Riddler's Assistant- Genesis

Chapter 7: The Flame Wyverns

(Riddler's Narrative)

I woke up early in the morning so I can make myself some breakfast and go into the computer room to research on the Flame Wyverns. Except I see Riddle beating me to it. "Morning Riddler." She said while without even looking at me. "Morning Riddle." I said, "How long have you been on the computer?"

"Not long really. You don't need to worry about those Flame Wyverns by the way. I'll take care of them."

"You'll take care of them? By yourself?"

"Naturally. That is the job of an assistant. Taking care of problems is my thing." She stand up to walk past me down the hall. "Hey wait a minute!" I catch up with her, "How do you even know what the Flame Wyverns are capable of?"

"I've heard of them. They're part of a family run by the Igarashis. They're a crime family so nothing new but they're more dangerous than the Falcones and Maronis put together. Don't know why they're looking for you though. Scarecrow didn't say?"

"No, they didn't explain why they were looking for me."

"It must be a big deal then to hide their reasons. Whatever they want you're important to them." She went into the Fitting Room where she pick through strange uniforms. She pull out a black and green long hooded coat, a sleeved zip up shirt, pants with large pouches, a utility belt, boots, gloves, and a mask that covers the entire head. "Where are you going?" I asked her.

"I'm going to locate their hiding place." She said, "If they're here they must be nesting somewhere in Gotham."

"Then what?"

"Like I said, I'll take care of them."

"Riddle don't you think you're running into this a little too fast?"

"Please nothing is too fast for me."

"Well don't get me wrong I'm sure you're great taking care of these kind of problem, but I learn the hard way not to underestimate anybody."

"Here's the thing about me, Riddler. I am great in what I do. Yes I do think highly of myself and that's probably going to be my downfall. But no matter what I push through till the very end that I win." Her ego might be bigger than mine. She really wasn't kidding when she speaks highly of herself. "Let me go with you." I said.

"What? No I can't be taking risks."

"Oh come on, I'm going to go nuts if I stay cooped up in this hideout. I gotta get out and commit crime sometime."

"... Since I know the feeling, I guess. But you have to do everything I say so you wouldn't get caught okay?"

"Fine, just don't get too carried away ordering me around."

"Oh and you're going to have to wear this then." She brought out the same outfit that's my size. "Stick with me and you won't get caught."

(Riddle's Narrative)

Riddler was hanging off from my back as I use the Omni Gear to search up high to locate the Flame Wyverns. I had to stop for a moment because Riddler was getting nauseous during the ride. While he was sitting down I rub his back to calm his nerves as I said, "You sure you don't want to go home?"

"I'm sure." He said, "How can you get use to that Omni Gear?"

"Well I really didn't need to get use to it." I said, "When I first tried it I was having the time of my life. It was like I was given the gift to fly."

"Ah, now ain't that every human's dream. The ability to fly."

"Ready to go again?"

"I think so." He stand up and got on my back again. I activated the gear and took up into the air. We were getting close to the Flame Wyvern's base. I stop at a building that's only 2 blocks away from it. I let Riddler get off as he asked me, "What's wrong?"

"I need you to stay here in case something happens."

"What if you don't come back?"

"I will come back. Promise." I took off before we could argue about it any further. I snuck into the building and search for the leader of this place. I enter into a room which seemed to be underground. The room was huge and the walls were sculpted as weird snake-like creatures. Up ahead is a a face of a man with his mouth open. What is this place? Whatever it is I don't think I'll be able to find the leader here.

I heard the doors slam closed as I turn to see a man in fiery colored armor behind me. "How did you come to find us assassin?" He said. I didn't say anything I immediately attack him with my hidden blades. He easily block them with just one armored arm. Well good to know I'm not dealing with someone who's a stranger to a fight. I knock the arm to the side and thrust the blade to aim at his face. He easily dodged it and kneed me in the stomach. When I bent over I hit him hard in the stomach with my elbow. I step back to get some space and rushed in again. He throw in a spinning round house, but I blocked it to jump and kick him in the back of the head. He fallen but landed on his hands to get back up quickly. "You're quite the fighter, Han Igarashi." I said, "Unlike that Cold Wyverne brother of yours, Shane."

"He's weak, and that's why his death was meant to be." He said.

"Awesome." I said. Tch, he didn't give two-shits about his brother. Fine by me, I rather have an opponent that's focused. I charged at him and jump up to bring down my blade. He blocked it with both arms. I flip to kick his arms away, landed and slash at his torso. Finally I was able to break through the armor.

I brought in my other blade to go through the cracks. He kicked me in the chest to keep me away. Suddenly he threw a knife so fast it pierced through my left shoulder. I took it out and sent it back. He tried to grab it but it went through the palm of his hand. I wanted to attack but others came in. They threw spears at me so I had to dodge.

I used the Omni Gear to kill them swiftly, but something off the weird radar came in unexpectedly. It was a red and yellow dragon that came from the hole and hit me to crash through a wall. "What the fuck?!" I said, "How the hell is that possible?!"

"Each member of the Igarashi family has their own pet to care for." said Han as he took the knife out from his hand. It's weird though because that dragon's hand is injured too. The hell is this about? "I've haven't fed him this afternoon. You'll make a nice meal." The Dragon lunge with it's jaws wide open. I use the Omni Gear to quickly get me out of here.

Shit, I can't believe this! Why doesn't the Organization have this kind of information to prepare me for this?! I quickly got out of that place killing anyone who stood in my way which was 5. When I came back to Riddler he was shock to see my state. "Riddle what happened?!"

"I underestimated the Flame Wyverns." I said, "You wouldn't believe what kicked my ass either."

"Did you say "what"?"

"Yes, I did. Now let's go before they find us out here."

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