Riddler's Assistant- Genesis

Chapter 8: The Familiar Dragons

(Riddler's Narrative)

Riddle was on the phone with someone while I was stitching up that wound in her left shoulder. She said, "What do you mean we've never discovered about this about the Igarashi family?!..... Oh well that figures then doesn't it?..... No if ten assassins were killed trying to kill the others then I wouldn't want back up just to kill one dragon.... No I've never killed one before but it's a good day to start. Besides I was hit by its tail and I've got no broken bones..... Yes I'll find out why a dragon is in the possession of an Igarashi.... No I'm all good with equipment, just give me more info about any records of dragons we've faced before... Thank you." When she hanged up I asked her, "So you are an assassin?"

"Yes and no." She said, "I've retired for now."

"When are you going back for the job then?"

"It depends if I still want to be in Gotham."

"Why would you want to stay in Gotham?"

"Still looking for that reason." Wow, I can't believe that I have an assassin for an assistant. I asked her, "Why did you retire?"

"Wanted a break for a while." She answered, "Thought coming here would be fun."

"I guess it isn't what you'd expect?"

"Actually it exceeds my expectations. This place is fun especially when you get a chance to fight Batman himself."

"Most of us try to avoid Batman because we don't want to get beaten all the time. Except for Joker, but he's more crazy than we are."

"Tch, sounds more like an attention whore to me. I've heard about him and I think he just loves it that he has an opponent to annoy and connect with. I just want an opponent who can keep up with me. All done?"

"Yeah." I've finished up the stitches as she jump off the table. "Well I gotta do some research." She said.

"Wouldn't you want to rest first?"

"Nope, no rest for the wicked like myself." She took off to the computer room. Well more like the Records Room since there were a bunch of info within the hard drives and hard copies in file cabinets. Well I can't just stand around and do nothing. Maybe I can do a little digging of my own? Let's see if Harley isn't doing anything.

I snuck into Arkham and stop by at her cell. Before I let her out I said, "Hey Harley."

"Hey Eddie!" She happily said, "What are you doing here?"

"I need your help. Would you like to get out of here?"

"Of course but what about Mr. J?"

"Uhh... Tell you what. I'll bust you out for now, and once you me a favor I'll get my assistant to bust out Joker."

"Okay Eddie but you better keep your promise!"

"I always do. Now get ready to run." I press a button on my cane and press the bottom tip against the glass door. When it shattered we ran like the wind. When we bump into guards Harley was the one who took care of them. We got outside but other guards were already waiting for us. "Get down on the ground Harley, Riddler!" one of them shouted as they pointed their weapons at us. "Looks like the end of the line, Eddie." She said.

"Not for us it isn't." I said, "Get on my back once this goes off." I toss it a smoke bomb and when it gone off she got on my back and I activated the Omni Gear. It lifted us out of there and swing to one of the buildings on Arkham Island. It was so fast that I nearly lost control of it. You need absolute balance to get a hand of the Omni Gear.

I landed on one foot and knee when we landed on a roof. I gotta say that hurt more than I expected. "Eddie are you okay?" Asked Harley.

"Yeah I'm fine. Let's get out of here."

I must admit, the rest of the way back to the hideout was rough. I have a few scrapes and bruises here and there. Also one sprained ankle. When we entered the living room there was Riddle sitting criss-crossed while eating a cup of ramen soup. She was giving me this look I can't define. It was almost like she's saying, "You messed up didn't you?"

"Who's that Eddie?" Asked Harley.

"The names Riddle." she said after slurping up some noodles and shook Harley's hand, "I'm this Greenhorn's assistant."

"Greenhorn?" I said. She lift up the flaps of my jacket to show the Omni Gear I'm wearing.

"I told you not to use it, but noooooo. Look at you all beaten up. You even got your suit torn, tsk tsk. There's a guest room on the second floor with new clothes waiting for you Harley."

"Wait a second!" I said, "You knew I was busting out Harley?"

"Of course. An assistant should everything what her partner is doing, or even thinking."

"Why didn't you stop me or even come with me?"

"The best way to teach someone a lesson is to let them make that mistake. Live and learn right? Though I must admit I'm very surprised you didn't crack any bones, but for your sake don't try that again until I properly train you. Anyway I've found something juicy about the Igarashis."

"You have?"

"Yeah the Organization finally send me the info while you were away. I'm guessing you need her for something?"

"Yes, I need her to install hidden cameras at their base. Once I get a layout of everything I can come up with a plan to get rid of them."

"Okay then. How good are you in stealth, Harley?"

"Very." She said.

"Awesome. Then I can fill you in once you get changed. Make yourself at home if you like."

While Harley went into the guest room to get changed. Riddle put anointment on my scrapes and bandaged my sprained ankle. After she was done she smack me hard in the back of my head. "Ow! What was that for?!"

"For using the Omni Gear dumbass. What use will you be as a partner if you're broken?"

"You didn't need to hit me."

"Yes I do. You're smart Edward not stupid. So don't try that shit again." Suddenly something went off and she went to the oven to pull out a pan full of cooked lasagna. She made a plate and handed it to me. "Eat up. This is going to take a while to explain what I've found out."

"Okay. She sat down with a bottle of soda in her hand as she explained, "For generations the Igarashis were gifted as Familiar Masters. Meaning they can grab a human being and make them into their familiars. That's probably why they're after you. Igarashis need a strong and intelligent familiar to serve as a worthy pet. You apparently are the best canidate to be a Cold Wyvern's dragon."

"Cold Wyvern?"

"The Igarashi family are set in five groups. Cold Wyverns, Flame Wyverns, Wind Wyverns, Earth Wyverns, and Soul Wyverns. I can only guess the leader of the Cold Wyverns needed a new familiar."

"Why the leader of the Cold Wyverns?"

"Because I've found your file in the leader's office. They had their eye on you for a while it seemed."

"Wait so how on earth could they turn me into a dragon?"

"Check this out. You have to form a blood bond with one of the family members. That bond is pretty much a leash that ties you together until you die. But here's the catch. If the master dies, the familiar dies as well."

"But if the familiar dies?"

"The master moves down the list to find a new familiar. So in order for me to kill the dragon that Han controls I have to kill him. I have to admit this is going to be a challenge, but hey it's good to have a fight that's not so easy to win."

"Okay I'm good." said Harley who came in wearing a red and black checkered tank top, skinny and red pants, and black and red converse. "So what's the plan guys?"

"Well you said you wanted to come up with the plan." said Riddle, "I can help out setting up the cameras too if you like."

"Yes." I said, "Also afterwards I promised Harley I will get you to break out the Joker from Arkham."

"I have no problem with that." Riddle then said to Harley, "Do you guys have a hideout to stay?"

"No." said Harley.

"Okay I can find one for you guys and get it set up. In the mean time let's focus on this first."

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