my cell. When I was getting to such a good part suddenly everyone in this cell block heard a riot going on not to far away. I put down the book to see past through my thick glass door. There were five men wearing strange red uniforms and they got dark blood splatter on them.

The one in the middle I think, I'm not sure they're all wearing full masks. He said, "Does anyone know where this man who calls himself the Riddler is?" They're looking for Edward? Why?

"Who wants to know?" said Two Face asking first. "We are the Flame Wyverns." said the stranger, "Do you know where he is?"

"No clue. He ain't here that's for sure."

"You're not protecting him are you?"

"We're villains. Nobody protects anyone in Gotham except for Batman." That's sort of true. Two Face is not much of a friend of Riddler. He probably would have ratted him out but for a price.

"What do you need Eddie for?" asked Harley Quinn. Now as for her she's a good friend of Riddler's. She wouldn't even think about giving him up. "That information you do not need to know. Do you know where he is?"

"No I don't. Nobody does, he just sort of disappeared."

"That damn assassin."

"Eddie is an assassin?"

"No of course not or else I'd be surprised. We're not the only ones who are trying to find him."

Assassins are trying to find him? Is it the League of Shadows? The Flame Wyverns took off without asking anymore questions. I need to break out again to warn Edward.

(Riddle's Narrative)

"I'VE GOT TO BREATHE I CAN'T KEEP GOING UNDER!!!" I played on the bass so perfectly and my fingers pluck the strings like it was my second nature. The band was generous enough to let me sing for this Going Under song by Evanescence. I hear the people cheer and clap for our performance. It's been a long time I haven't heard the cheers of the audience. When the song ended I gave my thanks to the band and jump down to head back to Delilah.

"Wow you were awesome Foxy!" she hugged me tight.

"I'm glad you've enjoyed it, Delilah."

"Hey I called up my friend while you were up there, and we thought how about we have some fun tonight?" When she said fun her hand slide up on my right thigh. I nearly gasp by the sudden touch but I got the message.

"And this friend is who now?" I asked.

"She's an old friend of mine. Don't worry you can trust her."

"Um, okay then. Would you like to go now or later?"

"We can go now."

"Okay, lead the way." She took my hand as we stand up and took off. "Wait a second." I said as I rush back and finished my margarita. I'm going to need it for this will be my first three way.

We went into Delilah's apartment, and the friend that she was talking about before was really Angelica. "Bunny?" She said with a surprise look."

"Hey Angelica." I said.

"Wait you two have already met?" said Delilah.

"Yeah 2 weeks ago." She said, "Well you'll be glad you picked her Delilah. She's pretty good in bed." Well now I really know what I walked into. Before we could do anything else I suddenly got a call from the Riddler. I said to the ladies, "Excuse me one moment."

I walked outside onto their balcony and answered the call, "Yo what's up?"

"Has anyone followed you recently?" He asked.

"No why?"

"My friend Scarecrow just escaped from Arkham. He told me a gang called the Flame Wyverns are looking for me." So they are looking for him. "I called you because I want you to stay alert. In case if they started looking for you too."

"Are you sure Scarecrow wasn't followed either?"

"He made sure."

"Okay then. I'll be back as soon as I can after my date."

"Alright Riddle. Remember be careful."

"Will do." I hanged up the phone and went back inside. I smiled at the two women and said, "Right so how should we get started?"

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